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Pray For ChristiaNet Family Forum

Choose a member of ChristiaNet to pray for today. May God Bless our efforts.

Moderator - The staff at ChristiaNet will always appreciate being in everyones daily prayers in addition to the Christian Blog Family.

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 ---Elder on 11/30/05
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I think the most godly and loving thing to do is to pray for this entire blog site. Christianet is one of the best christian sites on the Net. I thank God for it. All questions are valid and important here. That's the beauty of this site also. Everyone has a chance to help someone. Many sides and viewpoints are given. The person seeking help,answers, others opinions can choose and pick what they like. No one person has all of the answers. Gods word is the first and last authority.Whether you are saved or unsaved. If someone is in doubt, as to what the bloggers has suggested in their posts, they can go the Word of God for themselves. Gods word never fails.
---Robyn on 7/5/10

I pray for those of The Man - made trin - relig - org's churches that Are here Matt.15 v 9. They say things that tickles the peoples hearing.

I do Not & I will Not, because I don't want to be lost.
---Lawrence on 7/2/10

I pray specially for my brothers on this forum Lee,Ryan,Johnt, and others who seem to dislike us SDAs..I lift them up to you Lord, open their eyes and their hearts to your truth that they may know that you are the Word, the Truth and Life..that you r the Law we need to uphold till eternity..Forgive us all Lord for our wrongs..
---jana on 5/24/07

Today I'm going to pray for someone here who disrupts the blogs with division and strife.
They show us a form of godliness but deny the power of the Holy Spirit. The words this person uses are like a tornado that have ripped through the blogs. They tear down but do not edify. I'm praying this person will be saved.
---Highworth on 5/23/07

Today I am praying for Helen5378 who was told that she deserved to be tormented in hell eternally by Ryan. I looked her up and she is no longer a member or at least that is what it said when I looked for her profile. I do not know if she is a volunteer and a regular blogger or not but I am asking everyone to say a prayer for her. Might want to pray for ryan and cliff too.
---jody on 5/18/07

Great idea Elder! I've got time, I'll pray for more than one!
God bless our CN family, and that of course includes the CN staff.
---NVBarbara on 5/18/07

Steve have you noticed that it is you who have became the center of attention in almost every blog you write in.
Is that your purpose? People that have valid questions cannot be served because someone is always trying to explain your foolishness so that others won't get confused.
I invite you to write me again at elder2291 or choose someone else. How much more do you expect from us or ChristiaNet? You issue forth too much foolishness. God is not the one giving you your confusion.
---Elder on 12/6/05

Who are you Steve? Maybe it is you who is arrogant, trying to tweek us all the time. No wonder some of us get a bit anxious, for the good of this site, and other contributors, and anxious for you too, because you seem so often to be in such need of help.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/5/05

, i would like to pray for all those who may be letting pride and bitterness cloud their thinking. may they learn humility and go to those they have offended to make things right. amen.
---steve on 12/5/05

Jimbo thanks your confidence. Steve has a good mind and I think he wants to be involved with helping other people but his problems stand in the way. His problem is two fold;
1. His counsel sends people down the wrong path because it is not Scriptual.
2. He has major problems of his own that need to be addressed and corrected.
We see anger, misunderstanding of God's Word and principles and deceit in his answers. I expose him for these reasons and hope he will realize his need.
---Elder on 12/5/05

Elder: I have been praying for Steve. He has gotten on my nerves a few times, and I have seen that he is wounded. When he admitted to drinking in excess I suggested he get help. I have been where he is, and know how hurt and lonely it feels. He needs our prayers and help in a very big way. He needs God's healing touch.
---Madison on 12/4/05

Jimbo ... we have seen Steve and his alter ego over a long period. I do not think he is joking or saying things to wind us up. I wonder why he has been barred from the pen-pal section?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/4/05

I do believe Elder that you are sincere about helping Steve. I just get the impression that Steve is cracking jokes to get reactions from people. Maybe Steve is serious, but I sure hope not.
---Jimbo on 12/4/05

Jimbo I have read Steve enough to know he is not kidding as you think. He really believes some of the things he says.
He has put women down many times and advocated many wrong things. I am not frustrated with him. I believe he has problems. He has admitted drinking, improper relationships and being rejected by women for a few. Steve is in our camp and he is wounded. He needs our help and prayer. You will never see me joke about prayer and things that concern the soul.
---Elder on 12/4/05

I understand what MP is saying. It appears that Steve and Elder are just fighting back and forth. Therefore, for Elder to make the comment to pray for Steve could appear like continued fighting. Steve is joking most of the time and Elder is taking him seriously and getting frustrated.
---Jimbo on 12/4/05

I don't see anything wrong with suggesting we pray for a member of ChristiaNet or saying the Lord has laid on my heart certain members. That shows Christian love. James 5:16
---Ulrika on 12/4/05

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MP ... I am sure Elder meant it as a suggestion, not a command. Sometimes God does use ordinary people to do His work.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/4/05

I'm not sure if I've misunderstood you Elder. I was querying you saying 'choose' but then telling us who you have 'chosen' or been 'led' to pray for and assuming those are the same ones that we should also pray for. I just feel that God will lead each one of us individually and some might be led to those same names. I am certainly not saying I will not pray for those on ChristiaNet. I hope someone is praying for me - I certainly need it - but it must be of God not of Elder. Apologies for my bluntness.
---M.P. on 12/4/05

Thank you Elder and willow for saying you will pray for me. I am so blessed to have Christian friends like you to share my burdens. God is so awesome to bless me with this fellowship of His people.
---Madison on 12/3/05

MP surely you must misunderstand my intent. But, didn't the Bible say to bear one another's burdens? Are you willing to bear my burden this week by helping me pray for those who God put on my heart? Please just tell me yes or no. How many times have we not spoke of someone on other blogs who God laid on our heart and requested prayer help? Was that wrong? Is this wrong?
---Elder on 12/3/05

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Elder, first you say "Choose a member of ChristiaNet to pray for" and now you are telling us to pray for two specific people. I don't think you should be singling people out by name like this. Please personally pray for those people whose names God has put on YOUR heart and leave God speak to each of us individually as well. That way everyone will be prayed for in the best possible way I'm sure. It won't be OUR choice or YOURS, it will be God's.
---M.P. on 12/3/05

This week pray for Steve and Candice.
---Elder on 12/3/05

Lord, I lift up the president, workers and/or staff of ChristiaNet. I thank you for enabling each of them to give their time, hard work, and dedication to this ministry. I ask for your wisdom to be imparted to each of them on a continual basis. Show them how best to reach more people using the tools given to them through this ministry. In Jesus Name, I ask these things...Amen.
Joy 9988
---Joy9988 on 12/1/05

Father we boldly come before Your Throne of Grace in the name of Jesus with Thanksgiving and Praise. We lift up our ChristiaNet family to you and we thank you for them. We ask you to give them Your Wisdom as they serve you to help bring others to the Grace and Knowledge of Your Son Jesus. We thank you Father for being so faithful. Glory to you forever!
---John on 11/30/05

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The Lord has laid Madison and the 4 people that come up on the pen pal log in, plus as you know Steve on my heart this week.
God Bless folks and thanks.
---Elder on 11/30/05

Elder I will pray for you nvbarbara, for madison and candice.
May this be for GODs GLORY
---willow on 11/30/05

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