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Could A Christian Do Nothing

A narrow mass grave in Iraq held the bodies of 200 children buried alive. Clutching toys, frozen screams, hands outreached desperately trying to get someone to pull them out of the grave as the sand filled in around them.
Could anyone of Christian conscience sit by and allow such atrocities?

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 ---Merna on 12/1/05
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Merna, when we ask questions, we definitely have some answers. I haven't seen what you have described, therefore, my mind is blank regarding this issue. I believe you are a Christian. You have described what you have seen. Can you please tell me, what you are to do?
---Linda6546 on 9/4/07

God did something. It was a cruel death brought on by sheer pagans, but God was there. He took each and every child into His loving arms upon their death and their death wasn't for nothing. Be rest assured that God knows the responsible parties and will judge them accordingly.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 3/30/07

Alan, from what I heard it was Saddam and his band of murderers that did it. Sorry I left you hanging!
---Melissa on 12/3/05

We never learn from history. Is it our perogative to impose our morality on others? Of course, nothing is worse than killing children, including those not yet born. Christianity has a less than clean historical record. In the end God will judge. We must first see to social justice at home, then abroad
---len_k on 12/3/05

Melissa ... you leave us baffled/. What was the event. Was it an accident, or earthquake or bomb? Where did it happen? Unless it was by human hand, it should not be called an atrocity. If it was by non-Christian action, how are Christians to be blamed? You give so little information.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/3/05

This was real. I heard it on a Christian station on the radio, and on T.V. on both regular news and Christian news. The thought of it is so sad. What those little children went through. God has them now though. They are safe and happy in His arms, no longer suffering.
---Melissa on 12/2/05

I'm not sure whether this was a real event or a hyperthetical one. The problem with intervening is that we would never be allowed to help and would possibly end up in the same plight as the victims. I don't intend that to sound cowardly (although I'm not the bravest person on the planet) but if we got outselves killed in such a situation we would not be around to help in situations where we might be able to be useful. I agree with Dorothy's answer.
---M.P. on 12/2/05

Who is alleged to have done that?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/2/05

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