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Christians Watch Barbara Walters

Barbera Walters will be hosting a TV show on Dec. 20 on ABC which is supposed to examine the way we can get to heaven. Both theists and secularist will be interviewed. Should Christians watch? After all knowledge of their position might help us teach what is right.

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 ---Scott on 12/2/05
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How ill secularists have any notion as to "how to get to eaven"? Thye do not even believe in heaven.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/30/07

Ms. Walters is a unbelieveing Jew. So if she can use her voice to infer, her inferences will be unbelieve.---mima 12/2/2005
---mima on 4/24/07

Be careful about how messages are displayed. The devil decieves us in ways that seems good but confuses the truth in our minds. We must study to understand what's right to avoid corruption. Heaven isn't a place for corruption, unforgiveness, hate, sexual immorality and one particualar people, but one of peace and love. This program allows us to see the differences in various beliefs. It's up to you to know the truth. God allows you to come to him freely, therefore it will be sincerly from the heart.
---Charles on 12/20/05

I believe Christ would want everyone to reach peace no matter the route they choose. His way is they way many of us follow. It is our custom. Some of us believe Christ came in many forms to help many people.
---phil on 12/14/05

Anne, i have the amplified bible. rev 21:3 says; "Then I heard a mighty voice from the throne & I perceived its distinct words,saying SEE!The abode of God is with men,& he will live(encamp,tent) among them;& they shall be his people & God shall personally be with them & be their God [Ezek.37:27]
---candice on 12/3/05

1. America is becoming rabidly secular. The Gods of secularism are sports, TV, self, and most frightening, goverment. The mere fact that Barbara Wa-Wa has a program on a liberal network on Heaven is good. 2. I hasve heard it said, "put two Baptist in one room with one Bible and they will come out with three opinions" This is a statement about Religion in America today. Its the price of freedom of religion. 3. Someone here said, "Barbera is an unbelieving Jew" Of what relevance is that?
---leftylen on 12/3/05

Some people, including some Christians, think that the 'new earth' is only a teaching of the J.W.s (same as the teaching about the battle of Armageddon). If people study their bibles sufficiently they'll find both mentioned in there. The new earth will be perfect just as the original one was meant to be. No sickness, weeping, etc.
---M.A. on 12/3/05

I was told by my Pastor that you can watch something like this ONLY if your rooted and grounded in the Lord! If your new or weak in faith you should not watch it! For obvious reasons I can understand this.
---Firm_in_Christ on 12/3/05

The confusion comes from the fact that Jesus decided to take some from earth to rule with him "as kings and priests" This was not in the original plan for mankind,that's why He said Jn.14.2"I'll go and PREPARE a place" Jn.15.16 "you did not chose me, I chose you" Now everyone thinks "they" are the "chosen" ones and hence "I'm going to heaven"! They even think there's no such thing as an "earhly" resurrection!
---1st_cliff on 12/3/05

"God's tent coming down to mankind"? What is that? I know that following the final battle, there will be a new heaven & earth, and the New Jerusalem will descend in all its glory. What is this tent you're referring to?
---Ann5758 on 12/2/05

I agree with 1rst cliff. Heaven isn't what "hollywood"portrays. I believe Heaven for me is the org. Paradise God brings back. It speaks of in Rev 21 about Gods tent comming down to mankind. As far as for Mrs.Walters I don't have cable t.v. so I'll skip the show.
---Candjce on 12/2/05

Walters doesn't impress me. The bible speaks for me. She probably doesn't even know about heaven or hell.
---shira on 12/2/05

Psl.115.16"The heavens belong to the Lord, the EARTH he has givn to man" Mat5.5."Blessed are the meek for they inherit the EARTH" Psl 37.29 "the righteous shall inherit the EARTH and dwell therein forever" I can never understand why everyone thinks in terms of "going to heaven" in view of the foregoing! Isa.65.17 "behold I create New heavens and new EARTH"
---1st_cliff on 12/2/05

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