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Should A Teacher Date A Student

Would it be a foolish thing to start dating a guy who is 6 years my junior, he is still in high school while I am 23, a high school teacher (different schools) Both of us are born again christians. I am confused.

Moderator - Aren't there teachers in jail for doing something close to this?

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 ---Dawn on 12/2/05
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moderator permit- well,gentlemen,please to tell you Moderator & Eloy are correct! with all respect,remember when I was 'n high school a teacher about 27 my drama class dated young man my class 16yr.old when his parents found out!wow! they were Amer.moslems they kicked him out! then he & teacher lived together,boy' dad call the school!she lost her job!Later moved to England on the run!
---ELENA on 4/11/12

Dawn, it would be very unwise.
---Eloy on 4/10/12


I didn't claim to have telepathic abilities. In fact, I EXPLICITLY said so: I did not try to use divinely-inspired telepathic abilities to try to read her mind ... as you appear to be doing

However, YOU frequently claim to have divine inspiration, and since you were answering a question that was not asked, I have to conclude that you were reading the poster's mind (i.e. telepathy) to decide just what she was REALLY thinking about (i.e. a criminal act) and wanted an answer for.

When I used the phrase "divinely-inspired telepathic abilities", I was using a wee bit of sarcasm there, in case you hadn't noticed.
---StrongAxe on 4/10/12

\\strongax, Your "divinely-inspired telepathic abilities" is not of the Holy Spirit.\\

I've known StrongAxe for years, and he's NEVER claimed to have telepathic abilities.

But YOUM claim to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, Eloy, when youm are nothing more than a sinuous disser with no light in you.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 4/10/12

strongax, Your "divinely-inspired telepathic abilities" is not of the Holy Spirit. I know it may be very difficult for you to do, but try if you can to stay with the Holy Bible when your post, rather than with your NonScriptural attachments.
---Eloy on 4/10/12


I replied to what the poster ACTUALLY ASKED. I did not try to use divinely-inspired telepathic abilities to try to read her mind and answer a totally different question that she may or may not have had in her head, as you appear to be doing.

You said: You make more misjudgments to try to support your sin.

I am answering what she asked. YOU are judging what she didn't ask. Which particular sin are you accusing me? Be specific, and supply evidence (preferably two or three witnesses, as the Bible demands).

You said: There are none so blind as those whom will not see.

Jesus said that. He also said one should remove the beam from one's own eye first. See an optometrist.
---StrongAxe on 4/10/12

Did anyone but I notice that this was posted over 6 years ago and is probably a dead issue now?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 4/10/12

strongax, You make more misjudgments to try to support your sin. For I have read your posting, and rightly expose your foolishness. There are none so blind as those whom will not see. Obviously, you refuse to see the teacher's desire to date a minor student as being wrong. As I suggested to you before, get some common sense.
---Eloy on 4/10/12


Obviously you are not reading what I wrote, because if you did, you couldn't possibly have said what you just did.

I did NOT AT ALL say adults SHOULD be dating children. I TWICE pointed out that THEY SHOULD NOT. However, I DID say that in some legal jurisdictions, doing so was NOT AGAINST THE LAW, but that nevertheless it was unwise. Please pay attention.

And because you are too busy spending your time mocking me, and mocking Dawn, you are not answering her question. In other words, your mockery is helping nobody.
---StrongAxe on 4/9/12

Strongax, Hey! perhaps strongax might be right: perhaps all adults should dating minors, and all teachers should be sleeping with students- NOT! Strongax, please get some common sense.
---Eloy on 4/9/12


There is nothing in the blog post that indicates that Dawn is breaking the law. Whether or not it is legal for a 23 year old to date a 17 year old varies from one jurisdiction to another, and for you to automatically assume that she is breaking the law (and furthermore, that as a result, she is a non-Christian) is presumptuous and incredibly judgmental on your part.

Instead of focusing on whether what she is doing is legal (which you cannot determine from her question), why not focus on whether what she is doing is wise - which CAN be determined from her question, and furthermore, is what she actually asked about in the first place?
---StrongAxe on 4/9/12

Dawn, firstly, you are not a born-again Christian or you would not be asking if it was okay for you to break the law. And if you do break the law you may go to prison for a felony against a minor.
---Eloy on 4/8/12

The legality of it would vary from one jurisdiction to another. For example, where I was living a decade ago, the age of consent was 14 (unless the older person was in a position of influence over the younger one, in which case it was 18). So there, it would be legal to date a student, as long as he wasn't YOUR student.

Nevertheless, the blog question is about whether or not it is foolish to do so, and I would think that it's at least very unwise. If you're both mature enough to make it work, you shouldn't have any trouble waiting a year or two. If you AREN'T, then that's just proof that it's a bad idea.
---StrongAxe on 4/7/12

Yes, foolish and wrong. Being only 17 years old, legally he is not an adult yet. You must not engage in this illegal activity, but you can wait until he becomes an adult and then if there is still opportunity or interest then engage.
---Eloy on 4/6/12

Look i am a Mormon which is a type of christianty and i beleive the reason we on earth is to learn, make mistakes and take chances.
But if you have fallen for a student at your school or another one school who wants the same thing you need to look at legal and the illegal matters.
But in this case it would be a illegal matter.
If you wish to end up fired, put in jail or even fined a lot money do not take the risk but this wont mean you will go to hell because this is a natural feeling to love someone and you can't help falling for someone.
just wait till the guy/girl is out of high school or whatever and if they still feel the same than good luck...
---Anonyms12 on 4/2/12

Would it be foolish? Yes, I believe it would.
Not "illegal" maybe, but it has the potential for many problems for both of you.

I'd say wait till he is out of high school and in the meantime look for someone closer to your own age and experience.
---Donna66 on 9/11/09

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It's not illegal, my grandparents were 17 years apart. If you do this, you may wanna quit being a teacher...
---Jacquelene on 9/9/09

You have no business dating a high school student. Find someone your own age.
---Madison on 11/6/08

Yeah, that is kind of illegal to do that. That might not be the wisest decision.
---Chrissea on 10/1/07

I think it's totally okay. Teachers and students are human beings with emotion and feelings. And attraction is not a bad thing. But maybe you can wait till he graduates before you go into a more "intimate" relationship to avoid chaos.
---SoulBox~ on 4/3/06

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Is it illegal? If not, I think you should follow your heart and nothing else.
---sven on 1/10/06

Steve ... You still think only of the man being "stuck with an old woman" What about the woman who may not want to be stuck with an old man. Do you want a yonger wife so that she will be able to look after you in your old age?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/18/05

Part of the ethics of teaching in the Philippines does not allow teacher-student romantic relationships, including a dating relationship. As a teacher myself, I agree to this directive because dating a student diminishes the teacher's authority over that student.
---Gail on 12/17/05

, oh please. we know it is wrong. a man should wait until he is older, so he won't be stuck with an old wife when the years go by.
---steve on 12/17/05

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Yes! It is very foolish of you to date a highschool student. Try to establish friendship with single guys your own age. If you cannot find single men at your own age bracket, then wait till that guy gets out of high school! Being both born again is not an excuse for you to date a student.
---Linda6546 on 12/7/05

YES it is VERY foolish to even think about it. No you are not confused. You are both born again and the devil is going to do anything to make sinners out of you. Pray Pray Pray and move on.
---missy on 12/6/05

Steve, when I was in third grade I was in love with my teacher, Miss White (then she up and got married on me!!!). So when is too young?

A teacher, even from a different school, should NOT be dating a student. The appearance of inpropriety is too great. They can wait a few years until he graduates.
---NurseRobert on 12/4/05

So Steve, we are back to the age thing again. Do you seriously think that the age gap between a 47 year old man and a 53 year old woman would cause the man to leave the woman for someone younger. No of course you don't, you are just provoking again are you not? By the way, at what age do teachers qualify where you are? Twenty sounds rather young unless she had been sent on teaching practice whilst still a student.
---M.P. on 12/4/05

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, in seventh grade, i had a teacher who was twenty. she was beautiful, but there was never any attempt by either of us to go beyond the rules.
---steve on 12/3/05

, i am against this for many reasons, one of which is, how will you feel thirty years from now when he dumps you for someone younger?
---steve on 12/3/05

Girls mature quicker than boys. Dawn is a woman, the lad is still just a boy. He will be flattered to have the the attention of this older woman. But if you do date him, you will get bored, and he will be terribly hurt. Please leave him alone. Perhaps if you really feel for him, you could try to arrange for him to meet a girl of his own age,
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/3/05

While we may have conflicts in ourselves--we know we should do one thing and our feelings, emotions want to do another; we must never be confused about what is happening. As a professional and a Christian, you know that it is your privilege to be a leader, a guide pointing in the right direction. For you to encourage such thoughts in a 17 year old would be a betrayal of the high place God has given you. God will give you wisdom and strength to be the blessing you want to be in Him if you seek His face.
---Wayne87 on 12/3/05

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I would think it is unwise but not illegal or immoral. If you were both in the same school it could very well be against the rules of the education authority but you say you are in different schools. This age gap at this stage of life is quite large. If you were both 10 years older it wouldn't matter so much. I'd say at least give him chance to leave school before contemplating this and by then you might both have other ideas anyway.
---M.A. on 12/3/05

I agree with everyone. Ask the Lord for the man He has given you. Don't get caught up in a situation with a student or you could find yourself in jail.
---Melissa on 12/2/05

I'll bet you are confused as you say. God is not the one sending you confusion, so where do you think the confusion is coming from? Are you a professional that cares for the needs of your students? Or, are you one whose God cannot control your flesh. You are having a sin problem that has begun in your mind. Keep professional distance from this CHILD and seek God's face.
---Elder on 12/2/05

Please go for counseling.It isn't normal for a grown woman to want a relationship with a child.Since boys mature slower than girls there is more than a 6 year difference between you in your life reference.Don't do this,it is wrong.You have an unfair advantage,lots of boys would like to make a conquest of their teacher.It is a fantasy. You must not partake of forbidden fruit.It leads to jail and hell.
---Darlene_1 on 12/2/05

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