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Husband Viewed Naked Women

My husband surprised me with viewing a site that was sent to him from a friend of only naked females via internet.
4 years married now. I never deny sex. Why would you think he would view this site. I read some of you think that it's because the wife denys the husband. I'm confused!

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 ---Heather on 12/4/05
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This post is almost 11 years old. I hope the originator got her problem straightened out by now.
---john1944 on 7/18/16

So what! So what if he viewed pictures. If he was a pastor at church and on the church computer viewing such stuff, it is more disturbing, as pastors are to be more in line with the Bible, and Jesus does say not to look lustfully, and Job made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully. Some pastors get caught in church doing the unseemly. For petty offense, do not be hard upon your husband as most guys are like him.
---mike4879 on 7/18/16

If a man cares and loves his wife he would not do this. He is comparing her with them. Making her feel unloved, unwanted.its showing her just how little he loves her. Who in their right mind. Wants to be compared with models.?
---Suzie on 4/11/16

It's 12:30 am and i cant sleep because, i just checked my husbands email and his friend, sent him a picture of his wifes sister. he also keeps sending him pictures of girls on myspace. what do i do.
---julie on 1/16/08

your husband is asking for problem looking at this sites.
---mary on 10/31/07

Solomon says:
Ec 1:8 ...: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

A man may be totally satisified with his wife, yet still desires in his heart to see another woman naked. Some will call it curiosity, but in truth it is "lust".

It doesn't mean he doesn't love you. It means he is a sinner.

Thank God for Jeus Christ! (1 Tim 1:15, Rom 7:24-25.)
---trey on 10/29/07

Hello, A man is visual and a woman emotional when it comes to what cause either one to consider looking at the opposite sex. A womans body is curvy and noticeable. I would monitor his behavior outside this one time event. Men look at other woman regardless even if it is to admire how she looks. I wouldn't make much of it but make sure there aren't any changes within his regular routine.
---Malachi on 10/29/07

I don't think this has anything to do with you. I don't know your relationship, but this is a common habit that only a good relationship could cure and both parties in the relationship having a good hobby (I have my computer programming skills and certifications) to have personally calling your own. I really feel sorry for women that have no hobby to lean on.
---regina on 10/27/07

Charlie, looking only doesn't cut it. I heard that over & over. My husband's looking lead to adultery, prostitues & the break up of the family. An addict can only think of him/herself. If you are not submitted to Christ, then do what you want. But if anyone claims to love Jesus, but doesn't obey what he says, then they do not love Jesus. This is true of us all in every area. Christian or not, if it hurts the one you claim to love (spouse) why risk everything and stomp on their heart?
---Michelle_W on 7/11/07

no your husband does not have a right to view any web sites with naked women.i personally think that is for perverts.maybe he needs to be single, i believe that marriage is sacred and even looking at someone eles naked body is a sin jesus said if you desire a woman in your heart you commit adultry with her.if he don't stop leave him before he goes father,but do everything in prayer first
---mae on 7/8/07

Aren't we supposed to be giving bible based answers to people's questions? Not secular,psychological answers. Sin is sin, your husband has a lust demon influencing him. He needs to be healed and he needs to be restored to Christ if he was ever in Christ and if not, your husband needs to repent and recieve Jesus Christ into his heart by faith and then be baptized by fire by the Holy Spirit and then be baptized in water. It is as simple as that. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ, King of Glory!
---queen on 7/8/07

Sorry there, charlie hoss, but it do sound like this subject is giving you a major pinch. Why would that be?
---Sugar_Overload on 7/8/07

Get a life - what gives you the right to dictate to him about ANYTHING anymore than he has the right to dictate to you.
What a pathetic load of crap
---charlie on 7/8/07

Will do, Michelle! :-)
---Michelle_W. on 7/6/07

Other Michelle, would it be alright if I asked you to use an initial with your name?
I've been posting under Michelle for quite awhile. Thank you.
---Michelle on 7/5/07

Men are wired differently and when a man views these types of pictures the pictures stay in his mind and they will pop back up when he is being intimate with his wife. His mind will travel to those pictures that he found desirable. If he lusts in his heart, he has committed adultery according to Jesus. If he is married and looking at this garbage he is not cherishing his wife. He is not in God's will and it will affect his relationship with the Lord. Be careful little eyes what you see!
---Michelle on 7/5/07

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Angie, that's just dandy that you support your husbands viewing habits. How nice. And you look too? He's only looking after all.
What if looking moves to leaping over the fence for greener pastures?
---Glycemic_Index on 7/5/07

I am a Christian woman married to with two children I allow my husband to look at almost what ever he wants nothing has ever been so bad I would not want to see as I do believe that there is a big difference between men and women I am very content in my marriage and I know that my husband is JUST LOOKING he doesnt do it all the time and it really dont bother me so I guess my main question is if it is not causing problems is it still wrong???
---Angie on 7/4/07

I am a Christian woman married to with two children I allow my husband to look at almost what ever he wants nothing has ever been that bad I would not want to see as I do believe that there is a big difference between men and women I am very content in my marriage and I know that my husband is JUST LOOKING he doesnt do it all the time and it really doesnt bother me so I guess my main question is if it is not causing problems is it still wrong???
---Angie on 7/4/07

It is seldom wise to judge male sexuality by female standards. God made us different, do you question His judgement???If he breaks his vows, then you have a case- otherwise leave him alone.
It likely has nothing to do with you.
---JTsivad on 7/3/07

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Man's approval, vs, Echad's/God's word(s) [Heb.13:4-6], within Godly guidelines!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/10/05

Alan, I saw the site he visited months ago on our computers history that I was on. Yes, theres lustful looks. I give 'the look' to him too. They touch themselves prevocativley, which is done together w/ husband to enjoy the gift of physcial intimacy that God gave 2 married people. They pose playfully to excite the male eye. I'm playful not boring within Biblical lines. So where's the difference? Men are visually stimulated, Women are emotionally stimulated. The 2 CAN work together to make it fun!
---Heather on 12/10/05

Heather ... you say your husband has you to look at at any time. But have you seen some of these porn-sites? Don't look, but they contain things you would not want to do.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/9/05

Husband hasn't set foot on another dirty site for months now. He saw how sad I got about it. He said he was just curious & thats why he looked. I don't get it he has me to observe at any time he wants without denial. He saw how upset & insecure I got about his opening up the e-mail his friend sent. I told him if next time his co-worker sends an e-mail delete it without opening it. He agreed. I checked out our computers history its been to & he has not entered that site again.
---Heather_S.Cal on 12/9/05

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My ex-husband was also involved with internet ponography for many years. His addiction kept going to deeper lows even though he was confronted by myself and our grown children. For me, it was adultery and disrespect to our children when they walked into his room and saw such stuff on the computer. We are now divorced and he's with a "lady" that joins him in this sickness.
---Dee on 12/8/05

It's a spirit of lust, like anything anyone is not completely delivered from, like water, it will find some weak spot to surface eventually. No fault of yours! A classic example of possibly setting assunder what Echad/God has joined together!

Always good for believers to avoid accepted/tolerated laciviousness through media, advertisements or otherwise! Confront him if you haven't yet [Gal.5:9].
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/8/05

For my husband, I will go at any length staying within Godly boundaries to please him. So if he wants to see a 'women unclothed' LET IT BE ME ONLY! Its pure selfishness to the flesh to view sites. Its a sinful desire. Its a false intimacy with a 3 demensional women who visually pleases you yet you dont'need to Give back pleasure....sorry brother SELFISH is what selfish does. Tape a pic of your family on the computer screen to give you a stop sign for further damage. DO IT.
---Heather_S.Cal on 12/8/05

I too looked at sites and this was the downfall of my marrage. I do not know why, she did hold back love. I think in a lot of men to look at a woman uncovered is something we like to do. Do we all fantasize , NO. Is it right , No but we do like it.
---Richard on 12/8/05

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You are right Steve
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/5/05

, every year, i believe more firmly that the internet changes people, and not for the better. tell him you want that computer out of the house. his reaction will tell you all you need to know.
---steve on 12/5/05

Phonography .. christians should abstain from it.
Your husband needs help to overcome this. No need to be confused.. Your husband has areas in his life that he needs to hand over to God so that they can be dealt with and this is one. Just turn this situation over to God through prayer,, Talk to your husband and see if you both can come to an arrangement that he can get help in this area.
---guyiyae on 12/5/05

What you describe is a test of how you will respond to other women in the marriage. He is finding the boundary of what is okay and unacceptable to you. He is using them as a comparison to show you what he wants. Look Out!
---Paul on 12/5/05

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The first question I'd ask is: "Why did this friend think your husband would be interested in picture of naked women?" The second thing I'd do is ask my husband why he is looking at pictures of naked women? Just make sure when you ask him, you give him time to reply. (You might forwarn him of what the topic of converstation concerns.) Tell him, and make sure he understands, this offends you. (Above all, don't get judgemental or tell your friends.)
---WIVV on 12/4/05

Satan is doing his best to break up marriages. One of my husband's employees sends him emails that have pictures of scantly clothed and naked women at the bottom of the emails. When I found them, he decided to get a new email account and changed the password so I couldn't get in. He "claims" he never looks at them, but still hides them from me. All I do is pray that God will speak to his heart and he would stop. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with wives denying sex. I don't deny sex either.
---Melissa on 12/4/05

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