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Why Do Something Not In Bible

I was reading about "birthdays" since people celebrate Jesus' birth this month, but in the bible there are only 2 scriptures referring to "birthday" & both with kings, nothing to do with Jesus. So if not in bible, then why celebrate?

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 ---candice on 12/4/05
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Candide; JWs celebrate anniversaries,and they are not in the bible either!
---1st_cliff on 12/1/07

catholics are not the only ones doing things not of the bible...many things some christians do that was not commanded of God celebrating Christ's birthday...let alone on the wrong day well as the biblical sabbath...on wrong day again...perhaps if we all rebaptise for repentence, then we can all start afresh and not judge others ways..
---jana on 7/24/06

Do you drive a car? or brush your teeth? or fly in an airplane to go on a mission trip?...those are not in the Bible either
---shodan on 1/7/06

3. when you are doing it for the wrong reason. His discernment is what guides us in the right path even when we wonder away. On our own we really can do nothing good. In time you will understand it more and you will be more depended on the Spirit to guide you and you will feel inside your heart what it is you should do. Keep asking the questions for you do want to find out. I am thankful for that. I remember you from some months past. Blessings
---Lupe2618 on 12/7/05

2. First of all, you will not find Truth in traditions. I believe the Catholics follow traditions and they are not truth. Many things that Christians do or not in Scripture. I believe what the intend is for that point is what is important. If the intend from your heart is to glorify God, and He is going to get the honor and glory, then it is ok. If you feel in your heart that it will go against what God stands for, then you are doing wrong. As a true believer, you will feel the Holy Spirit convict
---Lupe2618 on 12/7/05

Hello sister Candice, I can see with the question you still have questions on how a Christian lives and what he does compared to J.Witnesses. I know by your answers that you are still in the middle of trying to figure out which you should follow. I believe you are still learning from them or still have not made your mind fully. I would have hoped that you had made your leap of faith already without doubt. I know its hard when you have learned a lot from them
---Lupe2618 on 12/7/05

Really it would make so much more sense to celebrate Easter. Every life is born (or hatched) but only ONE Resurrected to eternal life from a sacrifice. The J.W.s having presents is not so much different than many Christian groups having a "fall festival" during Halloween is it? Birthday & other such celebrations are a melding of Pagan worship and Christianity but there seems to be no specific scripture to forbid such?
---mike_fl on 12/6/05

It is not just a matter of "if" it is or is not in the Bible as an event or law; Scriptural principles are also of vital importance when deciding if one is going to do something or not.
---Kevin on 12/5/05

2. They also had decorations and baubles everywhere and party food. Exactly the same happened for their birthdays, but a few days later than the actual dates. All this after their great-grandma (my mother) had been told she must not send them birthday or Christmas gifts any more. That makes no sense at all to me and seems hypocritical. I dont know if this is typical of all J.W. families but I now know of several at least who do these things.
---M.P. on 12/5/05

1. When my niece became a J.W. she SAID that they no longer celebrated Christmas or birthdays. Just after the first Christmas I was shown photographs of her children with gifts and I asked what they were for. I was told 'That was our special day'. Apparently they celebrate Christmas, in all but name, a few days later and call it their special day. The children did not know what was special about the day though.
---M.P. on 12/5/05

Alan, you are correct. When my son was about 10 he invited a friend to his birthday party. He came back and told me his friend couldn't come becuase he was a "juvinile" witness. It took a lot for me not to laugh at that one.
---NurseRobert on 12/5/05

As I understand it, Jehovah's Witnesses are expressly forbiden to celebrate birthdays.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/5/05

the only two times birthdays are mentioned in the bible both times people lost their lives. God would not have put those two instances in the bible if not for a reason. Also Jesus never mentioned to remember his birth, only his death... perhaps thats why the date of his birth is not mentioned in the bible.
---MIKE on 12/5/05

Candice, please do not confuse the difference between celebrating and worshiping or idolitry.
---Fred_S. on 12/5/05

Flying in an airplane isn't in the Bible- neither is getting into the car and going on a family trip, yet we do it. If we lived our lives by doing JUST things that are in the Bible, our lives would be pretty dull. God gave us the world and the things in it to enjoy, including celebrations of anniversaries & birthdays. Sometimes I think people should not use the Bible to run their whole your lives the way Christ would want.
---Ann5758 on 12/4/05

Candice: The Bible is full of birth records of plain folk, kings & the King of Kings (Jesus). The overall theme of Scripture is 'YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN". Everybody born into the world has one birth day.

The reason Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus is because He made it possible for us to be "born again" (spirit regeneration). I believe all Christians should celebrate their new birth yearly, at the same time we celebrate the birth of the One (Jesus) who made it possible?
---Leon on 12/4/05

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First of all everyone should celebrate anniversaries, it's not just a Jehovah Witness thing. 2nd read what "traditions of man" can do , which the political holidays are col 2:8 I read the amplified version so it might be longer then other versions.
---candice on 12/4/05

People celebrate mothers day, fathers day, Earth-day, and that not in the Bible. Do you think is EVIL (since its not in the bible) to have one day in honor for our mothers?
---Ramon on 12/4/05

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