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Date A Smoking Non-Christian

I just met this guy Brian. I really like him as a friend, but I would like to date him too. Is that okay to date a nonchristian? He's my age 16 and he doesn't drink but he's trying to give up smoking. I want to give it a try. Would that be wrong?

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 ---angie on 12/5/05
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What do you have in common with an unbeliever is a point blank question that God asked me face to face one day. Did not misunderstand God. No sir.
---catherine on 1/9/08

don't misquote the verse, it says "unequally yoked together with unbelievers". In MY opinion, this is talking about a believer who is joined to an unbeliever who continues in blatant sin. Hopefully, the unbeliever will be responsive to the lifestyle of the believer. This is not always the result, but it does happen. I know!
---mike on 1/9/08

NO, don't date a non-Christian! The Bible says do not be yoked with an unbeliever!
---wes on 5/13/07

If he continues to smoke, and has no desire to become christian, your christianity also may fade.. Stand up for who you believe in, first and foremost,then introduce Jesus to him. If he doesnt know Jesus, you may be the one Jesus calls to preach the Gospel to him,but to date him, and not involve Christ, is not wise..If he rejects Christ, beware lest both of you fall in the ditch.PRAY that he will accept Christ,a great blessing of being a christian is sharing your christianity with one of like mind..
---karin on 2/23/06

Angie, I strongly recommend you follow the advice of Fred S which is a very prudent and true Christian advice.
---A_Catholic on 1/25/06

This guy sounds like he is a slave to smoking. He is trying to give it up, but can't. He needs Jesus to break his addiction.
---peter on 12/6/05

Hey Angie, instead of calling it a "date". Maybe you could invite him (as a friend, and introduce him as a friend) to attend a Church service or youth fuction. If he goes, GREAT. Then ask a second time. If he goes the second time, possibly a third, then he maybe interested in being saved. Maybe he has never had the opportunity to become a Christian???? Let's not be quite as judge mental, because we do not know the boy's background. We all had to start somewhere!
---Fred_S. on 12/6/05

Mike we do not reach anyone for Christ by joining in their sins or bad habits. We must be seen by our fruits not by our eagerness to overlook everything we know to be wrong. Anyone attracted to us because we are so easy going or never offended will probably never come to know our Saviour through our witness.
---M.P. on 12/6/05

Mike we don't ignore the Lost Sinner but we also do not jump into the quick sand to rescue them either.
We must live by the teaching of Scripture and bring them up to the level God has set not go down to their level.
If a Christian can ignore what God has said about any issue why should a Lost person want to get Saved?
---Elder on 12/6/05

How is the non Christian to be reached for Christ if we ignore them?
---mike6553 on 12/6/05

Mike ... there are two issues. Firstly should this Christian date a non-Christian? The answer is clearly "No, it would be unequally yoked" Secondly, the questioner mentions that the boy smokes. Now, as a non-smoker, I would never consider a smoker, Christian or not. But I think you are way over the top to call it a blantant sin. When did it become a sin? ... Our Christian forbears grew the stuff and introducesd it into England.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/5/05

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