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Living With A Man For 5 Years

I have been living with a man for five years and we are not married. I tried to get out of the relationship, but can't. Am I saved?

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 ---Anonymous_in_kcmo on 12/6/05
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Your savlation depends on your relationship with JESUS not your relationship with this man. If you have ask JESUS to save you He did. ROMANS 10:13. The weigh of your on going sin gives ground for satan to make you feel quilty(big time). You will never be comfortable in your sin but you can be saved. Many do not believe what I have written to be true.---mima 12/6/2005
---mima on 4/29/08

I don't know whether you are saved or not but you are not living right in God's eyes. If you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour then you know that He died for ALL your sins, including this one, but He forgives those that you have repented of and turned away from. At the moment you have not turned away from this one. If He is your Saviour you are hurting Him by living this way.
---emg on 8/12/07

amber i am sure glad God is my judge and not you or any man. Jesus knows my heart and from where i started and of how far he has taken me so far and he has promised to finish the work he has started.
---anonymous_in_kcmo on 12/9/05

How come you are unable to leave? Is this man violent with you? Can authorities be brought in to help?
---bethie on 12/7/05

Salvation is a simple act. While you are guilty of immorality, and this will affect your fellowhip with God, it does not effect your relationship, (i.e. salvation). Of course this is assumming you are a Christian to start with. Why can't you get out of this relationship?
---WIVV on 12/6/05

No, I do not believe you are saved. Fornication is clearly a sin! If you truely want out of this relationship you will put GOD first and get out!
---Amber on 12/6/05

PT.2 Also, God chastises those that are truly His, so you need know that God's discipline WILL be in your life if you don't repent and it (His discipline) will be uncomfortable to say the least. In short and simply put, you and I were taking advantage of God's Grace in forgiveness and although we have surrendered our lives to Jesus, we will nonetheless be punished (in this lifetime) for our defiance.
But take heart, every loving father chastises the child he loves.
---Jackie on 12/6/05

PT. 1Well, my situation is similar and my understanding is that yes, even if I continued to live in sin (I chose not to) my salvation is secure. HOWEVER, I was not truly repenting even if the guilt and shame of it haunted me daily. I disagree with the previous responder in that I believe it is the Holy Spirit which convicted me daily of my sin and that is why I felt shame before God.
---Jackie on 12/6/05

Yes, Jesus is the propitiation for our sins, but not ours only, for the sins of the whole world. Remember, God can forgive your sins throgh the blood of Christ, but the consequences of your actions will still be here with you.
---mike on 12/6/05

i did turn from the physical relationship with him for a long time but it was world war 3 in this house and i would not be living in peace but i don't have peace doing it either i do feel guilty all the time its like torture! i have a 7 year old daughter not biologicly his but has been there all her life i would be hurting her even if i could get out.
---anonymous_in_kcmo on 12/6/05

continued: have heard from God he has shown me HIS GRACE and hear from him all the time. but people can pick certain scriptures out and judge me and say i am not saved.
---anonymous_in_kcmo on 12/6/05

continued:we have been living together 7 years trying to get out 5. he won't marry me. have heard from God on this. did repent. but can not continue in repentance living here.
---anonymous_in_kcmo on 12/6/05

Well thank you moderator for cutting out half of what my question was.

Moderator - Did the best possible since the question had to be reworded and put in English.
---anonymous_in_kc on 12/6/05

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