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Mega Churches Closing Christmas

I understand some churches across the world especially the USA are closing on Christmas in order to give chance to members spend time their families. Is this a justifiable reason to close shop or its a typical example of the church giving in to secular mentality?

Moderator - If one celebrates Christmas as a mix of Christianity and Paganism it makes perfect sense what is happening. However, if one is worshipping Christ only as it is His birthday, the only place one would want to be is Church having a celebration.

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 ---pkay on 12/7/05
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How strange! No church on Christmas?! This is the first time I've ever heard of that!
---sue on 2/11/08

Last time Christmas Day was on a Sunday many churches in our area closed. My own was open I'm pleased to say. This year I go to a different church and I'm pleased to say we are open on Christmas Day although only for the morning service which is to be 2 hours earlier than usual. Many in the area are closed. What a sad thing to have to report.
---M.P. on 2/10/08

christ's birthday christmas??? what date was it in the bible? did the bible say its christs birthday? really???? where is it???the only person born on this date at the time was tamus..and it was quietly slipped into christianity to make the world think its Jesus's birthday...pick another date...
---jana on 7/24/06

i think those who want to observe the day should. those who do not want to observe it are not condemned. God is looking for true worshippers anyway so many are called but few are choosen.
---ade on 12/12/05

I think it is very ironic. The church is always complaining about the "government" and "business" trying to take Christ out of christmas....and of the Holiest days of a christians faith...the church decides to close it's own doors! and i ask....just what does this show the "sinner?"
---mark on 12/12/05

I see nothing wrong with celebrating the Lord's birth. Having Christmas programs at church is a good way to get people (who would not ordinarily attend church) go to see their child in a play or program. Maybe they will hear the message of the first Christmas gift. John 3:16
Show a verse says it is wrong for Christians to celebrate the saviour's birth. A great place to celebrate is church.
---Ulrika on 12/12/05

Amen to Ulrika, and ditto!!!
---mike on 12/12/05

Praise God, we are having regular services.
---bethie on 12/12/05

I don't think making that choice is indicative of "caving in" to secular culture, nor is having a service that day proof of a church's soundness. As previously mentioned, December 25 is not actually Jesus's birthday... And, I do not see in scripture where it says we are to celebrate His earthly birthday. I do see that we are to celebrate HIM... ALWAYS... So, please be cautious not to throw out blanket judgements concerning "traditions of men." Thoughtfully..
---daphn8897 on 12/9/05

The account of Luke doesnt support Dec 25th. The sheppards were in the field, tending to their sheep. Also, Joseph and Mary had to travel to bethleham for a census ordered by Caesar. Caesar would not have had the jews trek in cold, rainy weather for this census. Also, we all know of Dec 25th roots in paganism.
---brent on 12/9/05

This is precisely what is wrong in our world today. I see replies to this blog saying that Jesus never told us to celebrate his day of birth, well I don't know about you guy's but that is an awesome day.... Our Savior was born... I will Celebrate his birth, Death and Resurrection because he did it all for me.
---Eric on 12/9/05

We have Christmas Eve services, as well as on Christmas day. Our church is usually packed at all services.
What day is more fitting to honor Jesus in a special way than the day that was chosen to honor His birth?
---NVBarbara on 12/8/05

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to go to church first to start the celebration and then go home and celebrate or vice versa? Why would anyone think there should be a choice? Without Christ there is no Christmas.
---Kaye on 12/7/05

Luke 2:13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. The shepherds must have been excited, they came in haste to see Jesus. They told abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. Luke 2:15-17
Have we forgotten, there is something wonderful to rejoice about. Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
---Ulrika on 12/7/05

Churches closing? How very sad.
---Nellah on 12/7/05

Churches that are closed on Christmas Sunday, don't have their priorities right. They more than likely are more interested in opening presents, eating, and visiting, than worshiping Jesus and rejoicing that he came to save us.
---Ulrika on 12/7/05

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Wendi,a baptism, wouldn't that be a great way to celebrate Christmas. That Christmas will be remembered for sure.
---bethie on 12/7/05

I want to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ in church on Christmas, especially since it is a Sunday. Some churches take vacations too during the summer from ministry, but I never recall anywhere in the Bible where Jesus took off for vacations or holidays.
---wes on 12/7/05

It should be the biggest Church day of the year. I picture revivals, concerts, foot stomping, noise making, Bible reading, praying, devotions, testimonies and visits. No, He never told us to celebrate it, but we want to don't we.
---mike on 12/7/05

Just a thought: I'd be pretty hurt if all my friends and family decided to stay home and spend time with their families instead of coming to my birthday party. But, I guess it's no different than any other Sunday. A lot of "Christians" do that every weekend.
---Molly on 12/7/05

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My congregation does not even have a Christmas tree or decorations in the building; however we study the bible for what it is, but I think it being a Sunday unless all parties agree for it to be closed, then it needs to remain open for the public, what if a lost sheep is coming home & no one is there?
---lora7569 on 12/7/05

Presberia,(sorry for msspelling)you said:
Where in scripture are we asked to observe His birthday? Which by the way, was not in December.

I agree. My congr. is meeting as usual on Dec.25th, & I am glad they follow the traditional bible. No where does it say to celebrate his birthday. The only reason his birth itself is in the bible is because of what the OT brought about, but God didn't ask us to celebrate his sons birthday, but Jesus did ask us to remember him. When is this? Passover.
---lora7569 on 12/7/05

Those in Berea were a more nobel church in that they received the word with readiness of mind and they searched the scriptures to verify the things they were being told (Acts 17:10-11) All one needs to do is study the history of the tradition to finds its roots and then ask themselves why they celebrate the day. Where in scripture are we asked to observe His birthday? Which by the way, was not in December. We so much want to major in the minors.
---presbeia on 12/7/05

We are going to have service on Christmas with an additional blessing. We are having a baptism that morning!!!
---wendi on 12/7/05

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Our church is waiting on pins and needles to find out whats going on Christmas day. Most of us want church, but some, mostly Pastors family, don't want any service. So who knows. I sure hope we have it though.
---bethie on 12/7/05

I do not think it is a good idea. In America, people like to spend time with "the family" while deliberately leaving others out. What about those who have no "family"? What happened to the idea of "God's Family" - in church, worshipping with people from all walks of life? it almost sounds like the rich are walling themselves off from the unfortunate.
---drew2902 on 12/7/05

I think it is ok. Most churches are having a friday night service and some are having a saturday service we are having a Sunday night service because that is what our church voted on.
---andre9789 on 12/7/05

I hear it's happening to mainly Mega churches. The real reason is because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year and these Mega churches fear that a lot of people won't show so they don't want to put out MONEY to set up church for a few. I know a Pastor that will hold church even if only one person shows. His name is Pastor Randy and he should be commended for this. The line is being blurred between the world and the churches. Another example of "The war on Christmas."
---John on 12/7/05

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We are having church at 3PM Christmas day.
---shira on 12/7/05

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