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Why We Should Speak In Tongues

Why should we speak in tongues?

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 ---Lisa on 12/8/05
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James, you said this:

"This, coupled with the fact that after the death of the last apostle to pass on the gifts, proves that the miraculous gifts are no longer available. "

If I understand correctly, you are saying that what was given to the apostles as confirmation of the gospel being preached has passed because the apostles have passed. If that be so, then what was confirmed by the signs and wonders has passed also.
---Linda on 9/29/07

By the way, I didn't say that the gifts of the Spirit were obtained without the baptism of the Spirit. In response to the original question: To build yourself up in your most holy faith.
---Linda on 9/29/07


Yes Paul says the gifts will be done away with, but I ask that you keep reading.

1 Corinthians 13:10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away.

Then you are saying prophecy and knowledge have also been done away with. Safe to say we certainly need knowledge today.

I also ask you to read Acts 11:17 stating about about God giving gifts and 1 Corinthians 12:11......dividing to every man severally as he will.
---denna7667 on 9/28/07

...To edify.
---Eloy on 9/28/07

You are confusing miracles with miraculous gifts. Miracles happen every day. And yes being born again is a great miracle but it is not the same as receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are not the same thing. Also your comment about the Apostles makes no sense. Show me an instance in the Bible where someone received the gifts of the Holy Spirit other than by baptism with the Holy Spirit or by the laying on of the Apostles hands.
---James on 9/27/07

First of all, once again, you are confusing two different things. This thread specifically refers to speaking in tongues, which was one of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is not the same as being baptized with the Holy Spirit. Paul does state the gifts would cease. Second, throughout the Bible God gave miraculous gifts to people he chose for two stated purposes: to reveal His truth and to validate His messengers.
---James on 9/27/07

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for empowerment. to witness but witnessing is more then knocking on doors, you have to have a lifestyle witness too.
You may share the gospel but you also need to believe it.
All of it - not just the parts you've selected -
---Andrea on 9/27/07

Thank you James, YOU HAVE GOT IT RIGHT!!!

It is good to know there is someone out there besides myself who takes the needed time to study, and research the BIBLE.
---Rob on 9/27/07

James, have you ever read the book of James? If there were no miraculous in this day, there would be no need for the laying on of hands by the elders for the healing of another. Also, if there were no miraculous in this day, no one would be born again. Being born again is the greatest miracle one could ever experience. I guess since the apostles are the ones who passed on the gospel, then that is done away with also?
---Linda on 9/27/07

Why should we speak in tongues? Well,if God prompts you to speak in an unknown tongue/language, than you need to obey. That is the main reason at this point in time that I can see. God knows. It is a powerful prayer weapon as Satan does not understand it. I do not believe that it is the ONLY evidence of the manifestation of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. THe Holy Spiit indwels the believer at the time when he/she is 'born again'.
---splaa6685 on 9/27/07

james - who gave the gifts to the apostles?

no scriptural evidence that the gifts ended.

there were groups that were already speaking in tongues before Paul ministered water baptism to them.

Holy Spirit does not need man to minister His power.
---Andrea on 9/27/07

What was the purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit? The purpose was to testify to our gift of salvation provided by God. Hebrews 2:3-5.
Paul states in 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 that love never fails but the miraculous gifts will disappear. This, coupled with the fact that after the death of the last apostle to pass on the gifts, proves that the miraculous gifts are no longer available.
---james on 9/27/07

denna, from Catherine's response I could tell she is actualy on your side. Telling you not believing the gifts is no fear of God and to not fret over how many believe the gifts aren't for today. Can't you see that?
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/27/07

I think many people misunderstand what miraculous gifts were for and how we got them. First of all "speaking in tongues" referred to speaking a foreign language not known to the speaker. It was an ACTUAL language. Not just babble and nonsense that I have heard in some Churches. Second, the purpose of the gift of tongues was to convince NON-BELIEVERS, not believers.(1 Cor 14:22)
---james on 9/27/07

How did people receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit? There are only 3 instances in the Bible. The baptism of the Jews with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-4, the baptism of the Gentiles with the Holy Spirit in Acts 11:15-17 and finally by the laying on of the Apostles hands. Out of all of these people, the only ones able to pass on the gifts to other people were the Apostles. People could RECEIVE the gift but they could not pass it on.
---James on 9/27/07


"It is also called no fear of God. Do not fret. Man's day is now God's day is coming. This I promise. ++"

I have a respectful fear of my God. I also know His day is coming soon. But you still have not stated any scripture that proves these gifts are not for today. Thats because 1 Corinthians 12:11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.KJV
---denna7667 on 9/26/07

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Its humbling to look to God and open your mouth - a new uncertain sound
Its humbling to go forward in front of the whole church and to be fall out under His power
its humbling to go to the elders of the church - be annointed with oil and prayed for - while your just receiving.
like Jesus washing the feet of the disciples - its humbling

Why would God want a humble servant?.hmmmm
---Andrea on 9/26/07

denna7667>>>It is also called no fear of God. Do not fret. Man's day is now God's day is coming. This I promise. ++
---catherine on 9/26/07

For those of you who make light of or doubt gifts of the spirit are greiving the Holy Spirt and limiting God.

1 Corinthians 14:39 Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak in tongues.

Acts 11:17 "Therefore if God gave to them the same gift as He gave to us also after believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God's way?"
---denna7667 on 9/26/07

lee - that is very true - most Pentecostal churches will run into problems bc 'to whom much is given much is required'. There is a learning curve to everything - just as we learn to grow in Christ we learn to use the power He gives and in doing that we "will" make mistakes.

Just like if you don't have a house - you don't have to paint or maintain a house. But if you're fortunate enough to own a house you must also care for that house.

Earnestly seek the gifts
---Andrea on 9/20/07

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Depend, if it is your prayer language, we do it to build ourselves up spiritually. If it's the gift of tongues that manifest in a public place it's a sign and wonder and a method that God communicates.
I have seen someone speak in tongue and then someone else will say,"That person spoke perfect (whatever the language)" and the person didn't know how to speak that particular language. My grandfather had that happen to him once. Spoke another language but I heard him as speaking tongues.
---Michelle on 9/19/07

Talking in tongues was a temporary gift of God. It has no use in modern times.
---hippy_yaya on 3/10/07

1st cor 12-30this is talking about not all beliver's are not aposostles ,prophets, teachers, and not all have these gifts what it is meaning not all are used giveing a message in tongues and another
give the interption But all that have the Holy Ghost
will pray in tongue You heard people talk about there Prayer language thats what it is
because we really don't know what we should pray about.
---Betty on 2/28/06

Jesus gave Peter the Keys to the kingdom Which is the plan of Salvation Read Acts 2-38 and the only way our sins are removed.
---Betty on 2/28/06

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Receiving the Holy Ghost Is Jesus spirt coming in and taking cotrol of your tongue and you speak in tongues . that is different from the Gifts of tongues but it is the same spirt. read acts 2-1-4 Isiah 28-11 the bible say's they will speak with new tongues some belive that it means to quit cussing and things like but that's not what it means.Also read isiah 32-4 .Jesus also said with out his Spirt we are none of his. Jesus mother also received the Holy Ghost in the upper Room .
---Betty on 2/28/06

John - yes, not all churches that emphasis speaking in tongues, handle snakes. I for one believe that speaking in tongues can be a genuine gift of the Holy Spirit, however, those churches that emphasis that gift, usaully have problems keeping it in proper prospective. I have observed many that "speak in tongues" to have emotional or mental problems and use the experience as a crutch; unable to coop with the day to day problems of life itself. Many simply deceit themselves.
---lee on 2/15/06

The Bible says the Spirit bears witness with our spirit,that's how one judges the Holy from the profane,through the witness of the Spirit.Example;when tongues aren't from the HG it is just like someone throwing a bucket of icewater over the service, and over me.It's also like looking for something to be full and you find only an empty space.That is why one must be read -Bible ,prayed ,and praised up, in tune with God and His Spirit,then one knows the true from the false.The sheep know the Masters voice.
---Darlene_1 on 12/19/05

John, if the Devil can counterfeit the gift how do you tell the true from the false?
---Elder on 12/19/05

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Lee, just because those snake handling churches speak in tongues doesn't disqualify the gift that the Holy Spirit has given to edify the Church. The devil is always trying to counterfeit and abuse everything God does.
---john on 12/19/05

Moderator-yes i am serious,i still have audio cassete tapes after all these years. What is interesting, they will help ex-cons, murderers, rapist, molesters,and theives.but if you ask a theological question, your out! That says pentacostals find thinking more immoral than murder, rape, molestation, and theiving...and all the pentacostals I have known admit it freely.

Moderator - Sounds like you have had some strange experiences which have moded you in some unique ways.
---len_k on 12/18/05

Women are more sensitive to the Spirit than men? Hmmm. I agree that folks should be encouraged to use their gifts, but not all will have the gift of tongues. We live by faith but the Spirit also bestows gifts of wisdom and knowledge. It would be nice if churches encouraged these gifts as strongly as tongues.
---ralph7477 on 12/18/05

Interesting that all those snake handling churches in the Appalachian Mountains also emphasize speaking in tongues. Something that is from God can easily be abused and pushed too far.

I would rather like Paul, "in church ... speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others, than ten thousand words in a tongue." 1 Cor. 14:19
---lee on 12/18/05

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To reply to the question about women praying in the spirit more than men: I see it that women spend more time in prayer than some men & usually are more sensitive to the Holy Spirit than men. Another I have noticed is that sometimes we as men don't want to look foolish, but we know that God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.
---Rickey on 12/18/05

As a teen I read Paul who said to 'test the spirit.' We boys would quote shakespeare for the Bible get intrepretations, back, secretly tape recording it all. I was told we did not understand it as we were not 'full of the spirit'-well after enough work with a tape recorder, we found what they were 'full of.' Paul was right!
---len_k on 12/18/05

In my Uncles pentacostal church they put sawdust on the floor to 'break the fall' of those 'in the spirit.' In the summer when the A/C did not work, they rolled in the sawdust, and looked like breaded chickens, chickens with their heads cut off--

Moderator - Are you serious?
---len_k on 12/18/05

'Co ach'--old saying; "You know you are in the wrong Church when you are required to check in your brains at the front door of the along with your hat and coat."
---len_k on 12/18/05

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No women I've read here make tongues central to their Christianity,that's just your perception.Christians aren't suspose to rationalize anything concerning God.They are told to live by faith not sight,by Spirit not flesh/intellect.Accepting the HG has nothing to do with a woman's heart,it is all about a woman's faith and belief in the Word of God,it's called obedience.The things of God are foolishness to the mind,but made clear to the soul when looked at through the Spirit.
---Darlene_1 on 12/18/05

Lee,prompting people to use thier gifts is not wrong. We prompt people to do all kinds of things when they are learning. I've prompted people to live morally and propmted them to do good.Waiting for things to just happen naturally doesn't help people to move out in faith.Be Blessed.
---john on 12/18/05

Christianity is a walk of FAITH....we have FAITH in our heart not in our heads....if a concept makes analitical(spell??) sense then it doesn`t take FAITH to grasp it.......For "we walk be faith and not by sight"
---co_ach on 12/18/05

Ralph - "Just a side observation here...why does it seem like it is mostly women who make the tongues issue so central to their Christianity?"

That has been my observation as well. I would guess that men tend to be more rational and think with their minds whereas women tend to think more with their hearts. (I am not putting down women but depicting the fact that there are differences).
---lee on 12/16/05

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion , but it isn't fact that "most churches that emphasis speaking in tongues lack solid Biblical teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit."1Cor.12 is speaking of the Gifts of the Spirit ,not the Gift of the Holy Ghost with tongues. Gifts;Ministry to man; being used by God. Tongues;Speaking to God alone, Us using God's own Words to pray to or praise Him.Big difference.I know.Spoke in tongues for years before receiving the Gift of Tongues.
---Darlene_1 on 12/14/05

To presume that there is only one application for tongues is to ignore most of what the Bible has to say about the subject.

Lee, you are right when you say that God delegates the Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) for the building up of the church. I like the way Darlene explains this ... for Body ministry.
---DoryLory on 12/14/05

However we know that tongues also has another application (purpose) because Jude 1:20 and 1 Corinthians 14:4 say that praying in tongues will build *us* up spiritually. At the very beginning of this same Blog I listed 14 benefits to praying in tongues. These are virtually all for personal edification.
---DoryLory on 12/14/05

We can see from Scripture that the subject of speaking in tongues clearly has two applications: one for edification of the Body (Church), the other for personal edification. Obviously, these two applications do not have the same limitations placed on them (1 Corinthians 14:18,19) because Body Ministry is delegated by God (1 Corinthians 12) while tongues for personal edification is available to every born-again believer that desires it (1 Corinthians 14:5).
---DoryLory on 12/14/05

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emg, your view along with Lee's is the correct one. Anybody reading the new testament objectively will come to the conclusion you have. As seen so often in this forum, anybody can take any scripture and form "doctrine" to support their individual opinions. Just a side observation here...why does it seem like it is mostly women who make the tongues issue so central to their Christianity?
---ralph7477 on 12/14/05

I have observed people going to the altar, having others lay hands on them and after much troubled prompting the recipient murmurs something unintelligible. Thereafter they make the claim that so-and-so has received the Spirit. Those that do not speak in tongues are often encouraged to seek it otherwise they are made to feel inferior spiritually.

I often wonder how these kinds of things promote good mental health. I really believe that this gift comes sort of naturally without much prompting.
---lee on 12/13/05

Lee and Moderator, I agree. This is what I have always believed regarding tongues, that it is ONE of the gifts of the spirit and that some will be given it whilst others will be given different gifts. This is linked to the various parts of the body having unique uses, eye, ear etc. all working together with their various uses completely together, all being less effective WITHOUT the others.
---emg on 12/13/05

Dory Lory, you said in one reply that there are not 2 types of tongues but now you are saying it is a Heavenly language which could sound like gibberish. What I read in the bible about what happened at Pentecost clearly states that they used (or were heard to speak) in KNOWN languages. They were clearly understood by people who would not have understood the native language of the apostles. So, are there two types of tongues or not because I'm even more confused now than I was before?
---emg on 12/13/05

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"He said he could not understand why, as he had prayed for years for the gift of tongues, God had not given him this gift."

IMHO, most churches that emphasis speaking in tongues lack solid biblical teachings on the gifts of the Spirit. The man should have been told that as St. Paul stated, not everyone speaks in tongues (1 Cor. 12:30); i.e. the gift is not for everyone but the Spirit gives whatever gift to whomever as He wills for the upbuilding of the church.

Moderator - I agree with you Lee. That has been my observation.
---lee on 12/13/05

emg - Actually I know of people in the same circumstance too. It can be hard on them because they feel overlooked by God. The thing is, the passage from Matthew 7:9-11 says "if you ask, God WILL give."

I think what happens is that after these people pray and ask for tongues, they somehow get the idea that God will overpower them and "make them" pray in tongues. But God doesn't work that way. Anything we receive from Him always involves faith.
---DoryLory on 12/13/05

It's true of salvation ... you have to trust that once you pray and ask for it that you have received ... and it's equally true of tongues. You pray and ask and then believe that you have received. After you pray it's up to you to open your own mouth and speak yourself. It's done of your own free will ... you start and stop as you desire.
---DoryLory on 12/13/05

One requirement is that you (by your own choice) do not speak English ... you speak sounds (and it will sound like gibberish) but you trust by faith that God is giving you "your" language ... because that's exactly what's happening. There couldn't be anything simpler in the world. Will you feel silly? Perhaps. But the Bible says that "God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise" (1 Corinthians 1:27).
---DoryLory on 12/13/05

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Just keep in mind that it is a heavenly language, very real to God. He understands every word.

So about your friend ... if he prayed for the ability to speak in tongues, the only thing missing was that he needed to step out in faith and start using it because when God says He will do something, He WILL do it. He faithful. It's sad how many people miss out for not understanding this very simple, basic principle.
---DoryLory on 12/13/05

Dory Lory I knew a man (now deceased) who attended a Pentecostal church all his life. He was a born again Christian from his teens and a preacher. He said he could not understand why, as he had prayed for years for the gift of tongues, God had not given him this gift. His lack of the gift was certainly nothing to do with a lack of desire for it or a lack of praying for it. Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate them.
---emg on 12/13/05

emg - It isn't two types of tongues so much as two different purposes or uses for tongues. Some bloggers seem to think that God decides who gets to speak in tongues and who doesn't but that isn't right. Every Christian can speak (pray) in tongues if they want to. All they have to do is ask for the ability and God says He will give it to them (Matthew 7:11). I've prayed and asked God to bring you clarity and understanding on this subject. God bless!
---DoryLory on 12/13/05

Thanks Dory Lory. I appreciate your explanation there. I must admit to still being somewhat confused on the issue of there being two types of tongues but I will read everything that everyone has to offer on this subject (which seems to re-appear quite regularly) and will hopefully learn from all the replies.
---emg on 12/13/05

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emg - Wow! When I cause confusion I really do a good job! My post was concerning your comments to Darlene in the "Some Churches Have Gifts" blog ( (your part "a.") I apologize for the mix-up.
---DoryLory on 12/12/05

The Spirit needs our words to communicate to the Father? where is this information?
---mike on 12/12/05

Dory Lory I cannot actually find what it is I've said on this blog. I have contributed to other blogs about tongues and have asked a question about why some churches have all tongue speakers and other churches seem to have none. Perhaps you're confusing me with someone else who's made similar comments to ones I've made elsewhere. If I've overlooked an entry on this blog please quote the date so that I can find it. Thanks.
---emg on 12/12/05

As an ordained Baptist Pastor I often asked the same question. Now that it has happened to me and I have found the value in it I ask a different question. Why shouldn't you speak in tongues? The gifts are like a tool box. You either use them or don't. I find that God has given us great tools.
---john on 12/12/05

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Sorry emg, I'm obviously just as confused as anyone! I thought my explanation was in another blog but it is in fact just further down this same page. :)
---DoryLory on 12/12/05

emg - You are not quite understanding the way tongues is received. It's NOT a gift that God chooses to give to some & not to others. The ability to speak in tongues is available to ALL believers for the asking (Matthew 7:11).

I believe you, are confused with the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit. See my post in the blog: "Why We Should Speak In Tongues" for an explanation of the difference. If you're still confused, feel free to write me at Dory7973.
---DoryLory on 12/12/05

We speak in an unknown language to us by the indwelling Spirit of God because He speaks that which He knows is on the Fathers Heart, and we yeild our spirit and vocal cords to His Words and Heart so that what ever the Spirit is praying for He gets.
---Paula on 12/11/05

MP,I am just going by what the HG did in the Upper Room with the 120,Acts 2:4,all filled,spoke with other tongues.There is the Gift of the Holy Ghost which Jesus ask the Father to send after He was gone,tongues were a manifestation of that Gift-HG.Tongues received at that time weren't the Gift of Tongues but what all experienced upon the indwelling of HG.The Bible had stated the HG is with you and will be in you.Also Acts 2:16 shows it was what was spoken of by the Prophet Joel.
---Darlene_1 on 12/11/05

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Darlene 1 in your response to Kathy you suggest she prays for 'the Gift of the Holy Ghost, not tongues' and then say 'He will speak through you in tongues'. Isn't this assuming then that THE gift of the Holy Ghost is tongues and not anything else. If, after praying for the gift of the Holy Ghost, He chooses to give some other gift (and there are several) then it's not likely that he would speak through tongues is it? Am I misunderstanding something here?
---M.P. on 12/11/05

1st_cliff, also another cultic group - The Way International - even has lessons on how to speak in tongues. In Buddhism, they refer to it as the "Buddha sickness", and even try to suppress the practice. The gift that one should seek in this day and age is the gift of discernment as not everything is from God. In the charismatic Roman Catholic movement, those that speak in tongues claim that is helps them become better Catholics.
---lee on 12/10/05

Glossolalia is not unique to Christendom. The monks of Tibet,Peyote(N.A.Indians)Haida (Pacific N.W),Shamans(Sudan)Shango(W.Africa)Aboriginals of S.America and Australia and Eskimos to name a few,all speak in tongues! Work of the Holy Spirit? I think not!
---1st_cliff on 12/10/05

Kathy,if you in your deepest heart want all God has for you go into your prayer closet at home and ask God,in Jesus Name,to show you His truth.Ask Him to give you all He has for you,pray for the Gift of the Holy Ghost,not tongues,pray and praise God outloud.When filled He,the HG will come,surrender your will to Him,and He will speak through you in tongues.Don't worry about what others believe or teach,your relationship with God is a one on one relationship.
---Darlene_1 on 12/10/05

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"Talking in tongues was a temporary gift of God. It has no use in modern times"...where is this found? I've never understood this belief. How do you pick and choose what is for "modern times"? God wants so much for His children and we place Him in a box. I desire everything He has for me!
---Kathy on 12/10/05

Fred Flinstone is a pentacostal! I have proof!

(answer; what was his well known saying, that is proof)
---len_k on 12/9/05

AMEN, DoryLory!! Well put!
---Mary_D on 12/9/05

The subject of tongues encompasses different aspects. The GIFT OF TONGUES should NOT be confused with SPEAKING IN TONGUES. They are two different manifestations of the Spirit.

PRAYING or SPEAKING IN TONGUES is available to any Christian for the asking. The recipient is free to choose when to speak (pray) in tongues as long as it's appropriate and doesn't cause confusion. There are at least 14 Biblical reasons and purposes for speaking (praying) in tongues which I listed earlier in this Blog.
---DoryLory on 12/9/05

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The GIFT OF TONGUES operates as the Lord determines (except the recipient must be willing). When this gift operates, it is in a congregation or group setting and is for the edification of everyone in attendance. It is when the Holy Spirit impresses a person to speak forth in tongues and is ALWAYS followed by an interpretation of the tongue in English.

Please don't confuse speaking in tongues with the gift of tongues. They are related but not the same.
---DoryLory on 12/9/05

To edify the body.
---Eloy on 12/9/05

I have grown-up Baptist, so the idea of speaking in tongues is new to me. I do see that it is a spiritual gift, but I too have always learned that people have different spiritual gifts. So, I don't understand why some churches tell people that every believer has to speak in tongues. I say that if the Holy Spirit gives you the gift of speaking in tongues, then happily recieve it. If not, then just worry about seeking God, and the gifts that He wants you to have will follow.
---melmj on 12/9/05

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