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Some Churches Have Gifts

If speaking in tongues is a gift from the Holy Spirit why is it that in some churches virtually everyone has the gift (and those who haven't want it) and in other churches NO-ONE has the gift?

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 ---emg on 12/9/05
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Michelle - one day I was talking to someone about what God is doing in the church and I saw (mind's eye) the keel of a ship splitting the water wide open - some going one way others another way.
His church must choose who they will follow.

We must all be willing to leave our preconcieved ideas about God (religion) behind and press in toward Christ.
---Andrea on 10/11/07

The Church is in a separation process. There will be trouble on every side, but God will protect those that walk in His ways. There will be those that will have an ear to hear. Lay people that are prepared will cushion the Body during this separation process. There will be new leaders in the Church that will be graced with God's excellent wisdom and will be walking in humble submission to the "Head".

---Michelle on 10/11/07

Every spiritual gift is a rarety. Means not many has that gift. Alot of fakeing going on. And in too many churches because of more fake preachers than the trues, Spiritual gifts are not appreciated, welcome, or acknowledged.
---catherine on 10/11/07

I would say very, very, few have any gifts at all. There sre lots and lots of fakes though. Not too many spirtual people out there anymore. Seems they are into the money and Tithes. I remember the days when there were real gifts of the Spirit, they didnt demand your money, in fact, one evangelist gave me all the money that was GIVEN him from a revival meeting because God told him I needed it more. Cool huh?
..Thought Id share..
---duane on 10/10/07

I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, your sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams...Acts 2:16-17

For the substance of truth revealed by Jesus is the spirit of all prophecy, the inspired preaching and interpretation of God's will and purpose.

In the Old and New Testaments, God has made Himself known. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth as we read the pages of the Bible, God's inspired Word.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

A lot of people misunderstand, not everyone who speaks in tongues has the Gift of Tongues.There is the Gift of the Holy Ghost which people in Acts received with the evidence of speaking in tongues they didn't learn,but was given utterence by the Holy Ghost,people still receive the Holy Ghost with Tongues now.That is an indiviual Gift of HG used to pray/speak to God,personal use.The Gift of Tongues although an utterance given by the Holy Ghost is for Body/Church Ministry.Two different purposes.
---Darlene_1 on 10/9/07

Some churches are run by man and not the Holy Spirit. Only those controlled by the Holy Spirit will have his gifts.
---frank on 3/1/06

According to Joel 2 and Acts 2 the promise of these Spiritual gifts was to all people.Every Christian has them but not all use them.
---john on 12/13/05

I believe, according to the bible, that speaking in tongues is for every believer. After the new-birth we need the baptism in the Holy Spirit to be a powerful witness. If you would like to speak in tongues simply exercise your faith and ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Spirit w/ the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Speaking in tongues build you up when you spend time doing it. (Jude 20)
---Rickey on 12/13/05 are welcome.I would urge you to pray and ask God for anything you need to know. He will enlighten us when we ask for His truth.God delights in His people when they try to learn more of His Word and follow His will for their lives. A heart that is open to learn , beats in a life that is ready to serve.God bless you and enlarge your borders.
---Darlene_1 on 12/11/05

b. I believe he has chosen to give me different gifts but my daughter has been given the gift of speaking in tongues and my cousins friend can interpret tongues spoken by certain people. I still think, however, that in some cases the miracle can be in what is heard but I am encouraged to continue studying this because of answers from people such as yourself. Thanks again.
---emg on 12/11/05

a. Thanks Darlene. I can see what you mean. I have posed a new question following on from this one. (At least, I hope I clicked the correct button and didn't post it as a response to this one!!) I'm not against speaking in tongues at all. I believe it is a gift for those to whom God chooses to give it.
---emg on 12/11/05

emg,look at the nature of the manifestation of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and what the Bible says about it.It is a speaking manifestation,with tongues unknown to the speaker,and prophesy.The Gift of tongues,a gift for body ministry,is also a spoken gift.One must keep the manfestation in the context in which it is given.It's not a manifestion of hearing but of speaking to win souls and bring light.This is confirmed in Mark16:17-they shall speak with new tongues.
---Darlene_1 on 12/10/05

To a pastor we knew, every gift should be represented in the "body", but some thought "tongues" was for those in the past. On the other side of the coin, you have those who are of the opinion that speaking in tongues is the only way you can prove you are a Christian.. Tongues is a ligitament gift, but it's a gift, not an endorsement of salvation. Until both sides realize this, you will have this division of the 'haves' and 'have nots'.
---WIVV on 12/10/05

emg- you are correct( oh that more people could see this truth) ACTS 2:7-11 plainly states that every man HEAR in their own tongue NOT that the speakers spoke in all these different tongues. If someone hear you speaking a different language they would not say you were full of wine would they? So it was tongues but the hearers hear their own language.
---mima on 12/10/05

I knew a man( dead now) who started speaking in tongues while in a bar drinking beer. The bartenter knew what was happening and told the man to go a church down the street. He got saved and was in that church for at least 30 years. The Spirit is free to be where he wants to be, but many christians refuse to accept that fact.---mima 12/10/2005

Moderator - You can't speak in tongues before you are saved because the Holy Spirit doesn't dwell in you.
---mma on 12/10/05

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Darlene, did the people in Acts really speak in tongues that they hadn't learnt or did they speak in their own language and those listening HEARD what was said in their own languages? This would be an entirely different kind of miracle. I was brought up Church of England and was told, as a child, that the miracle was in what others heard, not that the disciples spoke in languages other than their own.
---emg on 12/10/05

One reason is, Christians generally tend to congregate with those of like beliefs. Another reason is, the Holy Spirit only goes where He's welcome. If the pastor teaches that tongues isn't necessary and tells the congregation they shouldn't seek it, then that aspect of the Holy Spirit isn't going to manifest there.
---DoryLory on 12/9/05

The churches that believe it still exist have it. Those that don't believe, don't have it.
---wes on 12/9/05

God does not give the gift of tongues to just anyone. They must first seek him for this gift. If they have no desire for it, then he won't give it to them. There are wolves in sheeps clothing pretending to speak in tongues from God, when in fact it is not of God. A person has to seek God for this.
---Rebecca_D on 12/9/05

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