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Asking For Money At Church

No church can be run without money I know, but do you agree that some are not wise in the way they ask for it? A non-Christian relative of mine has taken his children out of Sunday School because he says they just never stopped asking for money.

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 ---emg on 12/10/05
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I agree. I work at a church and it definitely takes money to run a church but it is not necessary to constantly be pulling at the people for money. We do not pass an offering plate. We have boxes at each exit and people put their tithes and offerings in there as they leave. We rarely talk about it and God has always been faithful, as have the people of our church.
---Shannan on 3/27/09

MONEY STORY; I know a baptist(can you believe it) church where they never say anything about money or take up collection. They have buckets in the halls inside the doors. They get so much money that they quit building (they have three big structures) and started giving more to missions. Interesting the preachers wife speaks in tongues but he does not.---mima 12/10/2005
---mima on 5/10/08

My comment is to the judgement of others by Catherine, not to her stats though I don't agree with that either. I don't believe God has given anyone special permission to pass judgement. Those are her words not mine.
That, is against His word.
---lynet on 4/4/07

Jack, please clarify. Even the moderators agreed that most of the Church is [Apostate], that's Biblically sound.

You created a logical contradiction using words with different meanings.
---Observer on 4/4/07

"In other words, you believe that the Holy Spirit did NOT preserve the Church in all truth, and the gates of hell prevailed against the Church after all."

--God has always had His FEW, that has never changed(Matthew 22:14).
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/4/07

**Lynet, Even the moderators agreed that most of the Church is [Apostate], that's Biblically sound. God says Christians must worship Him in Spirit & Truth,if MOST of the church is Apostate, how can they worship God in Truth?**

In other words, you believe that the Holy Spirit did NOT preserve the Church in all truth, and the gates of hell prevailed against the Church after all.

Do I understand you correctly, Mrs. Morgan?
---Jack on 4/3/07

This is the third (at least, for there may be many more) where troubkkemakers have psoted in another's name. It has happened to Kath, to Helen and now to Catherine.
Cannot the Site introduce an authenticartion code so that when we post, we can show we are actually the person whose name we put to the post?
Mods can't check by tracking the e-mail address given, not the originating computer for genuine contributors may still use a different computer from time to time.
---alan_of_UK on 4/3/07

Who can enter the Lords Temple-- Only those who do right for the right reasons, and don't worship idols or tell lies under oath. Who may stay in God's temple, only those who obey God. They speak the truth and don't spread gossip. They HATE WORTHLESS PEOPLE. psalm 15.
---catherine on 4/3/07

"Church is for sinners too..."

Church IS for sinners too, God searches the hearts. Truth must be desired, God don't force it on anyone. The problem in the Christian World is the lack of God's holy anointing(unction of the Spirit), Most go through the motions,have empty works of self, not of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often quenched/resisted/grieved in most churches, with many Christians weakened by deceit, so they are not in the position to help the sinners. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/3/07

[...On the blog "Purpose for Worship" Catherine comes off the same way saying most worshippers are not saved...]

Lynet, Even the moderators agreed that most of the Church is [Apostate], that's Biblically sound. God says Christians must worship Him in Spirit & Truth,if MOST of the church is Apostate, how can they worship God in Truth? You know what I mean? I know of some who so-called praise God one minute then cuss the next, Jesus said be cold or hot. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 4/3/07

Dear Catherine; Our light
belongs in the darkness, what
good would our light do if it
is only brought into the already
light. Your light, will SHINE in
the darkness. When you see someone
inside of a burning house, don't you
try to rescue them, or are you suppose
to be a christian who just passes by,
allowing them to die in ETERNAL FLAME.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

It is better to have the frowns of the whole world than the frowns of God. In the Bible God often told His prophets to go and judge whole nations. Study the Bible.
---catherine on 4/2/07

The Lord tests honest people, but despises those who are cruel and love violence. He will send fiery coals and flaming sulphur down on the Wicked, and they will drink nothing but a scorching wind. Now, on to who may worship the Lord. --PS.-15.
---catherine on 4/2/07

I'm not too sure Cynthia 1,
On the blog "Purpose for Worship" Catherine comes off the same way saying most worshippers are not saved. When I responded to her blanket judgenental statements on both of these blogs, and suggested that she pray for the unsaved, she stated, "I'm not judging, but God gives me the right". I don't know what your bible says but mine still reads,"judge not".
---lynet on 4/2/07

Most of us know Catherine's ways. That does not sound like her. She doesn't write long answers either. She has friends like us that look our for her, because we care.

There are pagans that have joined the site to mock Christianity.
---Bob on 4/2/07

Hey, you people show me one scripture that tells me that mockers are welcome in God's Holy temples And I will show you 50, God willing, that says they are not welcome. Come on show me. Not only one give me three.
---catherine on 4/2/07

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I think that was someone posing as Catherine, she is too smart to answer that way. We all know that Christ came to save the sinner, for the lost and not the saved. The sick are more desparate for a Dr, than the well. However in response to question at hand, the Bible is CLEAR ON THIS ISSUE! Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse; for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. Mal. 3:8-9
---Cynthia_1 on 4/2/07


Tell me that wasn't you.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/2/07

Everytime an unbeliever raises their hands and pretends to worship Jesus Christ they are mocking God just like those wicked men prior to throwing Him up on the cross. They said, "Hail, king of the Jews"!Then they made fun of Him by bowing on their knees and worshiping Him. Keep your hands down, and stop mocking Jesus. What is unbelievers doing in church besides ---.
---catherine on 4/2/07

catherine says: **What is a Non Christian doing in church. Mocking God I suspect.**

Jesus says, "The healthy don't need the physician, but the sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Who's right: catherine or Jesus?
---Jack on 4/1/07

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The clearest and simplest way to discover whether or not your personal favourite pastor is the LORD's man is whether ot not he gets paid for his ministry, and that his begging from the congregation is for his own personal funds.


Satan offers a professional ministry.

THIS is the Word of the Lord.
---Robert on 4/1/07

Too many pastors have looked at their congregations to meet the needs of the church, rather than looking to the Lord who has promised to meet every need according to his riches in Christ Jesus. I praise God for our 2 pastors who trust God & are willing to work, just like Paul did.
---Mishon on 4/1/07

yes some churches do want money all the time my way of thinking is this if you have give if not dont god wants you in his house to worship not give money all the time.
---irene7395 on 3/31/07

when the plate comes around to you, you have two options, to give or not to give. End of matter. God wants a cheerful giver and He also wants the sinner to know Him, and forcing the sinner to give is pushing him out the door again and back where he/she came from. Churches always need money to run a church and to share the gospel to the world..Be kinder to non time, they will know why God wants us to give willingly and join everyone in giving.
---jana on 3/30/07

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A Church had better be a Hospital for Sinners otherwise it is not a Church.
---TS on 3/29/07

You suspect sinners are mocking God when they attend church? How judgemental of the unsaved.

Church is for sinners too. They may come out of obligation to familiy, out of habit, or just "because". The point is when they're in a worship service and the word of God goes forth, they are fed just as believers are, whether they recieve it or not, it's in there. Where would any of us be if we had not first heard, and what better place to hear?
---lynet on 3/29/07

Catherine I am shocked at you saying this "What is a Non Christian doing in church. Mocking God I suspect." I attended church regularly for almost 20 years before I was saved. I know people in their 80s who have attended church since they were babes in arms who are still not saved. People rarely attend church to mock God. They go out of routine and ritual 'because this is what the family have always done' and they actually believe that they are saved.
---m.p.a. on 3/29/07

I agree ...the Gospel is for free
---calhoon on 3/29/07

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To answer/comment on the question, Yes, I agree that some churches are not wise in the way they ask for money. I remember when I used to attend my mom's Lutheran church, they would just pass around a basket at the same time in each service, no preaching or asking about it. But I also attended other churches that made whole sermons about it. Tacky.Churches need money to pay the bills, just like everybody else.
---sue on 3/29/07

I would rather see a non christian (sinner) in church where they can hear the word, instead of them being in a bar or dealing drugs. Catherine: my father-n-law goes to church with me and his son sometimes, he does not mock God, he respects God. but yet he is still a sinner. I gather you have no concern for the sinners? Do you look down at a sinner if come in your church? Or do you show them what God is all about, and hope that they get saved? Your comments don't show love to the unsaved at all.
---Rebecca_D on 3/29/07

Subversive activity is the lending of aid, comfort, and moral support to individuals, groups, or organizations that advocate the overthrow of Christianity, by force. All willful acts that are intended to be detrimental to the best interests of the Church are placed in the category of subversive activity, duane.
---Bananas on 3/29/07

Duane where did you get the authority to tell preachers what to preach on? Jesus preached a lot about money. Was He wrong?
Do you live by faith as you want your preachers to do?
Do you know how much hard work it is to just prepare messages each week? How about the trouble it takes to minister to people like you?
If the Gospel is so free as you claim did you pay for your Bible? Where did your church building come from? Not you I am sure.
---Elder on 3/29/07

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duane-- Believe or not I have a great sense of humor. God does too. We make each other laugh all of the time. We both need a good sense of humor. HA, HA.
---catherine on 3/28/07

God is love. Okey. People need to read these scriptures. They will explain what God is going to do with wicked and lost people. PS.1-4, PS.34-16, PS.36-12, PS.64-7. Read and weep.
---catherine on 3/28/07

You have a good sense of humor...
I was just told on another blog, Im the devil. hmmmm...I hope not.
---duane on 3/28/07

What is a Non Christian doing in church. Mocking God I suspect.
---catherine on 3/28/07

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Non believers and babies in Christ do not understand this teaching and like the Word says you can't feed solid food to those who are on milk. I think it would be wise to have a separate discipleship class given to those newcomers where this teaching can be explained. Plus I would not ask for money around non-believers it's not the way to do things. The first century church had all things in common amongst themselves and by their testimony the Lord added to them daily. That's my take on this.
---Yolanda on 3/28/07

**Pastors should live by faith. The electricity will be paid if the lord wants it.**

Are you willing to live by faith--in the financial sense--to the SAME extent you think your pastor should live? HMMMMMMM????

And I guess when you're sitting in church with the lights out and no A/C, you can comfort yourself with the idea that the Lord didn't want the church to pay the light bill, no matter how much the power company wanted it paid.
---Jack on 3/28/07

I have carefully examined "the great commission" and is described in Matthew 28:19. And I have not found any instructions on church building or collecting of money. Perhaps I need to get a different version of the Scriptures. I am presently using KJV.
---Mima on 3/28/07

Duane there is a big difference between faith and foolishness. If a pastor sits around and waits and wishes for money & says "if it's God's will He will provide the money to pay the electricity bill, etc. " and doesn't take the tithes and offerings. He might as well shut the church down or have it outside.

My point is that folks just need to grow up. Money isn't the issue & never has been. It's a heart issue that folks have w/ church and money.
---Rickey on 3/28/07

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Folks easily & speedily pay their phone bills, groceries, electricity bills, etc. , but are reluctant to pay tithes or give to ministries.

Folks say, " the Lord didn't tell me to"
Question, did God tell you to pay your bills?

Actually God did tell us to in Malachi 3 & 2Corinthians 9.

My point is that folks shouldn't be condemned about not giving, but shouldn't be stingy in giving.
---Rickey on 3/28/07

If we go to a Church, we can give as we are led....all Im saying is Dont pass money baskets around or preach money. The Gospel is free...
We can give money, as led, after Church services have ended. Pastors should live by faith. The electricity will be paid if the lord wants it.
---duane on 3/28/07

Those who attend a particular church should be prepared to financially support it. They would soon grumble if the church were cold and no light bulbs were replaced and the carpet threadbare. However, I personally think that a box at the back of the church is preferable to a plate or basket being handed along every pew. Those who wish to give will and those who'd prefer not to won't feel embarrassed by walking straight past it.
---m.p.a. on 3/28/07

Who will pay the electric bill at the church if we don't give? and if you don't ask you won't receive...
---Sarita on 3/28/07

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Preaching and passing the money basket is plain wrong. Money has no place in the house of prayer.
If people want to give, they will give when and where they want.
---duane on 3/27/07

Maybe that is what he see's because he isn't a christian. Or maybe they are asking more than they should. Who really knows?
---Rebecca_D on 3/27/07

What ever happened to "My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Glory"...Start a home church..Not a Corporation..Where two or more are gathered in His name..I'm holding Church right now..and its Free...Amen
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/17/05

Moderator, Why don't you pray about what church God wants to use you in. Sometimes it's not at all like the church that we think is the right church for us. God led me to a nondenominational church and it was the last church that I expected He would want me in. God has a certain place for us. This is why it's important to pray and wait. Too many people pray but don't wait to let God show them, and they miss out on God's plan for their lives. May God guide you and bless you in this quest.
---Jay on 12/11/05

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Moderator, my present church which I have attended for 15 years is Presbyterian (although I am not a member). The previous one to which I refer is a Free Mission, not attached to a denomination at all. My experience, where money is concerned, is that those who keep asking have to keep asking. Those who leave individuals to be led by God regarding what they give never need to ask.

Moderator - The conservative branch of Presbyterian makes since. I have met several people with overall similar believes in the Bible (not referring to this specific blog). I have never attended a conservative Presbyerian church, however maybe I need to. Mostly attended Southern Baptist, Assembly of God and Bible churches.
---M.P. on 12/11/05

My church takes a collection morning and evening services. Those who are members have envelopes for their gift and put it in at one service or the other and do not feel obliged to give again. In addition we have a missionary box which is left for anyone to add to if they feel they should. My previous church never asked for money. They just had a box on the back wall into which anyone, as they left the church, put a gift if they wanted to. No one was ever asked to pay for trips, meals or anything else.

Moderator - Our comments and thoughts on the scriptures are often similar. What denomination are you most closely associated with?
---M.P. on 12/11/05

It's strange how people react when a church ask for money. If you study to the New Testament, there is no hesitation on asking for money - but there is a correct way and a wrong way to do it. There are some church I've attended, that don't even ask for it. (They just have donation boxes at the door for people who want to give.) People are smart enough to know there are expenses to be met. As missionary, we lived 33 years just on donations-and did very little "asking".
---WIVV on 12/10/05

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