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Why Is The Church Failing Today

The early church turned the world upside down(ACTS 17:6). Why are we failing to do so today? Ideas anyone?

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 ---mima on 12/10/05
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U asked:
You don't really think that modern morality (or lack thereof) is due to ignorance, do you?///

Yes, because some of the Father's people do not love the Truth, they embrace doctrines of what is right in their OWN eyes.

The Sabbath, commandment is being ignored because is not done as The Father instructs!

Women divorce for any reason other that what Christ/Law teaches.

People do not love The Father and have other gods in their hearts, self, success, money, women, men etc.

How can the church know the truth/Law when they have reduced it to what they see right IN THEIR OWN EYES?

Judgment has began, only a remnant will be saved, many will hear Matthew 7:20-23, and be surprised!
---Paul9594 on 3/6/10

The departing of the Holy Spirit! No two can walk together without Him, let alone a mass, and that's why Hell will be a packed but lonely place. It's the influence of the Holy Spirit-filled church that pricks the world's conscience in its fleshly desires. The ominous signs are not so obvious inside the church as outside: inside, it might still have the feel of the right way, yet outside, selfishness and lasciviousness are more apparent. Churches are becoming disparate cliques who refuse the Spirit for their own device of gain, be it bums-on-pews or money. From the church still drawing what it can from the Holy Spirit, to the one selling Godz wuRd. They lack psalm, hymn and prayer sensitivity, but abound in worldly creativity.
---John_II on 3/6/10

You will find some of the very things happening in some so called churches that CHRIST HIMSELF rebuked the Scribes and Pharisees of doing.

Makes you wonder what these so called churches are really about, doesn't it.
---Rob on 3/6/10


You don't really think that modern morality (or lack thereof) is due to ignorance, do you? And any church that even calls itself "Christian" is not ignorant.
Cowadice is likely the reason churches do not teach about sexual purity, or that their leadership is caught up in the same sins.

The Law of Christ, "Love thy neighbor as thy self", would forbid choices that hurt spouses and children and families.

People will "rationalize" that sexual purity and faithfulness are "old fashioned" But, next to money, sexual infidelity is probably the most common reason for murder anywhere in the world.
---Donna66 on 3/5/10

The summarization of the Law by the two great commandments (which Jesus quoted from the Old Testament) in no way eliminates or diminishes the original law. If that were the case, then the Law would have been eliminated long before Christ's appearance. In fact, Jesus "added" to the Law by emphacizing the "spirit" as well as the "letter" of it, rather than "subtracting" from it. He confirmed that adultery was STILL a sin, and added to it by saying that lust of the heart is also adultery.
---jerry6593 on 3/5/10

Whoever breaks EVEN THE LEAST commandment AND TEACHES MEN SO, will be called LEAST in the kingdom of heaven.

what part...was not covered by the two great commandments?///

By just thinking of the two greatest commandment and ignoring what it depends on The Law, certain parts are not being kept, not covered by the Churhc for instance:

The definintion of adultery is being thrown in the trash.

Now women divorce and marry for any reason not allowed in the instructions/Law. we live in an adulterous generation.

Adultery occurs in the church if not more, as it occurs in the world.

How are we seperated/sanctified, when we are the same as the World?
---Paul9594 on 3/4/10

To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear?

Brethren, The Body of Christ has never failed to do anything, today, yesterday or tomorrow : and those of us who have the Faith of a mustard seed see this every day through Hope !!!
---ShawnM.T. on 3/4/10

Paul 9594 --- Whoever breaks EVEN THE LEAST commandment AND TEACHES MEN SO, will be called LEAST in the kingdom of heaven.

What part of this was not covered by the two great commandments?
---Donna66 on 3/3/10

U said:
(Mat 22:36) Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
I think His short answer covered everything.///

Would teach to your people?

Whoever breaks EVEN THE LEAST commandment AND TEACHES MEN SO, will be called LEAST in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:19.

Then later contradict yourself, well, go ahead break the least commandment and teach so, just do only two commanments, forget what I said earlier.

Or would YOU say true love depends( on obedience and then reduce the princples to have something lesser than true love?

True love is obedying the Father.
Why reduce the standard of true love?

If you wouldn't do teach this way, why would our perfect Christ?
---Paul9594 on 3/3/10

The Church is failing because people have turned Christianity into a Religion and money making business.

True Cristianity has absolutely nothing to do with being or acting religous.

True Christiany has everything thing to do with having a personal and intimate relationship with God through Christ.
---Rob on 3/3/10

The modern churches of today(especially in the US) are nothing compared to the early churches. There is very little love,teaching,preaching,fellowship and prayer in the churches today. Without prayer and love,for sure, our churches will continue to be weak, as water. Much emphasis on money,coffee clatches, athletics, gossip circles,cliques and many social gatherings. Where are the revivals? Where is the power? Christ has left the church and moved on a long time ago. And the preachers, teachers and other leaders don't even know it. Too sad.
---Robyn on 3/3/10

Paul 9594-
maybe I'm not "hung up" on the word "hang".
you said it better than I. Jesus gave a SUMMARY. A summary of the Law and prophets.

Love commandment #1 summerizes what our relationship should be with God.
Love commandment #2 summarizes the way our relationship should be with others.

The salient teachings of the OT and the New.
The pharisee (a lawyer) was "tempting" Jesus by asking
(Mat 22:36) Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
I think His short answer covered everything.
---Donna66 on 3/2/10

If Jesus had not meant to reduce the "law and prohets" to two great commandments, why did He say this?///

Said it to summarize, two greatest commandments OF LOVE have their connection to the Law and Prophets, and not 2 reduce Law, prophets.

Doesnt a good father give good instructions for his children as they grow?

How much more our loving Father?
Law in Hebrew= teachings/instructions, not legislative law.

Love is expressed with actions, even by not doing certain things, is not just emotional.

If we say love HANGS on respect IS IT GOOD for us to separate/void respect from the expression of love? No, Then dont separate 2 Laws of love that hang on the Law and the Prophets!
---Paul9594 on 3/2/10

church represents those who are called out

implying called out ones of Christ are "failing" would mean Christ is failing

denominations are FAILING and the WORLD will pass away ...religious christianity brands calling themselves church yet do not follow Christ and his examples are not called

Christ said his flock - the called out ones known as church - is a LITTLE flock

Christ does not identify with chaotic religious mess of WORLD and its god

seeing the church was called OUT of the world ...True followers of Christ are not called out to "change" the world

Acts 17:6 STATES the Jews claimed the world was "turned upside down"

Christ and Apostles NEVER made that claim
---Rhonda on 3/2/10

Exactly Sister Donna, vaccinated is the american public.
We must consider however they also know the divorce rate among believers is the same as it is among non-believers, they witness the highly publicized failings of people like Ted Haggard and quarterly crazy statements by Pat Robertson that become fodder for late-night TV. These collectively hurst our witness.
The failings of men of course is not an excuse for the non-believer before God but it is a hinderance in the public forum.
In short, many of the unsaved can't tell the difference so why, they say, take the leap of faith?
---larry on 3/2/10

In many areas of the world, the church is turning "their" world upside down...countries in Africa and Asia. You won't hear about it on the news, though.

In countries like the US, IMHO, the history is such that people have been "vaccinated" against true Christianity. Many think they ARE Christian because of their "love and compassion" for others. Many believe Christianity is not "intellectual" enough for them. Some are scared of becoming a mentally unstable "fanatic", thus doing strange, even anti-social things.

In simpler (mostly 3rd world) societies people seem to be far more willing to listen to the Gospel, ask questions and consider it a possibility for their own lives.
---Donna66 on 3/2/10

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Mima ... You say not one person went forward at the altar call.

That means YOU did not go forward! Why not?

Pwerhaps all the others had the same reason.

Who are you to say they are lost?
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/2/10

THe Church, The Body of Christ hasn't and will not fail, it's man-made denominations that are and will continue to fail
---michael_e on 3/1/10

Because we have forgotten our first Love,their is a song that says Take me back to where I first Believe meaning when my heart was truely on fire for you lord and my heart was pure,when I sought to please you with all my heart an being and really wanted the world to know and experience this newness that we have become apart of .The song goes on to say that "I feel so far from you" But I can still hear you calling me"..If we truely do our part each one of us who profess salvation that Jesus is not only Lord but He is our(personally)Lord and saviour,then we will be doing our part.
---velma7693 on 3/1/10

The Church has forgotten that GOD is both Love and Wrath. The Church remembers Heaven, but, has (mostly) forgotten about Hell and the Lake of Fire. Therefore she has been willing to compromise with SIN, and has accepted ear-tickling, false doctrines, mostly spewed out by Prosperity Wolves. The Church wants to be like the world. THE AMERICAN CHURCH IS THE WORST overall. Notice all of the Third-World Christians going through persecution and martyrdom? They're doing SOMETHING RIGHT! Satan is only threatened by dedicated, Spirit-filled, on-Fire-for GOD type Saints. The puke-warm christians are filling the Crystal Cathedrals, sending their Tithes to preachers and teachers who ALREADY HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH! Read II Peter 2:1-3.
---Gordon on 3/1/10

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Yesterday I heard a wonderful powerful message and when the altar call was given not one person responded in a congregation of about 250. Later I was asked how can the lost stay in their seats after hearing that message? I believe the answer is they do not hear the message. I believe their ears are closed, sealed as it were, by the enemy. Satan with all his deception is very successful in keeping worldly people from hearing the word of God. Oh yes they are in church but still cannot hear the word.

While posting this, the Holy Spirit has just told me the answer is to pray and bind the demons that are in that locale!
---mima on 3/1/10

My church is on fire and dozens and sometimes hundreds are accepting Jesus during regular and holiday services. Churches everywhere are helping the world's poor and lost like never before and so I don't accept the postulate.

Besides, there always has been and always will be a remnant which is ample to complete the great commission. The same power is working in the world today if not in the United States with more christians residing on the continent of Africa than any other.
---larry on 2/28/10

It amazes me that denominational churches are failing, especially when we have all these modern bible translations, that are supposedly so much easier to read. How many translations could you have at one church meeting?
---michael_e on 2/28/10

In studying the other-day, I came across some of this: There is no power among the churches of today. Many has turned back toward the world and has forgotten God [their first love]. Their love has waxed cold. So, I would have to say, "lack of power". God's power, my friends.++
---catherine on 2/28/10

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Could it simply be that churches today are mere spiritless social clubs. Teaching the Traditions of men as doctrine.

So when a non Christian enters, they see nothing more than a shallow carnal facade of Hypocrasy.

So since they seek God, and see most churches that call themselves Christian are not. They then turn to more spritual avenues (New Wave, Wica, Islam, Buddism ) to seek God.

It is like asking why a child has gone wrong. The answer is the failure of the parents. And so it is with so-call churches of today. To few have the Spirit of God in them and it shows.
---PASTOR_JIM on 2/28/10

The true Church (Ecclesia) of Christ can never fail. For He is the Head of it and it prevails against Hell itself. Religion, empty of God's power, brings about man-made laws and institutions to try and implement a system acceptable to God, this can never work!
God cannot be boxed into denominational groups of churches. The world looks on at these Christians as a foolish bunch of nitwits who have no idea who's truth is truth. If the onlookers themselves could see God's true Ecclesia in action on the streets and in the workplace...perhaps we would not look so wimpish after all.
Lance Marchetti - Gonubie
---Lance on 2/28/10

Oh well, I have some knowledge: Too many unbelievers listening to too many unbelievers, preaching. Jesus said, somewhere in the Bible, "how can you preach me when you don't know me"? It's in there.
---catherine on 3/31/08

The Lord said "in the last days I will pour out my spirit", meaning that the 'status quo' traditional teachings of man's institutional churches will be exposed, challenged, and overturned as the tables of the moneychangers were overturned also. The existence of 'CHURCHES' depends on MONEY666 and many will become upset to hear that their kingdom of sholarly acheivement has always been wrong, and they will not ENDURE (listen to) sound doctrine when they hear it.
---greg on 3/29/08

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The teachings of the TRUE church (singular BODY) WILL turn the world of faith upside down. That is the first way we know that this is "the last days". We can also see the signs of the times in the sky (Solar Cycle 24) along with the "little ice age" and the increasing amount of earthquakes, volcanos and storms in the world. The economic crisis will cause "churches" to further their apostasy, yet people will cling to their scholarly kingdom instead of endure sound teaching.
---greg on 3/29/08

The church is failing today because nobody wants to see the real objective and absolute truth in the "MIRROR" (James 1:23) and that a GODLY Christian that LOVES (not "faiths") God is the only kind of Christian that will please God, and that we have walked away from that mirror in order to forget/ignore the kind of person we truly are instead of repent of our nastiness, hate and resentment, etc.
---greg on 3/29/08

Though the completely wicked cause wars, corruption, mass poverty, and schemes to manipulate society, the common man has turned away from the "mirror" that shows them the truth of how we treat each other in daily life and that we ourselves have a choice to play a part in causing evil or having a PRESENT heaven in our heart. We like to blame evil on satan (he can only tempt) and we like to blame EACH OTHER instead of accepting our own responsibilty for our actions.
---greg on 3/29/08

For, what "scholar/Master of the Intellect" would appreciate hearing that man's doctrines of 'COMMANDS/SIN/LAW/TEXT/FAITH' were never sufficient for a true relationship with Christ?. We do NOT read the 'word of God', but we read the "WORD OF TRUTH" (2 Timothy2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6) and that we should NOT 'walk by faith', but we should "WALK BY THE SPIRIT" (Galatians 5:16, 25).

Yes, the LORD'S true church will turn the world of faith upside down.
---greg on 3/29/08

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Change is not COMING, it is HERE. I have written about this before, but I have recieved alot of scholarly and intellectual objection (the bible is not a 'roadmap to God', it is a 'stepping stone' to God). There is no 'instruction book' with easy to read 'instructions'. You "HEAR" (John 10:27) the word of God (Ephesians 6:17), but The Lord tells us we have become dull of hearing. HIS sheep will "enter by the door" (John 10:1) and not be misled by the "hirelings".
---greg on 3/29/08

There will be nothing 'spectacular' or sensational (no "thunderings" to stimulate the senses/flesh), there will only be the humilation and shock of scholars and moneychangers as they see their 'empires' crumble before the one true living God. They will weep and gnash their teeth to see that their MONEY means nothing to My Lord.
---greg on 3/29/08

A change is coming. The Lord sends warnings, thundering of God's Voice - those who are listening sense it. A new day and a new thing is about to come forth.

Like a mighty tidal wave, a sea of people will see it.

It's time to compel Christians to turn away from silliness and their engagement with the world, run to the altar for inspection that God might bless you.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

Repentance is a gift. Ask the Holy Spirit for His gift of repentance and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal everything that needs to be repented of.
Without repentance, we cannot hear clearly from God. If God's Voice seems distant, fall on your face and ask God to show you what's standing in your way of hearing Him.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

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The change will set the teeth of religious leaders who have spoiled themselves on edge.
Those who have learned to love the good life of fleshly comforts and self worship, feeding the sheep dainty morsels will feel the ax come to the root of those trees when God's Holiness comes.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

Spoiled leaders are being warned to prepare for God's righteous standard in the days ahead.

Those who have not touched what belongs to God alone, who have cared for the sheep on their knees, listened only to the counsel of Jesus Christ can look forward to the change.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

Those who do not have an improper apostate ministry will be springboarded forward, because they waited to do what was right and pleasing to the Lord rather than building kingdoms of man that were destined to crumble when God's Higher Government arrives.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

God will approve His men and women before they finish their calling on this earth.

Those who have played the part will know great sorrow.

If this sorrow brings forth true repentance, like King David, they will find a place when repentance has done its work.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

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Isaiah, "Behold I, "God", am about to do a new thing."

God's Word is true. He is about to do a new thing in the earth that will cause the hearts of the rebellious to fear and even hate those who love God.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

The Body of Christ will outshine the apostate church.

History reveals that before change, many suffered martyrdom to bring about change.
A change is coming.

When change comes, it changes science, medicine, art, government and new inventions for the good of humanity.

---Michelle on 3/28/08

Our church is not failing . The reason the churches are failing is that they haven,t moved with the times.Our church is a community church,We welcome any one who wants to Worship the lord Jesus Christ.We work with the community of our area,and our services are full most weekends.We offer modern songs,And powerful prayer.No dreary hymns,But songs that catch your attention ,i.e Hillsong,Worthy is the lamb.Or how great is our God.If you do this then many more people will come to church, and be saved!
---Derek_Davies on 1/11/08

I've read every response, and a lot of it is true. Isn't it sad? It's not only the big churches, but the small town churches as well. I went into a church once and asked to be shown to the altar, and I was told that there was no altar. So I asked, where do you repent? They looked at me as if I were asking for Chinese mandarins.
---peekaboo on 11/6/07

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they are being swayed by money and politics.
They think if they bend, they can survive. They feel if they preach the TRUTH to the "T" they will suffer great loss.
Let's pray for God's church on earth.
---Lisa on 11/5/07

So many are mere Church goers, and were never saved, in for a surprise at the Rapture!!!!!!!!
---Rev._Dr._John on 11/5/07

The other day I saw a newspaper say the third largest Christian nation. China.

He is still turning the world upside down.

he's just not doing it in your home town bc we don't really believe his book.
---Andrea on 11/5/07

Greed. Lack of grace. Judgemental.
---sue on 11/5/07

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After faithfully attending several churches (we moved a few times), and being nearly 60 years old, we've finally dropped from the official roles of all churches. There are, indeed, many problems in churches (after all, there are people in them!). The biggest problem I had is unbiblical teachings. You cannot tell me that the mainstream religions (Presby & Meth included) cannot read (as I did) where tithing begins and quits. That's my big pet peeve as to unbiblical teachings and there are others.
---Gene on 11/4/07

TOO BUSY TRYING TO PLEASE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF GOD. Weak pitiful Christians. If you can truly call them that. Blood on their hands one day.
---catherine on 7/29/07

Because they don't really believe their own book. How can the church convince the world that the Bible is authoritative when it comes to Last Adam's death and resurrection, but when they deny the history of the first man, Adam, who sinned and brought the death Christ came to conquer? (Read all of 1 Cor. 15).
---Ktisophilos on 7/29/07

I've heard pastors/preachers/clergy say that what's going on the spiritual realm affects the natural realm. Spiritual battles in the heavenlies and battles on the earth.

The battle can be won easily. We know where the enemy hides. We're not letting our soldiers fight with effective tactics or use the best weapons. We are babying a nation that refuses to act in their own best interest. We could end this thing quickly if we had the plan and the will.
---Rachel on 7/28/07

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Those in charge are completely divided. They cannot sit down, put aside differences and act for the good of the nation.
I'm not talking about Iraq but about the Body of Christ and the war for souls.
We have the money. We have the army. The harvest is there.
We need the plan and the will to carry it out.
---Rachel on 7/28/07

Misguided leaders want to protect their lifestyles and control empires. In the army, this is called "troop pride".

Think of what we could do if the money that is God's was used God's way? Every skill and talent is available, Christians are strategically placed. But they're not being utilized because there is no strategy.
---Rachel on 7/28/07

The Reason why the Church is Failing is because Postmodernism and Relativism has slipped in. There is no more absolute truth preached, rather comfortable concepts and a message of tolerance and compromise has been replaced with Truth and Conviction.
---Jimmy on 9/5/06

some churches are asleep...we are ever evangelising and adding to the church each week..someone said its a falling away, thats what the devil would like to hear...but we will keep on keeping on preaching the gospel to the world...we have 3abn and Hope satelite television and radio going on 24 hours a day bringing God's message to all who care to watch and listen to..millions has reponded to the message this way...why not join us
---jana on 8/20/06

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The answer is simple. The church is failing today because christians are not as fired up for God as they once were. We've become lukewarm and lax in our spiritual walk with God. We get too caught up in the things of the world!
---joe on 2/1/06

Yawn. The church is asleep? When's the last time you heard a soul stirring salvation message, may discover we really aren't as saved as we thought. The Gospel, prostituted, bought out, why? Selfishness,Greed. Big churches, crowded buildings, people looking for G-d. Is He there? Healings, blessings, people crying out on the altar. The Gospel has become diluted by mans' interpretation. Seek the heart of G-d and watch things change. Will there be any Faith found on the earth when He returns?
---anon on 1/24/06

I am Mike. Every church needs to come together in one mind and in one accord. Are you shedding tears Mike?
---Rebecca_D on 1/24/06

Because the early Church was a Body of Believers dedicated to Jesus and His cause. Today the Church has become dedicated to the religious organization we call "church" and the propagation of that religious organization and has put its faith in whatever the church teaches more than in Christ.
---Robert on 1/24/06

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Ok, a spin off question - How many of us are REALLY broken hearted and shedding REAL tears at the altar about the condition of our Church?
---mike on 1/24/06

the contemporary church today has allowed leaven (O.T. doctrine and false doctrines) into their churches. They are concerned about money, rather than serving God. They also have traded the KJV inspired Word of God for newer uninspired empty words of man. And they have chosen to be silent members, so as not to offend sinners, rather than speak out against sin. If the contemporary church would return to the truth, than it would regain its effectiveness to reach a lost world.
---Eloy on 1/24/06

because the churches aren't in order. In 1st and 2nd Timothy and in Titus it tells how God shows/tells Paul how to set up the church and how it should be. and what everyone needs to do and how they need to go about doing it. Hardly any church goes by the word anymore. It is their way or no way. And wherever money will rule the pulpit, Satan will rule the pews.
---Rebecca_D on 1/24/06

Well, let's see. They laid hands on the sick and cast demons out of them, and people were healed. They preached the gospel (not watered down like we do today!). They were about God's business.
---wes on 1/24/06

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I understand the question, but the Church is not failing. I agree that we don't accomplish a lot of things that we would like, but I would not say failing. Churches in other parts of the world are really moving. I even heard of a Church in Chicago that baptized 25000+ last year. WOW!
---mike on 1/24/06

rebecca made a good point, we need to start taking responsibility and do something. in matthew says that if salt loses its saltiness it is good for nothing except to be thrown out and trodden under the feet of men. unfortunately we have become sidetracked with entertainment instead of the truth and solid doctrine
---douglas on 1/24/06

I beleive the Church today,because it has fallen away from there first love Jesus Christ.He as the chief cornerstone and Headof the body,has been replaced by trivial and worldly teacing.All of us need to return to the simplicity of devotio to Jesus Chris,and consider all things done but for the excellencys of the knowledge of Him.He is all and all,and we the church have lost our way.May Christ alone be preached. Amen..
---Richard on 1/24/06

My pastor taught me something I can't thank him for enough:
"Look at all that stadium filled with people, how involved, excited, loyal, dedicated..When is the last time you saw someone THAT excited for Jesus?"
Imagine this> print up some really pertinent doctrine, see yourself as a witness for God and start knocking on doors! People think that only the church or pastor is responsible for telling people about the life-saving Gospel of Christ! "Let it begin with me!"
---Rebecca on 1/12/06

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Scripture tells us not to be surprised but that there will be a "falling away" and that "many will wax cold and even the elect will be deceived." I think it is the times in which we are living. I know that I am grateful for a Bible teaching, Cross centered, sin mortifying, relationship building, and, yes, male lead, grace filled church.
---daphn8897 on 1/11/06

The sad reason the church is failing is this..we really don't understand the LOVE of GOD. If we did not even the gates of hell could prevail against it.
---willow on 1/6/06

2Tim 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

How many preachers use the Scripture as intended, to reprove, correct or instruct? Too many are prostituting God, trying to "sell" his salvation, healing and prosperity.

God's idea is for us to be convicted of sin and seek Him to change us into Christ (we are His body), not come to get the goodies of "Santa Claus".
---a_servant on 12/18/05

Let me ask a question: what does your church stand on repentance? Do you hear that we must repent, in great sorrow and sadness for our sin, or do we just say a twee little prayer and its all over and done? Look up David Wilkerson, Times Square Pulpit Series, on the need for for repentance.
---mike6553 on 12/13/05

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One major problem is that churches cater to the "flock". Most are "feel good" churches. A lot of preachers do not preach the true Word of God today, They preach on worldly issues, and "feel good" sermons. Salvation is not an "easy" path. We are tempted in the flesh, and battle daily. Not many preachers these days "step-on-toes", or preach with conviction. It's more of a commercial, money making business. The more members, the more the offerings & Status.
---Fred_S. on 12/12/05

All you have to do is look at this web site. Ive seen arguements about what bible, what church, what belief is right. The church today can't seem to agree on anything. The world looks on and laughs.
---NurseRobert on 12/11/05

When the Church gets into the world, there's revival. (Mk. 16:15-16) But when the world gets into the Church, there's BACKSLIDING. (Matt. 7:15, 24:11-12, 24-27; Mk. 13:22; 2 Pt. 2:1-3; 1 Jn 4:1-3)
---Leon on 12/11/05

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