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Not Baptised Become A Member

My church believes in baptism by immersion. Last Sunday the church board called an emergency meeting and asked members to vote whether people who don't want to be baptised should be allowed to become members. I voted no. What do you think?

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 ---pkay on 12/10/05
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Francis ... You did not answer my question!!!
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/11/10

For it sounds like it's more important to be baptized to be a member of a church than it is to go to heaven. 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 sure has peoples minds twisted.
---Lawrence on 9/11/10

francis ... Did Paul actually undergo the crucifiction that Jesus suffered?
You need to understand what he was actualy saying.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/10/10
LOL what makes you think I do not understand?
---francis on 9/10/10

francis ... Did Paul actually undergo the crucifiction that Jesus suffered?
You need to understand what he was actualy saying.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/10/10

At which point I ask, when do you plan to be crucified?
---mima on 9/10/10
he shold have answered:
Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
---francis on 9/10/10

Most say Jesus' baptism was an example for us.
I believe Jesus got baptized in our(Christians) place.

Just as all our righteousness will not be accepted by the Lord but is as filthy rags before the Lord. So to our baptism will not be accepted by the Lord that's why we're baptized into Jesus Christ, and it is his baptism before the father( on our behalf because Jesus himself had no need of baptism) that will be accepted by God the Father.
---mima on 9/10/10

Dear ---Gophylann, I was once told this very statement by a big time Pentecostal evangelist.

" Why would anyone NOT want to be Baptised - Yeshua was baptised and we want to be Christ-like so we should follow him in all things."

At which point I ask, when do you plan to be crucified?
---mima on 9/10/10

If you church has to vote on that, then yo have bigger issues.
It means you are not following the bible.
The word of God is NOT UP FOR A VOTE.

You do not add people to the church unless they are baptized. That should not ve up for a vote.

Acts 2:41 Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.

You may / must allow people who were baptized in another denomination to join yours without being REBAPTIZED
---francis on 9/10/10

The Man - made trin relig - org's churches has things twisted any way. As like I've heard some
trin - ministers say, you don't have to be baptized to go to heaven but have to be baptized to be in my church. It's making it sound like it's more important to be in his church than to go to heaven. No doubt that's true, just to get your money.
---Lawrence on 8/5/10

What is Baptisim? It is an outward expression of what has happened in your heart at the time you accepted Messiah as Savior. Why would anyone NOT want to be Baptised - Yeshua was baptised and we want to be Christ-like so we should follow him in all things. You don't have to be baptized to go to a church and participate, but I believe to hold an office or be in a place of authority, one should be completely following the L-rd and should be baptized.
---Gophylann on 3/27/08

Mike this statement,"I feel sure that there will be people in God's kingdom who never had the luxury of a water baptism." Is simply outrageous, in light of what the U.P.C. and the Catholic in the Church of Christ and others teach. Please do not bother and up set these people with such truths.
---Mima on 3/27/08

I think it is just plain wrong and sick. It is absurd to sign your name to piece of paper just to become a member. There are reasons behind why someone don't want to be baptised, maybe they aren't saved, maybe they don't understand it, maybe they don't know why you should be baptised. But dear God don't kick them out of church just because they don't want to.
---Rebecca_D on 3/27/08

True, water baptism was subsequent in some cases, but my point was they still had both.
---a_servant on 1/12/06

a servant,
You said: "I know of no Bible example where one had the Holy Spirit indwelling without water baptism."
This is VERY clear:
Acts 10:45-47, "And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished...because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter, Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we?"
---Bruce5656 on 1/12/06

1 Corinthians 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

Now there are two kinds of baptism, one is water, the other is to be immersed in the Spirit. One is for show, one is for go.

I feel sure that there will be people in God's kingdom who never had the luxury of a water baptism.

---mike on 1/12/06

Mt 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

Rom 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

I know of no Bible example where one had the Holy Spirit indwelling without water baptism.

Since Christ commanded baptism, there is no holy purpose to be accomplishment without it.
---a_servant on 1/11/06

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I am a member, deacon, and an adult teacher at a Southern Baptist Church and I have never been asked to sign any kind of membership book. The only thing I have signed is approval for my background check / screening to work with youth.
---mike on 1/11/06

No, they shouldn't, but one thing they definitely should do is except Jesus as their Savior. It would do no good to be a church member & not be saved. Baptisms should be taught. Hebrews 6:2 says..." doctrine of baptisms". There are several baptisms mentioned in the NT. New-Birth(baptism into the Body)ICorinthians 12:13
Water baptism--Matthew 28:19
Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Acts 1:8;Luke3:16
---Rickey on 1/11/06

David, Okay I can go with that, but why do alot of churches have you sign your name to a book before you can become a member. The church I go to, we don't have a book for anyone to sign, if someone wants to starting coming to our church on a regular basis, that if fine, we welcomed them in and there is no book to sign.
---Rebecca_D on 12/18/05

Rebecca, everyone is welcome, but I differentiate between attendance and membership because members should actively work for responsibilities, whereas nonmembers may just sponge and seek and learn. Many claim to be Christian, but their lives bear fruit if the Spirit is in them. It takes time to know if they are trustworthy and faithful to teach, disciple, lead. If a member isnt using talents to serve God, are they right with Him? Our obligations to Christ and the body must not be casual.
---david9769 on 12/16/05

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If your church wants you to rebaptise beofe yuop can join them, it means that they do not accept the validity of the previous baptism, or of the church you belonged to before. They are also implying that the previous baptism was not Christian. I would not feel happy about that.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/15/05

Yes the baptist church I was at made me re-baptise because they didn't accept the church of christ baptisim, I went alnog with it thinking nothing of it, btu other baptist churches i moved to al lwanted just confermation of word or letter to move membership within the baptist church.
---candice on 12/15/05

I was using baptist as an example of a denom. not stating this is how they believe......i couldn`t spell episcopailian...haha......but it does make sense that this is what the question is referring to(rebaptism).
---co_ach on 12/15/05

I still don't understand why a church has a book in order for you to read and sign just to become a member of that church. What is the point? The only book I want my name to be on is the book of life, and the church book isn't necessary. The church I go to all are welcomed, and if one decides to become a member, we welcome them in, and we don't make them sign a book for membership. How many of you had to sign a book or paper in order to join a church? I'm not bashing, I just don't understand this concept.
---Rebecca_D on 12/14/05

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All may attend, but responsibilities and voting should only be for members, and membership reserved for Christians who agree with the basic doctrines of the church. Do you want a former Mormon teaching classes before assuring their understanding of scripture? Also, Southern Baptists wrongly require baptism in their denom for membership, but there are many Baptist denoms. Governmental rules vary, but loving discipline is scriptural and God/Christ humbled himself to be baptized as example and commanded it.
---David on 12/14/05

Many times while witnessing a person having just gotten saved will say, oh my I understand now! The Lord has shown me I really am saved. Do you thimk I should be baptisted agaim? Catholics ask that more than others. My answer is pray about it and do what GOD tells you. I also get ask about which church to go to and I give the same answer.---mima 12/14/2005
---mima on 12/14/05

I agree that no congregation can keep a person from joining the "body of Christ". However, in this day and time, rules, positions, bylaws, etc. are necessary at times. A prime exampe is the Child Abuse Protection program that a lot of churchs have now. People are screened by interviews, background checks, fingerprints and references in order to work with children. It is sad, but you have to keep your eyes open these days.
---mike on 12/14/05

We believe in Baptism by immersion too. But no where in the Bible are we instructed to be disfellowshipped from other believers because they haven't conformed to our man made traditions or are not completely obedient in all the ways of the Lord. I say let any one who qualifies to be in the Body Of Christ also qualify to be in the local Church.
---john on 12/14/05

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If a person is a memeber of the Body Of Christ whether baptized or not why should they also not be allowed a membership in a local congregation? Does your congregation have higher standards than God? Our church abolished the membership thing years ago. It was one of the best moves we ever made.It's not in the Bible. Baptized or not, if they are on their way to heaven they are a member of "the Church"
---john on 12/14/05

Mike, I have not heard that either from anyone. I come from a Pentecostal church and joined a Baptist Reformed Church when I moved to this town and I have never heard of someone having to be baptized again just to join. What they do want to know is if you are a Christian already or not. This way they can know where you stand and what you need to learn.
---Lupe2618 on 12/14/05

It is nice that one person has the authority to speak for every Baptist church. I attend a baptist church, and have never heard anyone say anything about not honoring someone's prior baptism.
---mike on 12/14/05

I believe the issue here is not unbaptised believers ....... in some denom. they do not honor the baptism of other baptist church will only allow you to become a member if you have been baptised in a baptist church.If you were saved and baptised in a assembly of god you would have to be rebaptised in a baptist church to be quaified for membership ....imo a completly unbiblical practice!!!
---co_ach on 12/14/05

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For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.
(Acts 1:5)
---mike on 12/13/05

All of our members are baptized. Never been an issue yet. I would have a problem with someone who refuses to be baptized. Although, I think you become a member of the real Church, the body of Christ, when you first believe and accept Him as your savior. This is when you are "immersed in the Holy Spirit" in MY opinion.
---mike on 12/13/05

I believe church discipline is very important in a Church. If the church conforms to everything then it will not function orderly but ever changing to the agreement of everyone. In the early church the Apostles had a lot of trouble because of lack of church dicipline. Eloy is right on his answer, we do have a choice and our choice should be for baptism since we are commanded to be baptized. If you are selfish, you want something on your terms and not God's.
---Lupe2618 on 12/13/05

We have freedom of will to do what we choose, so all of God's commands are voluntary, but if we choose to disobey them, then there are always consequences and ramifications. Jesus said to them, "He that believes and is BAPTIZED will be saved; but he that believes not will be damned. Then Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins...And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord." Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; 10:48.
---Eloy on 12/12/05

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Baptism is and has always been "Voluntary" an exercise in free will, God would not want it any other way!
---1st_cliff on 12/11/05

I don't know of any church who will not allow membership to unbaptised people but I know of many who do not allow membership to those who are not saved. In many churches one has to be able to stand up before the church and give your testimony before being made a member.
---M.P. on 12/11/05

Do you allow non-baptised to attend church?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/11/05

Baptism is a command of Jesus Christ, so who would not want to follow the commands of Jesus? At the risk of sounding denigrating, if Jesus would have said, "You must swallow an oyster to be saved." Then i would be more than eager to do it, even though i find the thought contrary to my complacent palate. Jesus said, "If you all love me, my commandments keep." John 14:15. And baptism is one of his commandments.
---Eloy on 12/11/05

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