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Do Christians Witness

How many unsaved people are out there in the world, waiting for help? Just how many christians does it take to witness the love of God to them?

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 ---Amber_Yates on 12/12/05
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Most witnessing is to wordy (to much talking)
witnessing must take the form of a confrontation. The fastest and best way to do this is by asking a question such as, "Are you sure really sure that you will go to heaven when you die." Most peole's answer is "I hope so" and many plainly state no, just being honest. The you must take it from there.---mima12/11/2005
---mima on 2/11/08

Years ago I thought I was witnessing to people. I told them about GOD'S love. How He changed my life. And I really thought I was witnessing but few accepted JESUS. Twice while witnessing the Holy Spirit told me to stop talking!!! How crazy I thought. Then the Holy Spirit gave me the knowledge that people want to know how they can be saved. Since then the Lord has saved thousands by that method of witnessing---mima12/11/2005
---mima on 6/12/07

I read a story of a man leaving his house early Sunday morning for church. While leaving, he saw his neighbor come out with his golf clubs. Neighbor asks, "Would you like to come play golf with me today?". The man frowns and says "no, I will be at the Lord's house today". Neighbor thinks - Seven times have I asked him to come and play golf - and not once has he invited me to his church.
---mike on 12/13/05

All Christians are witnesses - either good witnesses or bad witnesses. One problem is there are more bad than good witnesses. Another problem is we sometimes think with "too broad of a pen", instead of thinking of those in far off places, we should think of our neighbor across the street. It still only takes one good witness, but it is often cancelled out by a bad witness.
---WIVV on 12/12/05

Mima - I love your answer! What a wise person you are!!
---DoryLory on 12/12/05

There are more unsaved than saved. It only takes one person to witness to an unsaved person. but the best way to witness is by your actions, if they see God in you then you are seperate from the rest and that makes a big difference. If one proclaims to be a christian but yet he/she doesn't act like one, then that is a bad witness, and that is the reason why so many are still unsaved.
---Rebecca_D on 12/12/05

no one thinks it's difficult to market, conduct surveys or collect debts in this country,but witnessing...hard.i think we should witness like jesus did,sometimes he put the word out there, sometimes it was through relationshipsother times through his deeds.
---ade on 12/12/05

I think it is really tough to witness in the USA. People have so many material things and so many activities to distract them. I have heard one pastor/missionary that did some preaching in Africa. He said the response was so tremendous there, that he didn't know if he could ever preach in the United States again.
---mike on 12/12/05

Good point Mima.Let the Holy Spirit lead you.There is no rigid formula on how to witness.At times you ve to be confrotational, most times speak a little and listen more.And yet other times, your actions alone are enough to witness...
---pkay on 12/12/05

I just had a man visit me 12:30 P.M. After hearing my witnessing question he said,"yes I am saved and know for sure that I am going to heaven." He then told me how much he enjoyed being ask and thanked me for asking. This is what you hear from those who are truly saved and know it, all others are unsure and in doublt which is a sin in and of itself.---mima12/11/2005
---mima on 12/12/05

It doesn't take a room full of Christains, but it takes a true heart of a Christian to show Gods love to the unsaved.That one person that helps another , then in turn that helped helps another. :-)
---Candice on 12/12/05

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