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37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old

Is it ok for a 37 year old man to marry a 20 year old women, if so are there any couples in the bible that had this type of age difference and where can I find them?

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 ---Renzo on 12/12/05
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I have friends who are 20 years apart. he was 19 and she was 39 when they married. they have been together 32 years. they have been together for so long, they match. the guy took on 3 kids and a 39 year lady. I don't know if he is getting older or if she is getting younger but they match. I also have a friend who married a Pakistani and he took her home in Pakistan to meet his parents. she isn't allowed to call her family back home. she did sneak a letter out once. she is being abused by her husband and her father in law. wow, her dad puts her on his prayer list and he prays for her everyday. please don't marry someone from the middle east. they don't treat women well at all. you will be his personal slave for the rest of your life.
---shira4368 on 2/28/13

Hi Corey, to me it wouldn't be the age difference so much as the fact that you are just 18--too young to get married to be honest. Marriage is a tremendous responsibility my friend and it's your time to enjoy your life and learn who you are--and God bless you. :)
---Mary on 7/9/11

What is too young to get married?
Mary, Jesus' mother was married and had him at the age of 14!
---g on 2/28/13

Corey, HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. I believe you will regret the marriage and will wish you had listened to your parents. They probably know better than you on this. You are not honoring God to not honor your parents. There is more than an age factor here, your parents have disapproved. You do not honor God to not honor your parents.
---bike on 2/27/13

In the Bible, there are age differences between married couples greater than that. In David's old age, he received a young wife to keep his cold feet warm in bed. Isaac was 40 years old when the young virgin Rebekah was brought to him. In the matter of kinsman redeemer, Boaz praised Ruth for not going after other men whether wealth or young. Tamar was in line to have Shelah who was much younger than her. More, as a matter of plunder, men would spare young virgins when wiping out the enemy and the surviving males of the tribe of Benjamin stole young virgins as wives from the Gideonites during the festival of virgins. I wish I were so lucky.
---born4883 on 2/27/13

It depends on your biological age. Some 37 year olds are biologically 20.
---charles on 2/25/13

I am a 42 year old women and I am in love with a 22 year old man..I am in USA and he is in pakistan we been together for a year and some months..we want to get married but having trouble talking to his mother. they are all good Religious family..he is affraid they will make him stop seeing me if he asks for their blessing what cam we do to fix this
---debbie on 2/10/12

Hi Corey, to me it wouldn't be the age difference so much as the fact that you are just 18--too young to get married to be honest. Marriage is a tremendous responsibility my friend and it's your time to enjoy your life and learn who you are--and God bless you. :)
---Mary on 7/9/11

Hi, I am a 18 year old guy and I am wanting to marry a 37 year old woman. I just want to know if I should go ahead and ask her to marry me, because my entire family is against me dating her already, if I ask her I know my family is going to disown me. I love her with all my heart, she has been nothing but good to me!
---Corey on 7/8/11

if I were an older man I would probably want a younger woman also. Marriage was made for men. Women reap a few benefits, if the man is a man and does his job as a husband. But overall, marrage was made for a man. The woman is the life of the home and a marriage. Many responsibilities rest upon her shoulders. After all these responsiblities are half done(because we never finish our duties) we may get a quick kiss or pat on the fanny, for all of our troubles. We are usually too tired to even care.Fall asleep, tired,frustrated and definitely, unfulfilled(sexually) I'm just saying.............
---Robyn on 1/30/11

what was it like around friend s an family that the age differance was twenty years?in the south its made a big deal..that untill theygo to bars and the strip ,or hooters..
---james on 1/29/11

I'm 43 met a 26 years old nice boy, he's in love with me, I've tryed to break up coz this is not possible, I haven't told him that if he leaves will hurt me so much but he doesn't want to leave me, what do you think?
---Pat on 6/30/10

Francisco, theres no right or wrong outside of what God word says about the flower of a woman's age and what the law of man dictates is too young.

To me if you love a woman thats 19 to 25 and its not against God or mans law then go for it!

I would tend to lean more towards the age of 25 myself. Young ladies often times dont even know what they want at age 19. Theyll change what they want in a man quite a few times before they mature. You dont want to be caught in one of those changes. That spells heartache for you.

Good luck to you
---JackB on 5/21/10

I will be 44 next November but for some reason and I don't mean disrespect or being a predator to younger woman, I am very attractive to younger woman 18 to 25.

Is there any kind of psychological help for this or this is normal?

I dream of getting marry to a younger woman. I believe that men should provide wisdom and woman should be young to be able to coup with having children.

Am I wrong?
---Francisco on 5/20/10

On 12/22 I wrote ... "I am 70 and really like a girl of 50"

Since then I've found out two things:

She's 58, not 50

We were both widowed on exactly the same day, seven years ago.

---alan8566_of_uk on 2/25/10

I amd 44 years old and fell in love with a wonderfull 22 year old. We just had a beautifull baby girl on 27-JAN-2010 and we are hopefull to have more children G-d willing. I worry sometimes that when I become older, but I leave things in G-d's hands and with hope for the best. One thing that attracted me so much to my wife is the fact that she is very mature and love my age and maturity and the patience and love I extend to her.

G-d Only Know The Future,

---Miguel on 2/24/10

That gives me hope that I could find a younger woman. I am 41, but look very good for my age. I see some women in their 30s who look bad. But then I see woman older than I am and they still look beautiful. In fact, I have seen some that put girls 20 years their junior to shame.

But one's physical age shouldn't be the issue. The mental age is the issue at hand. It's is important to ask yourself if the two of you are compatible and if she is mature enough to be with an older man. So I say go for it if you feel that the two of you are right for each other.
---Lewis on 1/18/10

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Are you seeking God first and foremost? Is she seeking God first and foremost? If you both are doing so then great! He will direct your path. If not, then who cares if you were only a year apart. If our culture did not encourage divorce for any cause then I would say go for it. I've seen so many marriages fail, including my own, I don't even feel like advising you. But I will anyway. Have a very long courtship. I mean like years. Time is one of the best ways to test a relationship. You want a death till you part marriage, where you, your spouse, and any resultant children will not be made shipwrecked because of a divorce.
Listen to that small still voice. If you don't hear it, but the other one does, then respect it, accept it, and obey it.
---Scott on 12/22/09

If she loved you enough she would be happy to spend your last 20 or so years on earth with you.

I dont see what the big deal is about age difference. Youre both mature adults.

Id marry someone 80 if I loved her enough.
---JackB on 12/22/09

I am 70 and really like a girl of 50.

We were both widowed 7 years ago.

If I married her ... how long would her second marriage last before I pegged it?

Is nit fair to ask her to accept almost certainly a second early widowhood?
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/22/09

What is you people's obsession with how old one person should be to marry someone else. Who cares? Take some time to study the bible and pray and then you might come up with a blog that edifies and teaches someone something that matters. If you want to discus lustful gossip there are sites you can go to to fulfill you your sinful wishes and then you want be defiling the name of Jesus.

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Ephesians 5:12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.
---exzucuh on 12/22/09

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Age isn't your issue ...TWICE divorced should be a RED FLAG ...Why would you allow yourself to become entangled with man who is damaged goods - TWO failed marriages in his wake? ...women today don't value themselves with little or no self-respect desperate for attentions of any man overlooking significant issues just so they can "profess love" ...sadly rose-colored glasses happens to women of ALL AGES


when loved ones are AGAINST a man in your life it is because they're not wearing rose-colored glasses ...seeing things you can't grateful you have supportive people in your life who speak out for your welfare when you can't see it for yourself because you're too caught up in his attentions
---Rhonda on 12/21/09

I am 28 (female) and I am dating a 47 year old (male). Most of my friends are supportive of this but many older family members and friends are against it. I want to be in the will of God, but I don't understand why they are so against it. We enjoy each other SO much! We make each other laugh & want to spend our lives together.
---Pentecostal on 12/21/09

Hebrews 13:4. If they are both eligible to be married (not disqualified *1), and have her father's (Guardians) blessing, its' permissible.
*1 Deuteronomy 22:17-19, 28-29, 24:1-4, Proverbs 2:17 (forsaketh husband), Isaiah 54:4-8, Jeremiah 3:1, Malachi 2:14-16, Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18, 1Corinthians 6:15-16, 7:10-17, 27-28.
Gustav, 12/1/09: she's 5'1" 88 pounds?
---Glenn on 12/2/09

Gustav, Your girl friend is only 17 and you are 48? You have been "dating" for two years, which means she was only 15. I can tell you this, that when I was 15 if a 46 y.o. man had tried to date me, my daddy would have met him a the door with a shotgun! She is just a child. Her body may be fully developed, but her brain is not even fully developed and will continue to develop until she is in her 20s. Please let this girl grow up and find someone closer to your own age.
---Carra3637 on 12/1/09

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I'm a 48yo man, I'm dating a girl for 2 years already, we will mary next year when she'll be 18, she's fine with that, I'm very fine with that too, only outsiders seems to have problems, maybe they are missing something in their own relationship, but me and my girl, we are happy! and for the perv, I'm 189 tall with 98kg, my girl is 154 and 40kg, just perfect.
---Gustav on 12/1/09

First if both people are mature, then there should be no problem. HOWever, most 20 year olds are not ready for marriage in my opinion, after 21, 22, seems better. Again, depends on each person, and why they want to marry each other, and communications extremely important.

*To Tony, Taylor, and Robyn: Good to see what u said. I'm 26 years old and possibly starting to fall for a 44 year old man. We met around a year ago and have been better and better friends ever since. He's divorced twice with 4 grown children, youngest is a few years younger than me, oldest are around my age. Is it at all weird that some his children are around my age? Honestly if he was my dads age<54> that would be a bit weird for me..
---Amela on 11/30/09

I am 43 and I don't see anything wrong with. A man having a relationship with a 25 year old. All that matters is if they are happy together
---tony on 5/28/09

what if the man is 43 and the girl 25? Keep in mind the man already has 4 children from 2 previous marriages. 19, 18, 12 & 10. Could it really be Gods will? He wants more babies and that was a prereq for a relationship.
---taylor on 12/14/07

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what if the man is 43 and the girl 25? Keep in mind the man already has 4 children from 2 previous marriages. 19, 18, 12 & 10. Could it really be Gods will? He wants more babies and that was a prereq for a relationship.
---taylor on 12/14/07

Genesis 25:20
[20] And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padan-aram, the sister to Laban the Syrian

I don't claim to know the age difference but it does bear witness to men being older and established before marrying.
It also bears witness to waiting for the Lord to bring the spouse and not dating, computers or whoring around.

---Frank on 9/4/07

What if the girl is older than the guy for 7 years?
---alex on 9/3/07

yes if you would help with anything in the Bible to help me with the question if a older man marries younger lady
---ron on 9/3/07

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I was 23 he was 44. We married. He is 70+ and I am 50+ now and we are still together. He has not changed much. The same loving person, as always. He acts up sometimes but he knows how far to go. He is very loving, very forgiving, very gentle. I was the one needed to be tamed. He has taught me a lot. God is good.
---Robyn on 7/14/07

I am 25 and my hus to be is 40 and there is nothing wrong with it being that way we enjoy a near perfectly fine relationship, i dont see y age should be a significant matter in a relationship. Each individual needs to know what they want out of th3 relationship and if they dont work at acheiving such then the relationship will falter.
---Blessed on 7/13/07

I was 22 and my husband was 43 when we met,we have been married 18 years now I had two kids before meeting him and he had two kids before hand.we never had any kids together.there has been more disapontments in are relationship I that are because of are age differance and yes it seems like hes more my dad then my husband
---Tonya on 7/9/07

First of all, if she is over 18 yrs. old,(USA) she is legally an adult. She can marry who ever she wants.
Second, What does the age group of biblical couples have to do with anything? Third, just my curiosity, what does a 37 yr. old and a 20 yr. old have in common? Fourth, look down the road a bit when she is 40 and you're 57... she will be wanting to go out on the town, and you will want to sit in the rocker (hypotheticly speaking)
---Fred_S. on 7/9/07

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On that basis, Steve, you must be about .... 35? Clearly not yet 40
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/14/06

, at twenty, a woman is an adult. at thirty seven, a man is just starting to be an adult. just my opinion, okay?
---steve on 1/14/06

I would not allow my 20yr old daughter to marry a man of 37 - I still moniter my daughters relationships and will do so until she is 21 - I don't believe a kid of this age has the maturity to make such a decision without the firm guiding hand of a loving parent.
---haley on 12/30/05

When i was 19 I dated a 28 yr old man because we got along, I am glad we didn't marry,but remain aquaninces today.He is now married for 2 yrs to a nice woman 4 him & I have been married to my hubby 6 yrs & he's 4 yrs older. If the couple is happy & over 18+ then it's none of our concern.
---Candice on 12/26/05

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My husband was 38 I was 22 when we married. Didn't seem that bad at the time. However within a few years when I felt I was old enough to have children he felt he was too old for starting a family. As time went on he acted more like a father to me than a husband and thought everything I did was childish. After acknowledging that he married me because I was a "trophy" he ended up leaving to be with someone his own age he had more "in common" with.
---Linda3 on 12/18/05

Steve ... if you get thge twenty year old, what what happen when you are a frail 75 year old. She will still be a nubile 55 year old!
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/18/05

, when i was thirteen, i wanted a twenty-year-old woman. Now that i'm forty-two, i still want a twenty-year-old woman.
---steve on 12/17/05

, alan, i know you see things differently, but surely you see that most men are not ready to marry until they are over thirty. women who wait that long will have fewer men to choose from.
---steve on 12/16/05

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"men are supposed to be older than their wives" Steve, you have said that so many times before. But you have produced not a scrap of evidence to support your view.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/15/05

, people who aren't mature at twenty are not going to be mature at forty or fifty. if she is willing to marry, you should marry her. men are supposed to be older than their wives.
---steve on 12/15/05

My great grandfather, 21 married a 14 year old Indian Girl in Texas of the reservation. It was considered normal in those days. They were married 55 years, had 7 kids. As 'old people' she had him completly 'hen-pecked.' By todays standerds he would be a child molester, go figure!
---len_k on 12/15/05

Renzo, I think that it's OK to marry that young girl. I mean, no matter what is the age gap, if there is love God will bless that union. Now be aware, she's very young so that means that (maybe) she is not mature enough to handle a marriage. I personally think that women mature a lot in their mid-20s.
---Alex on 12/14/05

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Men and women back then didn't have mush of a choice. But modern times gives us so many choices regarding whom we should marry that it's become a mine field. Be careful that you don't deliberately step on one.

What I think would serve you better is to concentrate on the book of Proverbs which will give you Godly wisdom. And much, much wisdom is needed in this decision on both parts.
---Aurora on 12/13/05

And with this self discovery there is often time much internal turmoil. Turmoil which a 37 year old man may not have the patience or the understanding to weather.

As for biblical figures. Abraham was 75 and Sarah was 65. But one must interpret the Bible contectually. Girls were married at the age of 12 and boys at the age of 13. And the girls and boys parents were the ones making the decisions about who was a suitable pair.
---Aurora on 12/13/05

Personally I feel that she is still too young to make such an important decision, but your not therefore, the onus is on you because emotional, intellectually, and age wise you are the adult in this situation. Remember that she is still discovering who she is. She has still so much to discover about herself. That's what your twentys are for to discover the adult that is shedding it's teenage persona.
---Aurora on 12/13/05

Before you say "I Do" I would strongly advise you both to seek professional pre-marital counseling. When I say professional I do mean professional. I find that Pastors or Priests are really to busy nowadays to provide quality counseling in this area. Which is unfortunate because this is such a major decision and turning point in someones life (lookfor them in the yellow pages).
---Aurora on 12/13/05

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There are just 3 comments I would make to this. Firstly, there is nowhere in the Bible that sets maximum or minimum age differences, that is man created only. Secondly, I would remind all, that those whom God joins together (not man or church, but God), let no man tear apart. Finally, for those tempted to criticise, let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone.
---Bob on 12/12/05

It was very normal for men of both the O.T. and N.T. times to marry younger women. In fact, it is thought that Mary may have been only 13 and Joseph in his 30's. As a general rule, there is nothing wrong with age differences. In this case it might be different because she may be too immature to really "see down the road." Some day she may be his care taker. (Etc.) He may be ready for marriage, but is she? I'd wait a few years if I were in her place.
---WIVV on 12/12/05

I am 36 and my husband 62. We are dedicated Christians and I've never been happier in my life. There are a small percent who actually prefer older men. My husband is younger in many things than several young men I know. Not all odd couple marriages are happy. Reg. the 20 yr old marrying I personally feel she is still too young to think far ahead. God can and will bless a marriage if it is within His will. The Bible has several marriage partners who had a vast age differece between them. God bless.
---Asha on 12/12/05

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