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End-Time Visions And Dreams

God has begun to reveal to me visions and dreams of the end-time. I am puzzeled as to what God expects of me. Who should I tell about these visions and dreams, and why has God chosen me?

Moderator - Share them here and if they are truth, they will pass those with discernment.

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 ---A.V._Grant on 12/13/05
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I dreamed of 3 golden statues, surrounded by fire, facing a, square, golden altar. the statues were each facing a side of the square. A flame was on the altar and a voice was coming from it. A man of Islam, a Christian man and a Hindu/Buddhist woman, each went down on there knees and worshiped the flame.
---Nick_Hagan on 2/11/11

I had a dream, whci I remember to this day. I had it on the 28th february in three consecutive yeatrs

We had a black cat. I saw it sitting on the fire. It was burnt to a cinder. I then turned away from the fire, and there the cat was sitting on the mat.
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/6/11

This is my dream. I was on a grassy hill looking down into a valley. In the valley was a very large flock of sheep. All of a sudden, some of the sheep started to randomly turn into cows. When half of the flock had become cows, four of the cows ate one of the sheep. When the sheep was consumed, all of the sheep turned to cows. Then, the cows started to randomly turn to sheep. After half of the cows had turned to sheep, some of the sheep ate one of the cows. When the cow was consumed, all of the cows turned to sheep. I thanked the Lord for this awesome sight, but told him I was not worthy of seeing this. A voice sternly told me I was worthy, because the Lord had cleansed me. I am not sure what all of this means.
---Hacoda57 on 2/4/11

I have also received prophetic visions and written them down - I also told many people and when the visions came true, it was a confirmation that they were from the Lord. I called my vision "A Trumpet Blast" and many people have received my Word from God. Trust Him!!
---Teresa_Salazar on 1/8/11

All of us as Gods children recieve these visions and dreams because he is showing us that the time for us to leave with christ is comin very soon and its time for us to get more busy and bring more sinners to him before its too late. Its like gettin on the plane to go on a trip w friends and family u want make sure everyone is is givin all of the information ahead of time to be prepared so when u get to the airplane everyone is there and no one is left behind when the plane leaves.
---Briteny on 12/27/10

Since we can visualize all that is required from Ezekial or Revelation, how do you know your dreams are of God?
If the Lord really provided the vision, he would also provide the mission.
Something is not adding up.
---larry on 12/10/10

Watching a beach with oil in water, not gulf.The seas got angry and thickened up abruptly and took the lives of anyone close to the shore in an instant.I was far enough away to barely get away. The ocean thickened with blood, it looked like a mix of the thickest tar laced with blood. The substance was on the ground and very hard to run on. I looked back at the ocean and saw the relentless thickened waves taking lives and throwing tar and blood covered people as it willed. Horrifying. The next day I observed that all the fuel was gone and a select few people missing. The remaining were impossible to reason with. Its like their mind were overrun with a kind of insanity.
---John on 12/10/10

Just found this site..My story starts with a dream I had in August 2001...I remember standing on a hillside and looking across a body of water unto two tall buildings ablaze and smoke pouring out of them..It was like I was there.When the 9/11 footage began to be shown .I was astonished to see the exact very same buildings ablaze . and much footage was shot from the same vantage point looking across the bay at the world trade my dream I did not know what they second dream was that I was on a large boat/freighter that was carrying something very bad..Middle East crew was getting ready to dock into a harbor..I do not know which...
---helmut on 11/28/10

Hey, I had the same dream.Is it more to this dream?
---Sharon on 11/2/10

Dreams and visions are for the body of Christ, to be encouraged, and to prepare for what God is showing to those He has chosen to reveal future events.
People all over are having dreams and visions. The Lord spoke of this through the prophet Joel. "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." Joel 2:28
You should rejoice that the Lord has chosen you, you are blessed!
Get confirmation from the Lord that your dreams are from Him.
Youtube is one means to share with the body.
I would love to see,hear, or read what the Lord has been revealing to you!
In Christ,
---Tim on 10/28/10

We are waiting for a big fireworks display that is set to begin on a barge in that is set up out in the ocean. Fireworks begin, immediately there is holographic imagery being displayed into the sky, happy images, then a meteor, asteroid, warhead comes crashing down creating an explosion of dirt and ash. Craziness ensues. I am just looking for someone who has maybe had a similar dream/vision. I have been in "real" dreams before but nothing that could even compare to this experience. I am hoping someone may have tips on regaining that experience as well to see what happens after this eventful moment. I need to have closure on this subject. Please, somebody, help me out.
---Branden on 9/23/10

i had a dream the world was coming to an end and God had saved me and my my dream i saw the devil here on earth but after a while i saw a multitude of angels going to war with the devil and all who worshipped him.i thanked God in my dreams for saving me and he sain 'no ,its your faith that saved you'. ive had these dreams about 4 times and everytime God saves me and my family.
---claire on 8/22/10

Well, far be for me to make lighT of them or you, however, the Bible has already given to us all of that stuff.
---catherine on 7/5/10

Talk to some friends that go to church with you or your parents/gaurdian. I had a dream that lasted 3 days and it is very similar to Revelations 3:7-13 and it took me a while to figure out what God was trying to show me until finally i just stopped trying to figure it all out myself. So I would definately pray about it then just wait and let God become more clear when he is ready.
---Courtney on 7/4/10

i had a dream a little over a year ago.. and i don't really know how to contact someone who can tell me exactly what this dream means, but i was just wondering if anyone in here could help me.

i was in rome, everyone was running and i was running away from someone, the person everyone was running from was killing people. i ran so far into the woods and came across 3 huge thrones, i stood there staring at them and 3 men in very elaborate red robes came out & sat in the thrones. i asked them what was going on, why this guy was killing people, one of them simply replied "the world is ending." and then i woke up.

can anyone help me? what does this mean? it's bothered me for over a year and it kind of scares me...
---Jessica on 6/4/10

1979 & 1986 dreams of entering a tunnel of soft gold, and I was different.I traveled through space and I recogonized all heavenly bodies.I left the tunnel gazing at an undescribable place. I did not want to return but both times my children were trying to wake me up. They could not wake me until I made the return journey, then I woke up.In 2000, when I understood the rapture, I started wondering about the dreams. Any thoughts anyone?
---Jo on 6/3/10

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I have been having visions during the night. They are not dreams, I am awake when I have them, but my eyes are closed. I see a gate with an opening in the center, sometimes this opening has a orangish red fireball that looks like a volcano in the center. When I see that, I also feel heat, so this to me represents hell. This frightens me, and when I see it, I pray to God. Usually in a few minutes, I begin to see what looks like the night sky with many stars and a white light shining through, that comes toward me, and I feel peace and comfort. This tells me that God has heard my prayers, and that he is there to comfort me. So I am puzzled.
---Bonnie on 6/3/10

Hey, my name is Delaney, I'm 16 and I've been having dreams and visions and "feelings" since I was in the 6th grade. Since my mission trip last year I became closer to God which has given me visions and dreams more frequent. I'm simply looking for someone to talk to, that understands where I am coming from. I have asked God to show me a site so that I can learn more about what I am able to do. I have been getting creeped out by them often now and I want to understand. Thanks to anyone who takes time to read this, or respond. God Bless ~Delaney
---delaney on 5/7/10

I had a vision while I was awake, I remember I was aware of my body and regular vision but also was seeing I believe to have been the very first arguement between humans and then wars between tribes and cities and then world wars and then the end was fire and people burning. It was so profound and I remember being unnerved and thinking I was crazy. I wish I could recount it accurately, but it occured a few years ago. What I can say is that it's led me on a spiritual journey for the truth.
---Ronald_J_Weitz on 4/24/10

While dreams may indeed be from God, it is important to realize that dreams of end times are and have been very common for centuries.

While we may not put much stock in them, admitting we all have had strange dreams, there should be a sense of urgency among Christians that Christ is coming again very soon and we need to be prepared.

2 Peter 3:11-12 Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness, waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set on fire and dissolved, and the heavenly bodies will melt as they burn!
---Lee1538 on 3/6/10

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My dream was of a small planet coming straight at the Earth, barely missed us, but when it passed it shoved the Earth over. Kind of like a magnet when you try to put opposing sides together. There was a loud metalic type roaring sound. I knew immediately all that was about to happen to the world as a result of what I was seeing.
---Donna on 3/2/10

A.V.Grant: As you can see, you are not alone. God is speaking to and through His children to let us know about the things which are coming. We are nearing the return of Christ and need to be establishing one another in the faith and doing the work of evangelism. I too have had prophetic visions and dreams. They are truly revering and do actually cause me to speak out more about what God is doing. I feel pulled to tell people that Jesus is real and just witness. Don't hide your light under a barrel.
---jody on 3/2/10

I had a dream that I was falling so fast, I could hear the wind rushing past my ears. I was falling towards hell! As I woke mid fall frantically praying to God to save my soul I have never felt so much fear in my life ever! I was not serving Jesus at that time. Other dreams were of A volcano erupting I think Mount Rainier, a tsunami, and a huge earthquake.
---Christopher on 3/1/10


I read many of your blogs, and I can relate. I have had several spiritual dreams in my life and many of them are related to what is to come in the end of time. I had one just this week. They started before I even became a Christian or new about such things to come. They all have 3 similar componenetsThe moon turing to blood and or people or angels coming down or up from the sky
2.) me not being saved and rallying to save people
3.) trying to hide out from something
-sometimes I'm saved but just warning people

One time I had a very scary one with a loud trumpet sound or something like that.
---Elizabeth_Lind on 2/20/10

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I read my entry made in 2008 and realized I gave the age when I had the dream of End Time,which was 11 years old,but not my present age which is now 71. That makes it 60 years ago I had that dream and it is just as clear to me today as then. What it said to me was and is clearly I belong to God and He is always with me to take care of me no matter what is going on with the rest of the World. All through life I have recalled the Dream and made a positive effort to stay in that place with God where I never have to doubt about what my future,here and beyond,holds. I have shared the Dream with others in Bible studies and once in Sunday School and it got a positive response from them. All I can say is what an awesome God we serve.
---Darlene_1 on 11/5/09

I just had a dream last night about getting locked up in a prison camp. Everyone was getting put into these camps by military that didnt speak english. I got injected in the neck(I think)to kill me because I was a believer. I remember while I was dying I was trying to tell people to believe in Jesus. I also remember thinking that I should have told more people about Jesus. After I died, God showed me the earth after the christians were gone. It was horrible. Everyone was killing each other. I woke up and realized I was actually crying.
---Billy_Martin on 11/2/09

\\ God has begun to reveal to me visions and dreams of the end-time. I am puzzeled as to what God expects of me. Who should I tell about these visions and dreams, and why has God chosen me?\\

We have nothing but your say-so that God has in fact chosen you.

Not much to go on.
---Cluny on 10/29/09

ive had many visions and dreams,clear and i never forget,one about the great earthquake in revalations 16,17,GOD REVEALED THIS SCRIPTURE TO ME AFTER I ASKED HIM IF IT WAS HIM,AND when i was young about the mark of the beast and trying to buy food but i couldent i didnt have the mark and i wouldnt take it so they took me outside lined me up to be beheaded,i have so many but the earthquake GOD spoke to me and said warn the people to turn from there evil wicked ways
---barbara on 10/29/09

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I TOO HAVE BEEN HAVING VISIONS. In the last one i saw two seals. one was a cross but the other I have never seen before. I do not know what this means but I definately heard the word seals when i asked what they were. The seals were on the side of a church pew in the vision.
---judith_Anne_Beech on 10/19/09

I had an ende times dream in 1993. Janie
---Janie_Nagle on 8/10/09

i believe that what these dreams signify is a HUGE INCREDIBLE change that THE FATHER is about to bring to this entire universe. I think the reason everyone has been dreaming of devistation during these times is becasue... It is like a woman in labor, she moans and growns and is in pain during her labor, but afterwards she forgets her pain and is raptured in total happiness. Things that brought about sin will be no more. Things will be set right! Truth and light will flourish the planet. Everything is for a reason. I have dreams that I am about to be raptured. I start lifting up off the ground and the Father takes me. But eveything gets hazey afterwords. But, God's word says that ears nor eyes have not see what is in heaven.
---dereka on 7/29/09

Heala, this is a good place to start talking about the Lord. Every time you answer or ask questions you get the a chance to learn a little more about God. If you have dreams it might be that God is convicting you. And He has because you are here proclaiming your lack of talking about Him to anyone. It is working now, so go for it. Ask the questions, each moment you spend talking about God can only help you in your life.
I don't know if you are a believer already or not. But you are already seeking God, and no one lost seeks after God. Or even cares about a relationship with God. Put your tears away and spend a lot of time talking about Him.
---MarkV. on 7/24/09

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I am sitting here in tears because I have not spoke of the Lord in sooo long to anyone. I have been having these dreams as well.Often and to be honest they scare me for I know I will be left behind. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

Haela Wall
---haela on 7/23/09

I've been having apocalyptic dreams for many years and quiet a few repetitive dreams,recently they have increased. Mostly they center around electricity going out all over the world and food scarcity. The repetitive dreams have taken place over a span 20 years and involve being sought after by some military group and recently had another that identified them as a foreign country. I also spoke with a cousin and my brother who shared dreams with many similarities. Part of me wants to run to the hills and part of me think I should be doing something. I hope someone can offer some clarity regarding the purpose of these dreams.
Thank you and God bless you.
---Michael on 6/15/09

Gordon~ I agree we are at the end times too. The greatest evidence is the darkness of this world, and the world's desires for pleasures, riches etc. as opposed to seeking the pleasures and riches of God.

Gordon, please help me on the "Can God's seal be broken blog" Thanks!
---Anne on 4/5/09

Anne, Just one more thing concerning End-Time Prophecy. GOD will give you understanding of the End-Times Prophecies when you are actively wanting it. GOD wants His people to understand the End-Times, for they will radically affect His people, as well as those of the world who don't know Him. I, personally, am totally convinced that we are in the End-Times now. Some people scoff at thinking that, but, really, if they aren't upon us NOW, when will they be here? Matthew 24 and Revelations are two places that describe the things that are happening now. It is Wisdom to know what is happening according to GOD's Prophetic Timetable in order to know how to pray, and to know WHAT to pray for. Blessings to you!
---Gordon on 4/4/09

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Gordon~ Thank you. Yes, we must be as wise as serpents in a world of wolves, yet innocent as doves. End time prophecy is one of my least concerns in the areas of scripture. My main mission is to remain faithful to God in sowing to the Spirit, and encourage others in that faithfulness.

So much of prophecy is metaphorical language, and if and when God wants to open my eyes to those truths, I know He will do it in His own perfect time. I hear so many contradictions when I hear people discuss prophecy...but I know God knows all the answers and I rest in that. God bless.
---Anne on 4/3/09

Anne, I've read experiences of others who have had Dreams and Visions. I "test the spirits" by PRAYING for GOD's Guidance, Wisdom and Discernment by His Beloved HOLY SPIRIT. If you do that, with an open heart, He will answer that prayer, for He wants you to know the Truth! I know from GOD's Holy Scriptures, from personal "trial and error" and from OTHER'S personal experiences, how GOD works, and what is of GOD. I've mentioned before about Bill Wiese's 23 Minutes in Hell, Mary K. Baxter's trips to, and Visions of, Heaven and Hell. Those were real experiences. GOD works through Dreams and Visions to inform His people, and others, of things that are REAL in the Spirit World, and of things that are going to occur, as in Prophecy.
---Gordon on 4/3/09

Gordon~ You may be right, but I'm still quite leery and sceptical of these things. I guess we must test the spirits very carefully. Tell me of your experiences in this area. Tell me about your experiences in testing the spirits in this area. Thanks.
---Anne on 4/2/09

Anne, GOD states in His Holy Scriptures that He Himself gives, and in the Latter Days, will give His people Dreams and Visions. It is absolutely not adding to Scripture. That is a total misunderstanding of what "adding to and taking away from Scripture" means. And, also, do you not remember that both Daniel and the Apostle John at Patmos were both admonished to SEAL UP some things that were uttered, and to seal those things up until the Time of the End. MEANING, those things that were hidden before, will be revealed at the right time in the Latter Days. And, THESE ARE THOSE DAYS. GOD says also that He has PROPHETS in His Church for His Messages to be delivered today!
---Gordon on 4/2/09

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I would be careful believing in 'dreams and visions.'

This could be like 'adding' to the word of God.

The Bible is our one trustworthy source of truth. I personally don't feel very comfortable with the idea of trusting 'dreams and visions.'

How can one truly discern if one's dreams and 'visions' are inspired etc? Why does the person who started this blog think God has 'chosen' him?
---Anne on 4/2/09

I've had a dream where it started as me being back to a place I used to live, I was doing something and then looked outside to see angels falling out the sky, then it became the new day and those angels became snow that covered everywhere except for two steps. It then began to blow really hard out and the snow was blowing everywhere, so much that you could hardly see anything at all and then I looked up at the sky to see two tornadoes forming and they came together, when they did it became a large machine and I heard a voice saying that it was something that could not be messed with,hacked or destroyed....
---Johnathan on 3/31/09

I had a dream of a flooded coastal city in the U.S., long abandoned where daily tides higher than office buildings washed in and out every so many hours. People were foraging between tides for fish and whatever else washed in before climbing the higher elevations ahead of the next tide. The earth had tilted and the moon had an elliptical orbit. The world as I knew it had changed. There was no government and people were banding together to start anew.
---Freddie on 3/11/09

As an 11 year old, I dreamed it was the end of the world.There was fire and brimstone falling and people running/screaming,on the steps of a large building with pillars-many steps leading up to the front.My dog and I hid under a large box and were protected.It switched to a jail,I was in a cell,they were putting the ones going to heaven there to protect them from people trying to get in. 20 years ago my son told me building is Hall of Justice in Washington .It is,I'd never seen it before the dream.
---Darlene_1 on 3/19/08

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We've had two earthquakes within 4 days, and I think there will be a third one. We've had one in Utah, one in CA, and the third will probably be in the west, also.
Possibly Wyoming.
---anonymous on 8/9/07

I was in the large earthquake in the late 50's in Yellowstone, for some reason, with all of this extreme heat, it seems to bring on earthquakes.
---anonymous on 8/9/07

Maybe even in the heartland, Oklahoma/Missouri. But I think there will be one more earthquake.
---anonymous on 8/9/07

K.C. I know what you speak, and all of it is so true, however, I am used to hard stuff, and hard people, it just rolls right off of me, I have dealt with it my whole life, because I never was one to follow the crowd, I often watched the blind lead the blind, and the nasty go with the nasty, and the ugly go with the ugly, It brought me closer to my Sweet and Lovely Jesus.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/10/07

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Cynthia, you will find there are many things that are better left unsaid of a spiritual nature. Many views are shared here, and controversy cannot be helped. There is a dividing line between those who believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit and those who do not. We have to temper enthusiam with wisdom. If you share, be prepared for the driveby fruitings, hoots and hollars.
---K.C. on 4/9/07

I've had dreams that I would like to share, but wouldn't dare. I've tried but the fruitings were so intense, I've pulled back.
There is a greater margin of Christians here that do not believe in that power of the Holy Spirit, so weigh it out. Sometimes we have to jump in and roll away the stones of unbelief. As long as you're prepared for the rock throwing, you'll be alright.
---K.C. on 4/9/07

I had a lovely dream of me speaking with Jesus on easter night, but it was just an encouraging and beautiful dream, this one was not a vision, such as the people who have been taken through an open heaven, or down to hell recently, My little girl has been having tremendous spiritual dreams that I do not feel like leaving open for ridicule by so called christians having a form of Godliness yet denying the power thereof,faithless people, will receive nothing, according to there faith.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/9/07

I had a dream i was on noahs ark and it was just finished,he said something about all the room he had for thousands of people but he stated that not many would come. also the nuber 917 keeps showing up ill be watching tv or talking to someone and happen to look at the clock for no reason and it says 917 i dont know what the reason is.
---kris_king on 4/8/07

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I rarely tell my dreams to anyone except a handfull of my closest friends. They're dreams unlike anyone elses I've heard or read. The parenting book is from my 33 year personal journal in which I've worked closely with children and their parents as a tutor and California certified teacher for a couple of years (tutoring is more rewarding). I now tutor the children of the mothers I tutored 20/30 years ago. I have woven Biblical principles and medical advancements throughout that prove the Bible iscorrect.
---Steveng on 3/4/07

I hope your dreams are not the ones that have already been told, especially the woman that said she went to Hell(mirrored Johns vision) sold every copy of the book and rode off into the sunset!!! We all know whats going to happen in the end times, and so we can,t be decieved. The apostles/prophets wrote them down so we can refer to them, as nothing has been added to the word since the last set of scrolls that were found. God gave HIS PROPHETS Who to TELL IT TO, when, where and what and how to deliver it?
---Carla5754 on 3/2/07

I awoke from a catnap during lunch at work when I remembered a dream I had last night. I was in a room full of parents (I'm writing a book on parenting). I walked up to this one couple who had two children. I pick up the 4yo girl and asked her her name. The parents told me she could not speak or hear. I started talking in tongues to her and the girl nodded her head. The parents were shocked. The child and I conversed in tongues for an hour (shown on a large digital clock on the wall which was at 11:57).
---Steveng on 3/1/07

Yes, Mona. I have had similar dreams about the heavenlies. Not on the ground, but in the heavens. I haven't seen numbers, but other defining signs/topography. And some dreams about mountains, bulging and ready to blow. A dreambook is someone else's ideas about symbolism. The Bible is your best source for interpretation.
---T.M. on 3/1/07

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John Paul Jackson Ministries can be found through the internet, He is a Christian Dream Interpreter, and has written books also on how to interpret your dreams. The prophets as of this past week have declared 2007 to be THE YEAR OF DREAMS AND VISIONS, many people around the world are having dreams and visions of Jesus. And the end times. I would certainly contact John Paul Jackson, as he is a God given authority on this kind of stuff.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/1/07

Mona== No I haven't. The visions I have had has been on my own life. It would be nice if God would favor me like that. I would run to Wahington. I have asked Him to give me some visions on the future of my country. [USA.]
---catherine on 3/1/07

cont...I laid down to sleep and instantly when I close my eyes I saw an explosion too in the sky. The exploding object had a dark trail of smoke behind it. Yeshua gave me dreams before the 9/11 attacks and showed me what was going to happen 6 months prior. I wonder if this is another one of those dreams...I will be praying about it...Anyone else have anything similar?
---Mona on 2/28/07

I am a born-again Christian, so is my 7 year old daughter. This morning she woke me up and told me of a dream she had. She never does this. She said it was night, stars were out, and she saw an explosion above. Inside the explosion she saw the number 28, then 44, then 29 then the letters HH. She said this explosion stayed in the night sky for 40 days. what's weird is 2 nights before,...cont next paragraph...
---Mona on 2/28/07

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I don't have a clue of why or who to tell but I do know this there is a bunch of end times visions or visitations happening. I saw some video clips. A Korean woman, Choo Thomas who says Jesus took her heaven & hell. Seven young people in another country say they were taken to heaven and hell. And that the Rapture was to be this summer 2007.
Not my time line, but then it's not up to me.
---Virginia on 2/8/07

So far, this is the best response I read from you. Good point, very light and . . . I found it funny!
---Linda6546 on 12/27/05

He believes this to be a gift, but that it is to be shared only in situations where it will bring glory to God or edify the body of Christ. Not as a "look I'm special etc..." In other words he recommended some serious prayer time/possibly fasting ask for God's leading and to be sure my heart is in the right place before sharing with others. Hope that helps. Did your dreams seem more personal or global in scale?
---Linda3 on 12/26/05

I have had these dreams also since I was 15 now age 37. My first contact with God was in a second-coming dream. I shared with my Pastor for the first time just this week. When I told him he nearly froze then confided he had nearly the exact same dream at age 7, chose to ignore it then the same dream at age 22. He said he woke up accepted Jesus then entered the ministry. Continued.
---Linda3 on 12/26/05

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God said himself in the OT that he will pour out his spirit and the children will have visions and dreams. I had a vision of the book of Revelations on hell and it was really, really scary. It is sad that people will endure all that pain, and misery but they had a choice.
---Rebecca_D on 12/15/05

, i dreamed that i jokingly made thousands of invitations to hear me preach, and thousands showed up to hear. so i found my pastor and insisted that he do the preaching.
---steve on 12/15/05

Probably the best person to speak to is your pastor, as he knows you the best. If the dreams are correct, than he will know what to do.
---mike6553 on 12/15/05

God chose a donkey to speak through, so why not you? If your dream/vision lines up with His word, it is of Him...
---Lynn on 12/14/05

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but anyhow I had another personal dream a month later, then the 3rd & final dream so far a yr,Anyhow I was in this tower building & I was a woman in charge of some children while a meeting was going on (yes still in biblical times)& I looked up & Jesus was in a white robe then I follow him around the corner & looked outside the open window & see him below saying "follow me" .You need to pray & ask God if theses are from him, if so ,then thank him 4 them.
---candice on 12/13/05

Another 2dreams I had with Jesus in it were exacally 13months apart, in August 2003 I was in the time of our Lord, I think I "portrayed" a girl associated with the rich level. I was walking up some stone stairs & Jesus was down below in this garden area with his disciples saying ,"Yes I do exist, these are my disciples & I will see YOU in your own time." Well I was looking over a picture of the garden of Gethsemane & the walls behind it & it looked like that in my dream!
---candice on 12/13/05

pt2:& I gazed upon the heavens & I saw white clouds with a golden gate as an entrance with animals standing guard at the gate like soldiers at the Bukingham palace, at attention...but yet my family& I were safe with kaos gonig around. What it means i donot know. Did God let me "glimpse" at Heavens entrance? Who knows but the Lord God himself.
---candice on 12/13/05

I had a dream over a year ago that it was end of the world disasters. The sky was pitch black & fire & things looking like astroids falling onto the Earth, all people running. I then went into an empty store & hid with my husband & children under a table, but then I for some reason left & told them to stay put & I looked up in the heavens..count.
---candice on 12/13/05

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continued: no one else saw it and they all scoffed at me. then a huge earthqauke struck and i went outside it was day but now it is dark the moon was red stars were gone everyone was running around trying to hide in fear but i was not scared i told them to pray they said it is too late i felt peace and felt inside to look up so i did then i woke up sitting up in my bed.
---eliza4969 on 12/13/05

I have had dreams throughout my life that have came true and also dreams of the end times and in the past 3 years visions also. one dream in particular i remember very well,I was working at a hospital in the nursery,someone killed one of the babys and no knew who did it, but i knew another baby did it and i pointed at the baby who did it and said he did it he is the antichrist and as i looked at him he changed and grew to and adult before my eyes,
---eliza4969 on 12/13/05

It's awesome when God chooses someone for a special work.In your assembly there must be leadership that can help you discern what these things are and what to do with them. Obviously God gives information to build the body so it needs to be shared.Also, you ask God what to do and how. I'm sure He is able to instruct you personally and through others. Don't be disappointed if you receive opposition.It comes with the package.
---john on 12/13/05

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