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Are Community Colleges Good

My son recently received an Associate Degree at a local community college. We are so proud. He is the first in our family to get to go to college. My daughter will be going this Fall, but the high school teachers are telling her that community college is nothing. I disagree. Your thought?

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 ---Cana on 12/13/05
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I am in a Respiratory Care program right now at a community college. Community Colleges have lots of great Associate degree programs for healthcare fields, and also get freshman and sophomore years out of the way for less $$ if you plan on transfering to a University as a Junior. :-)
---Todd1 on 6/9/08

I have my RN degree from a Community College.
I was kinda of jealous of those going to Unversities. But, I only had the Pell Grant, no need for Student Loans. Now, I am glad. My friends in High School were paying their loans 5 to 6 years about they graduated. The classes are smaller, and the teacher notices if you skipped class.
Only about 10 people in 14 years has asked me which College I attended. Community college is great for basic classes. By the 3rd year, most have matured some.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

part 2: Just have your daughter to ask her teachers if they are satisfied with their teacher salaries, number of hours worked, etc..
This is going to be one of those endless argument questions.
---Fred_S. on 6/7/08

Congrats to your son! With the employment situations (USA) today, there is a great number of College grads can not find employment. Plus have a life time of tuition debt to pay back. Some are even going to C.C. to learn a trade just to find employment. Research shows a B.S. degree get a higher starting salary, but so does yrs. of experience does also. I know people who have doctors degrees and don't have since enough to get out of the rain, and people with H.S. diplomas with own business are doing great.
---Fred_S. on 8/17/07

a community college offers post secondary education for a faction of the cost. for many families this is a great thing. I went to a Jucco because I had to pay my own way I now have a masters degree. If her teacher is telling them that a CC is a bad thing then they should be fired, because the juco is actually part of the school system (the same ones that they work for) The only proble with jucco is you can't get a BS degree you have to transfer to a university for that.
---Jared on 11/12/06

The advantage of a Community College are many. Three of them are: One: they are in the community and tend to be more "people friendly", compared to a large college. Two: it cost less. Three: The student is going directly into his "major" area of study rather than spending two years studing topics that will probably never be used.
---WIVV on 3/28/06

No community colleges are a waste of time. If you are going for a specific trade, they are all right. Through not as vile a university's-they are infested with humanism, the destroyer is alive and well, waiting to pounce on you child. Evolution, homosexuality, on and on, all in college waiting for your child!
---Robert on 12/16/05

A comunity college is good in the long run with trade schools & all, though actual colleges does well, it is a tough competiotion, & I would rather have a trade & earn good money,then work all my years in a big college & not get a decent job because everyone else is getting it before me.
---Candice on 12/15/05

Community colleges are great opportunities for a lot of people. For some it is a way to learn a skill, like my brother who studied restaurant management and culinary arts. For others it is a stepping stone to 4 year colleges, like myself. I studied at a community college, and then went on and received a Bachelor of Science in Education. I now have a Masters in Social Work. As a teacher, I am shocked that a teacher would say such a thing.
---Madison on 12/14/05

It's funny a teacher would try to discourage a student about further education. What your daughter is doing is great, it will open all kinds of doors for her future. God bless.
---bethie on 12/14/05

That's awersome.I went to a community college and then tranfred to a 4 yr college. For your daughter Community college are good expecially if someone is not sure what they want to do. They are also cheaper and offer the same eduaction offered for freshmen and sophmores in 4 year college. It's better for your son to further his education though.
---becky on 12/13/05

A Community College degree is a wonderful start. When I attended they were known as Junior Colleges. My Associate in Science was in a technical area. I also earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree to make the Associate degree more credible. The Associate Degree is a good start, use it as a foundation to build you education on. The Associate degree information I used the most, but the Master Degree got me the professional positions to use the information from the other degree programs and the better salary.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/13/05

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