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Left Behind Book Series

I like the "Left Behind" series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Keeping in mind that we know it is Bible influenced FICTION, what do you think about the series?

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 ---mike on 12/13/05
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Good fiction. Bad Theology.
---Adam on 10/14/07

I saw the first movie based on the books and look forward to seeing some of the others (at least one may be two more are available last I heard). I find them entertaining, but definitely fiction.
---lorra8574 on 9/20/07

if you go to 'living hope in jesus' and look up javier solana its the real life version of the left behind series coming soon to your neighborhood
---Andrea on 9/20/07

I didn't like it all that well. I think it didn't show all the coas that will be here. It just barely skimmed the surface. If one wants to know how it really will be, try and visialize what it says in the book of Revelations. If one can like I have, it will scare you to no ends. (As my Pastor says, it will scare the hell out of you)
---Rebecca_D on 9/20/07

The books started out great, but begain fizzling out about the 7th or 8th book. I've also read a lot of the teen books in the series.

I've also watched 2 of the movies. I have a hard time with Kirk Cameron being a hard nosed journalist. But he did okay.
---grace3869 on 4/5/07

Melissa: "...the Left Behind books are based on the book of Revelation in the Bible." True, but the interpretation was from one man's interpretation - Cyrus I. Scofield (the author of The Scofield Reference Bible).
---Steveng on 4/5/07

The time has come when Christians/people will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lust and having itching ears to any sort of doctrine will heap themselves teachers of these false doctrines. They will turn away their ears from the truth and believe such gnostic stories and novels, such as the Left Behind, the DaVinci Code, and other books/stories/documentories. Stay away from such rubbish and keep your eyes and ears on the love of God and the soon-to-come Kingdom of God.
---Steveng on 4/5/07

I think they are nice stories but as far as accurate I seriously doubt it. they are based on one look at theology concerning the end. by no means is it the most widely held though, but it is pretty popular. Why because it says Christians will ultimately get out of persecution, the bible doesn't say that in fact it says the opposite.
---Jared on 4/5/07

I think LaHaye and Jenkins should look at history a little more. the second temple was built and destroyed already. built by Herod the Great destroyed in 70AD. We are reading into the bible if we believe that there will be a 3rd temple. Western Christians are too soft, that's why we look at the left behind series and think it's great because most of us don't want to face what people in China, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and other countries do for their faith.
---Jared on 4/5/07

I really liked the books, I thought they were all great. I loved the ones that describe the locust things, and the horses, my favorite though was the Glorious Appearing, where they finally got to see Jesus, I thought it was amazing. The movies are different though, I have all 3 but I didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much.
---bethie on 3/31/07

Lynn, I`m rather fascinated by the way you call one of the most ancient Christian beliefs a cult. Do be aware you could be coming close to offending the Holy Spirit, caling His teaching the teaching of Satan.
Saying that, epenpal me if you would like to to explain to me where I went wrong all these.
---mike6553 on 1/16/06

Lynn is probably right. The rapture could occur at any time but we are told that there will be signs indicating that event and we need to be prepared.
---lee on 12/14/05

The "Left Behind" series promotes the Rapture Cult doctrine..Warning..I believed in that until I studied the history of it..Now I am like Noah,Joseph,the ant,the wise virgins..I am prepared for these end times..not decieved..Make sure you will have oil (spiritual and physical) stored up
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/14/05

There are two more books, by the way, in the series. These two go back, before the rapture, and tell more about the early days of the characters before the rapture. They are called "The Rising" and "Regime". I have read the first one and really liked it too.
---mike on 12/14/05

Like other fictional books the Left Behind series has its strengths & weakness. Tim Lahaye for instance, in his books believes that the city of Babylon will be re-built but the scripture states that the city will never ever be re-built. These fictional books are not to be considered theological studies but simply something to be read and enjoyed like any other fictional work.
---lee on 12/13/05

Really enjoyed reading this series. It is a well written series that is equal in quality with most secular writings I've read.
---WIVV on 12/13/05

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I owe my new life in Christ to those books. I realize they are a fictionalized account of the end of times ... but it was the kick I needed. I believe God used those books to call to me when I needed Him most. I cannot say enough good things about them!
---Debbie on 12/13/05

Phil, the Left Behind books are based on the book of Revelation in the Bible. The authors wrote the books to give people a better or easier understanding of what will happen. My teens always had a hard time understanding Revelations, but when the Left Behind books came out, they read them and then had a better understanding, and it put the fear of not being close to God into them. They both actually rededicated their lives to Christ after reading the whole series!
---Melissa on 12/13/05

Maybe the series did just skim the surface, but there is no way to put into words the horror that will actually be here during the Great Tribulation. I thought it was an excellent series. So many people came to the Lord because of them. I think there will be one more book to come, and I'm waiting patiently for it.
---Ann5758 on 12/13/05

The Left Behind series is simply commercial exploitation of a false doctrinal concept, I consider the whole series as trash since it has no redeeming social value.

Tim LaHaye did write and outstanding book on the Christian background of the US founding Father's. Someone borrowed my only copy and never returned it so I can't give you the exact title. He made a whole lot more off the Left Behind series then he did off the other book.

Moderator - What part of the doctrine do you consider false (by the way I may be agreeing with you here)?
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/13/05

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