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Explain The Bible Code Theory

Do you believe the bible codes offer prove of the bible being the word of GOD?

Moderator - The Bible Code theory is a false doctrine.

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 ---mima on 12/13/05
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The Bible code theory is not false when used correctly. The Jews have known of it for centuries.
It should not be treated as a doctrine.
It should only be used by those who already have believed by hearing God's word alone. The codes are a secondary way of confirming what the surface scriptures already say.

The Bible codes should not be used to attempt to convince non-believers. The codes are not intended to be the source of one's faith in God.
---Ianns on 11/30/19

StrongAxe, that makes sense.
---Loony1 on 10/17/17


There is nothing in the Bible that explicitly says that secret messages are encoded there and can be deciphered by using "bible codes". People have been able to pull many interesting messages out of the Bible, some of which turned out to be true, and some of which didn't. Given enough time, one could probably pull anything one wanted out of the Bible, or even any other text or even a collection of random letters. Look at any of those word puzzles where you look for words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You will usually find additional words that aren't intended to be there, but just happen to be there randomly.
---StrongAxe on 10/17/17

My question would be, where in scripture does it say that scripture is coded?
---Loony1 on 10/16/17

I do not know enough about it, though it does sound interesting. Like the shrod of Jesus is interesting and where sits the ark is interesting and where is the Ark of the covenant are all interesting. I have not learned to count in Hebrew. Each letter of Hebrew is to have a numerical value. It will be interesting if it is true. But I am not the one to say.
---mike4879 on 2/10/17

I believe it is like turning the ToRaH into a great big ouija bord and letting the enemy have his way
---Jim on 1/31/16

There are false prophets using bible codes as a divination tool.

After you read a few, it's highly apparent that they are speaking with demons and doing the devil's work.

Anyone they dislike, the devil helps them pull up every false prophecy or false word that confirms their own hatred or dislike for anyone they can think of.

Then you'll see them place their own name into the bible code and lo and behold, every glowing word about themselves comes up. One woman in particular has pulled up a bible code against the Apostle Paul. She is totally convinced she is a prophetic voice speaking from the wilderness, giving everyone the gospel truth, but it is demonic.
---Donna on 7/5/08

False bible code prophecies. The devil uses their mind, personal dislikes to deceive them as speaking truth. They are speaking lies, using the bible as a divination tool. What's coming through their mind is directly opposed to scripture and demonic. Bible codes used a bewitching tool, divination rod is one of the biggest deceptions in the new age pseudo Christianity cults. Witchcraft uses objects to come by their false truths.

Holy Spirit of God, you don't have to use anything to hear from bible codes, no paranormal recording devices or cameras.
Stay away from bible codes, the devil is deceiving minds with them. It is no different than a seance. They are calling on demons and too deceived to know it.
---Donna on 7/5/08

Moderator, I have wanted to leave these blogs because of the mixture of new age witchcraft that is being pushed on these blogs in a subtle but obvious way.

What's odd, after being here over the years, I can recognize them on other sites. Same people, same words, stronger language, but the deception is always the same. I also know that God keeps you steps ahead of them for the Gospel's sake.

They want glory, to be recognised, very needy for attention, want others to follow them at any cost. It's not worth the price on a soul. I pray that you, Moderator, will always be ahead of them, keeping this site as a place of learning - and making Christians stronger to see truth from lies.
---Donna on 7/5/08

I believe there is a code there. I don't think we know what it is. I surely don't think you can make predictions using the code. We simply don't know enough. I also don't think God would only speak to us in church or through one literary source. He spoke to Moses from a bush and to Daniel in dreams. Let's don't limit God and let's explore this wonderful gift he has revealed to us.
---Rick on 10/3/07

If the bible code is true, then it is true. Who are we to say what God can or cannot do? If He chose to embed future events in the Bible, then He did.

You guys are making the mistake of substituting your "feelings" for summary judgments without looking at the evidences. But truth does'nt depend on how you "feel".

Sure the Bible doesn't need codes to "prove" itself; but it doesn't follow from that that the code "must" therefore be untrue.
---E on 6/29/06

If we hopped, skipped and jumped through the Bible as these people did with the "Bible Code" no telling what we could invent. It's all hogwash.
---Nellah on 12/29/05

The Bible code theory is exactly that, a theory, just like evolution theories are. A false doctrine as the moderator quoted. Interesting to hear but why waste your time on something that will not help you. The Bible reveals itself to the believer. How can a theory reveal that the word of God is true if the code is a theory?
---Lupe2618 on 12/14/05

While we run around trying to get "The Bible Code" to prove the Word of God if we took the same time to read the Bible it would prove its self. If this code could prove the Word then it would be higher than the Word. People will swallow a Camel and choke on a knat.
---Elder on 12/14/05

Ditto Moderator.
---Leon on 12/14/05

The Bible has been proved to be the Word of God long before this silliness. History proved it long ago, and His power in the Christian heart continues to prove it today.
---jerry6593 on 12/14/05

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Let me ask it sligtly differently: why is it a false doctrine? Doesn't it lead people to read the Bible and salvation? It is false prophecy, based on Deut. 13:1-8, if something is predicted and it comes true, but leads you away from the true God, then it is false. I`m told that all sorts of unimportant things are predicted, unimportant as they are only found after the event. It places mans eyes on the false, and away from true prophecy.

Moderator - The false Bible Code theory says anything you want it to. It predicts nothing. Just go look up the theory.
---mike6553 on 12/14/05

I bought a Bible Code product and tested it, I is purely mechanical searching techniques via software. You can put in a series of terms and make it search until it find them or trap out counter overflow. The terms can be Biblical or Profane it does not make any difference. A lot of the English to Hebrew tools are wanting, Lack of famous proper names and places; multi-word locations are a big problem. It is a novelty software and nothing more than that.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/13/05

I agree with the Moderator, it is a false doctrine.
---Rev_Herb on 12/13/05

Faith does not have or need proof. Hebrews 11:1
Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Romans 10:17
We are saved by Grace. Ephesians 2:5,8
We are justified by faith. Romans 5:1,9 Titus 3:7
Our salvation is a gift that we receive by faith in Jesus and his death on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.
There is no reason to prove it. We know it in our hearts, and it is written in scripture.
---Ulrika on 12/13/05

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