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What Does Repenting Mean

If repenting means to stop doing what you are doing--- consider GENESIS 6:6 where the LORD was repented that He had made man, but interestingly He did not stop making men. comments

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 ---m_ima on 12/16/05
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God didn't repent for a sin. He is sinless. He simply says He was sorry for making man because man is so sinful. God knew what was going to happen before it happened. Still does.
---shira on 5/6/07

to repent means to CONFESS from your heart, thru your mouth that you are a sinner lost on your way to hell--and FORSAKE those sins--ask forgiveness, TURN from the worldly direction you were walking , and LIVE for the Lord the rest of your life. that's repentance
---r.w. on 7/3/06

Repent has more than one meaning. It comes from the word "turn", and it usually means to "return" to righteousness; to "righten" or "get right" with God. It not only means to mend, amend, or correct, but it often carries the meaning of "abase", and "regret". Thus Genesis 6:6 would accurately read, "YHWH regretted that he had made man upon the earth, and sorrowed in his heart."
---Eloy on 3/17/06

People pray to Mary an Jesus say's He will not share his glory with any other . He is a jealous God. we or not supose to pray to any one but Jesus Also we only confess our sin's to jesus not a priest
---Betty on 3/16/06

I think the answer is not in a dictionary, though I use both Youngs, strongs and Vines, but to look at David.
He murdered, commited adultery and thought he had go away with it. Patting himself on the back for what a good guy he was. He lost his sons, nearly lost the kingdom and worst nerly lost God. He got on his face and weeped and asked God to forgive him. Yes he was praying for his son, but he was also praying to return to God. The best demonstration of repentance is Psalm 51.
---mike6553 on 12/20/05

To figure out what is really going on word usage look up the OT and NT Strong's definitions of the term, see how they differ. Then look up all usage of the strong number for OT Hebrew and NT Greek and pay attention to the different English rendering the translators used for the same Hebrew or Greek term. Then look at the usage if the word in the verse to see which of the possible usages is applicable. In general, the defination is locked to the Hebrew or Greek meaning and you can't cross languages.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/19/05

Repent is another word that changes definations between Old Testament usage and New Testament. Use Strong's or a better Biblical language lexcons can help you in your English rendering textual interpitation. The old testament usage is to have regret, remorse, or to comfort.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/19/05

Thanks Steve. Moderator::Seems you got your wires crossed now we are all lost!woe is me.I am sure with your ability , you can reposition the errant blog,shouldnt be too hard its all about the BVM
---Emcee on 12/16/05

,....emcee, i think your comment is posted on the wrong blog. this one is about repentance.
---steve on 12/16/05

Mema::Why do Christians get upset or offended at the practices of Catholics who invoke the name of The Virgin Mother!!Is it wrong to reiterate the words in the scriptures Luke1:v27-28---she was after all the only WOMAN in the whole of Christendom to be greeted In this way because she was FULL OF GRACE she was favoured in Gods eyes!!.
---Emcee on 12/16/05

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