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Do Miracles Happen Today

Do you know of any miracles happening today?

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 ---mima on 12/18/05
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Hebrews 13 v 8, Malachi 3 v6. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the same miraculous God.
---pkay on 11/22/07

BELIEVER what a wonderful attitude you have. Such faith is aprreciated because it is very contagious. God bless. =)
---Matthew on 4/21/07

Kelley the perfect in that passage is Jesus Christ. His second coming. The interpretation that it is the finished work of the Bible holds no water because the rest of scripture can't compliment it. No where else in the Bible is the finished work of the Bible even talked about. But God, Jesus,and the kingdom being called perfect is repeated throughout scripture. I suggest you stop listening to whatever teacher taught you that. It is not a teaching of the Holy Spirit.
---Matthew on 4/21/07

Yes! God still works miracles!
I was born with a miracle, after doctors told
my mother she should not have any more children, or she would die!

I was born 4 mo. premature, with acute bronical pneuomonia and weighed 4 1/2 lbs!

My uncle place a small blue Geddion Testiment
on my body and prayed the "Prayer Of Faith!"

He said; "By the Healing Power of Jesus Christ, this child shall live ... and not die... to declare the works of the Lord!"
---BUFORD on 4/20/07

God reveals Himself through miracles ALL THE TIME. Seen a sunrise lately? A new born baby? Felt LOVE or seen it in action? You've seen a miracle! Been sick or hurt and recovered? Those and countles more are miracles we enjoy all the time and never give thought to their creator. We should praise the LORD as long as we can draw breath for HIS on going miracles every day. The fact that you can think and communicate is a miracle....NO?? It's nothing man can do for himself. PTL
---BELIEVER on 4/2/07

I Cor. 13:8-10 says ... "But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part will be done away." That which is perfect is God's written word. We have everything we need for life and godliness in His word (II Peter 1:3). The gifts were to confirm that Jesus was the Son of God. Don't confuse providence and answered prayer for miracles.
---kelley on 3/3/06

I've been sober 20 years. Only a miracle could have saved a drunk like me.
---Wendy on 1/1/06

Susan I have survived cancer! 8 years now. God told me that I wasn't going anywhere til He called my name. That settled it. I am cancer free. Praise His holy name!
---debba7755 on 12/31/05

my personal belief that there are many instances of miracles but we do not deem them as a miracle due to the times we live in---A baby born 3 months premature and is alive with no health problems--miracle--30-40 years ago, this baby died--miracle--God gave the dr's and all the knowledge it takes to keep this baby alive--still a miracle== look for the miracles and you will see them.
---dollie on 12/29/05

Though some would be raised from the dead some would still not believe. Mark 16:17 says miracles will follow anyone who believes.I see them on a regular basis. Including a very severe case of terminal liver cancer.Completely gone without treatment.Miracles are not only on T.V.They should be wherever believers are.
---john on 12/28/05

I can hear today because of prayer. Six surgeries didn't fix my ears, but God did fix my left ear. Shall I continue?
---Nellah on 12/28/05

well put it this way i hear about miracles all the time,and supposedly on TV, BUT i have yet to see anyone servive cancer!
---susanna on 12/28/05

When my granddaughter Cherokee was 2yrs. she drowned in our goose pond..We found her floating..The spirit of life was commanded to return in Jesus name and did..Both her mom and me received a vision the next day of a white robbed person (Jesus) picking her up and turning her around and sending her back to us. Miracles do happen!!!
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/21/05

I am a miracle.............made by God
---karin on 12/19/05

My cousin was ridden with cancer, many tumors in her abdomen. Her sister went to a tent revival in her place, they prayed and all traces of cancer were gone. No treatments needed. I think miracles happen each and every day and are all around us.
---wenda7494 on 12/19/05

I was dead in my sins, and now I am a new creation in Christ, I see that as a miracle. Also my dad's hands were crippled all curled up with arthritis, he went to a men's meeting at church where the men prayed for his hands, and his hands are as good as new now, even the callouses are gone! Praise God!
---bethie on 12/19/05

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BELIEVER, Please don't take this the wrong way. Those things that you mentioned are wonderful things and I thank God everyday for His Grace that He bestows on all of us. Praise Him for that! The things you mentioned are not miracles though. Everything is not a miracle or else the word miracle would have no meaning. I believe what the poster meant was something out of the ordinary, an anomaly for example. My wife received a miracle at a healing meeting and she was instanly healed of very bad knees!
---Peter on 12/18/05

My sister was in the hospital for a minor precedure and her heart quit beating. As a result,she has an artificial valve now. If she had been home, she would have died. Last year I had an ex-ray for my chest and they found a tumor on my thyroid. To me, that is a miracle. I may have lost my voice temporarily, but they took out the tumor and had 5 radiation pills. Thank the Lord for miracles.
---shira_5965 on 12/18/05

most people do not recognize a miracle when they see one. For instance, my brother has never gotten strangled in his life, but about 2 years ago he got strangled, went to the emergency room and they found cancer in his stomach. He is well today. There is more:
---shira on 12/18/05

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