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What Did You Give Jesus

Did you remember Jesus on his B-day what gifts did you give Him? Not only did we have church on Christmas, we wrapped letters of love and whatever else we wanted to give Him for his birthday each person wrapped a box with a letter to him I gave love, praise, honor, myself, worship, thanks, etc?

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 ---andre9789 on 12/27/05
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My family doesn't celebrate a tradition not related to Jesus with Pagan orgins. However we did go to my husbands paretns house & they celebrated christmas because we think family gatherings are important always, year long. Jesus was born in later Sept or early Oct. Yes his birth was a joyious occassion, but never again celebrated biblically, but for those wanting to celebrate & give gifts, he doesn't need matireal things count..
---Candice on 3/22/08

Martin I'm so sorry, but you can celebrate that she is not gone she is waiting for you. My heart goes out to the people I know in your shoes, I tell my husband when its my time don't worry I really want to go to be with Jesus. This world offers me nothing. Although like Paul I have work to do and I count that all joy.
---Andrea on 8/6/07

My wife died of complications from an auto accident. In the emergency room I gave her to Jesus. It was the hardest thing I have ever did. I so wanted to be selfish and beg God to let her live, but I had to be realistic and let her go to her Lord and Savior. That's where she always wanted to be.
---Martin on 8/6/07

My Mother's Sunday School class had a Jesus Birthday beautifully decorated cake at their group. I thought that was so sweet,
---Virginia on 2/9/07

Martin,I understand,I really do.I gave up my kids and a career.It was really hard but I learned so much and after six years of real hardship,the promise of double return is realizing and it is great!God promised He will not leave nor desert us.Thanks that I can know I am not the only one who was called upon to sacrifice all that I held dear.God bless you.
---Martin on 2/3/07

We can celebrate M.L.Kings birthday and all these other guys that were important in history why because their b-day had an exact date I don't think it is lying to say Happy Birthday Jesus we don't know for sure what day you are born so this could be late early or even on time and so I want to say Happy Birthday I want to give you the gift of myself of honor and worhip. I know now Christmas is gone but I want to say it is Dec. 28, 2005 and I am saying Happy Birthday again no offense to anyone.
---andre9789 on 12/28/05

Martin I am sorry to hear about your wife truly I know God will bless you for your unselfishness. Candice and all others we know December 25 is not his real B-day but we honor everyone elses b-days give gifts etc but why is it such a bad thing just to choose a day to celebrate as his b-day he is the most important of all time...
---andre9789 on 12/28/05

What we do for others we do for Him. He needs no material things but we give to Him when we give to those in need. I don't mean our families (unless they are in great need) but those who have no-one else to help them or provide for them. We should not just do this at Christmas though, it should be a year-long activity.
---M.P. on 12/28/05

We sang happy birthday to Jesus, and gave him thank offerings.
---Eloy on 12/27/05

My whole life (body,mind,soul) to be used for HIS GLORY!
Christ Jesus is my LORD,SAVIOR,AND KING. i'VE GIVEN GOD MY ALL,BECAUSE HE GAVE HIS ALL! All I just want hear is "WELL DONE MY SERVANT ..WELL DONE MY CHILD" (loosely paraphrased)those words of GOD will make all the pain,all the hurt and all the brokenness,that the devil has used to nearly take my life and the lives of my family,WORTH IT
---willow on 12/27/05

pt2: What Jesus will accept daily is sacred service to his father. Sorry to seem like a down person, but it is not directly stated the exact day in the bible, I thank him every day for his ministry & his sacrifice & I remember him on Passover . Why celebrate a birthday first, not even on the real date?, why lie to God & act like it's ok because of some former past churches introducuing the holiday?...
---candice on 12/27/05

I remember Jesus B-Day, everyday, for He gave me my new birth day.
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/27/05

Whatever I do for the Lord could not compare to what he has done for me.Isaiah 64:6
It is between me and the Lord what I do for him and give to him. Matthew 6:-4
That said, we can show love to God by loving others Matthew 5:44-47 \ 1John 4:11,12 \ 1John 4:20,21
telling people about Jesus and how to be saved
praying for other's needs
giving to those in need
giving of our time etc...
and worshipping God.
---Ulrika on 12/27/05

Martin, I am sorry for your loss. It must not be easy by any means, regardless of what your intentions. May the Lord comfort you and give you His strength and grace.
As far as the question, I did not give Jesus any new or special gift this year. No sacrifice. We are poor and I lost my job and I am not in the best of health. I did give Jesus one thing though, I gave him my obedience.
---someone on 12/27/05

Martin, I am sorry for your loss. It was unselfish of you to let God's will be done. May the Lord comfort you. In Christ's love, Ulrika
---Ulrika on 12/27/05

We didn't give God material things. What we give was things that He wants and has imparted into us but see love, worship, honor are not materialistic things but of the spiritual realm see so many times people forget that it is Christ's birthday and they give everyone but Christ a gift even if it is but love.
---andre9789 on 12/27/05

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