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Holman Christian Standard Bible

I'm looking at the Holman Christian Standard Bible and thinking about purchasing it. Any insight or knowledge on this particular Bible?

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 ---Cathy_Y on 12/27/05
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I really enjoy the Holman Christian Standard Bible. I especially enjoy there Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bibles.
---Nicholas on 4/16/07

The Holman Christian Standard is an 'essentially literal' transltation. This means that the test is overall literal to the word level, but there is intermittent paraphrasing where the translators feel the original languages cannot be directly translated clearly. It is somewhere between the NASB, KJV, and NKJV on the literal side, and the NIV and NLT on the paraphrase side. It is pretty much like the ESV. It uses gender neutral language though.
---Jon on 12/31/06

the hcsb is a perverted new age bible . the KJV is the word of God for the English speaking people. go to a search engine, type in 'compare niv vs. KJV' -take those verses and look at the holman. you'll be suprised. Isa 7:14, 14:12 rev 1:11 matt 6 Lord's prayer
---R.W. on 11/5/06

, the holman version is a word-for-word translation like the NASB, but the holman paraphrases certain parts. everyone thinks their own version is the only good one, but i recommend using several translations.
---steve on 12/29/05

Praise the Lord for Len Bedford. You are a person I can with whom I can relate. Thank You.
---shira on 12/28/05

Lynn I'm sure many here will agree with you but why do you say that the A.V. is the only version not corrupted? Have you simply been told this, or are you a scholar understanding Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic perfectly? It's good to know just who knows what here then we know who to ask when we need knowledge.
---M.P. on 12/28/05

Maybe I am wrong but is not the Holman Bible sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention as they found they could not control the people that wrote the NIV and TNIV - the latter being an attempt at a gender free translation?
---lee on 12/28/05

The Authorised King James Version is the only version not corrupted..Study the history of other bibles and you will see..Study to show thyself approved.
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/28/05

It's suppose to be the most acurate, and latest translation available. I have a copy but just got it - have not read it. All of the Christian reviews I've read approve of it.
---WIVV on 12/28/05

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