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Why Do I Get Mad Easily

I used to be easy going if I got mad it took a lot to make me mad and it only took seconds to get over it. People have used me because of this and now when I get mad it doesn't take much to make me that way and it takes a while for me to get over it. It is like I burn inside. What is wrong with me?

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 ---andre9789 on 12/28/05
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Be careful and do not walk in the flesh. You grow and it hurts like the dickens, when you work with God to learn how to control your passions, your mouth, your feelings, and your thoughts. The hardest work that you will ever do.. And get ahold of this: God will use all types of people to help Him always for His glory. But man it hurts because the flesh is dieing and dieing to have its way. Go on and die, your spirit lives on.
---catherine on 9/26/07

Andre, everyone has a "breaking point" so to speak. We are christians, God's people, but not doormats to be walked all over. God may also be trying to teach you something through this as well, by the Holy Spirit revealing this to you. Maybe someone has hurt you and you may need to forgive that person. I would definitely Pray to God about this, and ask Him to search your heart and reveal to you anything that may not be Glorifying Him nor pleasing Him.
---Cynthia on 9/25/07

nothing is wrong with you. you have hurt in you and other things that God is tring to expose so He can use you. In order for God to Fill you up With all Goodness. You have surpressed things. Just take it to God to the Holy of Holies
---denise on 9/25/07

I have used Theophostic prayer ministry to help me with my anger and the lord has released me from a lot of it and is still working on me in sessions of it.
---Max on 9/21/07

davidg8831,people know your hot buttons.what is it you anger fast sayd in bible a merry hreat doeth good like a medicine.i have never had a bad outcome from prayer about wisdom and restraint in tough times.this served me all through college.romans covers the love thing.maybe you need a new group of peoplw whom act mroe god like in their daily lives.hang in there.
---dave_gustafson on 9/21/07

Well, you can preach love all you want. It takes Jesus Christ to bring you around. How does He do this, only God knows. So many people walk around with a Jesus type smile on their faces and would allow you to starve to death. We need to show something instead of looking like something.
---catherine on 9/21/07

If you continue this behavior you will be a candidate for all sort of illnesses. Heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers to name a few. Migraine headaches. Your emotions are out of control. You do not have to let people use you and still not get angry. Maintain your emotions and speak up and out for yourself. Don't anger so quickly. People who anger quickly are usually controlling and aggressive. Slow down. Learn to pray when you feel yourself becoming angry.Seek help also.
---Robyn on 9/21/07

Bill, I believe I know what you are saying. I sometimes think about surpressing anger. And what some professionals teach about it. But if you stay in the spirit and not get into the flesh then I am okey and healther mentally yes physically yes. God's way yes.. If only the world shrinks could understand this.
---catherine on 9/5/07

In college psychology, we were told if you suppress and hold in anger, this can build up so you have health problems. But if anger is of a wrong spirit, I also should not express what is wrong to others, plus the wrong spirit can spread to effect others (consider Ephesians 2:2). But we can express wrong anger, by flushing that filth...trusting God to take it to the flaming sewer which burns with fire and brimstone...and be filled with His refreshing living and loving water (John 7:37-39).
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/5/07

The less said the better so be it.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

It sounds to me like you have developed a root of bitterness against those who "used" you. Also,sometimes a quick temper can be a sign of stress or depression. If you are over worked, you may want to reduce some of your stressors. Otherwise,you need to fast and pray to God re the bitterness and that he would heal you from it as He shows it to you. Professional Christian counseling might help.
---jody_martin on 9/4/07

Emcee a day in the fire of the Lord is better then 10000 in the praises of man.

Open your heart WIDE let all His light come in - salvation and grace to you.

Not just to the Catholics MC to all who call upon the Name above all names.
---Andrea on 9/4/07

Andre:oops sorry.but the same anology applies Our final goal is to score. What God wants of you is already destined so figure what he wants.You are still being burnished in the fire of His love HIS WAY.Even with God "There is a place for everything & everything in its place."You remind me of some one who is close to me, strange & with your name to."
---Emcee on 9/4/07

well as long as I'm in the middle of this blog.
If your having problems releasing your anger appropriately - it maybe bc your not releasing your anger at the moment. Venting is what people do bc they didn't deal with the real issue.
You can deal with everyday issues, but you cannot deal with a lifetime of issues in a day.
I choose to ACT not REACT
be blessed
---Andrea on 9/4/07

Catherine::Is it not true that there are many who by faith & grace claim to be saved yet are ready to emit a volley of Invective bullets.So it would seem it takes endeavour of discipline and practiceto attain this perfection.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

Emcee - andre is not me.
---Andrea on 9/3/07

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We all know what you are talking about. However, when you are saved I believe the moment that you are saved some of that should vanish. I am here to tell you that it takes the power of God working in you to learn to control your passion, in a very great degree. Without the education you can not serve God. Also, you can not change yourself. You do have a deep desire to change but only God can do this work. Be patient with yourself and be patient with GOD.
---catherine on 9/3/07

Andrea:: Do you really want to Know?Your resistance which Produced anger at the drop of a pin is being Tempered in the fires of His Divine love .He is saying you are wasting your time doing what you are doing.Do what I WANT YOU TO DO.Curb your emotions & employ my Command "LOVE as I do." Follow ME not what you seek.
---Emcee on 9/2/07

Andrea, for a while I lived with my mother. She could perfectly mess with things I liked and get me enraged, as proof I was not the emotionally sound and stable Christian of God's love, who I postured myself to be. So, God had arranged some resistance against my pride, to expose me. Then I'd pray and let go of those things, and become more and more pleasant as my natural reaction to her messing and how she illegitimated me, too. It was fun to have resilience to react first with joy and pleasantness.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/1/07

If anyone can get your goat,
you need to get that goat
. . . . OUT of you
so no one can get it ((O:]
and get the Lamb of God
in there, instead.

"I am gentle and lowly in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls."
(in Matthew 11:29)

"swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath" (in James 1:19)
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/1/07

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crystal bob persuasion - I don't know this andre - is that what has you confused?

I'm Andrea - female
Andre is what you get when CN gives you a name in the penpals.

leave me alone your a pest - like my chihuahua

stop biting my feet you little pest you.....hahahahaha her names Paris.
---Andrea on 9/1/07

Andrea, you need counseling and possibly medical attention.
We can't read all of your minds, and a proper diagnosis cannot be written in 85 words or less.
But this is a strange situation and not appropriate for this forum.
We are not counselors and apparently you all need one. (pastorial)
---Crystal on 8/29/07

Let it go. Forgive, move on. Give Thanks and Praise God for freeing you and making you a new creation through Christ.
---Paul on 8/29/07

I understand your pain. You where a very caring person and people kept stepping on your heart. You can be that same person but just don't be too nice. I am the same way. I learned to just relax and pray and continue to be nice but not to worry so much about others, more about myself. Hope this helps.
---latoya on 10/30/06

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is great to forgive everyone who had done something wronge to you and it is a big mile stone. but besides god you also need to take him with you to find that people to help you with the rest of it.
---theresa on 4/12/06

I have to say that reading some the the replys to this is very disturbing. I cannot become a christian if.... "We get what we deserve. and only look to go." Well didn't God put people on this planet to help us uncover our life diffeculties?? I had anger management issues. I found people to help me throught it and what was causing my anger problems that was slowly ruining me.
---Theresa on 4/12/06

andre, Purely and simply it is sin. Sin is what's wrong with all of us. That's why Jesus had to go to the cross. Anytime we burn with or hold onto anger because of some injustice done to us, we demonstrate our lack of understanding for what Jesus did for us on the cross. We deserve every rotten thing that has or ever could happen to us. He, the ONLY innocent, took what we deserved upon himself. If we underdstand that and are grateful, then "burning" anger cannot remain.
---daphn8897 on 1/25/06

i was the one who always would get so angry so quickly-but i no longer "fly off the handle"--takes alot now--PRAISE GOD for this--let go of the anger-forgive those who hurt you whether they ask you or not--see you are the one who is being hurt by them-let God heal your hurt/pain. you might try reading a book--temper your temperment--tim lahey-- excellent book--cites scriptures,etc that helped me overcome my anger--through Christ you can overcome. will pray for you.
---dollie on 12/29/05

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I think it's fairly common for many of us to experience a change in temperament as we start to get older. I've noticed that I have mellowed out alot over the years (Praise God!) but my sister-in-law complains because she feels she's "grumpier" than she used to be. Take this concern to the Lord, ask Him for a strategy to overcome. You have the victory in Him ... He'll show you what to do!
---DoryLory on 12/29/05

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