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My Son Is Cutting His Arms

My 15 year old son is in counseling & takes medication for depression. He has been Baker acted twice. Why does he keep cutting his arms with knives? He's been brought up in a Christian home. I know he's rebelling. What else can I do but love him & pray for deliverence?

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 ---Marie on 12/29/05
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People who cut do not have "demons that come at them and cause them to cut themselves." I have cut myself before, and I still do, though very rarely. Very likely your son is experiencing serious emotional pain. Sometimes the only way I knew how to ease my pain was to cause myself physical pain. I think that counseling would help a lot. He probably just needs someone trustworthy to talk to, someone who won't tell him to "rebuke the demons!" and who won't "lay hands on him." What you all are saying is making me sick. You're treating him like a freak. And if he says he's not a Christian? So what. Let him be an atheist or agnostic or whatever. It's HIS choice. You can't control what he wants to believe.
---Baily on 8/16/11

what is evident is your son is in depression.this is the reason why he wants to end up his life-he lost the drive to live.what could be helpful is to always accompany him and never leave him all by himself.keep sharp objects away from him and anything that can be used for suicide purpose such as wires,glass,kitchen utensils etc..diversional activities may help too..and most importantly ..pray and asked God's mercy..
---mj on 4/4/11

My son is 14 and has been doing this as well. He also has some OCD issues, the medicines and counseling are obviously not the only answer. It seems like when he isn't able to get his way he cuts. We've been dealing with this for 6 months. I have read the responses others have wrote and I've finally found some answers of what I need to do. I am going to do what some have suggested. The enemy WILL NOT take over my sons life, I am going to fight for him with all I have with the strength of God. Please pray for deliverance and strength for my son, for me and my family.
---Mary on 4/4/11

Richard, I'm sorry you feel that way about the Lord. :( That's really sad. But there's one thing you are right about: this boy needs serious counseling indeed. So true. Anyway, one day "every knee shall bow"--2 of those knees being yours.
---Mary on 1/7/11

A very sad post. A mothers heartbreak to see anything bad happen to her children. We want to make it all better, for them. When we can't, it cuts into our hearts,deeply. Please continue to show love to your son,above all. Perhaps the rules may be too strict in your home. This is a 15 year old kid. Does he have other friends his age to identify with? How are his grades in school? Is he involved with your church? Continue with the counseling(christian). This is a hard place to be in. Having kids and dealing with their problems is a tough job. Don't give up on your son because God did not give up on you. GBU
---Robyn on 1/7/11

God won't help your son to stop cutting. The counselling is the only thing that can help him.

Praying to a silly man in your imagination just shows your neglect for your child, who clearly needs as much help as he can get at the moment. Stop trusting a fictional being to help your son and help him yourself.
---Richard on 1/6/11

It is good that you have a Christian home. Still, people can have spirits of devils that come at them and cause them to cut themselves. I know a young lady that did.
The word of God says that the Lord cast them out with his word.
Like the woman I know, it is prayer, church attendance with sermons anointed of God and going down in a prayer line with an anointed man of God that can bring total deliverance.
Keep praying for him to stop this rebellion as a rebellious spirit opens the door to the devil.
The young lady I know is totally healed and free of these spirits.
May God bless.
---Frank on 9/25/10

\\hi my name is carrie i am a cutter to if he cut his arm again call scip on him thaty what my mom does all the time i know you dont want to see him kill himself why does he cut i cut cause i was abuse and i also suffer from drepresstion
---carrie on 9/24/10\\

carrie, how does cutting yourself help your depression or erase your abusive past?

And what is "scip"? How will scip help things? Who is he?
---Cluny on 9/24/10

hi my name is carrie i am a cutter to if he cut his arm again call scip on him thaty what my mom does all the time i know you dont want to see him kill himself why does he cut i cut cause i was abuse and i also suffer from drepresstion
---carrie on 9/24/10

What is Baker acted?

Cutting is a symptom of severe depression and anger. He has to learn to express his emotions in a healthy way, hopefully he is getting that in his therapy. Cutters hurt themselves when in emotional distress. He needs to feel safe expressing himself appropriately. I suggest family therapy.
---Madison on 12/8/07

Tyler - The day will come when you will need God. I hope and pray that then you will call out to Jesus to save you. Bless you. He loves you so much.
---Helen_5378 on 3/16/07

Thank God for a Christian home. Tyler, God won't kiss your butt, in due time when you need him the most, you will be the one who will be kissing up to him.
---Rebecca_D on 3/15/07

the problem is that it is a Christian home and I hate god he can kiss my but.
---tyler on 3/15/07

At 15 things around us are so confusing. We have so many influences from T.V. to friends. I believe you should pray over him and anoint him when he's not aware. Claim the blood of Jesus over him and rebuke the enemy of his soul everyday.
---Yolanda on 3/7/07

I said a prayer for your 15 year old son. I prayed for him to accept Jesus as saviour and I prayed in Jesus name and upheld him by the Blood of the Lamb.

Let me know what takes place.

---Lloyd_Jones on 3/7/07

i can tell you from past experience that he is in emotional pain. my best-friend was killed when i was 15. i took a razor blade and cut on my arms, i didn't tell anyone and i didn't want to kill myself. something about the physical pain made the emotional part bearable. i didn't learn until years later that it is a way of distracting oneself.please-find out what's bothering him, do you suspect sexual abuse? as a survivor, it's more common than what most people think. god bless your son. kimberlynn9864
---kimberlynn on 3/7/07

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I am glad your son is in counseling. I hope he is seeing a Christian counselor. Not having a degree in psychology (or anything else), I am at a loss as to his self-mulitation. I wonder if he is seeking attention. Perhaps has poor ego strengths and low self-esteem. I will pray for him. ella9959
---ella on 3/7/07

After reading this closer I noticed this is from 2005, that is o.k I am sure it is applicable to someone out there.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/7/07

I do not know what Baker acted means, so I can not help you there, but your son has been delving into the occult in one form or another, even maybie innocently. Last night I watched Benny Hynns, Friday program through the tv archives,OF THE INTERNET. You must watch x-witch Carol Coronake, I cried, she cut herself too, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ANSWERS AS YOU WATCH HER.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/7/07

he cuts himself because he feels like noone cares.(at least when I was 15 i cut myself) or he is under stress
---Alexa on 3/7/07

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I starting pulling my hair out,skin off legs and hands, when mom died of breast cancer. I wasn't being rebellious. trust me somthing is bothering your son, he just can't tell anyone yet.
---asha on 12/5/06

I will be praying for your son. My daughter is very depressed right now because she is being taunted by her peers. Yesterday she started crying and said she hated herself and she had clawed up her arms and squeazed herself until she bruised. She is spirit filled and very faithful, but the enemy wants to take our children. If he can't get us to stumble he goes for our children. There is no pain like that of a mother for her child. I feel your pain, I will be praying with you! I claim Victory in Jesus name.
---Michelle on 12/5/06

You are doing the right thing.Friend of mine now in severe depression was brought to Mental hospital.A believer but cant cope up problems.There are two parts of the brain if one see that depression is getting in, one can use the other part of the brain by thinking positive things. Like a beautiful vision of a heaven and use one's creative mind. It helps and of course rely on God's complete deliverance. .
---ana8864 on 12/5/06

Keep doing what your doing you have touched the mental aspect/emotional aspect- now hit it hard spiritual aspect. Go to a Bible believing church. Anoint his room, house,every wall & window. Watch what is on TV, his friends,computer, symbols, music. Surround him w/positive Christian people & music, open Bibles. Have the head of the home who is Christian anoint him bind any evil take authority, anoint his cuts, show him love,Love him to death.
---Jeanne on 12/4/06

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have you as a family entered into counseling together? Family theropy is one of the newer forms of treatment,but has some very good results. Because people aren't individuals, they are members of communities. and their actions affect the others in the community as well. Most cutting is done because of deep emotional pain, and sometimes it can only be helped if the entire family works together.
---Jared on 12/4/06

Even Christians can be oppressed by bad things. I love the Lord but still get oppressed by fear and depression sometimes and even self-abuse.
---Missy on 12/3/06

I will probably be blasted for this but if I were a 15 year old kid I'd probably be freaked out too if my mom was playing church music all the time and putting 'holy oil' all over the house and 'laying hands' on me and trying to do an exorcism on me. The thing is if he is hearing voices he needs a doctor.
---sue on 12/2/06

I've known women who cut themselves. Most were victims of abuse, usually sexual. Please educate yourself on treatments and therapies. Also, you may want to suspend notions of rebellion and open your mind to other possibilities. The last thing he needs is to be viewed as rebellious or possessed if, in fact, the problem does stem from him being victimized in some way. Not saying that he for sure has been abused, just that it's common in such cases and worth investigating as a possibility. God bless.
---AlwaysOn on 12/1/06

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Sometimes you hurt so bad inside that you would rather physically feel the pain. It's almost like the physical pain relieves some of the emotional distress.
---Thoughts on 12/1/06

Let me just say that he is not rebelling, 98% of cutters do NOT cut for the attention. Each person cuts for a different reason, there is no way that anyone can say why he cuts himself. Let me say also that it is not a suicide attempt, he is not possessed, and self injury usually goes away on its own after a long while. My suggestion is to talk to him without judging him. Ask him questions, and just let him talk to you. Don't stop loving him, supporting him, and praying for him. It will get better.
---kim on 12/1/06

I was also brought up in a very Christian home, and I'm a recovered cutter. Big chances are that your son isn't rebeling. I know what it's like. People don't do that just to rebel. They do it because they are hurting. Being brought up in a good christian home does not mean that a person can't still get hurt. If you'd like, I could talk to your son through email, and it might help him. I know it helped me when I had a penpal. But please try to understand his pain and help him through it.
---Laura on 8/8/06

I agree Stephanie. In the bible when Jesus approached a man who was full of demons was cutting himself. Mk 5:2-13. I don't think it is rebelling, he might have evil spirits in him.
---Rebecca_D on 2/25/06

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I know that this is a really hard time for you right now. I know because I too am a cutter and I see what it does to my family. One thing I just wanted to mention is he might not just be rebelling. It may be more.
---Stephanie on 2/25/06

Marie: Today's Christian Woman has a great article about Christian kids cutting themselves. It is put out by the same publisher who puts out Christianity Today. It is a magazine that I just received in my mail on the 2nd of January.

God bless.
---Madison on 1/3/06

Because your son was raised in a Christian home, and is now saying that he is not a Christian, I think it is wise for you to seek a Christian minister quite experienced in demonic deliverance.

He needs to be anointed of God for this work. Some demonic deliverance requires a much higher preparation of faith, i.e. lengthy prayer & fasting - Mt 17:14-21; 1Cor 12:7-11.

Certainly use all the physicians, but they cannot access ones spirit and soul. The anointed minister can.
---a_servant on 1/2/06

DoryLory: A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who diagnosis mental illnesses and prescribes appropriate medications for them. The therapy that is in use today is cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychiatrists give little counsel, but refer to therapists who do therapy. Therapy is work, not counseling. The therapists assign homework, none of which is ungodly. In fact, usually, if a believer wants to incorporate prayer and Bible reading into their homework, it is encouraged.
---Madison on 1/1/06

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My adopted son cut the name of my wife Mary into his shoulder about 3 years ago. He was going through some kind of emotional upheavel with his school and girl friends. I simply told him to stop it or he would wind up in the care of a mental health physicians. He has not done that since. I guess that he did not want to be seen as some kind of nut case by his peers.
---lee on 1/1/06

Alan - My concern was with Madison's statement "The demon possession stuff is not going to cure your son." It seemed that she was limiting God. I have nothing against modern medicine, it is a blessing. But prayer and seeking Godly deliverance should take precedence.

I do, however, have reservations about psychiatrists. Psalm 1:1 says "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly." Christians need to carefully consider who they take counsel from.
---DoryLory on 1/1/06

Alan: I am always in awe of the doctors who work with medical and psychiatric illnesses. They get to study the human body and the human brain and see the wonders of God's creation in their studies. The doctors I have worked with take great care to treat their patients with care and dignity. I pray for my doctors and the therapists who treat the mentally ill, and believe that God gave them their training and credentials.
---Madison on 1/1/06

DoryLory ... I wonder why God gave skills to doctors, psychiatrists, and the rest of the medical professions?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/1/06

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Moderator, if she gets better information than this please don't post this one. Ok, Marie, when you come onto the ChristiaNet homepage, click on chat and penpals, fill in your user name and password. (if you haven't signed up for the penpal thing you'll have to) I then click on view a profile, type in the address of you want like herb8789 (only one i remember right off), then click on send mail. Hope that helps. God bless you.
---bethie on 12/31/05

DoryLory, I do not know anyone who has been exorcised of a demon, so I cannot speak from experience on that matter. I do know plenty of Christians who suffered mental illness and were outcast in their churches and society because they were prayed over and not healed of their mental illness, but once sent to a psychiatrist, they were relieved of their psychiatric symptoms. In that I have trained to work with the mentally ill, I err on the side of psychiatric interventions.
---Madison on 12/31/05

Dear Marie,
With what you are dealing with,prayer,and I would hope a "Christian" counsellor for your son is called for. there are several reasons as to why he may be cutting himself at present.It is not necessarily demonic, but more a personality deficit, of feeling he is not being heard by anyone. Love may be an issue also? Keep praying for him,and keep him in therapy with a Christian therapist? Among teens this is quite common.
In His love
---georg3349 on 12/31/05

Madison, your response very much surprises me. It sounds like you're saying the world has more to offer sick people than God does. I don't believe you think that way so could you clarify for us what you're really trying to get across here.
---DoryLory on 12/31/05

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Would some one please tell me how to respond to someone privately? Some have asked me to but I don't know how to do it. Thank You. Marie
---Marie on 12/31/05

Marie: It is clear your son is suffering from a mental illness and needs psychiatric help. The demon possession stuff is not going to cure your son. He is sick and needs medication and therapy. Take him to a psychiatrist.
---Madison on 12/30/05

Marie, clearly your son's problem is demonic. He says he doesn't want help but that isn't your son talking. Do not cast out demons from someone who isn't willing (Matthew 12:43-45) but as a parent you do have spiritual authority over your child and you have a right to demand that the devil back-off in Jesus' name. Everything you are doing is good (you didn't mention fasting ... that would also be recommended). Remember that patience and faith work together (Hebrews 6:12).
---DoryLory on 12/30/05

It may seem that nothing is happening but if you've prayed you can be confident that God is on the scene turning this situation around. My niece, who is now 27 and a mother of three, used to cut herself and was suicidal as a teenager (not to the point of being hospitalized). I also had a son who rebelled when he was a teen. I would be happy to correspond with you and encourage you anyway I can. Please write me at Dory7973
---DoryLory on 12/30/05

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Marie: Has he been diagnosed schizophrenic? There are several diagnoses that involve hearing voices. If so, there are medications which can help. Have him evaluated by a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and medication.
---Madison on 12/30/05

Baker acted is when they make you stay in the hospital. My son wanted to kill himself & others. He doesn't want help which is the sad part. He hears voices talking to him. I told him to rebuke them in the name of Jesus! He keeps saying he's not a Christian. Should my husband & I lay hands on him & rebuke the devils if he refuses help? I do annoint the house, pray spiritual warfare prayers, read scriptures & play worship music often to keep strong in the Lord & drive the evil spirits out. Marie
---Marie on 12/30/05

Cutting is not always the result of a demon. I know plenty of saved, believers who have cut and they could not be possessed.

Family therapy will help the child learn to communicate with the parents in a safe environment with a third party. Expelling a demon is not always the answer because in many cases there is no demon to expell.
---Madison on 12/30/05

Marie, you and your son will be in my prayers. One of the girls in our youth used to do this, she said it was the only pain in her life she could control. Please could you tell me what Baker acted is?
---bethie on 12/29/05

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Your son is my prayers, as are you. I agree with the others about demonic activity. Have your son annointed and hand laids on him to drive this evil spirit out. Also have your home annoined and prayed over for protection from other evil spirits. May God be with you.
---Nellah on 12/29/05

Cutting is VERY serious get him help ASAP. Don't wait for ANY reason! I have worked with kids with this problem and it is only the first step. I'll be praying for your son and your whole family!
---sandy on 12/29/05

Family therapy is probably not going to expell a demon. This is very demonic what is going on. Unless the therapist is walking in authority nothing will happen. Demons don't go out with drugs or logic.
---john on 12/29/05

Lev 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you . . .

Mk 5:5 . . . night and day, he was . . . in the tombs . . . cutting himself with stones.
6 . . . he saw Jesus . . . ran and worshipped him,
7 And cried with a loud voice . . . Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God . . .
8 For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

Jesus delivered this man from many demons after being worshipped.
---a_servant on 12/29/05

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I fully agree with Madison. As a counselor myself, I strongly suggest you get family counseling.
---Albert on 12/29/05

I will be praying for you.

Please write me, I have some questions I need to ask.

Herb 8789
---Rev_Herb on 12/29/05

2.Sometime when they are caught up in something that has a hold of them they want attention. This is one reason why they cut themselves. They want help but just can't get what is needed. Try not to be condemning or judgemental to his activities at this time. He knows very well that he is doing wrong, he just can't get out of it. I will get the Church here in Quesnel, B.C. Canada to go into prayer for you. We meet every day between 10 and noon. You will have victory.Any others to join in on this?
---john on 12/29/05

This is my experience over the last 18 years as a pastor. I've had several who I've laid hands on (don't ask, just grab them and do it. Rebuke the devil and command a release of the victim. You will know if he is released or not.There are no 2 alike. You should fast and pray before you do it,asking the Lord for his deliverance. Some don't come out except by that. Examine your home life relationships.He isn't like this for no reason. Let him know you are pulling for him and will never give up because you love him.
---john on 12/29/05

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Mark 5:2-5
2And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,

4Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him.

5And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.
---Rev_Herb on 12/29/05

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