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Why Do You Have To Go To Church

Why do you have to go to church to be religious?

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 ---Brianna on 12/30/05
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MP gave a good verse, Hebrews 10:25. Acts 2:41,42 tell of functions of the church.

Some reasons we may want to go to church is to worship God, build eachother up, to receive spiritual food from the preaching of God's word.
---Ulrika on 1/26/08

To grow in our Christian faith we need fellowship with other believers. It has nothing to do with being 'religious'. A religion is a belief system and covers many beliefs besides Christianity. In Hebrews 10:25 we are told that we should assemble together. I doubt if the type of churches we have now resemble, even slightly, the ones in Paul's day though.
---M.P. on 4/29/07

THOMAS.. God's church is within His called children, made up of lively stones, with Jesus as the chief cornerstone, it is not a building or certain denomination.Those sealed with the Holy Spirit are His church, His bride , that Jesus died for, and will be at the wedding feast,with spotless garments.We are here to prepare ourselves, for eternity, with Him.
---Karin on 3/28/06

Why do we go to church. 1 because we need to hear the the word of God . 2 Because it gives us strengh 3 We need the fellow ship of other Member.and when i get inside the church i can fill the presents of God . You can feel the presents of the lord at home also but it is just something to be in his house
---betty on 3/22/06

Where is God's church?
---Thomas on 3/22/06

Only thing I recall was not to forsake the fellowship but I don't think it was a commandment. People need to hear the word of GOD when and where ever they can.
---Thomas on 3/22/06

Jesus is not religious, but the condemned ministers and legalists are. God desires a good relationship with us, and not religion or dead ceremony.
---Eloy on 3/2/06

You don't hav'ta be in water to be a fish either. But, why not talk to a fish about his relationship to water? Just don't take him outta the water when you do.
What happens to fish outta water?
Mima you said, "Jesus said in REVELATION 2:15-16 THAT He hates the nicolaitans."
Jesus never said that.
Jesus never hated anyone.
He said He hated the "DOCTRINES" of the Nicolaitanes.
There is a big difference.
---Elder on 3/2/06

Molly, I will seek you out in heaven/I share your views/this is just "practice" down here/eternity will be eternally with Him,If we cant fellowship here,we wont be able to there either..I wish I was there already.Not ALL go to church to be religious, I go to hear God, Praise Him,with those of like mind, mostly.I dont HAVE to go, I LIKE to go..has nothing to do with being "religious".
---Karin on 3/2/06

The children of Israel gathered at the mount to hear the word of God. Noah's family gathered in the ark to be saved. Abraham's family and servants gathered to be circumcised.(a type and shadow of circumcision of the heart) Paul said forsake not the assembling. If a person doesn't want to go to church to hear the word and be kept cleansed, they probably won't want to be in heaven where the angel preaches the everlasting gospel.(Revelation) Katherine.
---Katherine on 2/18/06

Lynn; by saying you refuse to go to church. Then you are saying you refuse to have fellowship with God's people. I go to church but my name isn't signed to a paper to become a member. If you are going to let something like getting talked about in church, then maybe you don't need to go anyway. The Nicolaitans suggested that there was no reason why christians shouldn't come in terms with the world. To John the Nicolaitans were worse that Pagans, they taught idolatry.
---Rebecca_D on 1/4/06

The bible says forsake not the assembly of the saints.
---andre on 1/3/06

Well said Ulrika and John. I sometimes wonder what people who are so dead set against church, are going to do in Heaven - where it's going to be one long, never-ending worship 'service' and they are going to be surrounded forever by the people they don't want to fellowship with for a couple of hours a week down here! Oh wait, those kind of people won't even be there, so never mind.
---Molly on 1/2/06

Mima- what does that have to do with the question I asked you?
---Molly on 1/2/06

John has a good point. Why wouldn't you want to go to church. If you are not receiving spiritual food from the church you attend, maybe you should pray about it, and try another church. Sometimes it can be our attitude, not the church it's self. In some countries, Christians risk their lives by going to church or even own a Bible. They meet in peoples homes secretly.
---Ulrika on 1/2/06

I don't have to go to church. I get to go. I find it a wonderful privilege. Also a great place to help people and excercise Spiritual gifts and pray corporately.Give words of encouragement,etc. Why would I have to go there when I already wouldn't miss it for anything?
---john on 1/2/06

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Churching is good, and there's edification and power in numbers. God desires born-again, Holy Spirit-filled doers of his word; a right intimate relationship, and not the dead religious.
---Eloy on 1/1/06

The assembly has always and is always going to be holy. Any one who doesn't like to be part of it will have to deal with their rebellion. Just because the church isn't perfect doesn't mean God has divorced her. Too bad so many people throw things away when they still have a lot of good in them.
---john on 1/1/06

Molly: Jesus said in REVELATION 2:15-16 THAT He hates the nicolaitans. Have you had the opportunity to study this word and what it means?---mima1/1/2006
---mima on 1/1/06

lynn, you must be the epitome of human perfection and have a model marriage!
---ade on 1/1/06

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I go to church to fellowship with other believers & because also the Apostles with the first century christians met the first day of the week after Jesus' ressurection & assention, therefore that's also why I go on Sundays. I go to worship & serve God.
---Candice on 1/1/06

Luke 5:32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching. It's true church is full of sinners. We go to worship God, pray, repent, learn from scriptures, and fellowship with other believers. We should pray for the pastor and others.
---Ulrika on 1/1/06

I refuse to join a church and become a "member". In my husband's church (he is a member) a lady is shunned and riduculed because she smokes! Religion is Mann-made, spirituality is God-made. Everything I know about God, I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous.
---Lynn on 1/1/06

Problem with "churches" is that they are "denominational" with a set of core beliefs that ,for the sake of harmony, all need to subscribe to. Even "independant" churches have their own curriculum. Maybe it's me,but I don't fit in to the ones I have attended!
---1st_cliff on 12/31/05

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"Mima"- On this, and several other blogs, you seem to have a LOT of animosity toward Pastors, and also a very big problem with spiritual leadership, authority, and organized church government of any kind- what IS the deal???
---Molly on 12/31/05

We're all religious! You don't have to go to the church-"house" to be religious. In fact, some of the most religious people I know claim not to be religious.

God has built in each of us the capacity to choose & serve Him or other false gods (people, places & things). Make no mistake, we were created for His service.

Christian religion (Body of Christ, the Church) is God-centered. World religion is self-centered, self-serving.
---Leon on 12/31/05

I desire to go to church. To fellowship with other believers and to listen the word of God being taught. I am called to sing, so I enjoy singing for the glory of God.
---Rebecca_D on 12/30/05

Amen Shira, great answer.
---bethie on 12/30/05

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You don't have to go to church to be religious. But, here are some of the reason for going to church: 1. Spiritual Education, (from all the various programs), Fellowhip with other believers, a positive Christian witness to those around you, for you own spiritual maturity and it is commanded by the Lord!
---WIVV on 12/30/05

Mima ... there is no need to type your anme and dste at the end of your post ... it is automatically there!
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/30/05

Pastors refer to their churches as the house of GOD yet the bible says GOD does not dewell in buildings built with hands,but in you and I if we are born again. Strangs huh!!
I really liked the last statement in M P answer.---mima12/30/2005
---mima on 12/30/05

I am not religeous. I am a born again, blood bought child of the King. I go to church because it is mostly where I fellowship with other saved, born again believers. I love church.
---shira on 12/30/05

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The Moslems are very very religious and great "church" goers but are headed to hell.---mima12/30/2005
---mima on 12/30/05

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