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Explain Luke 11:42

Would you please explain the words of Jesus in Luke 11 v 42?

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 ---pkay on 12/31/05
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I think the verse is saying that the Pharisees made such a big issue about tithing at the expense of other things of equal or even more importance. I think we are all in danger of doing that sometimes when we make a big issue of one particular part of our Christian walk ( or one particular bible teaching) and make all other things seem unimportant.
---M.P. on 1/24/08

In other words, they were taken up with the letter of the law (nit picking little things) and not the spirit of the law (the heart of God).
---Bruce5656 on 5/1/07

The hypocrites cared more about getting the people's money, rather than caring about the people's souls. "But woe to you Ministers, because you all take tithes..., and pass by the discernment and the love of God; these befits to do and them not to leave aside."
---Eloy on 5/1/06

One of you said "In other words Jesus was saying Keep on tithing ...."

You have to remember he was speaking to Jews that were required to tithe, but not to the extent they were. Hypocrites do that. They go to lengths to show externals but fail the internals. However there is a flaw in your logic that because he approved it for them it means for us as well. If that is the case he also spoke of the sabbath & circumcision. However I doubt anyone is keeping the whole tithing law.
---Michael on 5/1/06

In Greek it reads: "But woe to you Ministers, because you all take tithes of the mint and the rue and every plant, and pass by the discernment and the love of God; these befits to do and them not to leave aside." The ministers were wrongly requiring tithes, when they should have been more concerned about rightly ministering grace to the parishoners. Matthew 12:23 calls these teachers and ministers, hypocrites.
---Eloy on 1/1/06

Those people were the Pharisees. They were under the law and therefore were given the law. The teaching to the church is that we are no longer under the law or the Levitical priesthood. The instrcution to anyone under the law is to keep all of it because if you don't you are guilty of them all. Good thing that Jesus came and redeemed us from it.
---john on 1/1/06

In other words Jesus was saying Keep on tithing but do these others also. In my view Christ did by these words recommend the continuance of tithing. But he went further to say tithing alone is not enough. Isnt it?
---pkay on 1/1/06

Yes, tithing is important, but we also have to open our hearts, not only to God, but to everyone else. The Pharisees were only obeying the law and not opening their hearts to God. Like so many people today in churches ... I'll tithe and go home and forget everything until next Sunday. Walking with God is an everyday walk that I pray will never end!
---Nellah on 1/1/06

NETBible(w/some Notes)Luke 11:42: "But woe to you Pharisees! You give a tenth of your mint [small herbs were tithed with great care (Mishnah, m.Demai2:1)], rue [an evergreen herb used for seasoning], and every herb, yet you neglect justice [a major theme of OT ethics (Mic 6:8; Zech 7:8-10)] and love for God! But you should have done these things without neglecting the others."
As others said: They cared more about their own 'appearances' than truly caring for others as they were supposed to!
---Daniel on 1/1/06

The Pharisees majored in external, less important things to remain popular.

Jesus notes their inward wickedness is why they left undone the truly major things, 1) judgements 2) focus on God's mercy. Instead they focused attention to themselves & were invisible "graves" (receptacles of death) to those trusting them, since they could not save souls, though they appeared to be servants of God.

This evil was historical & habitual, as descendants of the muderers of prophets.
---a_servant on 12/31/05

I believe , this refers to church goers {pastors included ) that believe there is a god but do not take time to read God's Word and place those words ( Love )in the center of their lives , for what ever reason .
---Lowell on 12/31/05

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