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Pastor Has My Sister's Attention

I have a sister who spends more time than usual with the pastor after hours, etc... he gives her gifts, money, dinners, lunch, he is married, members are greviously asking if this is ok?

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 ---DRALE on 12/31/05
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You should ask your sister. Only she and the pastor know whether this is right or not. Without knowing the reason for their time spent together we cannot possibly answer.
---M.P. on 5/18/08

Why are they spending so much time together? For that matter, why are they spending any time together? Counseling!? What does your sister say? What does the pastor say? What does the pastor's wife & church ("members"?) say!?

THE BIBLE SAYS: 1 Thes. 5:22; Matt. 5:27-28; Matt. 18:15-17.
---Leon on 8/17/07

Drale ... are you now saying that the woman who "spends too much time with the pastor" is not your born sister, but a woman in church? How do you know that their "spending time together" oversteps what is required in their working relationship? Does the pastor's wife know about this?
---alan_of_uK on 3/14/06

Just come out and tell them both that it doesn't look good for them to spend alot of time together. Don't beat around the bush about it. If you don't who will? You can talk to them in love, privately. If they get offensive, then you know something is defintely going on.
---Rebecca_D on 3/13/06

When I said my sister spent too much tme with pastor, I meant a woman in church. Yes there is a work relation. How do you approach this situation again?
---Drale on 3/13/06

unless she steps away. I'm afraid the Pastor's wandering into dangerous ground. The Ministry is attacked the most by Satan and no matter how it started it's wandered to unholy ground. Please get her to stop and move away if she has to so that his ministry isn't jeapordized. Lost my best friend Pastor to this.
---fred_garvin on 1/23/06

PJ, How can you state that? First off, he's married. Also I don't know what State your from but 16 and 17 is minor age! It's very easy to go to Prison for doing the wrong thing with a minor! Watch it!
---JP on 1/2/06

Depends how old your sister is. If she's under 16 (some would say under 18), then it's definitely wrong.
---PJ on 1/2/06

Big time Preachers are known for their 'wandering.' I remember 'ol Jimmy Baker, who had ladies that gave him such joy, and sometimes a boy. They wander around a lot it seems, they are not immune to evil. The Antidogma has spoken.
---The_Antidogma on 1/2/06

No, that is not ok. They are leaving way for temptation, by being alone together.
James 1:13-15
1Thes. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
---Ulrika on 1/1/06

It doesn't take a rocket scientists or even a saved person to tell that this is all wrong! This has to be addressed immediately! Go to your sister and tell her that you want her to come with you to speak with the leadership. The family of God takes precedence over your natural family in this situation. We should all pray for you and everyone else involved in this situation. Ask God for wisdom in this. God bless you, DRALE.
---John on 1/1/06

you say she spends time with him "after hours" Does that mean she works for him and stays on late? How old is she? .. older or younger than you?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/1/06

"No", it's not ok! While all may be on the up-and-up, a pastor should be above even the slightest hint of something wrong. As a counselor, I'd try and never be left alone with a member of the opposite sex. If I had to be, the office door was always ajar, and I had my wife or secretary was within "shouting" distance. It might be wise of the Chairman of the Deacons to point out the potiental dangers to him. If he gets mad; something MAY be going on.
---WIVV on 12/31/05

We are to abstain from the appearance of evil. With that in mind, the pastor is way out of line. He needs to give his gifts, money and dinners to his wife and only his wife.
---shira on 12/31/05

First pray and ask God for wisdom and love. Then if this appears to you to be a problem, share with her as one who loves her, your concern. If she freely explains without passion or accusation, then I would feel great. If there is accusation about "all those who should mind their own business" or "stop meddling" in my business, etc., then KNOW that there is a problem. In the right, we are able to honestly give a reason for what we are doing without attacking "the messenger."
---Wayne87 on 12/31/05

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