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Is This The Tribulation

Are we now living in the tribulation?

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 ---Nellah on 1/1/06
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No. As Christians, we suffer trials & tribulations every day, but the Great Tribulation will not take place until Christ calls His church off the earth at the Rapture.
---Ann5758 on 3/20/07

If as Lynn says that this is the Great Tribulation then I must ask her where was the 1st Seal broken Rev 6:1 and where is the Rider?
Believe in the Rapture of the Church or not This is NOT The Great Tribulation.
---Elder on 1/10/06

Yes, this the beginning of the Trib.. Most do not want to admit it because they are supposed to be "raptured" out of here. If you have eyes to see you will...Hide in Christ..Birth Pangs..Days of Noah..Etc.
---Lynn on 1/6/06

Not a chance! It'll get MUCH worse than this!
---NVBarbara on 1/6/06

While many Christians around the world already suffer serious persecutions, they do constitute the Great Tribulation which is yet to come when the last events take place, after the last anti-christ reveals himself and THROUGH which the Lord will take His church. P.
---Pierre on 1/2/06

No people have been making that statement for centuries, nobody has been right about predictions. As far as Rapture Theory is concerned, it was started Charles Darby and carried on by other dispensational, it has always been a post-tribulation event and was never called Rapture.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/1/06

No, we are definately NOT in the tribulation! From what I get out of the Bible, this is a Party next to the tribulation. We can't imagine the horrors that will occur!
---Bob on 1/1/06

Though we have tribulations, this is not the great tribulation. That will occur after the rapture of the church. I won't be here to see it, hope you won't either.
---Rev_Herb on 1/1/06

Rev. 6 tells us of the begining of the tribulation. Although we could see some of those things happening on the earth. It's obvious by reading this chapter that the world is not in the tribulation.
---john on 1/1/06

---Elder on 1/1/06

No we are not. The rapture of the church of Jesus Christ must come first.
---wes on 1/1/06

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