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School Teaching Evolution Material

They are teaching evolution at my sons school, should I take him out of that class? He is 16 and says he should be able to "make up his own mind" on such matters. I say we are the parents, he is the child.

Moderator - I would learn the subject matter. Without learning the material, one has no way to refute it.

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 ---Tiffany on 1/2/06
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Catherine, If you dont have children, dont have any, if you do, I will pray for them. There is nothing so dangerious as ignorance in action. When my neice, now a 3rd year biology student, came to live with me her mind was near-atrophied. She had been so mentally crippled by fundamentalism she could not think, as they had 'pulled her out' of biology class. Today with therapy she has discovered she has a mind to think with, and dares to use it.
---MikeM on 2/22/08

I say, yank him out. When he gets to be an adult then if he wants to learn lies that's his business.
---catherine on 2/22/08

Well at 16, he is going to make up his own mind on what to believe. Find out what they are teaching at school, and take him to the Bible and show him what really happend. Is he grounded in God's Word? Does he take his walk with God seriously? If he does, he will know which is true.
---bethie on 2/22/08

Since the creationists lost the legal battle a few years ago in the Dover case, evolution teaching goes on.
I would suggest you view a couple films at Google videos, click on more, then on that pull down list click religion. There are two excellent, but long, videos. Startling Proofs-Does God Really exist creation vs evolution and A War On Science. Your son should be well informed about this before he falls hook, line, and sinker on believing evolution.
---Virginia on 2/8/07

Learn the subject. he'll learn it when he goes to college anyways, just teach him your views too. you may see if he can present his views in class, many teachers let this happen. when I was in school we atcually watched a video from the Institute of Creation science (or what ever it is called) and you know it was really good and most of the students accepted it more then the teacher's version.
---Jared on 11/12/06

Don't you think the best thing would be to let him make up his own mind and not force your believes onto him? No belief is as strong as the one you truly believe in, without outer interference. Of course, I guess this is already too late...
---arn on 1/10/06

The best defense is a good offense. Your child will learn (be taught) many unscriptural things in a world that hates God. The point is that he must receive the truth from you to counteract these lies.
---Richard on 1/3/06

Moderator, you are very right! Learning the material would make us see the "flaws", and the loopholes of the theory. Tiffany, you need not worry. Evolution is just a theory. Such theory will change if enough evidence will be discovered against it.
---Linda6546 on 1/3/06

It could be difficult to find him a school where this is not taught now. However, if you keep the lines of communication open with your son and show a keen interest in what he is being taught you should be able to have serious conversations on the different sides of this 'argument'. Your upbringing of your son and the way conversations go in your household should have as much influence on him as, if not more than, he learns in school.
---M.P. on 1/3/06

Do you want a believing son who can think for himself and be able to discern truth from error? Or, do you want a son who just parrots what you teach him? If you have taught him the truth about the creation, as it is described in Genesis, there is nothing to fear. He can go to school and learn those lies, and discern they are lies. We need the knowledge of the lies so we can show the errors to those who ask us.
---Madison on 1/2/06

When I was in school, I was taught about evolution. That didn't mean I had to follow or believe it. I was a Christian. Even when I took a test and was asked questions about evolution, I always started my answer with, "Scientist believe" and then stated the textbook theory. Now if the teacher is shoving it down his throat, that's a whole different matter.
---Cana on 1/2/06

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