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Would Jesus Be On TV

If JESUS was preaching on earth today do you think he would be on television? Why do you believe what you believe?

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 ---mima on 1/4/06
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He might would be, if they didn't kill Him first. In any case, I wouldn't mind being on TV, so, I could tell the world that its going to hell in a hand-basket. I am so serious. Ha, ha, and a Ha, ha.
---catherine on 9/1/10

Don't know. Maybe. Why not? If television was around in his day, he would probably have made use of it. Nothing wrong with television. Television can reach people who would not otherwise, be able to hear the word of God preached. Television does a lot of good. It is a good tool to use to witness to the lost. You do not have to be in church to be saved or learn about Jesus Christ.
---Robyn on 9/1/10

No.Jesus would not draw that type of attention to himself. However in todays age he could be taped by someone else,but wouldn't have the need to be on t.v.
---candice on 7/16/10

Very old question Mima, but yes he would be put on television for if nothing else the networks quest for ratings. Cameras now tracking every move of Lindsay Lohan would instead crowd the streets of Nazareth and Jeruselem.
Here's the evening news tease:

A homeless Palestinian Jew fed about 5-thousand onlookers today with just two fish fillets from Red Lobster.
He spokes in the hills of Virginia after being escorted off the Liberty University Campus due to the length of his hair and statement that he was not a conservative. Reaction at 11'"
---larry on 7/14/10

Would Jesus Be On TV

If JESUS was preaching on earth today do you think he would be on television? Why do you believe what you believe?

He would be on TV bot not of FOX

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
---francis on 7/14/10

NO. Because he would be telling every one where they are living. He told those when was here on earth the first time & they didn't like it. His Word right now Is doing The Same & people don't like it.

The majority of people will Not line up because of here 2nd.Cor.4 v 4 & 11 v's 14 - 15, 1st.John 2 v's 15 - 16.
---Lawrence on 7/12/10

No, I don't think He would be asking for partners to fuel up His jet or build a big conference center.
He would be serving the sheep.
He might reach His destinations in an old Greyhound bus with His disciples. He would take the backroads and biways, stopping at roadside cafes for a bite. He would be seen in Africa, South America, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan.

Jesus would be seen all over the world, everywhere. He would be feeding His sheep.

Bobsled, Bo
---Bob on 3/10/07

Yolanda, without you even realizing it, I beleive you have just prophesied.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/8/07

I think Jesus would be in the highways and the byways and if that means T.V., internet, cell phone, whatever it takes to spread the word. I would use whatever I could to spread the word.
---Yolanda on 3/7/07

Jesus is not worldly at all. Not while He was here, So no I do not believe that He would be on tv preaching. I doubt seriously that He would give interviews either. Nope, nope, nope.
---catherine on 3/7/07

I believe He would be making headlines on CNN. But I kinda believe He would be more out in the world, He would go where the people are. Mind you there are alot of people just plunked in front of the tv, who if it wasn't for preaching on television would never hear about Jesus. But Jesus seemed more personal in His teaching ways.
---bethie on 3/7/07

If the LORD JESUS CHRIST were alive today, the paparazzi would be all over him, trying to discredit his ministry. Like the Pharisee's tried when the Lord was on the earth back then. He would be a simple man, plain and simple clothes, no home, going about everyday doing the Father's business. Just like he did back then.
---Jerry on 6/16/06

Oh Jesus would be on television alright. The cameras would follow Him wherever He preached, and the commentators would mock Him and make fun of Him. Times haven't changed from when Jesus was on earth.
---Helen_5378 on 6/15/06

The bible states that the earth is the lords and the fullness therein the world and those in it, so yes, I think Jesus would be on TV and whatever he wanted to do, in these day's and times, this is a new dimension but the same Savior, that would go into the hedges and highways and TV and spread the gospel.
---robin_Brown on 6/15/06

I believe that He very much IS on TV, represented by those speakers who preach/teach the truth. Seek and you shall find him. Where? Try the HOPE tv channel! P.
---Pierre on 1/7/06

Molly, lets hope that if Jesus were on TV, He would be on EVERY channel! No Rolex watch or a wife with "cotton candy" hair!
---NVBarbara on 1/7/06

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Thanks, Bruce!
---DoryLory on 1/6/06

If Jesus had had the same attention on him at the start as at the finish, the Jewish leadership would have been calling for his crucifixion much sooner and he would have spent his energies avoiding his enemies rather than ministering to the populace.
---Bruce5656 on 1/5/06

I believe he'd be on TV- but I also believe he'd probably start his OWN network, and it'd probably be a whole LOT different than what we classify as 'Christian television'
---Molly on 1/5/06

Bruce, that's an interesting statement. What causes you to come to the conclusion that He wasn't ready for the attention when He first started out? Can you be more specific?
---DoryLory on 1/5/06

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In the first part of his ministry Jesus did tell people not to tell what he had done because he was not ready for the attention it would draw to himself. In the last part of his ministry he was much more public.
---Bruce5656 on 1/5/06

Agree Dory, what better way to reach millions, or billions at once! After that I think He might mix among the people, but CNN would no doubt misquote Him! I think He would be on every computer as well!
---NVBarbara on 1/5/06

Right on dory lori. Jesus went everywhere and told us to do the same. Get as big of an audience you can wherever you go.Winning 100 souls is better than 1. He had crowds of thousands too and went into the city many times. He probably wouldn't spend half His program asking for money though. LOL.
---john on 1/5/06

No because all the healings he did back then he told them not to say anything to anyone. But we know they talked. If Jesus were here on earth today only God's chosen (true christians) would know who he was. I don't think that Jesus would try to draw any attention to himself. He would be the same as they talk about him in the bible.
---Rebecca_D on 1/4/06

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Of course He'd be on TV! He'd make use of the most powerful media in the world. The only reason secular humanism took control of the television industry in the first place, was because Christians back then were afraid of anything new or different. But it should have been used for God's glory all along. Think about it, "television" equals "tell-a-vision." Why wouldn't God want His vision proclaimed from it? He inspired the invention of electronic technology & He'd make use of it.
---DoryLory on 1/4/06

My answer is no, why? Because he is no part of this world & neither are his followers. I believe from what I have seen though the preachers on t.v. have a good cause, they are like the Pharasies in Jesus' day. Pharasees "bragged" in the open, Jesus didn't want nor need attention to do his work.
---canda2996 on 1/4/06

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