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Remarriage And Hell Bound

Are all those who re-marry after divorce committing adultry and destined for hell?

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 ---Don on 1/5/06
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Divorce and Remarriage = Adultery < > Kingdom
--Flower on 7/27/08

When did adultery become the unforgivable sin? Yes, God said that adulterers would not inherit the Kingdom, but He gives several lists of just more than adulterers.

Continued sin including adultery will not go unpunished, but even Jesus is going to marry an adulteress that has been made white as snow and presented without spot or wrinkle. It is done through repentance and forgiveness and belief in God's love.
---aka on 9/27/10

God's design was that we marry for life. Adultery being a sin worthy of death needs punishment or repentance. If one is divorced and remarries they are dead to their former partner. Dead people do not sin. The initial act may be sinful but all sin can be forgiven in the blood of Christ. Don't leave your new partner for that too would be wrong. As God to correct in you the behavior that caused the first problem and don't repeat it. In short, divorce does not damn one to hell, only not believing in the Son Of God does.
---Harold on 9/27/10

Divorce and Remarriage = Adultery

First Cor 1:9 states He that saith, I KNOW HIM, AND KEEPETH NOT HIS COMMANDMENTS, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
The COMMANDMENTS are defined -Mark 10:19
You know the commandments: 'Do not murder, DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, do not steal, do not give false testimony etc

And the meaning of ADULTERY IS stated DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE Matthew 19:9
mark 10:11 BUT for the cause of death or infidelity. The unfaithful spouse can never remarry. God says ADULTERERS WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, and that we should not be deceived. Jesus died for our sins, so we should REPENT. To remarry AFTER DIVORCE- is a promise against god to carry out life in adultery.
---Agree_with_Flower on 9/26/10

My goodness I hope and pray not! You must get forgiveness.
---catherine on 7/30/08

1 Corinthians 7:10-15

15 But if the unbeliever[unsaved/sinner] leaves, let him do so. A believing man or woman is not bound in such circumstances, God has called us to live in peace.

This verse allowed me to remarry: I was living in sin. We were both living in sin, I (an unbeliever) left. A couple yrs later, I was born again. I later met a Godly man and we debated marriage, Verse 15 allowed me to remarry because I was not held to my 1st husband.
---mumzytina on 7/29/08

Flower, do you keep the commandments???? All of them????? Then you have no reason to say anything. Ive notived in this forum, everyone wants to preach, but most do not follow the commandments themselves, including myself. We are all guilty! you keep the Sabbath? Do you eat things your not supposed to? Do you celebrate in a way God has told us not to? None of us keep God's way and laws, we all need to repent before its to late.
---wayne on 7/28/08

Divorce and Remarriage = Adultery

First Cor 1:9 states He that saith, I KNOW HIM, AND KEEPETH NOT HIS COMMANDMENTS, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

The COMMANDMENTS are defined -Mark 10:19
You know the commandments: 'Do not murder, DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, do not steal, do not give false testimony etc

And the meaning of ADULTERY IS stated DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE Matthew 19:9
mark 10:11 BUT for the cause of death or infidelity. The unfaithful spouse can never remarry. God says ADULTERERS WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, and that we should not be deceived. Jesus died for our sins, so we should REPENT. To remarry AFTER DIVORCE- is a promise against god to carry out life in adultery.
---Flower on 7/27/08

If God permitted divorce, then it is logical to assume that He also permitted re-marriage.

It is only the party that has forsaken the marriage vows that is guilty and must account for his or her sin.

The innocent party is not condemned by God and is free to re-marry particularly if the unbeliever has left the marriage (1 Cor. 7:15)
---lee1538 on 1/7/08

Yes they are committing adultry. But they are not destined for hell. Question; how many sin did JESUS die for, some or ALL. The world says your sins sent you to hell but the bible teaches by our rejection of JESUS we sent ourselfs to hell. JESUS'S forgiveness is total. This question has been ask to me more than any other---mima-1/5/2006
---mima on 12/31/07

In Matthew chapters 5 and chapter 19 as well as in Mark chapter 10, Jesus states that anyone divorcing for any reason besides sexual immoraliity and remarries another is committing adultery. In Mark, He doesn't stipulate about divorce on account of sexual immorality, but says the same about remarriage and adultery.
---AlwaysOn on 11/5/06

oh the exceptiokn clause,,Jesus said from the beginning it was not so (ok to divorce and remarry) why do we think it's ok today? Mal 2:16
---r.w. on 11/4/06

Our heavenly Father is a God of grace, mercy, and forgivenes. I am proof that God is full of grace and mercy. I have been divorced. I prayed, asked forgiveness, and asked for a Christian man. He not only answered my prayer, He has blessed our union more than we ever imagined possible. He has even called us into a ministry which He has ordained in Him. God will forgive, use, and bless anyone that puts himself into subjection and yields to Him.
---Debbie on 5/22/06

Now I understand why your answers were written in that way. I did not understand the word Fornication and thought that it only meant people that were not married as explained in the dictionary, then Alan explained it means also two people not married to each other. In further reading it also suggested that ''a man should not have his fathers wife''(fornication) I accept that the innocent should have the right to remarry in line with the word of God.
---Carla5754 on 5/22/06

What I often see out there is a condemnation of those that are divorced but upon closer examinations, I see that some people are merely victims of their spouses infidelity. In those situations, the church often kills their own wounded. I try to stay away from those types of people and churches as my first wife left me for someone she met in a mental health facility. My second marriage of about 30 years has been continually blessed by the Lord.
---lee on 5/11/06

Linda again I really don't need that bit of information as I am looking for examples of how to show how you are forgiven, I loved both my mother and the man she committed the Adultery with (granted it took time not to just jump in and dislike them instead of the sin, I who has been a product of fornication and many other sins, could never look at someone and not understand Gods grace, read my bloggs on my life and try not to judge.
---Carla5754 on 5/11/06


I APOLLOGISE LEE: I Thought your responce read THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE IN CHRIST JESUS, This terminology is generally used in this instance and I just can't understand why some one uses this in answer to the Adulterer still married when He/She committed the Adultery and then Get ''Saved'' still in the same position, forgive my not understanding ,PLs
---Carla5754 on 5/11/06

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Did I ever say that the person that has committed Adultery and turned around from the Adultery, and is not in that situation any more. COMDEMNED (NO!!!!!) How will they condemn themselves by going back to the person in whom they committed the Adultery with in the 1st place without the spouse actually committing Adultery themseves if you can work that one out, what! you can't well neither can anyone else THATS WHY GOD SAID DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY! Phew!
---Carla5754 on 5/11/06

Jesus didn't even speak to that woman until He showed her His work in redemption. Before that, she couldn't have heard anything but the voice of her accusers. Once the accusers were dealt with, He could then speak to her and she could hear Him without the fog of condemnation. We empower no one when we tell them to go and sin no more while, at the same time, continuing to judge and condemn them."
---Linda6563 on 4/27/06

When Jesus told the woman to go and sin no more, He empowered her with, "Neither do I condemn thee." We like to rush to the last part of that passage without an understanding of what that woman had just seen of redemption, what happened to her accusers in that redemption (take out of the way, being nailed to the cross), why none of them were left, the power of being set free from the law (the broken stones) (no condemnation...Romans 8), and then the power of the risen Christ speaking to her.
---Linda6563 on 4/27/06

John, I believe what you are stating in seven times is not the same sin but different sins. How terrible to do the same one seven times.
---karen on 4/27/06

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(Both sons are saved)
---Carla5754 on 4/27/06

Carla - "No condemnation... DOES THE BIBLE NOT INSTRUCT US TO SIN NO MORE!!!. Repent means to step out of the condition and turn completely around does it not?."

True but Christ borne all our sin on the cross for us - the debt has been paid.

While we still sin, the Christian will not be happy until he or she is free as the Spirit works to cleanse us from all noncomformity.

It is a struggle we all face with our sins. While the debt has been paid, we still face consequences.
---lee on 4/27/06

They are not going to hell if they repent.
If your brother sins against you 7 times in one day and seven times comes to you and repents, forgive him. If God expects us to forgive a repentant person 7 times a day wouldn't God do the same for us if we repent?So how can repentance mean that you have quit the sin if you are doing it 7 times a day?
---john on 4/27/06

So whats my point, God was all I focused on I never worried about them not having a father and put my complete trust in him. It was difficult at time but guess what today Both are saved and one baptised 3 weeks ago, and my mother who is the person that committed adultery, was baptised Sunday, and has told her partner that she wishes to end the relationship in complete obedience to God.
---Carla5754 on 4/27/06

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I stayed on my own for 2 yrs vowing never to marry!

I gave him up closed that door and without a partner or father for my children served God until I met my husband that my family had to tell me off because I was transfixed on never letting another man do to me what the childrens father did to me. It really took God to open my eyes and see my husband for who he really was my husband he waited for 7yrs.
---Carla on 4/27/06

This is what I term as repent. Now some people are going to scream with horror here, but let me explain, Where is your faith? I being unsaved had two boys out of wedlock, their father and I were engaged to be married, he had an affair and I ended the relationship, because he wanted both women.

I asked God to take me out of the relationship because he was violent when I found out. Okay when God made a way I escaped.
---Carla on 4/27/06

So for instance to come under the category of being ''in Christ Jesus'' and having no ''condemnation''

IF I Committed Adultery I would surely have to leave the person that I committed the adultery with and follow Christ.. and If I stole anything if possible I would have to return it or it's value and try not to ever steal again if it was for greed, envy ect. For food is another subject! (meaning if the person was poor).

If I swore I would have to sware no more ect..
---Carla on 4/27/06

I know that there has been a problem concerning this subject, probably because sometimes people
including myself did not read indebth what was really in the bible, concerning these matters and probably took what we were taught as gospel from the pastors!

No condemnation... DOES THE BIBLE NOT INSTRUCT US TO SIN NO MORE!!!. Repent means to step out of the condition and turn completely around does it not?.
---Carla on 4/27/06

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carla - some churches often kill their own wounded and go after the victim with a vengence.

Often Christians - maybe even professors of the faith, create their own standards of measuring themselves finding faults with others.

The church has authority to judge matters between members particularly where Scripture is vague. 1 Cor. 6 Again, each case has to be considered on its own merits; but "there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,..."(Romans 8:1)
---lee on 4/26/06

you read quite a lot who in your oppinion commits adultery, and why does revelation use the word as one of the things that will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven? What do you equate to christians that are not allowed to remarry through the church, is this another I am a Christian Adulerer so what blogg?
---Carla on 4/26/06

Those churches that forbid marriage after divorce have really fallen into a snare of Satan in that they discriminate against Christians to whom Christ died for. They invent means of measuring themselves against others; being too blind to their own sinfulness.
---lee on 4/25/06

Although an inoccent statement to use, it is also and unlearned statement (study..),if I am permitted to say so the scripture you quote:
''It is better to marry than to burn'',

was not as you make it, to fit a situation to suit yourselves messin up the Gospel (Serious). Paul uses the Advice concerning ''..the Unmarried and Widows
(Only) So I guess if you put youself in that category you destine yourself the price of that sin...
---Carla on 4/25/06

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the bible makes it clear staying unmarried after a divorce leads to fornication! how can one expect a young man or woman who has been abandoned by their marriage partner to have to go the rest of their lives without remarrying. its better to marry then burn paul said
---susanna on 1/18/06

I am divorced and remarried. I am not committing adultry, nor destin to hell. I am Blood bought, child of God, full of His mercy and Grace, destin for Heaven, Praise Him.
---Lynn on 1/7/06

Tammy, while there may be forgiveness there are also consequences for our choices. The Bible teaches that God has a plan for our lives and that there are blessings in living in obedience to Him and His Will. My best friend was very unhappy in her marriage and divorced her husband to marry another. Now, two months later, all 3 of her kids are on drugs, her 15 year has run away from home and no one knows where he is. It's the saddest story! There is never blessing in selfishness.
---DoryLory on 1/6/06

Tammy, yes. That's the beauty and the wonder of God's grace- it goes FAR beyond our capacity to forgive. There would be NO ONE in Heaven if his grace were not able to forgive ANY sin. If Hitler himself had bowed a knee before God and confessed his sins, great as they were, he would have been forgiven. We don't understand it, we certainly don't deserve it, but he gives it to us just the same.
---Molly on 1/6/06

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I am really confused about forgiveness. Can you know the truth, sin, then repent,and be forgiven. This be adultery, murder, theft, etc. Can I know God, commit adultery, leave wife and kids to re-marry, and repent and be forgiven. Can we murder a young person, repent after knowing God and knowing that murder is a sin....and be forgiven? Please help me with this.
---Tammy on 1/6/06

pt 2 We ARE bound for hell if we sin- but not without hope. The word of God says his mercies are new EVERY morning, and also that if we confess our sins before him, he is faithful and just to forgive us!
---Molly on 1/6/06

Jewels, there's only one unforgiveable sin. I don't think adultry classifies as blashpemy of the Holy Ghost. I can't imagine all the wonderful Christian people who've went through divorces for whatever reason, spending eternity in hell because they eventually fell in love and married someone else later on. You cant go back and change the past, you can only ask forgiveness and move on. Divorced people shouldn't be condemmed to a life of loneliness because of a past sin THAT HAS BEEN FORGIVEN
---Molly on 1/6/06

1Corinthians 7:27, 28 properly reads: "Are you bound (married) to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed (divorced). Are you loosed (divorced) from a wife? Do not seek a wife. But even if you do marry (after you have been divorced), you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned."
---Fred_S. on 1/6/06

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Mimi shares that all sins are forgivable by Jesus, therefore even remarriage after divorce. ( adultery.) However, what about the verse in Hebrews ( chapter 10?) that tells us we are bound for hell if we sin 'knowingly'. Does that not mean that those of us who remarry, knowing the Bible says it is adultery, are committing an unforgivable sin because we first 'knew' what God said about remarriage?? (I am referring to divorce where the one who may have been unfaithful, yet repented, is remarrying.)
---Jewels on 1/6/06

Whether a person goes to hell or not will depend on whether they have accepted Christ as their saviour or not. Whether or not they have committed adultery by remarrying after divorce depends entirely on the circumstances of the divorce. The two parts of the question (committing adultery and destined for hell) are not necessarily linked.
---M.A. on 1/6/06

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