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Why Did Jesus Weep

We know that JESUS did weep; what was His reason for weeping?

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 ---mima on 1/6/06
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Jesus wept, but why did he cry? Pain, sorrow, compasion are all obvious reasons. But it goes deeper than that. Jesus knew that in a moment he was going to changed Mary and Martha's tears of sorrow into tears of joy. Same tears, but for different reasons. What an emotional roller coaster! Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.(Psalm 30:5)
---Paula on 8/2/09

Also to fulfill prophesy.
---Steveng on 3/8/08

George: Funny, Lazarus gave no testimony about going to paradise! Jesus said that Lazarus was "sleeping." Solomon said "the dead know not anything." I think Jesus wept for Lazarus because He knew that Lazarus would become a target for the Pharisees.
---jerry6593 on 3/8/08

Our Lord never wept for himself, or because of sadness. When he wept before raising Lazarus, he wept because, in order to prove that He is the Resurrection and the Life, He had to bring Lazarus back from Paradise to the world of suffering.
---George on 3/7/08

Jesus wept twice. In both instances it was due to the unbelief on the part of people, a lack of understanding, and a general inability to have faith.
---Erik_T._Evans on 2/23/08

being a mother/father in view of your own children knowing the word and understand what a wonderful faithful just God we actually serve, we realise the position of Christ and his ability to Stand in our place( although that may not be his main reason for weeping in that scripture)our sinful nature was deeply and obviously grievous.
---Carla5754 on 11/24/07

Because He was human, and a close friend had died. Even though He knew Lazarus would live again, He felt the pain and anguish of the sisters and friends,and let His humanity show. I think it was a precious time for Him.
---Ann5758 on 11/23/07

Grief, sorrow, regret. The same reasons you and I would.
---Bruce5656 on 4/5/07

I like Pierre's answer.---mima-1/9/2006
---mima on 1/9/06

I believe that people there didn't understand why he waited 4 days to raise Lazuras up. and they didn't have faith that he would because he waited as long as he did. And the fact that he wepted was because he knew this. Martha believed but yet, her faith was getting weaker because she couldn't understand why he waited so long. I could be wrong, but this is my thoughts.
---Rebecca_D on 1/9/06

"The Lord is full of compassion and mercy." (James 5:11) I love this verse! Just think ... our God is full of compassion. Full is FULL, it leaves no room for anything else. The Amplified translation says, "the Lord is full of pity and compassion and tenderness and mercy."
---DoryLory on 1/6/06

He wept because He was sad! Sad because His people rejected Him, sad because their rejecton would result in a lot of suffering which was not all unavoidable. He was sad and may have shed a tear when His disciples argued as to who was going to sit where in heaven, sad when Peter denied Him, sad when when they slept when He asked them to pray! P.
---Pierre on 1/6/06

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