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What Is Your Favorite Bible Story

What is your favorite Bible story and why?

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 ---bethie on 1/6/06
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Any sin you cherish so much that you are willing to trade your salvation for it and which you don't want to confess and abandon, because you think it is better than what Jesus has to offer you! P.
---Pierre on 4/8/08

For God so Loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son..The story of Gods love, and perfect sacrifice, Jesus. The story of salvation. This story gave me eternal life.
---Lynn on 5/7/07

The True Story of Noah's Ark
One of the most stunning, unique and captivating books on the account of the Ark and the global Flood of Noah's day ever produced. Based on the account recorded in Genesis 6-9 in the Bible, the narrative is true to the biblical record and its timeline of events conccerning Noah's flood, with added insight as to what it might have been like to be in Noah's
---Chito_Relampagos on 8/28/06

John 4, the Samaritan woman. So many reasons it would be hard to list a woman I believe that story more than others shows that God values women since he went out of his way to talk to her. It shows that even a person with a past is not only able to be redeemed but to serve God in huge ways, her witness converted a whole town!
---Linda3 on 1/7/06

I think when Jesus cast out the demons and they went into the herd of pigs. That would have been wild to see!
---wes on 1/7/06

The rich man and Lazerus, because it's both a story and a Prophecy.
---1st_cliff on 1/7/06

The Good Samaritan, in Luke 10. Jesus was answering the question "Who is my neighbor" and the answer to that is, anyone in need is a neighbor we are to love. God is not partial. Geraldine
---Geraldine on 1/7/06

#1 Jesus Christ and what He did for us so that we can have everlasting life with Him. Also, the Revelation because of the times we are living in.
---Nellah on 1/7/06

The story of Ruth and Boaz because I'm a hopeless romantic and Boaz was such a hunk! (Don't be offended, I'm just being silly! :)

I also love the book of Nehemiah and how Nehemiah is a picture of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives today.
---DoryLory on 1/7/06

It's in the 6th chapter of 2 Kings, about when Elisha's servant thought they were facing the army alone, and Elisha prayed that the eyes of his servant would be opened and they were, and he was able to see the horses and chariots of fire surrounding them! I love this story because it always reminds me, even though I may feel alone, there is a whole army of waring angels with me that I cannot see!
---Molly on 1/7/06

The jailer and his family getting saved and baptized.
---john on 1/7/06

Pierre, are you answering the right blog? Your answer doesn't seem to have anything to do with the question. My favourite OT story is Joseph, and my favourite NT story is.... hmmmm...not many of them....Jesus' miracles, His parables, His birth, His resurrection...can't pick just one.
---Ann5758 on 1/6/06

Daniel in the lions'den!
---Pierre on 1/6/06

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