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Word Of Faith Churches

Why is it when you try to compare scriptures with anyone in the Word of Faith churches they get so offended?

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 ---joseph on 1/6/06
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hi,Family,bro.Mark V. It's true 'bout you say'n homebound folks/ older people depend or just that's all they have... Yes,myself was a faithfull watcher say two yrs.Bk I just soaked it all & yes! "dummy" me! one x sent my bill money! all know by now! I am gettin' better.Praise God! :)
---ELENA on 12/3/11

They are taught that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy/lost (same as Mormons and other cults). You can't even ask questions in there Sunday School classes. They are heavily indoctrinated in the books of men/women and not the Word of God. Their origins are with Kenyon, Hagin, Copeland, Oral Roberts... and their teachings are New Age, and you can't question their beliefs. They have trusted their eternal souls into the hands of wolves in sheep's clothing. One of their greatest problems is not keeping scripture in context. They take a verse here and a verse there to make up their false teachings, and that's why they can't debate the Word.
---Ron on 12/3/11

because "word of faith" can be any type of feeling or situation one can apply or superimpose OVER Holy Scripture

true believers are instructed to believe EVERY Word of God ...doesn't say "every" idea of faith
---Rhonda on 10/25/11

Karen, you are not along. There is many who follow the W.O.F. here on site. Sometimes it's hard to put an answer because many will get hurt. But we need to bring the Truth and those guys are very wrong. Of all those who teach false in Churches, those guys are the worse. I don't know why they do what they do, knowing that at Judgment Day they will have a worse punishment then those who never knew about God. They make a mockery of the Word. Deceive people, steal their money, and will not stop for nothing. Many older people are victims, people who stay at home and the only religious information they get is on TV from this guys. May God have mercy on them.
---Mark_V. on 10/19/11

Karen Edwards, you asked "what scripture would you like to compare"?

I have many.

Scripture teaches Christ is the only way to God. While being interveiwed on live television, Joel Olsteen several times rejected Christ is the only way.

Scripture teaches we are to walk in the light. In one of his sermons, T.D. Jakes said the people of God are to be walking in darkness.

Scripture teaches Christ was crucified on a cross. In one of his sermons Frederick Price said Christ was not crucified on a cross, because Christ commited suicide.

These people are WOF and there is much more of their false, distorted, and perverted teaching I can share.

You say you are WOF. Please read Romans 1:18-32.
---Rob on 10/17/11

God's Word (the Bible) is the final authority. If you are shown scripture that contradicts what you have believed to be true, and then continue in your stubborn beliefs, you are rejecting God's Word and purposefully living in ignorance. If you suspect that God has spoken to you, you need to check it with scripture and talk to a more mature christian about it. God would not condradict himself.
---Jed on 10/17/11

I think many people are very passionate about what they believe. Maybe this is misinterpreted as offended. I am word of faith, what scriptures would u like to compare?
---Karen_Edwards on 10/15/11

it depends on how insistent anyone is when presenting differing views on scriptures.

i've seen offended posters on christianet who aren't word of faith.
---JaeR on 9/8/09

Word of Faith is spoken of in Romans 10:6-8. Verse 8 "But what does it say? "The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart" that is, the word of faith which we preach." 1 Corinthians 3:8 tells us we are coworkers with God. There is a part that God plays and there is a part that we play. Our part is to believe the Word of God and speak things in line with the Word of God and amazing things happen! 1 John 3:21,22 1 John 5:14,15
---George on 9/8/09

You got to have faith, But, faith is Not the only part. James 2 v 20. Jesus told Nichodemas you must be born of the water & of the spirit.
When trin-ministers teach the sinners prayer - just believe - no works salvation - once saved always saved & the such like Is Man-made teaching with No scriptural basis. The light that came to man to such Is, 2nd. Cor. 11 v's 14-15.
---Lawrence on 8/31/09

Leslie, I am curious as to who your favorite word of faith teachers are.
---Rob on 8/9/09

You make a false construct when you compare the word of faith to the word of faith movement, as they are not the same thing. Faith is believing in the Lord Jesus. For example, we aren't to have faith in healing, but reliance on God to heal, Mark 9:23-27. God is not pleased with sin, even if offered in supposed faith. Many of these W.O.F. pastors have been corrected, but will neither repent, nor submit to the Lords discipline, which is not of faith. As a whole, these congregations do not have as many miracles as most grace oriented charismatic churches. Also, their hypocrisy concerning finances should cause you to use discernment, Malachi 3:18, Romans 14:22-23,
1Timothy 1:5, 2Timothy 1:5.

---Glenn on 8/7/09

Moses didn't cause the seven plagues to fall upon Egypt, to part the sea. Elijah didn't cause the fire to come from heaven. Jesus did not cause the dead to rise, the sea to calm , to turn water into wine, to heal the sick, to feed thousands fo people. The apostles did not cause healing of the sick, bring people to life. Miracles were/are performed through God's chosen to prove God exists. All biblical miracles were done through the christian or godly person by God the Father. No earthly religion, denominational or otherwise, perform such miracles to prove God's existance - and to include personal eyewitnesses.
---Steveng on 8/6/09

Leslie, I follow the example set by the Bereans, Acts 17:11. You don't share any scripture to support what you say, because there aren't any and what scripture you may share, you will take it out of the true context which it written.
---Rob on 8/6/09

Rob - I think that I already shared what is in the Bible about Word of Faith, and it IS Biblical. I guess you will never believe until it is too late. The Bible says that NO Faith = SIN. Rob you are the one who is NOT lined up with the Bible and is in sin. Repent before it's too late.
---Leslie on 8/6/09

>>>>>God created humans to be in His image - this means what He can do, we can do, what He has, we have, what He is, we are.<<<<<

Really? "WHAT HE IS, WE ARE" Are you God?

>>>>Also God spoke things into exsistance - since we are created in His image, we can do the same, as long as we use ONLY what is in the Word<<<<

Really? Has God lost His creative power that now He relies on you create things.
What have you "spoken into existance" lately

Please show how this is not false doctrine.
---Donna66 on 8/6/09

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Leslie, will you share scripture for the things you have written.

You say you do NOT approve of false doctrine, yet the very things you have written are things taught by the word of faith movement, which time and time again have been proven to be FALSE, DISTORTED, and PERVERTED TEACHING.
---Rob on 8/6/09

Rob - I do NOT approve of false doctrine. Word of Faith IS Biblical. God, Abraham, Jesus, and Paul were all Word of Faith. If God and Jesus were Word of Faith, then how can it be false doctrine? Also, God created humans to be in His image - this means what He can do, we can do, what He has, we have, what He is, we are. Yes, all of this was taken away by Adam and Eve - it was later reestablished by Jesus' death on the cross. Also God spoke things into exsistance - since we are created in His image, we can do the same, as long as we use ONLY what is in the Word. In Bible days, they used to pray the Word of God. Jesus told us to speak to the mountains (situations), so they would move.
---Leslie on 8/5/09

Many people get defensive if anyone tries to disagree with them about anything!

This is especially true of people who have a repertoire of memorized scriptures with many taken out of context. They haven't reached a conclusion on the basis of their own study, thus they feel threatened when questioned at some depth about their beliefs.

There is a bit of valid doctrine behind the Word of Faith Movement. But much of it comes directly from a handful of individuals. These teachers and ministries play upon a materialistic streak just below the surface in so many of us.
---Donna66 on 8/5/09

Leslie, it appears you approve of the FALSE TEACHINGS of the word of faith movement.

They deminish who God is so they can elevate themselves to be God.

They also teach that they are not subject to God, but God is sublect to them.

Wanting to take the place of God, and wanting to be God, is the very reason Satan was cast from Heaven.

The people from the word of faith movement claim to be of and from God, but the truth is they are of Satan, 2 Corinthians 11:3-15.
---Rob on 8/3/09

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God was the first one in Word of Faith - God said "let there be light" and light appeared. Abraham was also Word of Faith (father of faith), and called the "Friend of God". Jesus was also Word of Faith - he healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, did miracles - all with faith. Paul was also Word of Faith - he did what Jesus did. ALL Christians are called by God to be Word of Faith and oporate like Jesus - speak to the mountains, heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, do miracles. Without Faith it is IMPOSIBLE to please God.
---Leslie on 8/1/09

Those who are of the word of faith movement are Anti-Christ and servants of Satan.

Here are some things they have said through the years.





---Rob on 7/30/09

The Word of Faith movement is based on the writings of E.W. Kenyon, whose teachings were similar to the metaphysical philosophy of "New Thought". Generally, they diminish God, and elevate man. And are known for pride, rebellion, immaturity in Christ, dishonesty, not receiving correction, and for having little respect for the Bible (Eisegeses). W.O.F. believe that they have the truth, and that anyone in opposition to them is deceived. Most of the modern "Charismatic" fleshly manifestations came out of the W.O.F.
Jeremiah 2:12-13, Mathew 7:15, 15:14, Romans 12:16, 2Timothy 4:3-4, 2John 1:9-11 / 1Timothy 6:3-4 > Ezequiel 34:1-10, John 10:15-14, the Nicene creed.
---Glenn on 7/28/09

They believe that sickness, poverty, and suffering are Satanic in origin, and come from incorrect thinking, By imagining something, having faith, and speaking, it will occur. And that words have substance, and faith is a force. Also, Jesus Christ lost the divine nature, and took on Satan's nature at the cross. The Lords death was not efficacious and our redemption was secured in Hell, The demons torturing him for three days in order to pay Satan for permission to enter the Universe, and to get back the keys Adam passed to Satan in the Garden. Jesus is reincarnated in Hell and is the first born again., and Christians are incarnated (Godlike) as well.
The verses against this are in the hundreds or thousands.
---Glenn on 7/27/09

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That is like making a racial statement and saying how come all (fill in the race) are (fill in the what ever you are claiming about a particular race).

I have discussed many scriptures with Word of Faith and non Word of Faith believers. I find them all to be the same. Some people get offended and some don't.

That statement is false accusation. More than likely developed by a lack of knowledge. Either lack knowing the Father or of your topic or of both.

When we know the Father we are like Him, we respond like Him. When we don't we respond like everyone else in the world.

What I have come to find is a lack of knowledge of the Father causes hate, division, strife, contention and all kinds of things that are ungodly.
---Rick on 7/25/09


I am rich and God has healed me, however I believe several of the Word of Faith doctrines are false doctrines and by definition anti-Biblical. Search the Internet for the areas of issue and then study the scriptures in the Bible.
---Moderator on 4/18/09

I do not know what Word of Faith people you been talking too, but Word of Faith believers should be the most sound bunch of Christians since everything we believe is biblical. I consider myself a man who follows Gods Word. I study to show myself approve. The main problem is healing and prosperity if everyone would be honest, thats why they call word of faith preachers false. Churches have a problem with believing Gods word, and guess what thats stupid , but if you don't want to be healed that's your business. You think youre going to turn on God if he prospers you stay poor, but please don't say that it's God will. The Bible is God's will believe it.
---William on 4/18/09

People get offended no matter the say only WOF people do is silly....I have seen people get offended for more trivial things...such as when the organ was replaced by the guitar...or the pastor accidentally forgets to shake hands or wave hello. The church of today are filled with offended people...
---melanie on 6/30/08

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I am writing from india, i want to endorse word of faith teachings on the blessing of God and that we are redeemed from the curse of the law through Jesus Christ. Poverty is a curse, I was born in a poor country under poverty but after I got saved, I have followed word of faith teaching and put it to practice. I tell you that I have been so prosperous in everything I do and people in the society are really amazed with God's blessing over my life. My only explanation to them is that Jesus came to give us life to its fullest. I am blessed financially now. I give for the preaching of gospel in my country and around the world. Gods Word works in any circumstance no matter what, where and how bad the situation looks like..To Jesus be the glory.
---adoniram on 6/28/08

believe the wordfaith debate is not about issues like "Are words powerful" Is there a connection between faith and salvation and healing" or "Is God pleased with propserity"

I believe the real debate is "literal interpretation"
After reading many critques of the word faith guys there is rarly many scriptures used to dipute there claims but the faith guys use 100's of verses to defend there views. Do you believe we err when we interprete scripture literaly
---Jason on 1/10/08

I became ill 30 yrs ago and no one could help me, not even the doctors. I was housebound for 10 yrs with no hope of ever being well. I ask God what I needed to do to get healed. My pastor couldn't help me, no one could. So I ask God for myself. He lead me to a preacher on T.V. and he was a Word Of Faith preacher. He was the one that taught me about faith and believing God for healing and within 6 months I was out of my house and going places and have been ever since. That was 21 yrs ago.
---Ruth on 11/3/07

The Word of Faith preach a different gospel than Scripture teaches.

The Word of Faith movement teaches that success goes hand in hand with faithfulness. That if you are not successfull then you have little faith, or you must have some sort of hindrance or sin in your life. It is a false teaching that binds many succeptible believers.
---Adam on 10/25/07

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They don't! You just don't like it when they try to explain it to you in Spirit and Truth.
---John on 10/25/07

There may be some people that would get offended, perhaps because that is what they have been taught, and it is upsetting to think that there might be a diff. interpretation, but, I highly doubt that you could put every person in that particular church or movement into that box. I am equally sure that there are many who would not get upset. I do not believe that there is a church anywhere where everyone is exactly the same.
---Gayla on 10/9/07

offense is taken only when a person knows that they are wrong some people simply loves a lie they would rather believe that they camed from some animal then to believe that they were created by a loving
---mae_osborn on 10/9/07

I personally don't like the name it and claim it church at all but I do believe in the law of sowing and reaping. I think some Wordfaith churches as you call them take it to the extreme and lead people astray but I won't pick out a certain preacher- who am I to touch the Lord's annointed?
---sissy on 10/9/07

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I have seen some Word Faith preachers preach to millions of people and they preach the gospel. I have even seen them in person. Thousands upon thousands get saved- as I said before, who am I to touch the Lord's annointed? Does this mean I agree with 100% of their doctrine- I don't think so! I have seen a member of my family turn away from God because of Wordfaith.
---Sissy on 10/9/07

The principal of sowing and reaping is very real folks- this is not word faith, this is the gospel.
If you sow kindness, it shall be given back to you. You sow hate, it will be given back to you. If you are generous, God will be generous with you. I have experienced both sides of this verse - the good seed and the bad seed. This is Biblical- don't attribute this to Wordfaith
---Sissy on 10/9/07

Please don't attribute the act of claiming the Word of God over a situation to Word Faith either. Many churches do this. Baptist included. I have many Baptist friends who pray the word into a situation. We declare the word to, not just read it.
Word Faith in my opinion is when you try to use the Word to manipulate God and you deny that human suffering or poverty of any kind is Biblical. They deny that they are even sick- that is crazy. See a doctor.
---Sissy on 10/9/07

If they do not preach the gospel of Christ,they preach a false gospel.

A little leaven,leavens the whole clump.
The truth they teach is all corrupted by the little bit of un-truths they add.
---JIM on 10/9/07

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Anointing equals prosperity, not.

In the great house of deception, people from every denomination will enter into a mixture of New Age theology and the Gospel. The major emphasis will be love, it will usher in the one world religion.

Second crisis we are seeing is the sifting, separating, judgment and restoration for mighty men of valor. Steel bones are being established in the backbone of the Church.

---Michelle on 10/9/07

Third crisis is our temporary climate of economics and calamities, persecutions that are coming.
Good News is that the impact will refine God's people. While the "world's men" lust for power and lawlessness, God's people will fight against evil with valiance and God's grace.

Prospertiy churches are of a character that is acclimating the climate to bring forth the one world church and embrace the antichrist.

---Michelle on 10/9/07

I've learned a beautiful principle - to whom it is sin it is.......if you believe with a pure heart that you are trusting Christ to supply all your needs then He answers your heart. If you think you can treat God as your financial manager ...well that's not always a bad idea. Every time I want to write ie: God's not a CD - I can't bc He is my manager my investment and my heart....I would no sooner try to manipulate God then I would blaspheme Him but God is my manager as well as my King, Lord and Master
---caleb on 10/7/07

Those of Word of Faith get offended because they are hostile to God's Word and God's ruths.

I also must say those of the Word of Faith are not the inly ones who have this hostility.
---R_C on 10/6/07

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The Word of God IS the Will of God. All I am doing is praying God's Word. For instance, many people pray "Lord Be With Us As We Go.." The Word says "He will never leave us nor forsake us" How to pray this better is to say Father, I thank you and praise you that your Word is true and you said You will never leave me. Praise to the Father of our Lord Jesus.
We are partakers of an unbreakable Blood Covenant.
---David_Carter on 10/6/07

Because they are a cult. They can't handle the truth. They preach "you name it, you claim it" also preach a prosperity gospel, that God wants you rich. Just send me money as a seed of faith and God will reward you for it. The only ones getting rich are these false preachers. Benny Hinn included.
---Rev_Herb on 9/23/07

Because they are determined to direct GOD in his dealings with man. Example; the bible says if we pray in God's will He hears us. But word of faith people get upset if you subject your prays to the will of GOD. Also they toally reject a praise ministry.---mima-1/7/2006
---mima on 4/4/07

The "Name and Claim" it people I was around went to the extreme ,seemed like "Ignore it,it'll go away" . I aways adhered to ask , believe , receive = faith , but it isn't the same . What I observed was more like forcing God to do it or don't admit something is wrong or God won't do it . Spiritually it didn't fit . I practice faith , believe it can move mountains , but I couldn't go along with keeping quite about pain to get healed . Call for Elders/prayer = telling . God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 1/17/06

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Name it and claim it...... that must be what that robber at my place meant when he said "Stick-em Up."
---Elder on 1/17/06

I have no doubt that some from the word of faith movement may go to heaven, but that still doesn't mean that the doctrie teach is right. It is a false doctrine and leading many to hell.
---Rev_Herb on 1/17/06

Ordain you, weird! Pray publicly, leading the congregation in prayer, not too unusual.
But I understand some do not like to pray out loud.
---NVBarbara on 1/17/06

The Word of God will set you free or make you flee.
---Peter on 1/17/06

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NVBarbara; Not only have I attented 'A Word of Faith" church I have been asked to speak at them many times and some have offtered to ordain me. Funny huh? Also they know exactly what I believe. When I go they almost always ask me to pray publicly, which I do not do very well. Funny huh?
---mima on 1/17/06

I realize some churches take it to extremes, but in reality shouldn't all churches be FAITH churches? If we have no faith, where does that leave us?
---NVBarbara on 1/17/06

Mima, have you attended a "Word of Faith" church. I have and you're way off on your assumptions. The one I visited had a great praise and worship ministry. Also any prayers I heard were according to God's will. We can't 'order' God to do things for us.
We pray and listen for God's answer when it comes. The answer may be yes, no, or wait. As John says, "ask and you shall receive."
---NVBarbara on 1/17/06

Name it and claim it....mmm. Is that like "ask and you shall receive?" I think it is. I'd rather have faith for something that isn't there than to have unbelief for something that is. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. With faith all things are possible. I have very little problem with word faith people.
---john on 1/7/06

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Herb, your so funny! You're going to have such a surprise when you enter the pearly gates! I want to be there just to see the look on your face when you find out that the place is filled with people from Word of Faith churches.
---DoryLory on 1/6/06

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