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Who Was Melchizedek

As concerns Melchizedek; many think he was a preincarnation of JESUS CHIRST. What do you think?

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 ---mima on 1/6/06
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Thank you Tammy, there is much information out there that in our life time we would never learn it all. It is good when others as you and Ramon in the other blog have studied something that might bring light to something else we don't or have heard of. Of course it would not be completely fact as truth, unless it was in Scripture but it is very interesting to see your points.
---Mark_V. on 6/4/08

The question is ridiculous. Christ, was not appointed because of physical descent, but because of His spiritual fitness. He possesses endless life. Also this--One has arisen who is qualified to serve after the order of Melchizedek, for He has an endless life. The word another means who is different rather than a similar one. Anyways>>Jesus possesses divine qualities that no levitical priest ever possessed.
---catherine on 6/3/08

Genesis 14:18
Melchizedek was a king of peace, was a friend of Abram, was not a Jew but believed in the one God who made heaven and earth. He appeared one day in the life of Abraham (then Abram) and was never heard from again. Melchizedek was the appearance on earth of the preincarnate Christ in a temporary bodily form.
---Ken on 6/3/08

This answer,
"Deity first then humanity.Christ is the Alpha & Omega he has no beginning and no end(like Melchizedek),Christ Jesus,Jesus Christ, could not come after the order of Melchizedek if Melchizedek was just a man.There are no predeccssor to Christ.if Melchizedek was any other then Christ, he could not be succeded by Jesus Christ,Christ Jesus is the High priest and is preceded by no one."
---char on 6/3/08
States exactly what I agree with.
---Mima on 6/3/08

No record since he has no beginning of days or end of life..etc..Heb7:3:
*Melchizedek(hebrew spelling)Three words:combined...
1.)melek,iy(Strong's 4427) means king or prince...
2.)meleky or melchi means king of...
3.)tsedeq-right or righteous(Stong's 6664)Melchizedek means King of Righteousness
*Jerusalem(Strong's 3389-founded peaceful more definitions,please look up...
*Salem(Strong's8001- 8004)peaceful,an early name of Jerus,--Salem.
---Char on 6/2/08

Deity first then humanity.Christ is the Alpha & Omega he has no beginning and no end(like Melchizedek),Christ Jesus,Jesus Christ, could not come after the order of Melchizedek if Melchizedek was just a man.There are no predeccssor to Christ.if Melchizedek was any other then Christ, he could not be succeded by Jesus Christ,Christ Jesus is the High priest and is preceded by no one.
---char on 6/3/08

Even though the bible is not clear on who Melchizedek was. In Joshua 10:13 and 2Sam. 1:18 the bible mentions "written in the book of Jasher" Now this book is not in the bible, but was believed to have been a record book, perhaps the very book Moses used in writing the the first few books of the bible. Well it was found and translated. You can find it on websites.
---Tammy on 6/2/08

In the book of Jasher chapter 16:11 it says "And Adonizedek king of Jerusalem, the same was Shem, went out with his men to meet Abram and his people, with bread and wine, and they remained together in the valley of Melech." Suggesting that Shem was a great high priest, Melchizedek more than likely. It makes since when you research. But who he really was isn't really so much important as what he represented amen.
---Tammy on 6/2/08

Tammy, you gave an interesting answer, something I had not researched. Have you something to show why you think it was Shem? Thanks
---Mark_V. on 6/2/08

I think this is a really interesting topic, and one that is fun to discuss. But our salvation does not depend on it, so we should really try to be a little gentler with those of different viewpoints :-)
---Todd1 on 6/2/08

Where do you think the name Jerusalem comes from. King of Salem. It is the same location where Jerusalem is today. Researching the passage in Hebrews 7:3 you look at orginial greek and see what is means by having no father means recorded history did not record who Melchizedek's father was, and no mother means no mother known, or recorded either. It doesn't mean having no father or mother in a literal since. They are not recorded in the old testiment, doesn't mean he didn't have them.
---Tammy on 6/2/08

Melchizedek, I still believe was a title, not the man's real name. I still believe it to be Shem. Look at Shem's generations after the flood. Shem lives through 9+ generations. It would be more understandable that know on would know who the name of Shem's great great great great great grandfather was. He lives over 600 years. He is about 392 when Abram is born and lives another 208 years after Abram.
---Tammy on 6/2/08

#2. Rhonda: in the sense that there is no mentioned in the Bible of his geneology but that doesn't mean exactly for we know that only Christ is eternal. His likeness was in that (Priest of God most High) in Genesis was refering to the use of El Elyon (Sovereign Lord) for God's name indicated Melchizedek, who used this title two times vv. 18.19 worshipped, served, and represented no Canninites deity, but the same one whom Abram also called Yahweh El Elyon v.22
---Mark_V. on 6/2/08

#3. Rhonda: That this was so is confirmed by the added description, "Possessor of heaven and Earth" being used by both Abram and Melchizedek vv. 19:22. And in Psalm's 110:4, the context again brings the High Priest into the picture but this time mentions and makes clear that it is talking about Christ been High-Priest forever and eternal. Melchizedek means, "King of righteousness" who served as the human Priest/King, in Gen. 14:1-20.
---Mark_V. on 6/2/08

#4 Rhonda: As you can see that there is similarities between both Melchizedek and Christ, but in no way does it mean that he was another Christ. We are too been transformed into the "likeness" of Christ but in no way axactly like Him. I didn't see anything wrong with Trey's answer, that is why I answered you. I believe Trey never mentioned one time, there was another spirit as that of Christ. That is reading more into his answer then what is there.
---Mark_V. on 6/2/08

Rhonda, I feel you are again wrong in answering Trey the way you did. In his answer, it is clear he is not saying Melchizedek is another Christ. Everyone and he knows that already. His explanations were very correct and I don't see how you could come out with another conclusion. Melchizedek is mentioned as a High -Priest. And as we know, Christ represents the final foremost High-Priest. I do believe he was similar (or Like) to that of Christ,
---Mark_V. on 6/2/08

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Hebrews 7:2 is a puzzling passage. Melchizedek means not "king of righteousness" but "Zedek [a Canaanite deity] is my king." Salem is not "peace" (Hebrew "shalom). This passage appears to be mistranslated. Does anybody know how Bible scholars reconcile this passage with the OT?
---Fred on 5/30/08

Dear Sister Rhonda, (I hope I can call you my sister in Christ.)

Just because I do not agree with your viewpoint concerning Melchizedek it concerns me that you want to conclude that I have no understanding of scripture.
---trey on 5/30/08

Let us look at more evidence.
Christian scholars believe ancient Jerusalem was known as Salem. The Apostle Paul is merely explaining the meaning of Salem when he said that Melchisedec was the "King of Peace." His reference was not to the character trait of peace, but to the city called Peace. Melchisedec was a real king of a real city.
---trey on 5/30/08

"without descent" - Greek agenealogetos. This word means the absence of a traced genealogy or he whose descent and pedigree is nowhere recorded.
To the Jews, being able to trace ones genealogy was extremely important.
---trey on 5/30/08

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Notice the phrase "having neither beginning of days, nor end of life" -Hebrews 7:3, to the Jews age was also important for a priest. One had to be between 25 and 50 to serve as a priest. - Numbers 4:1-3, 22-23, 35, 43, 8:24-25
---trey on 5/30/08

In conclusion, Paul is making the case that Christs Priesthood was of the order of Melchizedeks Priesthood. It was not after the order of the Levitical Priesthood. The main point, whether we believe Melchizedek is Christ or just a man is this, that Christs Priesthood is superior to that of the Levitical Priesthood.

In Christian Love,
---trey on 5/30/08

Christians do not believe in reincarnation. What a question!!.. Melchizedek was an ordinary man with an extraordiinary calling. Unlike all the other priests, he was not born into a priestly line such as the Levites. So he was a kind of hint at the future, and Jesus' divine mission. When Jesus showed himself to be a prophet and then a Lamb, then people realized that he was similar to Melchizedek, who had been a trailblazer, breaking into a tradition that was closed to outsiders.
---frances008 on 5/30/08

Jesus's family line did not have any priests in it. He was the first. He offered the sacrifice at the altar, the sacrifice was Himself. So the early Christians compared him, rightly, to Melchizedek. It was the beginning of a new church at whose altar the ordinary priests had no right to worship.
---frances008 on 5/30/08

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Would you agree that King David and Joseph are also similar to Christ in many ways?

Of course not ...Christ was the Messiah and through Him we have salvation niether is offered through David or Joseph so I fail to see what analogy you are poorly attempting to create
---Rhonda on 5/30/08

I agree with what Rhonda has written.
---Mima on 5/30/08

Trey your misunderstanding of one word has led you to believe God has lied to you in the rest of His Word ...God does not contradict Himself but imaginations and mens ideas will diliberatly contradict God to serve their own purpose

Gods Word does not identify any other spirit being as having no beginning of days other than Christ and God The Father

to use one word in your claim that Melchizedek was someone other than Christ is deny everything else written
---Rhonda on 5/30/08

Hey Rhonda,

I still believe the key word is "similitude".
Similitude - Greek word - "homoiotes" meaning likeness.

Paul is simply saying that Christ is similar to or like Melchizedek in that there is no record of Melchizedek's birth or death.

Would you agree that King David and Joseph are also similar to Christ in many ways?

Lord bless you in your studies.
---trey on 5/29/08

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Trey it's interesting you used the verses that support Christ as Melchizedek but you cannot see how these verses support this.

Christ was Melchizedek which no matter how one tries to reason the supporting scripture to refer to anyone else ...there are no other Spiritual Beings who have no beginning of days ...angels were created having a definate beginning ...only God The Father and Christ have no begining of days
---Rhonda on 5/28/08

Many people make the mistake of thinking that Melchizedek was Jesus Christ preincarnate.

The scripture state:
Heb 7:15 And it is yet far more evident: for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest,
Heb 7:16 Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life.

The key word here is "Similitude" meaning similar. Christ was/is similar to Melchizedek.

---trey on 5/23/08

part 2

Some of the similarities between Christ and Melchisedec:
1. There is no record of Melchisedecs Mother or Father - Christ has no beginning or ending - Heb 7:3.
2. Both were, (Christ still is) Prophets, Priests and Kings of Peace (Salem).
3. Both - Greater than Abraham - Heb 7:4
4. Not of the tribe of Levi - 7:6 and both bless Abraham.
5.Both were priests not after a carnal (natural) commandment, but after the power of God.

---trey on 5/23/08

part 3

I believe the Apostle Paul is making two very valid points:
1. Christ brought salvation not through the law service, but something new.
2. Christ is greater that Abraham. The Jews believed that surely Christ was not greater than Father Abraham.

There are others who acted in a manner similar to Christ, displaying types and shadows of our Master:
King David, and Joseph the son of Rachael and Jacob, are two that come to mind.
---trey on 5/23/08

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He was a priest King.

---Cross-Bearer on 5/23/08

I believe you are refering to Heb 7. I am not sure what you are refering to. I have read the chapter and it doesn't speak about Melchizadek not having linage... I refers to 2 different types of priesthoods. One of Melchizadek well before the time of Mosas and Aaron, and then Aaron. Aaron was the first hight priest of Israel when the tabernacle was established by God to the people.
---Tammy on 5/23/08

Those of the Levi tribe were the ones to become high priest, and the High priest the only one to commune with God in the Holy of Holies. Melchizadek was like the precurser to that type of priestly order. Someone who was the direct conduet to God. Jesus became that direct link between God and man. Jesus fullfilled the law. Now through Jesus we are all part of that priesthood. 2Pet. 2:9 "But ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people".
---Tammy on 5/23/08

Melchizedek was a Cannanite priest king. The passage in Hebrews about him not having lineage refers to him not being of the priestly line of Aaron, just as Christ is not of the line of Aaron. Melchizedek is NOT the pre-incarnate Christ.
---Ryan_Z on 5/22/08

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Mechizedek was God: Documentation for that is
John 8:56-58
Hebrews 6:20
Hebrews 7:1-3
---Gabby on 5/22/08

The Holy Spirit in Hebrews had the opportunity to say Jesus was Melchizedek.

Having a priesthood "after" Melchizedek's order can mean, in succession to, as part of, but also can mean "like to" . . . because of "having neither beginning of days nor end of life" (Hebrews 7:3). So, I can see Jesus is not part of Melchizedek's priesthood, but "after" it . . . meaning how, "in likeness to it", His is endless. So His is NOT Aaronic > Hebrews 7:11-19.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/22/08

That's a good question...and one I dont think we'll have the answer to until we're in heaven. Definitely a priest that Abraham paid tithe to...but then in Hebrews all the stuff about a high priest after the order of Melchizedek (or something like that?)...I've studied it a little before and dont remember coming to any definitive conclusions based on Bible texts (which are the only texts that matter)
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

After a victory battle and rescuing his nephew Lot, Melchizedek, king of Salem brough out bread and wine, and being a priest of God Most High, he blessed Abram with these words...
Melchizedek was a prefigurament of Jesus.
Jesus offered bread and wine at the Last Supper being the Priest of the Most High God.
Priest and Sacrifice. John chapter 6, the Bread of Life Discourse.
---Nicole on 5/21/08

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Melchizedek was a high priest and king of Israel. Melchizedek though isn't the name of the man, it is a title, kind of like the title of Caeser. Now in Josh. 10:13 it mentions "Is this not written in the book of Jasher?" The book of Jasher was found and translated around 1840. It mentions says that Melchizedek wsa believed to be Noah's son Shem. And Melchizedek stands as a symbol of who Jesus Christ would be in the future, but he was not preincarnation of Jesus. That would be non biblical.
---Tammy on 5/21/08

A good question. I believe he was a priest that Abraham paid his tithes (tenth) to. I'll look that one up. He blessed Abraham. I think that he was priest over Salem before it was called Jerusalem.
---John on 4/26/08

lori - you've been reading to much BOM and not enough Bible.

On May 15, 1829, John the Baptist appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery near Harmony, Pennsylvania, and bestowed the Aaronic Priesthood on them

necromancy - another LDS trait

the rest of it put in the trash it is a fable.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

Melchizedek was a great high priest ordained to hold both the lesser aaronic and higher priesthoods of God to act in his name. He was not Jesus Christ, Moses etc His authority to act in God's name came from God himself, not man. The same priesthood authority Jesus Christ would hold and also receive from his father in heaven. That is something many here ignor. many take that honor unto themselves and say they have authority, but the example in the NT concerning the demon proves them false teachers.
---lori on 9/8/07

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Who else was a king and priest that Abraham would tithe to....and a tithe of the heart to someone who did not hold an earthly priesthood. Mel was a type of Christ .....and you know who else are kings and priests....yup you are. In the order of melchizedek...not with earthly hands but after the heart.
King of (Jeru)salem
---Andrea on 9/7/07

There is a remarkable difference in the moral qualifications of the Priests. Melchizedek appears only briefly in the Old Testament [Gen 14:18-20, Ps 110:4]. Certain Scholars have thought that Melchizedek was an appearance of the preincarnate Christ in the O T [technically called christophany]. They argue this on the basis of Hebrewa 7:3. However, this statement is simply to be understood in the sense that his priesthood was not connected to any priestly family line. M had a priestly office--Cont.
---catherine on 9/7/07

Cont. Melchizedek:--He had a priestly office by special divine appointment, and thus a type of Jesus Christ in his priesthood. The writer of Hebrews says that M. was one "resembling the Son of God" [7:3]. This clearly indicates that he was not himself the Son of God. M. bore the image of God in his piety and authority, and stands upon record as immortal high priest. In Ps 110:4 is addressed to the Messiah. "You are a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek.
---catherine on 9/7/07

Melchizedek was a King and Preist. He is the only person in Scripture mentioned that held both these offices, except Jesus. He was a Cannanite who worshipped god most high(not Yahweh),as many canaanites did, Not the Lord God most High, as Abraham states in Ge.14:22.He is used as a type to prove Christ's superiority to all who were before Him. Abram gave him a tenth of the spoils of war, which was a normal practice in Cannanite culture.
---isaac on 9/6/07

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Melchiedek was the priest of the most high
He was Jesus
---betty on 3/22/06

If you can, get "Who is this Melchizedek" by William Branham. Scriptural teaching of Jesus as our Kinsman redeemer, intercessor, and conduit from fleshly man to spirit God.
---mikefl on 1/19/06

King David in the Psalms refers to the future King of kings or Messiah [Jesus] as a "priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." (Psalm 110:1-4)
---Buddy on 1/7/06

Melchizedek brought bread and wine to Abraham (then Abram) after Abraham's victory over the four kings who had besieged Sodom and Gomorrah and had taken his nephew Lot prisoner (described in Genesis 14). (Gen. 14:18.) Melchizedek blessed Abraham in the name of God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. (Gen. 14:19.) In return, Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth, a tithe, of the spoils gained from the battle. (Gen. 14:20.)
---Peter on 1/7/06

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It's likely that Melchizedek was a similitude of Jesus, just as happened in Gen 18, when the LORD appeared to, & talked with Abraham.

Since no man has seen God - Jn 1:18, and since Jesus was not yet manifested, the Lord likely appeared in similitude; a form of being that appears human, but was not born of woman.

Nothing is impossible to God. Lk 1:35
---a_servant on 1/7/06

Heb 7:1 For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him;
2 To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;
3 Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually
---a_servant on 1/7/06

He was king of Jerusalem and priest of the most high God. He was not Jesus, he was not Noah. Not a lot is written about him, but he was just a normal man, who blessed the Lord, and Abram (Abraham), seeing the goodness of his blessing, gave him a tenth of his spoils, a king's share.
---Ann5758 on 1/7/06

Here are some verses about Melchisedec. He was king of Salem and priest of the most high God. Genesis 14:18-20 Psalms 11:4 Hebrews 5:6,10 \ 6:20 \ 7:1-21
---Ulrika on 1/7/06

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mima, Please don't take this wrong, but you said "many think." I don't care what many think. Many will also go to hell. let's get the facts straight. If the Bible doesn't reveal it, than, we don't know. The Bible doesn't say much about Melchizedek but what John said is right.
---Bob on 1/7/06

Since he lived contemporary with Noah, and there's no record of his origin. Could be that it was in fact Noah ,who "walked with God"! My guess!
---1st_cliff on 1/7/06

Not a preincarnation, but a appearance of the Lord in the flesh.
---mike6553 on 1/7/06

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