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What Church Do You Attend

What Church Do You Go Every Sunday?

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 ---Elizabeth on 1/6/06
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I go to any church any day that teaches the Bible, Spirit filled, and Not a Corporation.
---Lynn on 8/28/08

The "church" is the body of Christ those born of God as Gods Word puts it. Historically it has become institutionalised into structures but the church - those who belong to Christ -will remain until Jesus comes in His glory to be joined to His Bride (another Bible term). These are true & faithful statements from Scripture. When we belong to HIM we belong to each-other - all who'se lives are dedicated to Jesus as Lord & Saviour. God bless as you consider.
---Baptist on 8/20/07

I do not attend. The "church age" ended in 1988. The Lord is no longer using any local congregations. The Lord is not present because the churches have departed from the word of God. In 2 Thess 2 the Lord tells us that satan is now ruling in ALL churches. Rev 18 and Matt 24:15, 16 command the saints to leave the church(es).
---Ed_from_IL on 8/19/07

I am 38, a Mormon Boy. I was first raised in and around Christian Science,until 5 then raised in Pentecostalism until 16, then remained an uncommitted deist through college-until 24, then studied, prayed and became LDS, what I believe is the fullness of the gospel. I live near Redlands. BTW-In person I never discuss religion. Debating online helps elucidate things.
---MikeM on 8/19/07

I attend where ever God puts me! He usually puts me in very spirit-filled, tongue speaking, apostalic/prophetic type charasmatic churches who believe that the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us and that greater things than Jesus did, we shall do. And yes, dancing, flags, tamborines, etc. are more than welcome. And I just love it...celebrating the goodness of the Lord and being free to express our love to Him. :-)
---Holly4jc on 8/19/07

I attend Our Lady of Lourdes parish, St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center parish, and also the Cathedral church of the Madeliene in Salt Lake City, Utah.
---George on 8/19/07

non-denominational Pentecostal Church in southern NJ about 150 people **

There's no such thing as a non-denominational church.

It might be a denomination of ONE congregation, but almost all of the so-called "non-denom" churches (with the exception of hen-house sects) will be found to be able to fit neatly in one of the thousands of pop-evangelical organizatins.
---Jack on 8/18/07

non-denominational Pentecostal Church in southern NJ about 150 people
Prayer/biblestudy/healing rooms

I stopped attending for a few years but I didn't lose my fire - just kind of needed a break from the politics - should have just kept looking bc my new church was 5 minutes from the old one - and now I look forward to going every week.
---Andrea on 8/18/07

I am disabled and unable to attend any church,I can't walk very far or sit very long,I do miss going,but study the Word on line and my Bible. I was filled with the Holy Ghost at home alone,that prepared me to touch God anywhere. I do belong to New Beginnings Assembly of God. I am praying after I have and recover from back surgery I can start back to church,in the mean time,my best friend and prayer partner and I pray together and talk about the Word. So does Mom and I.
---Darlene_1 on 8/16/07

I attend the Pentecostal Church of God.

Hebrews 10:25 gives the command in no uncertain terms: "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one anotherand all the more as you see the Day approaching."

In keeping with this instruction, the constitution of the Assemblies of God states that the church "shall represent, as nearly as possible in detail, the body of Christ as described in New Testament scriptures."
---Ramon on 7/17/07

If pastor believe in the book of acts Church 2:38.Don't worry about the people if the Pastor is on the right track according to the scriptures)acts 17:11. We must continue in God's Word Jn 8:31-32 not traditions Mk.7:13. The Word must be preached 2Tim4:2,not denominations.
Advice to all new believers to READ the New Testament for yourself,get to know Jesus Christ.All scripture is given by inspiration of God, old & new, but there is a balance,cannot live Law & Grace.
---Charla on 7/17/07

* The problem with Buddha is that he may have died but he didn't rise from the dead. No "risen from the dead", no life to give to his followers.*

Amen Linda! The followers of Buddha have no salvation whatsoever,. Christians have Christ, God's Son, who died for our sins and pay our ticket to Heaven! And since Buddha is mot God's Son, he cannot give salvation to anybody.
---Ramon on 7/17/07

I attend Power House Church in Newark, De. My pastor is the best. She preaches the word under the anointing and power of God. I am an Evangelist and I believe in allowing the Lord to have his way. He is my best friend. He is the love of my life. How can anyone serve anyone else. Trees, and buddah and chimes and chrystals cannot save man. Only the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus can save and heal and deliver us and set us free from all forms of sin if we will repent. God bless Donna
---Donna on 7/17/07

To UPDATE: My family & I are starting to attend a non-denominational church it's called Shoreline.My husband loves it & so do I.,-)
---Candice on 7/17/07

We attend, Bible Church, believing in the Bible and only the Bible. We believe in no amendments to the Bible, no additional scripts, writings, constitutions, only the Bible as total governance in all aspects of life. We believe in bringing every thought captive to His will and His will alone. The Bible and leaders with a covering, those anointed in spiritual authority
---John on 7/17/07

The problem with Buddha is that he may have died but he didn't rise from the dead. No "risen from the dead", no life to give to his followers.
---Linda on 7/17/07

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We are a supernatural church.
---Linda on 7/17/07

Frank t - ("I think the message of Christ and Budda are very similar, and create a lot of peace for me.") -- No, they are not similar in any way, shape or form. God is the only One Who ever gave His Son Jesus Christ in sacrifice on the Cross for sin. No religion can ever be able to claim that.
---Helen_5378 on 7/17/07

Three years ago I moved to my present location and the Lord has lead us to start a wonderful and growing Messianic Bible Study We are one step away from being a Messianic Congregation and worshipping on Friday night and Satuday morning. I do attend a Church (Hobson Community Church)because I want to be fed as well as feeding others.
---Rabbi_Dean on 7/16/07

A non denominational bible teaching church where The Holy Ghost takes the lead. We have lots of instruments and music. We move our bodies,praise and worship God in Spirit and in truth. Where our worship is powerful and real.
---Robyn on 7/16/07

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Why I attend the LDS Church, 'Mormon'
---edward on 7/16/07

George ::I read your post & your endeavour to seek the true church & then end up by saying "The Roman church & its History Is Nasty."Wars are fought & evil has to be stamped out to gain Victory.Jesus knew this & as God he defeated sin & died a ghastly & Nasty death on the cross.Did he Cringe & Flinch?If you are looking for an easy smooth going church You wont Have to look far with your frame of mind you probably have been snapped up by the Adversory of Christ.
---Emcee on 2/27/07

Alan: "What a comfortable feeling it must be to know that you are saved, but the majority are LOST. And how superior it must feel to be able to say this"

Actually it is very humbling. Bless you.
---christina on 2/27/07

The apostles spent three years learning about the Kingdom of God. I know people who have spent every Sunday for the past 65 years going to church. How long will you attend church until you are ready to build your own church (vine)? (be not just hearers of the Word)
---Steveng on 2/24/07

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I attend a St Cyrils in Encino CA. I also attend a sangha group, which is a Zen buddhist group. I think the message of Christ and Budda are very similar, and create a lot of peace for me.
---frank_t on 2/24/07

Correction made with a bitter heart can destroy. I've learned a couple lessons from catherine. Look before you leap, still waters run deep.

Intelligence and brilliance are gifts. Add tolerance.

Catherine has provoked some to jealousy and that is Scriptural. I'm not pressing her for proof of her relationship with God.

Am I embittered, malicious, critical, or imbalanced in my substructure. How tolerant am I. We all have some hidden areas that could use some Son-Light.
---Merne on 2/24/07

Catherine, though your comment was funny, it was so true. I don't know the exact number, but I am sure many are not saved. Chosen one's is what I liked about your comment and do not complain to God because you are lost anyway, now that was funny. you made my morning. I suppose I get very serious but sometimes just hearing others make statements in the manner you did, kind of breaks me away from been so serious each morning trying so hard to bring the good news to believers then the bad news to believers.
---Lisas on 2/24/07

It is a privilage to be able to call upon God and know that he is right there by our side. I don't know how people without the Lord make it, I need him each day. being saved is like having kids, you don't remember your life before them. There are sinners or lukewarm people who go to church, but I'd rather them be in church than in a bar somewhere.
---Rebecca_D on 2/24/07

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buttons, I wrote that before I had a grasp of the situation. I made an apology to catherine. I think we understand that catherine has a unique personal insight. I know where she's coming from and I dropped my antennas. I have no desire to corner her or demand proof or Scripture. We can't see hearts.
---Merne on 2/24/07

What a comfortable feeling it must be to know that you are saved, but the majority are LOST. And how superior it must feel to be able to say this.
---alanUKquent64534 on 2/24/07

If you don't go to church or are getting tired of the one you're in, then it's time to start your own vine. Start a home Bible study group of about 6 to 12 people. Go out into the world in pairs and visit the shut-ins, the poor, the needy, the prisoners, and spread the gospel of the kingdom of God, the same gospel that Jesus was preaching (he surely was not preaching about himself like most Christians think). Don't just be hearers of the Word.
---Steveng on 2/23/07

catherine. Maybe you could tell all of us who made you the judge to say that 80-90% of the people in churches are lost? And if they are, isn't it the best place for them? After all, they need to get saved so why shouldn't they be in church?
---john on 2/24/07

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Catherine...its not your place to judge others. Find what's true in yourself
---Alan_Watts on 2/23/07

80-90% of church members are LOST. And get this. These are the very people who in a sneeky kind of way++ tells God, what to do, how to do,**

Catherine, it's interesting how you, who by your own words have stayed away from church for years, have been gifted by God to see into people's souls and know who is saved and who isn't.

It must be TERRIBLE to carry such knowledge.
---Jack on 2/23/07

Steveng - the gospel is found in 1 Corinthians 15:3b-4 - How that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scritpures.
---phyla3656 on 2/23/07

80-90% of church members are LOST. And get this. These are the very people who in a sneeky kind of way++ tells God, what to do, how to do, And when to do, with the few saved or chosen ones. We are chosen you know. If you have a problem with using the word chosen, tell it to God. Ofcourse, He won't pay any attention to you cause you are LOST.
---catherine on 2/23/07

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I go to service each week, with brothers and sisters, we calls it Bible study service, people are the Church, not a building, and Christ is head of the Church, the people. Do you all agree? or not?
---winna on 2/23/07

One of the great fallacies of our time is the equating of churchgoing with salvation. Now it is true that most saved people attend church, however and I do mean however, many many churchgoers are not saved!!! In fact one of the big unworked mission fields in the world is in her local churches.
---Mima on 2/23/07

Merne-Could it be that Catherine has a gift of discernment. A gift that is not very plesant to have.
---buttons on 2/23/07

Ive been to all denominations but prefer non-denominational. Alot of churches(pastors) are getting corrupt, too money hungry.
---Duane on 2/22/07

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If you don't feel led to go to church and you know that you know you are walking close to God. Don't and I repeat do not fret. And for goodness sakes don't let the Devil bother you about it. Stay close to the Lord Thy God. Have a good day, everyone.
---catherine on 2/22/07

Monica: "sadly I have not been to church in a while, and don't really feel lead to go. Not real motivated, any ideas why?"

Being lukewarm can be a reason for loss of desire,,,having left our first love...Since I don't know more I cannot be too specific, but I do know that we are the body of Christ with different gifts/functions that are interdependent, so when absent from fellowship, we are missing out, and others miss out on what God desires to do through us.
---christina on 2/22/07

Last Sunday I attended the apostolic Church of Chihuahua, Mexico. Attendance including us two was five people. The purpose of the trip was the encouragement and development of a soulwinner, whom we met In prison ministry. God blessed our trip in inconceivable ways. Saw 36 people accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior in two days of witnessing with an interpreter!!!
---Mima on 2/22/07

I don't belong to any one church. I go where ever the Spirit leads me. The last church was a Lutheran Church where I started the Youth Group/services and an ESL program. The Spirit lead me to Detroit MI (1994 to 1997) and Atlanta GA (1997 to 2001). I didn't hear from the Spirit and came back to Los Angeles where I've been spreading the Gospel at parks, coffee houses or just on the street feeding the homeless and poor.

Does anyone know what the gospel is?
---Steveng on 2/21/07

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I go to Christ Catherdral Hollieness in Frankfort KY wed.,fri., sun.
---James on 2/21/07

brethren: remember always to follow Jesus above all! because men can mislead you, but our Lord can not! Read your Bibles and thank always God for his grace. Teach others, brethren, to follow Jesus, not man. It is so needed! So many people are following man now, so many wars have been made with the pretext of religion! But our Lord says, instead: "Love your enemy", and "don't resist the evil one," and "blessed are the peacemakers". show Jesus to them, more than your church.
---george on 2/21/07

Monica: because you don't have a desire to Go. If your unsure of where to go. Seek God and he will put you where he can use you the most. Do you have a desire to go?
---Rebecca_D on 2/21/07

I attend Eitz Chaim (Tree of Life) Messianic Jewish Congregation, but on Saturday, not on Sunday. We are taught the Word of G-d from the first verse of Torah to the last verse of Revelation. It is AWESOME with wonderful praise and worship!
---phyla3656 on 2/21/07

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Monica when you are commanded you don't need to feel. Just do it.
---Elder on 2/21/07

sadly I have not been to church in a while, and don't really feel lead to go. Not real motivated, any ideas why?
---monica on 2/21/07

My fathers side of the Family was Baptist My mothers side Was pentecostal some United pentecostal some Assembly of God, I spent most of my life enduring the Holy wars waged because of their Godhead doctrines and other differences, I turned from all that mess and went into the world to find peace from it until I met Charles and Francis Hunter and recieved the Baptism of the Holy Ghost by their ministry.
---exzucuh on 1/23/07

Today I am an elder in two churches that I help to establish, they are not affiliated with any denomination but are open to all denominations we accept them and let them preach in our churches. We are Lion of Judah full gospel fellowship we license Ministers and help start ministries. Right now I am helping God City of Hope build a ministry to feed the hungry, On Saturday Nights we have healing and deliverance services. I travel and do evangelism also.
---exzucuh on 1/23/07

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Catherine, do you know who the accuser of the brethern is? A fault-finding demon will incite someone to spend weeks and months finding faults in ministries and churches. People who are held captive by this deceitful spirit become 'crusaders', and an irreconcilable enemy of a church assembly.
---Merne on 1/22/07

Someone who is consumed with the imperfections of preachers is filling the role of the accuser of the brethern.

The enemy's purpose is to use this accuser to discredit preachers. This demon stops growth in churches and destroys churches. I have witnessed this demon before.

It takes over someone's mind with venom and intimidation that even those who should know better become seduced by its influence.
---Merne on 1/22/07

All who become involved with the accuser of the brethern take their eyes off of Jesus, and start focusing all their attention on the criticisms. Those who are not wise become beguiled by this demon. The accuser raises enough suspicion about preachers that they can destroy a congregation.

Catherine, you need to be delivered from this demon/spirit that is influencing your mind.
---Merne on 1/22/07

The accuser of the brethern manipulates with a flood of critical words against a preacher or congregation. The weapon of the accuser is words. The preacher's weapon is the Word.

You've been out of the church, that accusing demon is now influencing you to start attacking preachers and churches.
---Merne on 1/22/07

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Catherine, you need spiritual help, ASAP.

This is the enemy's strategy to use you, not God's.
---Merne on 1/22/07

God took me out of the church for three years, and I do not care if you believe that or not. But here lately, He started me back to the ones He has pointed out to me that are fake preachers [He has not called]. anyways, I have attented one, in which I am sure more visits will follow. I have to tell you people, it is not an easy assignment. KNOWING THAT YOU ARE LISTENING TO AN UNSAVED PREACHER.
---CATHERINE on 1/22/07

Through the years I have attended many different kinds of churches, and I have been a member of the Assembly of God for many years, but I left this denomination because they started using new "Unholy Bibles" and allowing too many false doctrines. Now I am attending the Apostolic Assembly of the faith in Christ Jesus.
---Eloy on 1/22/07

I was Roman Catholic until I read the whole Bible. The Jehovah Witnesses led me to start reading the whole Bible (in a strong catholic land) and I bless them for that, but I disagree on some points. I went to a Jesus only church and those were nice people too but I also disagree in some points. I haven't found the perfect church with a worldly organization, but I can say I found good testimonies of Christ in many of them. But the Roman church official doctrines are Nasty, as well as its history.
---George on 1/22/07

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Christ Temple Baptist.
---lynet on 1/21/07

I will go to any church that teaches the word of God, one that will allow the Holy Spirit of God to use His people, one where they don't put a time limit on the Holy Spirit of God when He leads people to use the gifts, but for now i am going to a Baptist church which will do till God have another place for me..mary4964
---mary on 1/20/07

I have been a part of the United Pentecostal church since I was a child. I wouldnt trade it for anything. Thats where the truth is definitely taught. I raised both of my boys there and they couldnt have lived a better life.
---Carol on 7/10/06

My husband and I have attended the United Pentecostal Church since 1997. We have found truth and are raising our four soon to be five children in truth.
---tressa on 4/18/06

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I attend Gateway Christian Fellowship in West Haven, CT. Always a blessing!!!
---christy on 4/10/06

I have attended the united pentecostal church for 25years i went to the southern babtist for 10years
---Betty2 on 4/10/06

I switched from Catholic to Evangelical. Attended two different churches where I learned hypocrisy and hatred. I went back to a Catholic Charismatic movement and I feel a lot at peace with myself and God.
---A_Catholic on 2/6/06

Wow Linda3, its odd to see that name again!
My son was born in Apopka, not many have ever heard of it! We were in Fl for 18 years, Apopka was just a wide spot in the road when my son was born 32 years ago!
Glad to have you with us!

We attend a Non-Denominational church here in Las Vegas.
---NVBarbara on 1/10/06

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I go on Wednesday's as well. I go to Hilltop family Worship Center.
---Rebecca_D on 1/9/06

Full Gospel fellowship
---andre9789 on 1/9/06

I am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) I have served at the Presbytery level doing Stewardship and Mission Pllanning for 4 states in Northern New England.
My home church is Bedford Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Bedford, NH. Since I live in a State Veterans Home and have no transportation of my own I attend a local Congregational Church where I serve as Moderator for Congregational Meetings.
---Phil_theElder on 1/8/06

Nice trick question there by the way - I worship on Sabbath (Saturday)
---Linda3 on 1/7/06

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Forest Lake Seventh Day Adventist Church, Apopka FL
---Linda3 on 1/7/06

I attend a Church of the Brethren for now.
---Cana on 1/7/06

Langhorne Terrace Ministries, Langhorne, PA
---Madison on 1/7/06

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