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How To Help The Poor

What do you think about helping the poor? Jesus said if you give to one of the least of these you have given to me and if you have not then you have not done it to me. Isn't that amazing? Today I'm going to give something in His name. Any one want to join in on this?

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 ---john on 1/7/06
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I think that it is great. Giving is my very highest gift. I could stand up at walmart and give out money all day long. And never get tired.
---catherine on 1/16/08

My dad has a ministry, and we go out around the uptown area and give out mittens and hats to the street people (am I allowed to cll them that? No offense intended). Sometimes a hot drink as well. But we go and talk with them for a few minutes and let them know someone cares.
---bethie on 1/16/08

Yes!! count me in on this giving. Last night my wife and I made arrangements to place money in our school system for needy sudents. This money is given in the blind so no one here will know where it came from.---mima-1/7/2006
---mima on 5/17/07

that is great dear..we will always have the poor or less fortunate near us or far..and in whatever we do or pray, we should remember them...I just love giving to them. I think charity begins in the home or community...then the world...the Lord will be so happy with us then..He said "I was hungry, and you fed me, poor and you clotheed me, thirsty and you gave me drink...Amen.
---jana on 7/27/06

Go to a shelter if your town has one& voulunteer , you can always help one way or another, but it goes beyond homeless people. How about shelters for battered women& their kids, or how about arranging time at a nursing home?
---canda3996 on 1/8/06

I work near several homeless shelters. Go to one, talk with these people, walk in their shoes with them. Want a true friend? You'll find them there. I love my street people, so many are mentally ill. Just the other day, the Holy Spirit had me give a small Bible to a man, this man was acting real strange, like directing traffic on a sidewalk. He took the Bible I gave him and left. One thing these people to understand when you tell them that Jesus loves them. Call on Him for help!
---Nellah on 1/8/06

bethie; Love the ministry you have with your dad. I plan to start the same type of ministry .---mima-1/7/2006
---mima on 1/7/06

I'd like to think that many Christians are already doing this but a reminder now and again might be helpful.
---M.A. on 1/7/06

I try every day to give something to those less fortunate than me.. Time, money, food, guidance,,sometimes Love is all they need.
---Lynn on 1/7/06

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