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Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable

As a Christian, how do you justify lying to your children about santa claus? My husband and I choose not to because we believe that Christmas should be a celebration of Jesus' birthday, not a holiday where children make lists of all their wants and tell them to some man in a red suit.

Moderator - My four year old was asked what did Santa Claus get him for Christmas when we were getting our hair cut. His response - "I don't think so - That is pagan".

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 ---Jessica on 1/8/06
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Praise God for the truth in print. No lying, or you will be lyed to. Has God ever Lyed? Never..
---Lynn on 3/14/07

It is very wrong to lie to little children. Santa Claus is not real, and they should be told the truth that it really is a man in a red suit. If you lie to your kids, how can you expect them to trust you.
---Helen_5378 on 7/10/06

Christ ascended to glory but Santa decends to a fireplace. Christ gave gifts to man that would bring eternal life but Santa brings gifts that helps kids love this world and take their focus off of Christ. Santa does have the same letters as satan and every author loves to have his name on his story, even if misspelled. But, of course it is a nice thing to bring joy to kids once a year.
---Frank on 7/10/06

Santa Claus is a beautiful legend. When telling your child that YOU are Santa, they hold a secret that is part of the tradition of the story. By upholding the myth we may speak in metaphor about the GREAT giver who dwells in all things. The legend of St. Nicholas dates back to the 4th century AD and has evolved through the centuries.
---sondra on 7/10/06

One of the first Bloggs I read was the story of a distraught mother telling how her daughter, found out the truth about Santa, and chastised her mum for lying to her, and causing her so much stress b/cos she obviously was grown up and taught not to tell lies, This impacted me so much I decided not to lie to my children and they know that it is Mum/dad n Family/friends that buy's all the presents.
---Carla on 4/25/06

Actually, I believe Santa spelled backward would be ATNAS
---anonymous on 1/28/06

Soooo..????..God spelled backwards is dog. Lived spelled backwards is devil. Bob spelled backwards, what's the point?
---Ann5758 on 1/27/06

Rick, please show me where in scriptures it says Santa is a symbol of Christ's love. Thanks

Santa spelled backwards is Satan
---anon on 1/24/06

Santa Claus is a symble of the love God has for mankind and the gift of jesus too us. Even Jesus taught in parables...doe that make him a liar! I think NOT!!
---Rick on 1/24/06

Amen, Robert! Excellent point!
---DoryLory on 1/24/06

You want to be lied to? Childhood is traumatic enough, and then have parents lie to you, for what, vain imaginations and to believe in falsehoods? And then, for some, it affects their belief systems later. Train up a child in the way he/she should go. Not out and out lie to them. Parents, you are responsible. Why start your children's life out on a lie.
---anon on 1/24/06

Whoever said Jesus was born in a barn? three wise men came to visit him, it doesn't say when. And No it wasn't in December.
---Rebecca_D on 1/24/06

Christmas, and Easter for that matter, are not Biblically mandated holy days so we are free to celebrate tham any way we choose. Rather than criticizing others for the way they celebrate the holiday we'd do better by sharing the reason we celebrate and what God has done for us with that "Gift".
---Robert on 1/24/06

Quick question-- So, do all you people who think it is bad to "lie" to kids about Santa think it is okay to tell kids that Jesus was born in a barn in December under a big star and that three "wise men" came to visit him that night-- cause that isn't exactly true either.
---Steph on 1/24/06

Exactly Lindsey, It is important for the children to know right from wrong. Knowing that your little brother had been lied to about Santa, and you still think that the parents should keep on lieing to their kids. Interesting.
---Rebecca_D on 1/24/06

So, bottom line, let children play make-believe other words, they know Santa is not real, but they can play like he is all they want. It's important for children to know the difference between make-believe and reality.
---Lindsey on 1/24/06

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I remember when my little brother (13 yrs. younger than me) found out that there was no Santa. He immediately starting asking, "Is Jesus real? Is God real? How do you know?" and he went through a time of serious questioning. I could not believe the sophisticated questions coming from an 8 yr. old.
---Lindsey on 1/24/06

Why let children make-believe and "talk to their barbie dolls" and play cowboys and indians, but not believe in Santa? Well, the answer is clear. When children make up their own stores and make-believe, they know it's a fantasy and not the truth. But, when the child has the adults (the people they trust the most) in their lives telling them a lie year after year, it is extremely discouraging to the child to finally learn that it's all a lie.
---Lindsey on 1/24/06

And another reason, is why should Jesus our Lord and saviour have to share this day with santa or anyone else. Santa, nor anyone else was born into this world to suffer the cross like Jesus did, no not one went through what he went through for the world, and Jesus alone deserves all the praise, glory, and honor.
---Barbara on 1/17/06

Jessica..Do you put up a tree for Christmas? Jeremiah 10:2-5 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen... For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go.
---Steve on 1/17/06

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I think people should teach their children about the real St. Nicholas and how his memory is kept alive by the story of a Night before Christmas. It is like a Disney movie. Children can realize that Mickey and Minnie are like actors or puppets and Santa Claus is just another story. They can enjoy the fantasy but know that parents and friends give them presents as the Wise Men brought presents to Jesus and as the Father gave His son for us.
---Nancy on 1/17/06

Molly you asked why can't they believe in both and figure out which one is real and which one is make believe. because it is the parents job to teach the child about Jesus. The kids should know that Santa has nothing to do with christmas at all. I want my kids to know the truth. I teach them about Jesus now, so that one day they will continue to believe and go to heaven. The same with Easter. I tell them the truth. You boggle my brain when you say why can't they believe in both.
---Rebecca_D on 1/17/06

Because Molly we as parents need to teach our children about Jesus, and not santa. If the parent doesn't teach the children about Jesus, then God will hold them accountable for that. Why can't they believe in both? Because teaching them about santa is lieing to them. I tought my kids what Christmas is about, it is about Jesus and how he came to be. I never tought them about santa, for that is false. I teach my kids about Jesus because when they grow older they won't forget what I taught them about Jesus.
---Rebecca_D on 1/17/06

My children never had Santa and we never 'spoiled it' for the children of other parent who wished to have Santa in their homes. How I would have loved to have been given the same respect I showed them. People never ceased from telling my children that Santa really did exist and mummy and daddy were wrong. This included Sunday School teachers, church members and day school teachers amongst others. We were considered W I E R D but I know we were correct to do it.
---M.P. on 1/17/06

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pt 2: But I was playing an angel in our church Christmas play from the time I could walk nearly, and I grew up knowing ALL about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas- pretty much like everybody else I knew did. So, my statement meant 'why do you force kids to believe one or the other- why can't they believe in both, and find out in due time which one is real and which one is make believe?
---Molly on 1/17/06

What I MEANT was.....why do people like you insinuate that everybody who lets thier kids enjoy childhood and the wonder of Christmas, don't teach them the true meaning of Christmas at ALL?! That's totally not true. My parents never told me there WAS a santa, nor did they tell me there wasn't- I just believed, then I stopped- pretty much like everybody else I knew did.
---Molly on 1/17/06

My kids know what is real and what isn't. They know fairy's, toothfairy's, Easter bunny, etc are not real. Yes my kids have an imagination but they know what is real and what isn't. No one said Santa was Satan. He is fake and why teach a child something that has nothing to do with Christmas? I never believed in Santa, get real fying reindeer, santa going down into chimney's. "Whoever said we need to chose between Santa or Jesus", Surely your joking Molly?
---Rebecca_D on 1/17/06

The danger is that the real story of Christmas ... leading to Easter ... will be regarded as a fairy story in the same way as Santa. Important that we make it clear early on that Santa is just fun, whereas the Jesus story is real
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/17/06

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Hmm Santa - Satan same letters go figure. Santa lives forever (it's said),Satan wants to. Jesus is eternal. Santa knows the hearts of all, Satan wants to. Jesus knows all. Santa can be everywhere at once, Satan tries to. Jesus is. Santa is the pagan part of Christmas. Satan would if he could. Jesus really is Christmas. Can't we see the problems brothers and sisters? Call Santa a fable, Satan the devil, and Jesus our God.
---mikefl on 1/16/06

I don't remember ANYONE telling me there was no Santa Clause, I just grew out of it. How many adults do you know that still believe in him? And whoever said that you have to choose between Santa or Jesus! -Teach them the real meaning of Christmas, YES, but let them be a kid too. There's nothing evil about Santa (and Nooooo, his name isn't "SATAN" with the letters jumbled, as some over-zealous religious people say it is)
---Molly on 1/16/06

You guys lighten up Fairy tales have been around, For so long It is invigourating, as it keeps one young at Heart.Even the birth of Christ in all its truth & simplicity is woven into a story.Children need something Good to look up to let them be as children Because that is what the kingdom of God is.Dont indoctrinate children with adult matter. Time enough for them to realise that this is a wicked worldFull of evil .
---Emcee on 1/16/06

What I'm saying is that it is one thing to tell your own children that Santa Claus doesn't exist (I did the same thing myself ... we didn't have Santa in our home) BUT it is totally something else altogether to tell OTHER CHILDREN that there is no Santa.
---DoryLory on 1/16/06

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I remember how hurt I was, and how I cried when my sister told me that there was no santa, she said that our parents always bought our gifts. After all the years of punping me up to believe a good man as this was real, and to find out that it had been all a lie well, I was jut heart sick. Jesus is the one that went through the smut for us and we never have to worry about breaking the hearts of our children when we tell them that he is real, and He exsists, so why not teach them Jesus, and not santa.
---Barbara on 1/16/06

I don't believe we should teach our children about santa. Why tell them something about this good man that loves them so much that he will go through the snow storms and smutty chimineys to get them what they want, and they start to love this santa, but then one day we have to hurt them and say well, all of that stuff I told you about santa is not true because he doesn't exist. Why not just teach them Jesus, and this way when they fall in love with Him, we won't have to say that he is make believe.
---Barbara on 1/16/06

I made the mistake of telling my children about santa and so did my parents, by telling me when I was growing up. we have always been God fearing people, but just was not fully in understanding of the word back then. I thank God that I know now, and if I had it to do all over again I wouldn't teach my children about santa. The devil has a counterfeit for everything that God has thats real, and he tries to get us to teach our children about any and everything except the real thing, wich is Jesus.
---Barbara on 1/16/06

THANK YOU Dory Lory and Madison! Rebecca, read my earlier post on this blog. Why is it "lying" to your kids to let them use their imagination and be a KID?! Santa Clause is just as much a part of Childhood wonder and imagination as playing house or dressup, or cowboys & Indians, or whatever. Do you mean to tell me you do not allow your kids to believe in ANYTHING that is not reality? Answer this question
---Molly on 1/16/06

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My kids know that there isn't a Santa Claus either and they let others know that there is no such thing as Santa. I don't lie to my kids. When these children grow up thinking Christmas is about Santa and not knowing the meaning, then it lies on the parents and they are at fault. To many people are Playing and not standing up for what is right. If someone is telling my kids the truth and I know it to be the truth but haven't yet told them then it is my fault when the kid cries because it was me whom lied.
---Rebecca_D on 1/14/06

Rebecca: As a public school teacher, I would NEVER interfere with the fantasy that children have about Santa. My own children knew the truth, but they played along for their friends and cousins. That would be undermining a parent's desires on how to raise their children. Who are you to do that to a parent and child?
---Madison on 1/14/06

Santa Claus was never part of our Christmas (in fact one of my boys nicknamed him the HoHo Clown - he was too young to remember Santa's name.) When my boys were young, I adamantly told them to NEVER tell their friends that there was no Santa. That would be undermining the wishes of the parents. It's not our place to tell others how to bring up their children and our children need to be taught respect. Would you want your parenting to be undermined by an outsider?
---DoryLory on 1/14/06

Molly; you agree with them? So you celebrate Santa? This woman was right in doing this. She told the truth. The reason why people got mad is because they don't want to hear about Jesus at all. So your saying it is okay to lie to your kids? what would you do if you had kids and they believe in Santa and you couldn't afford to buy them christmas gifts and you tell them this and they look at you and say, "That's okay because Santa is going to bring them". When there is no such thing.
---Rebecca_D on 1/13/06

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A few weeks before Christmas this year, here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, a "Christian" public school elementary teacher caused a big upset by telling her whole class Santa didn't exist. The community was about ready to lynch her! She got in a lot of trouble with the district- and I agree with them! As I said earlier, it is very cruel to do that to a child. It's like trying to force them to grow up and be an adult before their time
---Molly on 1/13/06

My kids have always known the truth. I've even had parents come to me angry because my kids told their friends Santa wasn't real. My response to the parents? My kids are not afraid to tell the truth.
---Melissa on 1/13/06

I told my kids the truth. I also told them the story about St. Nicholas, and that the modern day Santa was a fun character to pretend with, like Big Bird, and Mickey Mouse. They were perfectly fine with that.
---Madison on 1/11/06

So many times, Christians either go waaaaay over here to the left, or waaaaay over here to the right in their beliefs, either going off on tangents about stuff that is harmless, or living like anything and everything goes. I'm not talking about gray areas or middle, passive ground- at ALL. But I believe God expects us to use balance, and wisdom - Ann, your 18 yr old son has shown a whole lot of both of these. I believe he will be a great dad one day!
---MH on 1/10/06

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I happen to agree, MH. I asked my son, who's now almost 18, what he thought of telling kids about Santa....if it was wrong or not...his answer- kids needs imagination- take that away from them, you have an empty shell. Teach kids about Jesus, that He is the reason we celebrate Christmas, but let them have their fun too. I know I'm gonna get shot down for this, but I let him believe in Santa until he asked me, then I told him, and I have a happy, well adjusted young Christian man. Didn't do him any harm.
---Ann5758 on 1/10/06

part 3: I think one of the most touching things I ever saw was the picture of Santa kneeling at the manger. Saint Nicholas was an example of Christian love and giving that we would all do good to follow. I don't see a problem one with teaching our children to give to others
---MH on 1/9/06

part 2: No mother goose, no Disney, no children's stories or fantasy at all- do you allow them to USE their imagination at ALL?! Do you run screaming at them if you catch them talking to their barbies or pretending their matchbox police car is chasing a matchbox speeder??? C'mon people- children believe in things that aren't real, then they grow out of it- that's being a kid! Teach them the truth about Jesus, but let them be a kid.
---MH on 1/9/06

Awesome answer Brad. I think telling a small child that there is no Santa Clause is just as cruel as telling them their puppy isn't going to heaven! Yes, MOST of Santa Clause is just made up folk-lore, (some of him is NOT) but do all of you people mean to tell me that you don't allow your children to believe in ANY kind of made up story?
---MH on 1/9/06

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When my son was very young (about 2), he couldn't help notice the Santas in every store!He asked me and I could not lie,I told him it was a tradition to some people. Later that day, he approached me and asked. "I guess Santa is like the Easter Bunny huh, its really your Mom and Dad." He already knew there was no bunnies at Easter. Why lie?
---NVBarbara on 1/9/06

Start out by telling your children that 'Santa Clause' is not real but is based on someone who really did live at one time. Tell them Santa looks like the old man who gave gifts to children in need to show them the love of Jesus.
---Brad on 1/9/06

Jessica you are quite correct. Continue to tell your children the truth.
---M.P. on 1/9/06

My 6 year old has always been taught that Christmas is about Jesus, I recently had to deal with a situation at his care centre when he told the other children Santa was not real, the teacher "punished" him by sitting him on a chair, he was very upset but stood his ground, her face when I told her that I taught him the truth because we are Christians was priceless, it was a good witnessing moment.
---Maxine on 1/9/06

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We need not lie regarding the "existence" of Santa Claus. We have to tell our children the truth. There is no Santa Claus! My mother told us this truth when when I was a kid.
---Linda6546 on 1/9/06

I realized shortly before this Christmas season that I can't justify it...How do I expect my six year old to believe in our Heavenly Father knowing that at some point in the very near future, she will realize that I've been lying to her about Santa, whom she also can't see or touch. It's not logical and IMHO CANNOT help my kid to know that our Father DOES EXIST. I'm going to come clean tomorrow after school.
---Jackie on 1/8/06

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