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What Was Adam

At the point in Genesis (where we are told later in the New Testament that Eve was 'deceived') what word would you say describes what Adam was?

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 ---M.A. on 1/9/06
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disobedient, it's a big word it should be allowed on its own. Moderator, why are one word responses not allowed?

Moderator - To stop spam.
---bethie on 1/3/08

Eve was 'seduced' in every sense of the word. Adam was 'blind' either through naivety or blatant self will. He most definitely was not deceived. He made a conscious, unprovoked choice.
---joseph on 4/13/07

MA; Personally I would say he was "seduced"
---1st_cliff on 4/13/07

Adam was ignorant, he ate from the tree of knowledge for that purpose.
---JORDAN on 1/21/06

It wasn't a rude intrusion at all Mike, you are free to say what you like but I will still have to disagree with you when you say that Adam offered his life in this way. Yes they both sinned. Eve ate, she knew she shouldn't, Adam also ate, he also knew he shouldn't. He did nothing sacrificial, they both did something they knew they should not do.
---emg on 1/21/06

emg, I'm glad you read the fine print in my legal document. Somehow I thought it had already been determined by scripture that Adam sinned. They both sinned. Adam & Eve did in fact sin. The reasons each sinned do however mean something also. That was where I was attempting to show a difference. Please read 1Tim.2:13 as example. She was seduced, he offered his life in the way I said before. I hope this explains where my input was coming from. If not, please excuse my rude intrusion in your blog.
---mikefl on 1/19/06

What a clever way of putting it Mike. Adam didn't sin then, he 'chose to partake'. Wow, that sounds so much more noble than sinning doesn't it?
---emg on 1/16/06

Adam had but 2 choices AFTER Eve sinned; partake and die, not partake & live out his life alone. Eve was his female side. No other could fill that place once she was dead. Therefore he chose to partake and believe God would spare them for his sake. Eve is the mother of all living, but it is therefore inferred that Adam was not included. Who/what living is Eve mother of and Adam was not father of? There is the real mystery of the Garden...
---mikefl on 1/15/06

a) No matter Adam's reasoning, thinking, etc, he was the one sin entered this (re)created world through. b) If Adam & Eve are still sinners, that would make all "born again Christians", born again sinners, as Echad/God's shedding of an innocent animal's [lamb] blood to make a covering for them 'til Christ's coming was in vain. We are products of their sin natures, caused by their sinful act.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/15/06

It matters not who 'thinks' Adam was seduced by Eve the fact remains that the bible does NOT tell us that, it DOES tell us that God told Adam personally not to eat that particular fruit. Adam was standing near Eve when Satan deceived her so he was in no doubt as to where the fruit had come from. He KNEW for certain that the fruit being offered was forbidden. Because of what Eve said to Satan we also know that she knew it was forbidden. They both sinned and we are all products of those two sinners.
---M.A. on 1/11/06

I've always believed Adam was "enticed" to eat the fruit as in other instances by "the weaker sex" throughout the bible. It's possible, but not likely that Adam nonchalantly ate the forbidden fruit when first offered. This appears to be his first & only challenge from someone on the same level as he was in 'body' [he could communicate with], mind, & spirit.
---Bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/11/06

DISOBEDIENT. God gave him the rule on a 'one to one' basis, so no excusing him by saying he was seduced by Eve or anything else.
---emg on 1/10/06

Adam saw where Eve was and he was still in his place and fellowship with God.
He made the choice to sin against God in his disobedience. He chose the "lower level."
Eve was punished in her disobedience bringing pain into existence. Adam brought death, both spiritual and physical into existence.
If it hadn't been him it would have been either me or you.
---Elder on 1/9/06

He loved the woman more than he loved God, just as men do today. He wanted to please his wife more than he wanted to please God, just as men do today.

Look at God's language in explaining Adam's punishment.

Gen 3:17 "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife . . ."

Adam was not decieved, which means he knew his wife was deceived, and he chose to please the one that was taken out of him, instead of pleasing the one that gave him life, just as men do today.
---a_servant on 1/9/06

Adam was disobedient. If He would have obeyed God we would have been in good shape now.
---Lynn on 1/9/06

beguiled - but not first. Eve's mistake led to his mistake. Would Adam have sinned at some point anyway? - I guess only God knows the answer to that one. Let me add this, Eve did disobey God, but Eve is still the mother of all living. I am thankful for Eve's part in my existence. Peace.
---mike on 1/9/06

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"Seduced"? Maybe. I can see where Adam was probably strongly influenced by "his...flesh". (G. 2:23)

"Disobedient"? Most definitely! The responsibility for sin rests squarely upon Adam's shoulders. (Ro. 5:12)
---Leon on 1/9/06

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