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Kick Out A Homeless Teenager

I need help My husband and I took in a homeless teenager found out that she was with child. My husband (not a christian) has now decided that he wants to kick her out. She has nowhere to go and is about 6 week away from having a baby. What can I do he said either she moves out or he will.

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 ---vickie on 1/9/06
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Your first alligence is to your husband. lovingly tell him that you will talk to the leadership at you church and find a her better place to stay.
---Robert on 10/12/08

Your loyaly and vows are with your husband.Don't let this destroy that. Try and make a deal that she can at least stay until the baby is born. The words "kick out" are kind of harsh as she will probably be "asked" to leave won't she? There should be some government agencies that will take her in. In Canada we have a ministry of human resources that houses and feeds the mother and baby.They get their rent paid and 350 spending money per month.
---john on 4/14/07

M.A. it sounds hard to believe, I realize. I didn't know about situations like this until I enrolled in a course to obtain a real estate license. Yes, the homeowner can say "go" all he wants, but if the girl refuses there will be a problem, especially with a baby! Bottom line...goodness of your heart not withstanding, put everything in writing.
---ralph7477 on 1/11/06

Ralph I realise that US laws are different from UK laws but I doubt if what you say about eviction is correct. Here in UK this would only apply if you were renting out a room to someone on a long term agreement. Simply taking someone into your home out of the goodness of your heart does not take away your rights to your home being your own surely and anyone would have to right to say 'go' just as we can with our own children even, once they are adults, and they have lived there since birth.
---M.A. on 1/11/06

Lynn, are you for real? Vickie's husband was gracious enough to take in this girl and now he should be the one to leave his own home? I'm wondering why nobody has mentioned the male who sired this baby. If possible, he should be tracked down and made to take some responsibility. Depending on state laws, once somebody has lived in your home for a period of time, they have every right to stay. You may end up having to go to court to have them evicted.
---ralph7477 on 1/11/06

My personal feelings about this is that, as you have taken her in, you should let her stay until the birth. Make sure the birth takes place in hospital and make it clear that she and the baby will not be returning to your home. The hospital, I would have thought, will have to arrange somewhere safe for her to go. They would never put her out on the street (I hope). You and your husband have done your bit by keeping her safe for as long as you could.
---M.P. on 1/11/06

First of all pray for your husband and this girl. Contact the local hospital and see if the social worker at the hospital can put you in contact with any agencies that can help this dear girl find a home for herself and her baby. The social worker would know what resources are in the community for her.
---Madison on 1/10/06

She cannot kick her husband out of HIS home but I think it would be very sad to turn the girl out before she has the baby, and I hope he changes his mind about that. Could you spend the next few weeks looking for somewhere to take her as soon as baby is born? There could be a good reason your husband wants her out though, maybe she has behaved in a way that has upset him but he doesn't want to tell you. There must be more to the story if he was happy to take her in but no longer is.
---emg on 1/10/06

I am all for helping this girl, but I wonder, which two are joined together as one flesh?
---mike on 1/10/06

Tell him to get packing..God will deal with him. You minister to this girl and show her the love of the Lord.
---Lynn on 1/9/06

Vickie,bless you for what you have done . I will pray for God to give you some help for her and work it all out.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 1/9/06

A runaway ... don't you imagine her family is extremely concerned about her whereabouts? You need to contact a childrens' advocacy center, Catholic Charities are good, local ministries like where I lived. We were homeless. Someone in authority needs to know where this MINOR is.
---Nellah on 1/9/06

Darleene i wish that were the case but it isnt she grew up in Foster care and after one is 18 years old they r no longer a ward of the state then they r just kinda out there and she kinda fell between the cracks for some of the programs to prepare youth to be self-sufficiant I took her in thinking that I might be able to provide her with some of those skills and get her ready to be on her own before we even knew about the baby. I cant imagine the Lord leading her to me for this to be the end result
---vickie on 1/9/06

Call some of the churches in your town and see if they have any homes for unwed mothers or go on the Internet . Once she has the baby it will be several more weeks before she can work , and you may be her only source of help , period . When would she ever leave ? You can't keep her over your husband , your loyalty belongs to him . Where is her family ? Is she a runaway ? Maybe someone from her family loves her and wants her back .
---Darlene_1 on 1/9/06

Vickie, there are shelters for girls in such a situation. They also teach them childcare, or arrange adoptive parents if that is the case.
Call your county help lines, or some churches have such homes. God bless, and your husband's salvation will be in my prayers.
---NVBarbara on 1/9/06

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