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Stop Sleeping With 9 Year Old

Any suggestions from other christian Moms on how to get a 9 year old daughter to start getting herself to sleep at night? She has seperational anxiety from me concerning this issue and I should have never started lying down with her till she was asleep.

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 ---Becca on 1/11/06
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Cast the demons out of her room and anoint it with anointing oil.
---wes on 4/19/08

Talk with her about it and then pray for her and with her about her getting off to sleep. It is most likely a fear thing which the devil is putting on her.
---Helen_5378 on 4/29/07

I don't know if this would work or not, but how about if you put Christian music on in their rooms at night. You can have the CD repeat over and over until they fall asleep. Then they will know Jesus is there to protect them.

in faith,

---grace3869 on 4/29/07

Hi Rosem48, This little girl is only nine! She is still a child not an adult, so with all due respect, she will still act like one. Find out why she is so afraid. Does she have low self esteem? Make sure she absolutely knows that she is safe and God is way more stronger than any monsters.
---sue on 4/28/07

Dear friend,I offer this passage of Wisdom.
read I Corinthians 13:11. The Bible admonishes, that we mature as Christians and grow. I read "When I was a child,I spoke as a child;I thought like a child and reasoned like a child.When I became a man,I put away childish things".

At that age, a child should learn to be a "big Boy/big girl". It is time to let the child grow healthy and develop individuality.
---rosem4839 on 4/27/07

I am in the grandmum stage now,but had 3 kids.First,prayer can work wonders.practically,read a story and pray with her,do not lie with her, sit on a chairu ntil she sleeps move slowly nearer the door,do not talk to her make sure she is not scared of something specfic and keep the hour before bed calm and may take a few weeks but sahould work in time if after a month proiblem still there have a word with a dr God bless
---doree4573 on 4/25/07

A friend dealt with this problem by placing a cot in her room next to her bed, then moving it close to the wall. Soon they began decorating her daughters room with inexpensive items her daughter picked out, with the agreement that she would sleep in the room when it was finished. The bed was placed near the wall near her mothers room.
It took a few months, but she was happy to have her own room decorated by herself, and she became used to spending time in her room alone while she worked on it.
---lynet on 4/25/07

My son is 10, my daughter 8. Yes after a hard day it's difficult to sit with them untill they sleep. I hold my daughter in my arms when she is scared and we pray; the armour of God, Ps. 91, the blood of Jesus to cover us, I sing to her and tell het to imagine lying in God's loving, protecting arms and falling asleep. Don't let them watch movies that are scary to children. One day soon, (it might be the only propper, sharing time we had with our children.) Soon they won't want us to put them to sleep.
---Junia on 4/25/07

I have the same problem with my 7 year old daughter. She says she is afraid of the dark, I say she can leave the light on but she says she is afraid of the shadows. I totally feel for her, because I as a little girl was so scared to go to sleep at night I left my light on and hid under the covers afraid that monsters were going to get me. so please can someone give both of us some advise.
---eliza4969 on 4/25/07

I think it might be time for your daughter to sleep in her own bed. If you don't have a dog to keep her company, you might want to get her one, or a cat, that she could have in bed with her. If pets are out of the question, you might consider an intercom system, like those used for infants. She can use it to talk to you, as she learns to be in bed alone. It might help her feel less alone.
---Madison on 1/12/06

Amen Alan! That's why you won't find too many Christians that don't have a bottle of Asprin in their medicine cabinet. :)
---DoryLory on 1/12/06

DoryLory ... interesting that the dog was effective, perhaps it's a demonstration that God can use ordinary things to do His work, and it is not necessary to go all religious about everything.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/12/06

Elder, sounds like experiance speaking - and good advice. I'm single, so my thoughts come from those families around me, not personal implementation.
---daphn8897 on 1/12/06

I had two children who had problems with fear. For the oldest, I was a new Christian and didn't know about spiritual authority so I just put the dog in his room at night. That was enough to help him feel safe.

My youngest son also had this problem and for him I ordered a children's teaching on cassette (it's on CD now :) from Mark Harper Ministries called "Jesus Beat Up the Devil." I played it for him every night before he went to sleep. You can still order it from the Internet.
---DoryLory on 1/12/06

Make sure she is tired out and then take her to her room and pray with her.
Then after loving her and tucking her in, sit beside her bed and read her the Bible until AFTER she falls asleep.
Do this every night and make her feel grown up because she is sleeping by her self.
---Elder on 1/12/06

1st - you pray and ask the Lord - you know her better than any human and God designed you specifically to be her mom. 2nd - Does your little one know the Lord? If she does, then teach her about how big God is and how He's able to keep her safe, and that she can start trusting Him because He never slumbers or sleeps. 3rd - You can do it gradually. Perhaps not laying with her, but leaving the light on... then a night light and the hall light... then just the hall light... etc...
---daphn8897 on 1/11/06

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My son slept with me for eight years, as a baby in his crib he wouldn't stop his fussiness until he was in bed with his dad and me ... just for conversation. He out grew it. It'll pass, just be patient with her.
---Nellah on 1/11/06

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