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They Make Fun Of My Weight

I Just turned 15 and I weigh 270 lbs. My friends and family support me but kids at school talk behind my back and always laugh at me. I'm tall so my sister calls me the beast and people are afraid of me. I get over it alot of the time but its hard and sometimes I can't take it.

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 ---Maggie on 1/12/06
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Darlene, you are correct. wisdom and age sort of go hand in hand. I look back at some things I thought when I was young and it floors me. the problem is my parents tried to tell me different things but I didn't listen. I thought they were old timey but now I'm where my parents were. guess that's how life is.
---shira4368 on 9/27/13

Shira thank you,you are always so sweet to me,God Bless you for your kind words. I think when people get our age they have gained through experience what younger people talk about from a book. Wisdom comes from God and experience brings knowledge and knowledge brings wisdom. Bless You
---Darlene_1 on 9/27/13

Darlene is always wise. I have never had that but one of my friends does. The problem with my friend is she don't care. I did gain up to 160 when I had thyroid removed but I started juicing and with carrot juice you will not want to eat. If you don't have a juicer get yourself one. Good luck and we are pulling for you.
---shira4368 on 7/6/13

I was bullied a lot when I was younger. the worst of it was in middle school. I chose to ignore it by the time I was in 8th grade. I started to stand up to the one guy who bullied me a lot. with a combination bewteen that and transition to high school, it went away. I learned that it does not matter what other people think of you, but what you think of your self. there is more to you than your looks. find that person and live it. the right time will come for you to lose weight, but keep in mind there is more to life than your looks.
---chria9835 on 7/6/13

We are to be in the world and not of it. The ones who are in the world will never truly love you, but all of us here who are removed from this earth in Jesus Christ love you. You are never alone in any struggle, Jesus will always be there for you, as will I (and I imagine many others here who go through the same things you do).
---A_servant on 7/6/13

my name is shug. Iam 19 years old for years i've been attached to my mom since my parents were never together. Eversince i was young they were all ways arguing. My father is married to a differnt woman who is nice. All i could ever remember was being a black sheep due to my weight problem at the age of nine. Ten years later i have lost half the weight and still not good enough my siblings still call me fat. Truth is i am the fattest one in my skinny family. Sometimes i wish i never came back to see them ever again. Sometimes i just want to erase my self because i can not take it anymore i dont want them in my life anymore. I wish i could fit in but i cant because i am not skinny enough.
---supertheodosia on 7/5/13

Maggie, I know how you feel. I'm am 12 and overweight. Currently weighing close to 180 lbs. People tease me all the time. Like today at basketball practice we had to practice with the boys and run "suicides" with them. As I was running a boy yelled look at that fat B**** run! All the boys laughed. But I am staying strong and you stay strong!!
---indigo on 11/13/12

Girls who have a weight problem I want to share my experience growing up. I don't know how old I was when one girl at school began to tease me about my weight,9,I think. Mama was a fighter and told me when that girl called me fat to tell her "Sticks and stones may break my bones,but words can never harm me." I did as Mom said and it has only been the last few years that the girl who was mean to me said she hated it when I would say that to her. Words do hurt but don't let them see they hurt you,they will pick on you even more. At 11 my exercising Dad's example led me to exercise. By 16,I was a size 9. If its not medical,its all about intake and output of calories. Count calories,exercise,don't eat junk food see what happens.
---Darlene_1 on 4/7/10

Maggie: That is life for you. No matter how you are made, people will always taunt you and make jest of you. People are cowardly and always talk bad of the person that is not present with them. If the person joins them, they change and pick another person. Some are talking against you out of envy as well, because they did not have what you have. Believe in God and Jesus Christ, who gave everything you have and expects you to use all you have positively, God will see you through. In your prayers you can also report them to God and ask that God helps to educate them on the fact that all humans do not have to have the same stature.
---Adetunji on 4/7/10

To anyone in this situation, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, depending on Him and in his dying in your place on the cross. Spend time with your brothers in Christ. Also, God will mold you into the person that he wants you to be. Proverbs 16:32, Luke 6:36, James 1:1-27, 1Peter 3:8.
Shannon, not considering that you violated the 'Terms of use' no. 7 & 9, I would hope that your parents will read your blog entry, and correct you. If your teacher did in fact ignore this exchange between students, (s)he should be corrected as well. Psalm 78:1-8, Proverbs 3:11-12, 13:24, 22:6, 23:13-14 balanced with Ephesians 6:4, Hebrews 12:5-15.
p.s. If Shannon's entry was nothing more than a jest, the writer still deserves a rebuke.
---Glenn on 4/6/10

Yea its hard im 12 and i way 220 pounds and i get made fun of all the time. its not fun. you just have to ignore them and move on heres a little story

okay so i was at school (6th grade) and i was in 8th period. and there is this kid who sits behind me named "ben" and he always makes fun of me one day he said i was fat and ugly to the girl next to himand they started laughing. So i turned around and said " you know what ben making fun of somone is just gonna get ur ASS kicked" and yes i did say ass infront of everyone and the teacher didnt do ANYTHING about it. cause she knew i was right. Being over weight isant healthy yes but its nothing to be ashamed of you are who youare and dont let people tell you differnt.
---shannon on 4/6/10

Oh Maggie, my heart is yours on this matter. I knew a girl in middle school and I wrote a song for her called "Dear Lily." She was also the subject of ridicule because of weight and kids were downright mean and awful. You must remember, you are not your weight. I do self-esteem workshops, and the whole concept is to cement the positive identity of who you are and then never let yourself agree with what others say about you.

Next, Atkins diet, therapy, small walks. Usually weight is a bigger issue than just eating, my dearest friend. God can change your life! He can change your weight! You just have to take small steps to get there. Maggie, you are beautiful! I know you are. Keep writing!
---cathy on 7/21/08

I don't usually recommend no kind of human shrinks, but in your case, if you are an unbeliever, you need to talk to someone that you feel relatively comfortable with, and that you can trust. Go quickly.
---catherine on 7/16/08

I know how you feel, as I struggle with weight myself. I recently read "Idoleyes" by Mandisa. In it, she talks about faith and how she has struggled with her weight. I found it very inspirational. Just know that God loves you and to him, you are beautiful.
---Katie on 7/15/08

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. People are so very cruel sometimes. I understand what you are going through as I am overweight as well. Even in these blogs when the topic of obesity comes up there are very unkind responses offered. You may even get some here.

I enourage you to think this way: People who talk like this have a problem. I will not let their problem be my problem.
---Bruce5656 on 7/5/08

Maggie, God loves you as you are. See the Mediterranean Diet-based on God's eating plan. Second, learn to instruct your sub-conscious mind--think of yourself thin, see yourself thinner. Do not starve, eat proper foods, eat six times a day--that boost the metabolism up. Six small, better then 3 big. Mentally see yourself as you want to see yourself--forget what others see. You matter.
---Jay on 8/18/07

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I know how you feel, and don't listen to those kids that don't, nobody is perfect and Jesus knows the person that you are and that is all that matters. So hold your head up and let God see the beauty he maded in you.
---ANN on 8/18/07

Some things one wants to do that just isn't natural to their flesh and it takes a lot of self will. Like a type of sport someone wants to be good at. They hate training for it physically by running, lifting weights,

e.t.c but they love riding bikes and are fascinated with playing tennis. I'm just

saying you could look to alternatives for losing weight. Not drugs and stuff, maybe if you find a sport you really like. You'll be so interested in it, you won't even notice you're losing weight.
---T on 8/18/07


Lose weight NOW while youth and a higher metabolism are on your side! Don't wait until you are in your 30's or 40's when it is nearly impossible. You will feel better about yourself and will live longer. Also, you will be honoring God by caring for His 'temple.' If you knew that you would only have 1 car in your life, how would you take care of it? Isn't your body greater than a car?
---Criss on 5/3/06

Maggie, I can feel your pain and I am praying for you. I was overweight my whole life and people are so cruel. I got to the incrediable weight of 487 and felt that surgery was my only escape. Please don't let yourself get that way. Not for what others think of you but for what you think of you. You can't fully and truly love others, which is a command, unless you love yourself. Always remember that you are beautiful to our Father no matter what your outside looks like. Be blessed, KIM
---Kim on 3/3/06

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Have you ever tried to lose weight? Are you family and friends supporting you or enabling you? (These are questions I ask myself.) Excess weight will endanger your health - if not now when you get my age- (68)
Since I don't know you height, I wouldn't call your weight a sin, but the Bible does state in the NT our bodies are the temple of God. You can read in the OT about the temple. God had strick rules that had to be followed in the building and use of the temple.
---WIVV on 2/6/06

Molly ... Jesus will come back to a church without a spot or wrinkle, not because the people do not sin (because we do, and will continue to sin) but because we have been saved, and because God will no longer hold the sins against us.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/16/06

Steve, your comment below- "Being overweight is a sin just as smoking, lusting, ect. Will you go to hell because of it? NO!!" -is contradictory. First you say it's a sin (which it's NOT) THEN you say you won't go to hell for it- are you saying that SIN will be allowed entrance into heaven? The word says he is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. Are you saying that only slender people will be allowed into heaven? WHERE in the word does it call being overweight a SIN?
---Molly on 1/16/06

While man looks on the outside appearance of a person, God looks on the heart. What really matters is what God thinks and I know that God loves you very much. He wants you to accept yourself and love yourself. Being overweight doesn't make a person ugly. A hard, corrupted heart makes a person ugly.
---Helen on 1/14/06

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, please remember that Jesus loves you and he always will. trust in him and someday you will be in heaven with millions of people who will love you for who you are, as they should. don't listen to mean people, they don't know the Lord.
---steve on 1/14/06

Maggie: You are getting a lot of interesting advice, most of it is good. I strongly urge you to see your doctor and ask about referral for eating disorder treatment. In treatment you can learn what is going on in your mind, and emotions that leads to the overconsumption of food. You also learn new coping skills, and behaviors to eat well. Also, most treatment programs encourage that all foods, in moderation, are okay.
---Madison on 1/14/06

Maggie::At 15 that must be a hard cross to carry.but you have been chosen.People are mean & will do anything to get a laugh-look within yourself for the answer this is something you must overcome with prayer & patience you are being tempered in the fires of His love.No one can take that away from you it is all yours,hang in there & seek his help love & support
---Emcee on 1/14/06

Maggie I was a chubby child , was made fun of in elementary school . At 11 , short and fat , I began to exercise every day and by 14 the "ugly duckling"(ohers made me think I was ) had turned into a size 9 swan . My son has been on the Sugar Buster Diet , you can get the book , and lost 65 lbs . It cuts out sweets and all white flour products ,uses only whole wheat bread ,pasta ,tortillas,etc. , loosing weight is intake and output,amount you eat and how much exercise you do and burn it off .
---Darlene1 on 1/14/06

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Maggie, I have some more suggestions for you. See a medical doctor. Ask to be tested for diabetes, thyroid disorder, or anything else that could effect your weight. If you have any medical problem like those I mentioned, he can give you a diet to follow.
Do not drink soda pop. Water is much better.
With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26 Mark 9:23 \ 10:27
---Ulrika on 1/14/06

Maggie, My heart goes out to you. The others are right. God loves you. He loves you so much, he sent his only Son to die for you. John 3:16.
Walking is a very good way to lose and keep off weight. Eat fruit and vegetables, cereal with fiber, fish, and poultry. Try to stay away from sweets and greesy food. Try to find a weight lose program in your area, that promotes good health. Pray about your problems to God. Ask him to help you take care of yourself. Maybe a Christian friend could encourage you.
---Ulrika on 1/14/06

Addiction comes in many form es..We can have Power over addiction when we surrender All to God. Do not loose weight for anyone but yourself..For your body is a temple.
---Lynn on 1/14/06

steve lolololol I must ask you a question are you maggies age 15 and a woman? :{) I ask because the Agony in her post requires compassion remember Jesus came to set us free .I too am a heffer and tall... Maggie you are Loved by GOD and us you are not alone.
---willow on 1/13/06

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Willow..Im a heffer myself...But I am willing to lose it. As far as sinning goes..flesh still sins..soul does not. And better judge or your sinning against God. :)~
---Steve on 1/13/06

Angela, the richard simmons tapes are the ones that work for me too. Gyms and treadmills lost appeal quickly, but I do enjoy his series I have 4 of them. They work, and they are fun.
---bethie on 1/13/06

Im 36-weighed 267lbs last year.I'm now 228.I gave it all to God and he has given me the strength to keep goingYourlife has just begun & its only going to get worse as you get can do it Try overeaters anonymous. I work out to an old tape by Richard Simmons called "sweatin to the oldies" it's silly but it has worked for me (after joining numerous gyms) Be strong and drop to your knees and pray for strength. You are worth it! angea4833 talk to me anytime it helps!
---angela on 1/13/06

Maggie, It's important that you know that you are loved by God, and loved more than you can imagine. May the Lord bless you and keep you forever!
---John on 1/13/06

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Maggie, you are such a brave girl to reach out for help at your young age! For an immediate boost to your self-esteem start exercising (presuming you aren't already). Five minutes a day, once or twice a day, for one week. You will feel stronger and better about yourself. After that increase by another 5 minutes a day, every week. The key is to pray and ask God to help you find the exercise that would be right for you. Also ask Him to help you find the right eating plan for you. He cares about you dearly!
---DoryLory on 1/13/06

People will always find someone or something to talk about, but your sister is my concern. Pray for her. As for your weight, just take baby steps. Do one small thing for yourself each week/month such as walking/dancing a few minutes or reading the Bible instead of reaching for a snack. Being tall is a blessing! You can carry more weight than most.
---Cathy_Y on 1/13/06

Steve lolololol Ill bet you were one of the people this poor girl is talking about. remember (steve) child of GOD your sins were black but the blood of Christ made them White as snow. show GODs compassion not mans judgement.

MAGGIE at your age any thing can seem like an attack. little sister read the psalms and remember you are a child of GOD and are loved by HIM most in this fellowship.
GOD bless you.I will also be a pen pal
---willow on 1/13/06

Maggie, I understand your pain, as I am obese as well. I suggest you go to your family doctor and get a physical. Then, see if there is an eating disorder treatment center with a partial hospitalization program in your area. You probably have an eating disorder and need help learning new ways to cope other than food. I speak from having just completed one myself. Hugs to you dear sister.
---Madison on 1/12/06

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Maggie darlin', I'm sending you a "blog hug"! I have battled wieght problems all my life, I KNOW what you are going through. I will be your pen-pal if you want, just let me know here
---Molly on 1/12/06

Why is it, that its the over weight guys who get the girl so to speak?? Being overweight is a sin just as smoking, lusting, ect. Will you go to hell because of it? NO!! I say that if your slef conscience about your weight, then lose it...only one stopping you is you.
---Steve on 1/12/06

Maggie, know this, you are loved by God no matter how big or how small. He made you and will take care of you. Read Psalm 139. Have you tried to talking to your sister and telling her how she makes you feel?
---bethie on 1/12/06

dear sweet person, my heart goes out to you. I have a friend who is also very big but she is the sweetest person I know. I have asked her to loose weight because she is a diabetic and I know she will probably die young. Please get on a diet with the help of your family. As far as being tall, models are tall. God bless
---shira on 1/12/06

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