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Witness To Spanish JWs

Is there a good witness book in Spanish to give to a Spanish speaking JW? Something authored by Walter Martin or other writers on the cults.

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 ---Bob on 1/12/06
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I also believe that if you are truly born-again your focus should be on your Savior and not other religions. No one religion has it right 100%. Jesus Christ is not religion. He is the Son of the most high GOD. Lets face it. That is the fact of life.
---catherine on 2/13/08

There is nothing wrong with the Jehovah Witness congregation whether English , Spanish, or any other language. If they are happy then leave them alone. I have learned more biblically through the Jws then my former baptist church. The WT &Awake issues are bible based whether people accept it or not.
---canda3996 on 2/12/08

Since everyone ignored me the first time, I will say it again. My grandfather helped found the J.W. church. He helped write the NWT, invented the watchtower and awake newsletters. He told me he and others invented the church for wealth and material gains, not for salvation through Jesus Christ. He knew it was false and let his own family have operations, blood transfusions etc. He told me it was one of the greatest lies they invented this century. He was on the executive committe for over sixty years.
---ashley on 4/15/07

The Fellowship Tract League has free tracts, which include tracts for cults like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. They also have tracts in many languages, including Spanish.
---wes on 4/15/07

I agree with your observation that cults are usually very "united"...maybe clannish and isolated too. True Christians,sadly,may not have that sense of unity or love. But, where JWs are concerned, if they "dis-fellowship" you (according to ex JWs) for getting a blood transfusion or even attending a birthday party, other members are not allowed to speak to you, even on the street. If your family is JW they are supposed to ostracize you as well. Things are not always as they seem.
---Donna on 3/4/06

3. Now the witnesses are well versed but they follow the interpretation of the Watch Tower. When they say one verse means this or that they follow that veiw. Every week they get this information and know how to distribute it by their lessons. They will use the Christian bible in many cases to prove you wrong but their understanding is from the New World Translation. While it is closely the same, it has a different Jesus. Not the true Creator but an angel.
---Lupe2618 on 1/16/06

2. Alan is correct in his assesment and I believe most everyone else is too, except the Catholics. That is what I mean when I said to Canda that happens to people that follow one ruling culted system. It is not my theory at all, it is fact. The problem is, that you never allow the Spirit to reveal anything to you and are depended on their revelation. What they say goes. That is one reason many Catholics don't have the need to study the bible. Their faith is in their church. Sorry you don't agree.
---Lupe2618 on 1/16/06

Emcee, it is well recorded of the abuses in the Catholic church before the reformers. You are so loyal as I said to not even consider that the RCC was at fault for th misery and abuse of its powers. God would not allow the world to be blind by the corruption, and gifted many in history within the church to continue His word through the Holy Spirit. Many others within the Church before Luther tried their best to clean areas within the church but they were excommunicated for going against their powers.
---Lupe2618 on 1/16/06

Emcee ....# 2 So to your question, "Why did He need reformers?", the answer is that the RCC needed them. Without Luther, the RCC would have continued on its old corrupt way.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/14/06

Emcee ....# 1 before the Reformation, there were many things wrong with the Roman Catholic Church. Indulgences were being sold, because the Pope had spent all the Vatican wealth on gay, and perhaps paedophile, orgies. There was much else wrong, as well.
Luther not only set in train the "protestant" denominations, but also caused the RCC to start it's own "Counter Reformation" to clean up its act ... and many of the extreme abuses were swept away.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/14/06

Lupe :: Your para "one of the beautiful things GOD DID Is open the way to reformers" why would he need Reformers?He was God expounding HIS doctrine!! what scriptural proof supports this new theory of Yours. Remember we have Beelzebub in the side lines. Transalation of Protestants are those who PROTEST!!
---Emcee on 1/14/06

One of the most wonderful things God did was to use the reformers like Luther and others. It opened the door for others to read Scripture and the Holy Spirit to work freely in the lifes of many. At one time they too were following a ruling party, The Pope and the church, Trapped to follow someones teaching whether right or wrong. As you can see the Catholics still follow a ruling party without question, whether its right or not. Their loyalty is seen in many by their answers.
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

4. rules without question and if they don't they are gone. Christians follow Christ without be forced to follow Him because the Holy Spirit is in us and we have the freedom to interpret through the power of the Spirit, and not because someone did it all for us, for if it is wrong they will always be wrong. Just my thoughts Canda, and I hope you reconsider and remember this is not a personel attack to you.
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

3. Christians have the Holy Spirit and are not ruled by rules of someone in a organisation but by the right to interpret Scripture through the Holy Spirit. Thats why you see so much difference in thinking within the body of Christ. So long as the essentials of the Christian faith are the same we all don't follow rules from someone in order to keep it together. Many in the body of Christ are more experience then anothers and that is why you see the difference. A cult religion cannot do that. They follow
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

2. The thing about cults is that they are very unite. They all love each other and care for each other. They have something the Christian does not show many times and that is one of the reasons they are united. But another reason is, they follow certain rules from someone in their organisation. They read scripture but are control by those rules and so they don't go against them. This is a system of control that Christians don't use or go by.
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

Sister Canda. Thank you for your email to me. I understand the question already by your words. Let me say that as Elder and many others I am sorry to hear that you went back, and sorry you were not treated better. I can see you have made a decision already again and did it for what you see is correct for you and your family. I don't judge you indivitually but do write against what they teach. So please, don't take it personel when someone writes against them.
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

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Jehovah's Witnesses are the largest destructive cult in America. I am here to help expose them.
---Danny on 1/13/06

yes I went back to the baptist church & they treated me like I was nothing,i decided back in Oct to return because i missed the congregation. My husband started going with me in November with the kids& he now is reading the bible on his own.Jehovah is working great in our lives whether people accept our faith or not.I am not going to debate what is right or wrong because we do follow the bible reguardless what outsiders say or think, but thakyou for your concern.
---canda3996 on 1/12/06

Candice I saw growth in you when you rejected the JW bunch and went back to your Baptist Church a few months ago.
You then came back and said you were returning to the JWs.
You think the WT and Awake are Bible based because you don't understand Scripture. Sad but true you are not assured Heaven with that bunch. You have bypassed the Truth and accepted another Gospel that is not a Gospel at all.
---Elder on 1/12/06

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