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Is Dowry Needed For Marriage

Is payment of dowry really necessary in marriage?

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 ---glrs. on 1/13/06
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WIVV:what a howler!!have you considered the Interest after 42 years .You are sitting on the Horns of a dilemma or dreams of delusion.Nice try amd thought.
PS deals are struck before not after Marriage, besides you are not HINDU.
---Emcee on 4/11/08

If a dowry is needed then I'm in big trouble. (My wife's family never gave me one, don't know if I can collect after 42 years of marriage or not.) While a dowry is really a custom that some people still adhere to, it is not a requirement for marriage. It had a purpose at one time, but is no longer needed.
---WIVV on 4/11/08

That is strictly a cultural thing. In North America no such thing is required.
---Bruce5656 on 6/2/07

only if your parents think they need to pay someone to marry you...The dowery was not the males but the woman's it was only to be used on things that the woman thought were necissary and the husband didn't agree. when used it was looked on as very bad for the male, since he wasn't taking care of the family. and if the woman was divorced it ws the money that she would live on after the husband left. not necissary but not totally wrong.
---Jared on 11/20/06

Dowry :: Is an old custom dating from the Hindu mythology>Child marriages were often the norm & as all mariages are contracted by young people starting in life, they have very little of their Own So the parents of the bride set aside a sum of money & jewels to give them a start in life It later evolved into a custom, this was to ensure that she would be looked after.May be that originated in juadism I am not aware of this.I think this is also prevalent amongst Muslims the poorer sect In India.
---Emcee on 1/14/06

Lupe ... no I do not think you will see the dowry system in America, except that you will find plenty of men looking for a rich bride. In cultures where the male is dominant (say India) the women are worthless, and if they do not come with money, the men do not want them. The infant mortality rate among girls in India and China is much higher than for males ... because the families do not want them.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/14/06

In reference to what I said about the dowry in Judaic culture coming back to the bride -
In Christ's time at least a portion of the dowry in money was strung around her neck as a marriage necklace. That's why the woman in the parable was so concerned until she found the lost coin of the set: sometimes the string broke.
---Jim on 1/14/06

Dowrys are mentioned in the Bible; so is Polygamy but neither is prescribed by God. Dowrys were originally given to the parents of the bride and then returned at the wedding celebration, proving the groom's ability and commitment to provide for the bride. Since women usually had no resources of their own, it became the practice to place the dowry in possession of the bride - very useful in case he divorced her and dumped her outside, or became abusive and she had to flee for her life.
---Jim on 1/14/06

Thank you Alan. I never heard of it. Bruce said it was not required in North America. I am from south Texas originally and I didn't know if I missed something or not. As a matter of fact, I had not ever heard of that. Where did this begin? And what does it represent? For what purpose really is this done for? Just for my information.
---Lupe2618 on 1/14/06

I would love to see the dowry system put in place, but it should be the groom who receives the payment. Furthermore, the payment should be sufficient to cover future attorney's fees, alimony, etc, in anticipation of that time when the lovely bride wants a divorce.
---ralph7477 on 1/14/06

I thought dowry was some sort of bride price to the woman/her parents in appreciation of allowing you to take away their daughter, Why on earth would anyone pay a guy to take their daughter from their home?
---emma on 1/14/06

Bruce is right, dowry is a cultural thing. I understand that there are several interpretation for dowry. In India, Hindu marriages, a dowry is given by the bride and the bride's family to the groom and the groom's family before marriage takes place. In the location where I am now, the men of the Maranao tribe (Muslims)gives dowry to the parents of the bride-to-be. The immediate family of the bride-to-be must agree how much the dowry be(most appropriate term would be "bride price").
---Linda6546 on 1/13/06

Alan, I am still smiling!!! Dowry payment was a way that a girl's parents could have some assurance that the man was able to support and care for a family. Jacob served 7 years for Rachel (then Laban gave him Leah--had to work 7 more for his beloved). Usually a dowry was given back to the couple at the wedding, but not always.
---Wayne87 on 1/13/06

Lupe ... the dowry is given to the bride's family as a payment for taking this useless female encumbrance off their hands. It is not usual in Christian cultures.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/13/06

It's you who need to do the forgiving. You're good wife has given 46 years of her life for you and you are still worried about that debt? Forgive us our debtors as we forgive those who have debt against us. It's time you release her from the debt she owes you and ask her forgivenss for you being so unforgiving. God bless you.
---john on 1/13/06

What in the world is a Dowry? I have never heard of it. Are maybe because being hispanic we never heard of that, at least not me.
---Lupe2618 on 1/13/06

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After 46 years of marriage please tell me how to get my wife to make things right and give me a dowry? I remember we had 150.00 dollars. Only GOD can give you a good wife, and He did give me a wonderful wife.
---mima on 1/13/06

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