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Catholics Believe In Mary

I was told Catholic's believe in Mary, what exactly does that mean?

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 ---judit4846 on 1/14/06
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Ann, NOTHING proves God exists for those unwilling to see it. The Angel addressed Mary as being in a state of Grace that the rest of us only received after accepting Christ. Jesus did save Mary, of course He is her saviour, but the Bible does not record any sin attributed to Mary.

Mary was in the upper chamber when the others receive the Holy Ghost, but since she conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, it would be foolish indeed to assume that she was not filled with it long before that moment.
---lorra8574 on 7/21/07

AlanOf Uk::What you sayis correct so are you saying Jesus & God are 2 separate persons & not incarnate.--I agree God was is,was, & always will be.He created Mary but does that detract from the fact HE concieved Himself by man through Mary .He was God a supreme spiritual being & capable of any feat beyond human imagination.
---Emcee on 7/21/07

Emcee ... & 2 Jesus was God, right from the beginning. He was if you recall the Word. He was there long before Mary. So the whole person, Jesus Christ the Redeemer, aka The Word, was not from any seed, since He was the original God.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/21/07

Mary was favored by God but she was not sinless .She had to repent just as we all did
and she recive the Holly Ghost in the upper room.
---betty on 3/16/06

daphn::Therefore on the basis of your statement it is possible & even probable that what God had in his mind was not a myth In Geneses 3V15 but a reality which we see today,His prophecy -He is God & good for all humanity.
---Emcee on 2/9/06

NOTHING proves Mary sinless.
---Ann5758 on 2/8/06

Emcee, Again, you suppose... guess... Did God create sin? Perhaps the question is, is there anything that could be created outside of God's will? If one believes God to be sovereign over all, then the question is answered. If, however, you believe God can be thwarted or even surpised, then you have your answer. Personally, I believe God is God over ALL and that there is nothing that is that is/was not part of His design. I do not presume to understand His ways, but I know He is good, always.
---daphn8897 on 2/8/06

daphn::If you do not agree with what I have said & which you call conjecture in my answer to Alan Feb 7th/06 Dated can you please answer my simple question "does god create SIN" The answer to that should prove Mary sinless GenC3;V15.He who is not with me is against me you want scripture- then get on side,His Or HERS
---Emcee on 2/7/06

Joe ... thank you ... but I have done a lot of research on the actual wording of Genesis 3:15 and the difference between the original text and that used by the Roman Catholic Church. I have asked Emcee and Ruben for clarification of the alteration, but answer comes there none! Also, Joe, I have had almost as much abuse from non-Catholics for my defence of the RCC, as I have had hard debate with RCs about doctrines where we differ.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/7/06

Emcee... What specific scripture do you have that state that Mary was sinless? Not your reasoning as to why God would or would not do something. I trust the word itself, not conjecture. You have not proven your case thus far, just offered further opinion without scripture/fact to back it up. AND, Joe, Alan is just challenging what he believes to be false doctrine, which is right to do. It is not "stirring strife". We must not sacrifice truth so that folks aren't offended.
---daphn8897 on 2/7/06

Alan of UK..I notice that you respond to every blog question and your comments never fails to stir up strife. Why is that? The body of Christ should be united...not divided. Take the time to do your homework. When someone gives their opinion, you always challenge them instead of doing the research. The burden falls on you to prove someone's incorrect.
---joe on 2/7/06

Alan :: I use the word "Conceive in the mind" because this is what is denoted as one of the meanings in my dictionary.This conception in Gods mind must have been Pure Because he is god & hence his concept of what he was thinking is also pure & sinless This makes her sinless too since she is the person in question & later confirmed by the angel that she had found Favorin gods eyes.This attestation is proof of her purity & free from sin as acknowledged By the RCC. just the plain Truth.
---Emcee on 2/7/06

Alan ::"Actually GOD knew & prophesied at the time of the fall there would be a woman who would have child Jesus".Who was his son ,so given this prophesy why would the woman he declared be born with sin surely you must know that God had just created A&E without sin,he is god & perfect so what ever he undertakes is sinless.Don't look for words in the bible to explain the lack of your reason.Admit,this is what is called stuborn resistance & quite unbecoming of an intelligent man of your stature.
---Emcee on 2/6/06

Emcee .. Actually, God knew and propheiced at the time of the Fall that there would be a woman who would bear the child Jesus. The Bible does not use the word conceived, and there is nothing anywhere in the Bible to suggest that she was created in any special way.
Your phrase "conceived in God's mind" is just trying to justify how she was not a normal person, but there is no biblical basis for this.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/3/06

Childs of God ...Please read my series of blogs carefully, and you will see I did not say this as my own belief ... it was my conjecture as to why the RCC might say that it is easier to pray to Mary or the saints, because they are not so high above us as Jesus so our prayers don't have to climb so high, Then the saints give them a litle push to sent them up to the top!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/2/06

Alan ::Your insistence is beyond comprehension.True god created you as a son of Adam like me we are with sin But not Mary she was conceived in Gods mind in Geneses3-V15 she was to be the 2nd Eve to be declared to the world at a given time selected by Him.Please do not pun with words it is unbecoming of you.BTWyou were NOT concieved in Gods mind as declared by him.trite answere will draw you a blank.
---Emcee on 2/2/06

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Alan: Just one observation. I noticed you said their prayers don't have to go so far, all the way to Jesus. I just wanted to express, and hope everyone hears and understands this, our prayers do not go far at all to reach our Lord. All you need is to think a prayer, speak it, whisper it, shout it, and He hears. Now, that isn't far at all. But I do understand that your just trying to explain the Catholic faith.
---ChildofGod on 2/2/06

Emcee, Ruth did not conceive Jesus...and your point? Look at what God says about these women in His word... Mary honored among... Ruth honored above... I think you are the one who needs to ... get with it. Mary is not co-redemptrix with Jesus - which is where you have to go if you push her "sinlessness" to its logical end. Scripture says one mediator - the man Christ Jesus. Teaching other than that is heretical.
---daphn8897 on 2/2/06

Emcee ... Yes of course God created me, but you have said earlier that God would not create anything sinful, or less than perfect. Well I am sinful, in the same way that Mary, being descended from Adam, was sinful. It was Jesus who was sinless, not Mary, and there is nothing in the Bible, save your distortion of the Genesis prohecy into some sort of creation, that says Mary is sinless.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/2/06

Daphn ::Mary conceived Jesus not Ruth.Mary was the one who found favour she was the unnamed woman who was to carry the seed .Why would God choose a defiled vessel.God is sinless why would he create imperfection & then again for his son.The prophecy:-Put enmity between you & the woman her seed & your seed.Its here now.Get on side.
Alan:: God created every one even you & me our parents & all generations before & after.Believe & be counted.
---Emcee on 2/1/06

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I have heard our sin nature comes from our earthly father. One reason it was important for Mary to be a virgin, was so there was no way Jesus could have been conceived by a man. Jesus' birth was a miracle from God. Mary was vessel, that God used. Our focus is to be on God and his Son.
---Ulrika on 2/1/06

Jesus was sinless because He had always been sinless. That sinlessness would not be spoiled by Him using the womb of a normal human woman to carry His human body.
It is one of the glories of our faith that God used just an ordinary Jewish girl to carry Him as a baby.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/1/06

Emcee ... # 1 OK Mary did her part in producing the human BODY of the Eternal Word. Same thing, she had no part in the creation of the eternal Word.
As to yuor statement that God conceived Mary in His mind what is your scriptural basis for saying this. He prophecied, or even promised about her in Genesis, He did not say in Genesis that He was conceiving her then, and there is no suggestion that He conceived her. You yourself have named her two parents, and they were both human.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/1/06

Emcee. I don't see in scripture - anywhere - that it says Mary was sinnless. God needed her to be sinnless no more than he does us today, else, by your logic, how would the Holy Spirit reside in us? Also, Mary is to be admired/revered among all women, but Ruth is to be admired/revered above all women. Was Ruth then more sinnless? What God required of Mary was her faith and her submission to His great plan - and that she did. There has been ONLY one sinnless person/human and that was Jesus Himself.
---daphn8897 on 2/1/06

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Emcee: Why would Mary need to be free of sin for her to give birth to Jesus? Jesus was already part of the Godhead and already sinless. Giving him a body would not change that. And, if God made Mary sinless (even though she was born of normal sinning parents), why do this step at all? It just doesn't make sense unless you go back and say that ALL of Mary's ancestors were sinless.
---Debbie on 2/1/06

Alan ::Read your words,what "Mary did was to make a new human Body" wrong- she agreed to conceive by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT,why would the H/Spirit (GOD) who conceived her in his mind create some thing sinful she had to be spotless free fom sin your inability to see this equates your belief that God & sin are of no consequence.The prophecy in Geneses was of immense Magnitude& importance.when God speaks People who follow Listen.
---Emcee on 2/1/06

I feel so sorry for you people that worship Mary. You are looking in a dark place!
---Peg on 2/1/06

Alan ::You have misinterpreted my answer; read your answer, we are saying the same thing.Jesus was god existed he was the alpha & omega.Mary is the mother of Jesus who is god,no disagreement,she was the woman in Geneses 3;v15prophesied by God pure & sinless as conceived in HIS mind much before her disagree on this point which is your choice but the fact remains God is perfect & does not Create sin.This is what is causing you confusion.Read my answer carefully Before you set up an opposition.
---Emcee on 1/30/06

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Emcee ... Parents make new things ... new children. Jesus was alive since ever, mamed in John's gospel, as the Word. What Mary did was just to make a new human body for the Word to live in for 33 years.
She did not have to be sinless to do that, and she did have to be elevated to something more than the simple Jesush girl that you described.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Emcee ... if you say that Mary is Mother of God, you must believe she was there at the beginning, and that she was a god herself. But she was not born until much later, after God had been around for ever. So if you say she became Mother of God (rather than the human body of Jesus) there must have been some sort of Back to the Future, or Forward to the Past magic
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Emcee A parent, mother or father, creates a being, gives that being human form. Mary gave Jesus human earthly form. He already existed ... had existed from the beginning (In the beginning was the Word) He had already decided to become the sacrifice for us. All He needed was a human mother so He could take on human form, and eventually suffer human pain and human death. Mary was that mother ... there at that time ... no magic becoming Mother of The Word, and being able to command the Word.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Emcee: How do you disregard straight scripture? I mean, you play around with "interpretation" in the Genesis verse you continue to bring up, but what about the verse saying that ONLY JESUS is our mediator? You claim Mary is too (is she omnipresent?). So, are you saying God was lying by saying ONLY JESUS is the mediator between God and man? I would love to know how you justify praying to Mary and disregarding scripture.
---Debbie on 1/30/06

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Emcee ... you confuse me ... you say to me "You see you have a fixation in your mind that Mary was the mother of God from heaven" That is what I do NOT say. She was ONLY the mother of the baby Jesus 2000 years ago, not mother of the God from/in Heaven. She was born some 2020 years ago, as prophecied by God at the time of Adam and Eve. There is no suggestion whatsoever in the Bible that prophecy created her then.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Emcee you say "She is the mother of Jesus who as God took the form of Man" This is where we do not have the same perception. I would ay "She is the mother of the earthly body of Jesus when He as God took the form of Man.
Jesus/God existed from ever ... Mary was the means by which He came to earth in a human body. She had no part in the creation of God/Word which was there much before she was.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Debbie- Witnesses in heaven? Yes, Hebrews 12:1, wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great A CLOUD OF WITNESSES. How about God only? Hebrews 12:22, But YE ARE COME UNTO mount Sion,and unto the city of the living God,the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumberable company of angels,23) To the general assembly nad CHURCH OF THE FIRSTBORN, which are written in heaven, and to God the judge of all, AND TO THE SPIRITS OF JUST MEN MADE PERFECT, (24) AND TO JESUS THE MEDIATOR OF THE NEW COVENANT.
---ruben on 1/30/06

Alan can you show me where I have claimed that Mary was coexistant with GOD-- that is not & never been an Rcc Teaching that is a seed planted by the father of Liars in your Imagination,so much so that all christians believe that-- wrong concept.She is the mother of Jesus who as God took the form of Man to save us from our sins,show us the way to heaven "Iam the way The truth & the life He who believes in me shall have life everlasting"
---Emcee on 1/30/06

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Alan::WE are2 divergent factions,each claiming Truthfulness. When God speaks we listen.You see you have a fixation in your mind that Mary was the mother of God from heaven. She was the Mother of Jesus who was incarnate(god & man)declared by God the father,GEN3-15 she was a simple Jewish girl, a human, but by the Power of God she was elevated to this privelege,to be the mother of HER GOD as she states in her Magnificat of praise,the concept is hard for some to understand because they do not believe.
---Emcee on 1/30/06

Debbie ... I used the wrong word ... I was just trying to spell out my thought that they do not regard the Saints etc to be at the level of gods (as you charged) but as higher than us and therefore better able to talk to Jesus. A load of nonsense,all the same!
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

Alan: I don't believe their logic is 'deeper'. I believe their logic is more akin to brain washing.If someone tells you lies your entire life, it would be most difficult to see light & find truth.They cannot comprehend that scripture says Jesus is the ONLY mediator, so their prayers to goddesses & saints go unheard.I believe God is calling to many RCC on these blogs and that is why they are here -- to find truth, but their pride in their denomination hinders them hearing the Lord. Just my opinion though.
---Debbie on 1/30/06

Debbie their logic is deeper than you appear to accept. They talk about the Saints who are in heaven. Now they are lowewr than Jesus there. But because they are already in heaven, and Saints witha capital S, they are cloer to Jesus than we are, so to use them as an intermediary is logical.. Our prayers do not have to travel so far, onlt to the Saints and not all the way to Jesus, and they are better placed to communicate to Him as well. All wrong headed, but I can see how they can believe this.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/30/06

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Alan: I see your point, but even praying TO saints is putting them at the same level as Jesus since God has stated that the ONLY mediator between God and man is Christ Jesus. I don't see how catholics do not understand this and justify praying to their goddess and their "saints". By the way, ALL Christians are saints, not just those that RCC says are saints. So -- will catholics begin praying to Christians too? Where will this stop?
---Debbie on 1/29/06

David - that quote from Tanto Studio simply brings out the fact that the Roman Catholics elevate Mary above Christ Himself as "she commands as mother". The Roman Catholic simply desires a goddess and they have made the mother of Jesus into one ascribing to her powers & attributes of God Himself.

My wife was a bead rattling Roman Catholic and went to church nearly every morning until I prayed with her to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior; and that was nearly 30 years ago.
---lee on 1/29/06

Debbie ... you'll see from my concurrent entries that I agree with you about Mary. But I don't go fully along with "If you pray TO anyone other than our Lord, then you're putting that person on the same level as God" I would not put that so strongly, because to pray to a "saint" in heaven is just asking the saint to put in a good word for you, because they believe the saint is better placed than you to plead for you with God, who remains the highest. Wrong, but there is a logic
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/29/06

So Emcee ... yes I accept Mary carried out a very valuable and God-ordained task ... as Debbie says, I accept her in that sense. But she could not be mother of the ever-existent Word, because He was there "in the beginning" since ever, and long before Mary was prophecied (or at least 7 days if you accept the 24X6 day Creation account)
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/29/06

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Emcee ... just because there is enmity between Mary's seed and Satan, i.e. enmity between Jesus and Satan, that does not make Mary the equal of Jesus and a co-redemtrix, not does it make her sinless. She was blessed to be used as the earthly mother of his earthly manifestation. He was previously in existence, long before Mary lived, so she is not the mother of the whole Jesus just His earthly body.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/29/06

David ... I don't think Lee believes that ... I think he was quoting a Catholic source to show their belief ... and it does support the anti-Catholic charge that RCs elevate her to the position of a God.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/29/06

Emcee: I don't believe ANY Christian here doesn't "accept" Mary. We know she was chosen by God and blessed. What we do NOT accept is raising her to the status of "mediatrix" (since that is in direct opposition with scripture) or elevating her to a goddess (one you pray to).
---Debbie on 1/29/06

Hello lee! You are living in a fantasy world. You couldn't be more wrong. Nothing in God's Word backs up your fairytale. You need to know what God want's in your life. I was in your shoes at one time when I was a catholic. Ask God to bring you into HIS truth. It's really wonderful!
---David on 1/28/06

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Alan ::I believe the seed is the start of life.Jesus' seed as man while still being god was determined,by God the Father In Gen3V15.while rebuking the devil for deceiving Eve,his declaration of another woman & her seed which was to be his son would cause enmity between her seed & his how do you explain this :from what I percieve there would be two factions opposed Good Vs Evil; those who joined her seed & those who gave allegience to the father of if you accept Jesus you also accept mary.
---Emcee on 1/28/06

For, while the prayers of those in heaven have certainly some claim on the watchful eye of God, Mary's prayers place their assurance on the right of a mother. For that reason, when she approaches the throne of her Divine Son, she begs as advocate, she prays as handmaid, but she commands as mother. - Tanto Studio
---lee on 1/28/06

Debbie, You are so right. As a former catholic I know this to be true! If you tell a catholic that they worship Mary or hold her up as a God, they will deny it and don't believe it, but this is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING! A true Christian does not resite repetitious prayers, God hates that because there is no life in them. A true believer prays from their heart to God. Most catholics are not a good example of Christ.
---Peter on 1/28/06

Alan:catholics won't come right out & say Mary is their goddess.They know how THAT would sound.They call her a "mediatrix" when clearly the bible says ONLY Jesus is our mediator between God & man.If you pray TO anyone other than our Lord, then you're putting that person on the same level as God (i.e. a goddess).Watch their actions (praying to Mary/saints, confessing to priests for forgiveness, repetitious prayers, saying Mary was sinless, etc.).They have elevated her to the level of goddess.
---Debbie on 1/27/06

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Mima ... I do not think that any Catholic says that Mary is a goddess. They have this most odd claim that she is "Mother of God" so that would seem to make her a goddess. But the whole idea is so daft, that they do not see that implication. I/m sure they do not say she is a goddess.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/27/06

A subtle teaching; Catholics pray to Mary, thereby making Mary a Goddess. If Mary is a Goddess then her child Jesus would not have been born in human flesh. If the above is true by honoring Mary as a goddess the Catholics deny that Jesus came the flesh!!! Reread this, think about it. A fantastic hidden teaching.
---mima on 1/27/06

There is no maybe about it. The baby will sin. That is the point. Everyone sins.

The idea that an infant has not sinned is not the point at all but that that infant has been born with a sinful nature. As we ALL have.
---Bruce5656 on 1/26/06

Yes Bruce it most likely will but as a small baby it has not sinned.
---Johann on 1/26/06

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Believe in Jesus and his blood that was shed for our sin. Jesus died for the world, including Mary. John 3:16. Jesus said to John, behold thy mother. John 19:26,27 He was telling John to take care of her, as though she was his mother. He did not say that to anyone else. Even the angels in scripture do not let people bow down to them. Mary was a human being, whom God used. We are not to worship or pray to her. Intercession is made by the Holy Spirit, Romans 8:26,27 and by Jesus. Romans 8:34 Hebrews 7:25
---Ulrika on 1/25/06

Romans 3:22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God: 24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.
25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God. continued
---Ulrika on 1/25/06

Alan, Thanks for the grammar lesson. Indeed Jesus is the ONLY exeption. In spite of the wide ranging theological points of view here, I would think that is a given. That is why he could pay the price of our sin.
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

Early in the book of Romans Paul makes the case for the depravity of man. All men, everywhere. That is the context. The baby did not sin but is born with a sinful nature. Given the opportunity (the development of a personal awareness and ability to choose), it WILL sin.
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

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No Bruce the Bible is not a lie,read the verses you quoted carefully and keep them in context check who Paul is quoting to get the context, is he quoting in the (distributive sense or the collective sense) it makes a big difference. Has a baby sinned? Not is it borned in sin but has it the baby sinned?
---Johann on 1/25/06

Bruce "all have not sinned" strictly grammatically means that none have sinned. But what it means in normal use is that not everyone has sinned. And that statement is true, because there is just one who has not sinned. Just one, not two.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/25/06

Johann, By the way, if all have not sinned, the word of God is a lie for that is what is clearly stated there. Isa 53:6, I cor 15:22, Rom 3:10-12,23 etc.
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

Danced around the question? Have you read all the posts here?? Read my 8 part post addressed to Ruban, 1/18/06. That is as plain as I know how to make it.
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

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Exactly, Jack. We sing a song in our church "Have you any room for Jesus, He who bore our load of sin? As He seeks and asks admission, Sinner, will you let HIm in?" There is only room in my home and my life for HIm. Mary did her part. It's over now. Now concentrate on Him.
---Ann5758 on 1/24/06

Bruce the question was very simple and all you did was dance around it, and All Have not sinned.
---Johann on 1/24/06

Like I said John I never get an answer to the question just the run around and it is a simple question.
---Johann on 1/24/06

What is all this Mary stuff? Mary did her part. We should be focusing on Jesus. If you don't know this, you don't know God!
---Bob on 1/24/06

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Mr. ruben, I doubt very much that Ann meant it the way you are implying. I think you really know what she means. I'll spell it out for you. She means that no one worships Mary in her home.
---Jack on 1/23/06

Joe lolol
I have tried to use mike but my friends who have been here for years elder herb nv barbara and maxine wouldnt know i was me. of course I could use Mike ( the blogger formally know as willow)lolol

GOD bless you Joe
---Mike_willow on 1/23/06

Ann-( I have no intentions of asking her into my home. There is no place for her here.) I am very sorry That you feel that way about Jesus mother. The last comment you made reminds of the scripture that said "there is no room for you." Meaning Joesph and Mary when that were looking for a place to stay.
---ruben on 1/23/06

You may want to follow Mary but I will continue to follow Jesus. You can ONLY follow one!
Who will it be?
---John on 1/23/06

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There is a movement within the Roman Church that wants to believe that Mary is the fountain of all blessings and grace. Without her intercession, one cannot expect to live eternally in heaven. There is nothing in the Word of God anyplace to support that belief and that is why they deem the Bible to be inadequate for their belief system.
---lee on 1/23/06

Ruben, Mary is not my mother. My mother's name is Juanita. Mary was not being offered to the world when Jesus was on the cross. All He was doing was making sure she would be looked after when He was gone. Why do you look at that and say that disciples means all of us, so she is the mother of all of us? It was just that one disciple. I have no intentions of asking her into my home. There is no place for her here.
---Ann5758 on 1/22/06

Emcee $ 1 On the question now of Prophecy and existence, I say that at the time of Adam and Eve and that prophecy, God said Jesus would be born of a woman (not THE woman) and would fight Satan. That does not mean Mary was in existence at that time, just that God knew that later He would chose a woman to be Jesus's mother. That does not make her alive then. He knew then that one day I would be here ... it does not mean I existed then.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/22/06

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