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Are Christians United

Christ prayed for christians to be one. Why are we not one?

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 ---okyere on 1/15/06
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anger is not of God.
Christians must Love one another an all.
God Bless you!
---lisa on 5/26/08

Someone is angry, as they've used my name to write about 12 different blogs as fast as they can.
It's a childish tactic, but one that is used with great frequency.
It's something I experienced when I joined. It took awhile but I know who does this. I wish the anger would subside, but it doesn't seem to ever go away.
---lisa on 5/26/08

For by 1 Spirit we we're all baptized into one body, whether Jews-Greeks, whether slaves-free-an we were all made to drink of one Spirit.1Corin-12:13-Since there is 1 bread-we who are many are one body-for we all partake of the one bread. 1Corin-10:17-For even as the body is one-yet has many members-an all the members of the body, though they are many-are 1 body-so also is Christ.1 Corin.-12:12-From now on let no one cause trouble for me, for I bear on my body the brand-marks of Jesus.Galatians 6:17
---lisa on 5/26/08

The RCC by changing the meaning of the Bible verses in Matthew 16, passes on the lies that only priests can forgive/cleanse your sins. It is therefore by some kind of blackmail that most Catholics dare not leave the Catholic Church. It is evil in the extreme.
---frances008 on 5/25/08

Because the majority are so easily deceived because they love lies. So they follow false prophets and the only ones left are practically in hiding.
---frances008 on 5/25/08

I certainly have no hatred for anyone here.
Hatred and unforgiveness will keep you out of heaven. Hatred for anyone.
---lisa on 5/25/08

That would depend on iF they were Offended in the Truth as it's Written, NOT how they Imagine IT.
The Word of God IS Truth, So IT is God who you Offend When you are Offended by things you might not Understand written within!
God knows your Heart, Read and Understand, Your/Our Soul Depends on IT!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/25/08

There's too much error and false doctrine to be one.
We're not one on these blogs because of error. I wouldn't want to belong to the church that believes in a dash of SDAville, a jot of Oneness, a twittle of soulsleep, and all roads lead to Rome.
Forget it, I'm not interested in joining a church of Oneness for oneness' sake. I'd rather roam the desert eating locusts and honey than join the village of error, falsehood, purpose, and mission statements.
---lisa on 5/25/08

Give me the Father, Son~Word of God, the Holy Spirit, a pastor led by the Spirit, without traditions of man/idols - living or dead, a church that knows the New Covenant surpasses the Old Covenant,
A church that knows the exceeding greatness of His power, letting scales fall from eyes so that the glory of God, His true revelation can be seen, understood.
---lisa on 5/25/08

Are we , Christians, united against the wickedness in this world, is what I believe Jesus was talking about.
---catherine on 5/25/08

Because some people here hate each other.
God is not of hate. God is Love. The hate will only bring about divisions. WE need to stop acting like we know it all and get down on our knees and repent and act like Jesus...follow in his footsteps and stop picking on our brothers and sisters in Christ! And God forbid..don't dare tell another Christian that they are not a Christian! That is sheer evil.
---lisa on 5/25/08

If we offend against someone, we should ask their forgiveness, and if we offend against God, we should ask His forgiveness. It is also possible to offend against oneself. In that case we must confess to God. Anything else is of the devil. A priest should not be given any power to hold us up to blackmail, or to be able to pass on information to authorities. In the past priests were and probably still are used as spies for the government or for the Vatican or both. Of course not ALL priests.....
---frances008 on 5/24/08

We were United as Jesus prayed to happen. One Christian Faith for more than 1,000 years.Roman Catholic Church.
As for Confession,no the RCC didn't come up with the idea of confession.JESUS DID!Matt16:19, Matt18:18 and John 20:21-23 "As the Father has sent me,so I send you,""Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive men's sins,they are forgiven them,if you hold them bound, they are held bound." Note,not once did Jesus gave them the power to read minds.No, way around these direct words.
---Nicole on 5/24/08

Yes all believers are united by the Holy Spirit! but as far as some doctrines and beliefs go alot are different, but it shouldnt cause a wedge between us as God's children! we can disagree with one another but do it in love!
---Ronald on 5/24/08

Alan of UK, I can understand that, it's always good to have a more experienced Christian to talk to, whether it be a priest, pastor, or layman. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/23/08

Todd 1 ... I agree we don't need a priest.
But some may find it helpful to ahve someone to talk to.
---alan_of_UK on 5/23/08

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Well if they're confessing to God I dont see why they would need a priest around listening. I think a little child can understand forgiveness, I dont see why someone would need a priest to "help them understand their forgiveness"? Perhaps it's just in the movies, but do priests really tell people "you need to say x amount of hail marys" etc? Maybe I've watched too many movies on the life of Martin Luther.
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

That's interesting todd.
Do Catholics confess their sins to the priest?
Or do they confess to God, with the priest hearing the condfession, and helping them to understand their forgiveness?
Does the RCC say sins have to be confessed to the priest?
Emcee maybe you can comment?
---alan_of_UK on 5/22/08

There are some people who call themselves Christians and don't beleive Jesus Is the Savior of all mankind and is alive! They don't beleive that Jesus is Emmanuel, the Mighty God.
They don't believe that Jesus is the Only way, the only truth..without Him there is no life!They do not follow His commands, which are still valid!
He holds the Keys to Death. Satan has been crushed! He lost! Jesus True man and True God! Born of the Virgin Mary, His blessed Mother,BY the power of the Holy spirit!
---lisa on 5/22/08

I think we're not one because we hold onto our own doctrines with a ferocity and are unwilling to honestly listen to another viewpoint. It's all a matter of doctrines, I think. The problem is, obviously some church has to be closest to the truth...we cant just ignore the blatant differences, like protestants who pray to God for forgiveness being one with catholics who believe if you dont confess your sins to a priest you're doomed. Some doctrines just aren't compatible.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

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Most Christians lack the God kind of Love...And it is because they have not been taught this message or this commandment in the Churches...I could tell you a really sad story about a homeless person who was removed from a church service.
---Elisabeth on 5/20/08

No, Catherine, that is the false unity I am talking about. The only unity we can have is in FAITH in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God and the Only Way to eternal life. Many people are interested in defeating evil, and maybe some will be saved, but only those whom God has enabled to come to Jesus.
---frances008 on 5/19/08

I believe that you are referring to scripture>>>John 17:11. Which if that should be the case, Christ didn't mean that all denominations to be as one. He is praying that the disciples would be united in their stand against the wickedness of the world. The question then would have to be are we united against the wickedness of the world". My friend.
---catherine on 5/18/08

Jesus prayed for Unity because that is what God wants for His Church. However, this Unity is not a condition of His Second Coming. Also, if we seek Unity and give up good doctrine, God will not be pleased. For instance if we unite with those that say there is more than One Way to Salvation, then we completely undermine, make useless, make pointless, the whole of Christianity and even Judaism. We should all seek the truth in the Bible and those few who find it will be united.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

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We will all be one when we conscienciously practice the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.
---LoveOneAnother on 5/18/08

Why are we not one?

Because today's Christians lack true love. Because inequity abounds, the love of many is waxed cold. Christians are lovers of their own self filling up their lives with entertainment, church going, sermons, computers, ipods, family, friends, work, etc. They are boasters, proud, unthankful, unholy. Lovers of pleasure than lovers of God. Having the form of Godliness, but denying His power. They turn away from truth and turn to fables (i.e. the left behind novels and such).
---Steveng on 5/18/08

Christians Lack True Love.

Oh, sure, they could define it, but they don't know how to use it. Forty years ago, I hitchhiked across country for a year and a half and always had a Christian home to go to to sleep for a night or a week. Four years ago I became homeless and could not find a church ( of about 15 churches) willing to help. Not one Christian willing to help. One church offered me the bushes in the front of the church to sleep under. Another church offered to help if I became a member.
---Steveng on 5/18/08

Christians Lack True Love.

If there are so many Christians, where are the Christians who are to be performing greater miracles than Jesus. Why do they always pass the buck to another non-profit organization. Whatever happened to Good Samaritans who are willing to personally help instead of passing the buck saying "my church might help." Or "here's an address of an organization that will help you."
---Steveng on 5/18/08

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Walking hand in hand with Love is Trust. Our society have gotten to a point that we don't trust each other. We are told not to talk to strangers. Forty years ago I could be passing anyone on the street and Say "hello" and they would reply with a cheery "hello" back to me. Now a days I would say "hello" and they would smile, but their eyes say "get away from me."

How many of the people in your neighborhood do you know personally?
---Steveng on 5/18/08

Even every one in the first century chruch did not see eye to eye on all points. However we read over and over that they were with one acord. The "one accord" was unity of purpose. To fulfil the great commission. To glorify Christ.
---Bruce5656 on 5/17/08

Satan is the ruler of this Earth. Jesus knew that when Satan offered him the earthly kingdoms, until Jesus comes for the resusrection, the world itself will not be united, but each one of us can love others as we should, that can be a start.
---canda3996 on 7/16/07

Okyere, My husband and myself have been trying to do just that for what seems to be a long time now. I believe that when these Christians who want to stay separate are Christians that do not read God's word enough, because they would not display an arrogant attitude that they know best. God's word is the only way to unite Christians, all we can do is show them love and pray for them to seek God's will.
---Dottie on 7/24/06

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I believe that Christians are made one by the Holy Spirit and by the fact that we are all in Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 7/24/06

as long as we are on this earth, satan will make sure to distort any plans we make to unite...look at the many denominations/churhes....the many bible versions...the many diverse interpretations tht we have of the bible...Ephesians 6:11 put on the whole armour of God that you maybe able to stand against the wiles of the devil..for we wrestle not against flesh n blood but rulers of darkness...he is causing disunity
---jana on 7/24/06

Wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceful... i.e.- without truth, nothing, not love nor peace nor life.
so the true disciples of Yeshua will never be united with the world church(es) nor gov.
---j on 2/11/06

Christians will never be united unless they understand and practice the virtue that Christ has preached most, which is LOVE.
---A_Catholic on 2/11/06

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Okyere, when you get that answered, please share it with the world. I believe we as Christians are one, in the spirit. The problem is this dumb ol' flesh we live in. It pulls toward Satan like ferrus metal is pulled toward a magnet. Our flesh wills us to be in conflict while our spirit sees only God. Holy is He who created us.
---mikefl on 1/19/06

because to many of us wantto follow mans traditions other than GODS word, my belief
---willow on 1/19/06

Because Satan is making "war" with the woman (church) just as prophecy says he would/will. It is his determination to keep us so busy bickering amongst ourselves that we not only set a ridiculous example to the world but we spend no time catching fish as we were instructed.
---Linda3 on 1/18/06

Every Christian remnant friend that I have , Have All things in common.
---Lynn on 1/16/06

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