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How To Start A Fast

I am 14 years old, and I want to start fasting, but I have never really fast before. So I want to know how to fast. I want to know what I am allowed, not allowed to eat and drink.

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 ---jeandona on 1/15/06
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Be careful, and take medical advice. At your age doing without regular meals, and a well balanced diet may cause permanent harm to your body
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/07

To ashraf; This blog offers you a fantastic opportunity. If in your spirit you desire to take advantage of this opportunity you have but to answer yes and you can receive Jesus right where you sit.
---mima on 3/5/06

Ashraf when you are fasting from dawn to sunset what are you doing from sunset to dawn? If you eat during that period it seems as if you are simply turning the day around and eating at different hours from normal. That is not what Christians usually mean by fasting. Fasting, as done by many, means going without food of any kind for one or more days in a row (24 hour days not daylight hours). However, Christians don't usually go without water when they fast. I'm not criticizing, just interested.

Moderator - Good point about the just changing the eating hours.
---f.f. on 3/5/06

We belive, Jesus Christ used to fast the same way we muslim fast. we fast "healthy adults" from dawn to sunset with no water no food at all, i started fasting when i was 6 years my mom used to tell me,u can fast till 11am, sometimes to 2pm depends on when i wake up and if it is really too hot for me as a young kid, at the age of 10 years i was strong enough to fast 30days in a row with no food no water from dawn to sunset. some guys can do at the age of 13 years, it all depends.
---ashraf on 3/5/06

There are several types of fasts listed. One is in Daniel 1:12; no meat, sweets, just fruits, veggies, & water or fruit juice.
Another type of fast: no food at all, just water.
I started by fasting one day one week and then 2-days another week, then 3 and so on.
Start slow and build your way up.
The church fast on Wednesdays got me started. We fast from 12am-4pm on Wednesdays.
---Rickey on 1/16/06

Fasting is truly under rated. It is a very effective tool to show God your brokeness. I have read that after a day or so without food, you begin to think more on a spiritual level. This seems to be true in my experience.
---mike on 1/16/06

If a person wants an answer from God now, then fasting and praying is the way to do it. What good would it do if a person fasted but yet didn't trust God to take care of them during that time. Prayer and fasting can move mountains. Jeandona; what is the reason behind your fasting?
---Rebecca_D on 1/16/06

The Lord hears our prayers,even if we do not fast. John 14:13,14
In the teen years, it is very important to eat.
---Ulrika on 1/16/06

Some years ago, when my children (now adults) were in secondary school they had a sponsored 24 hour fast to raise money for a certain charity. The medical advice given to parent then was that children that age group could safely go without food for one full day. There were exceptions given regarding certain illnesses of course. It worried me a lot though but all 3 did it with no ill effect. I think going without one meal occasionally is a better start and take it slowly from there. We are all different.
---M.A. on 1/16/06

Jeandona, you have already been given some excellent advice. As a teenager I don't recommend fasting in the old testament use of the term. The Protestant use of fasting historically is a corporate church or country one day event combined with prayer. Participation is such a event can't normally hurt you. Your body is God's temple please don't do anything that could possibly lead to it's injury.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/15/06

It depends on why you are fasting. Regardless on how long you will fast, if it is a heart felt fast, then God will take care of your body. Fasting means to go without food. Drink water though, cause you don't want to dehydrate. If would first start out skipping on a meal (anytime of the day) and pray while fasting. It could be an hour or however long, but pray within that lenght of period.
---Rebecca_D on 1/15/06

To start out with for anyone whom is new with fasting, I'd start slow. Instead of fasting from food for long periods of time, skip 1 meal for that day & be in prayer, that way you are slowly starting without hurting yourself.
---canda3996 on 1/15/06

I strongly urge you to discuss this with your parents. Be sure to get their approval before starting such an endeavor. There are several reasons for this advice, one of them being the problem of developing an eating disorder at your age.
---Madison on 1/15/06

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