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Should Church Know My Income

1. Is it important for my church to know of my income?
2. WHY?

Moderator - No, it is a sign of them trying to get your money by saying you must tithe and offer to them.

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 ---emma on 1/16/06
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Your church does not need to know anything about your finances. As moderator says it could be to put pressure on you to tithe or give what they think you can afford. Your giving, your spending, your saving all have nothing to do with them so don't tell them anything that you do not freely wish them to know.
---M.P. on 10/23/08

Asia, I am surprised that you do not have access to information about your pastor's salary. All churches that I know of will have this information available to members. If you are not a formal member there is really no reason why you should need this information.
---RitaH on 9/25/07

Titheing according to the law in most NT. Churches is nothing more than extortion. There is no place in the Bible that says your tithes must go to the operation of the intitution. There is plenty of teaching that you are free to give were you please and how much you please. It's no buisiness of any organization to know what you earn or give. Deut.14:22-29 teaches that the tithe is to take care of the poor and the (now non existent)Levitical priesthood, not to rear up expensive buildings run by hirelings.
---john on 9/24/07

I think pastors should publish their incomes, since they come from the congregation.
---asia on 9/24/07

That is crazy and what are you doing in that church? You people walk down the isle pass around the plate, preachers have this so holy look on their faces seeing dollar signs in front of them. If they were saved they would be praying asking God for His power and His words.
---catherine on 9/24/07

No they do not need to know and it is far better if they don't know. Also if you decide to tithe it is better not to use the numbered envelopes that many churches encourage. If you do they know exactly what you have given and some even publish the figures and put them on display. We are told to give in secret.
---RitaH on 9/24/07

No church needs to know this information about you. This is private information and is not required for your membership in any church. Your giving should also be between you and God. The church's authority goes just so far. Only in spiritual things. Unless you are in leadership and just want to divulge this information, that is up to you. I am more private. Leadership or not. It remains a private matter with me.
---Robyn on 9/23/07

Churches who walk this path are really outside of acceptible behavior. You can see that this is a form of legalism! A suggestion is find a different church.
---mima on 9/22/07

Ditto WIVV, no reason I can think of for anyone but the IRS to know my income or investments.
---NVBarbara on 1/18/06

NO! There is no reason for the church to know your income.
---WIVV on 1/16/06

Imagine a preacher saying, "Come on in brothers and sister and let me alieviate you of some of that burdensome cash! But first let me rebuke you so you feel real guilty and want to give more. I feel a Cadillac coming! Oh yes I do and maybe a brand new Rolex watch! Can I get a big amen"?
I have heard something like this before.
---Ernie on 1/16/06

In the UK, it is very beneficial to any charity, including churches, if the identity of each donor is jnown, because then the church can claim back the income tax that has been initially charged on the money. This adds about 28% to the value of the gift.
I have no objection to that al all ... all my charitable donationsa re by what we call "Gift Aid"
But I would not let anyone know what my income is
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/16/06

Should your right hand know what your left hand is doing?
---Lynn on 1/16/06

Direct deposit? Maybe some day, if you were to be that stupid. Some so called churches try and get your money willed to them when you die. They have all kinds of angles out there, all designed to get YOUR money! Nothing wrong with supporting your church with tithes and offerings but some take it to a new level. They may tell you that they want to make the slate clean, when in reality they want to clean out your account. Stay away from those churches!
---John on 1/16/06

A lot of churches ask for your income info. Then they set a certain amount that is expected of you on a weekly or monthly bases. This gives them an idea of a "set" budget amount they can count on.
What's next...automatic draft?
---Fred_S. on 1/16/06

I do not put my name on an envelope, do not write a check....I drop cash in the basket or make a donations of items needed by the church.

What I do or do not do, is between God and me. I do not give so someone can mark my name off a list as a "good" Christian, or to add my name to a list of "bad" people.
---Dee on 1/16/06

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Didn't Jesus teach that when you give don't let anyone know what you are giving. Not even for your left hand to know what your right hand gives. The reason was that if man knows what you gave then you have your reward of man but if only God knows then you have your reward from God. Scripturally It is none of the church's business to now your income or what you are giving.
---john on 1/16/06

No it is none of their business, the only thing is if you tithe& write your name on envelope & they keep records of this, then you get a refund, at least one of the churches I tithed at, I got a receipt of what i tithed for the time I was there, but now I give what I can between me & the kingdomhall boxes where the services are needy. they don't know whom gives what, but the expenses get met & Jehovah only knows how much.
---canda3996 on 1/16/06

no church will ever know our income. What we give is between us and God. I give sacrifically and that isn't the church's concern either. Only God know.
---shira on 1/16/06

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